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  • Title: You Don't Even Know Me: Stories and Poems About Boys
  • Author: Sharon G. Flake
  • ISBN: 9781423100140
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover

  • This collection of original stories and poems provides rare insight into the minds of adolescent African American boys There s Tow Kaye, getting married at age seventeen to the love of his life, who s pregnant James writes in his diary about his twin brother s terrible secret, while Tyler explains what it s like to be a player with the ladies And Eric takes us on a tourThis collection of original stories and poems provides rare insight into the minds of adolescent African American boys There s Tow Kaye, getting married at age seventeen to the love of his life, who s pregnant James writes in his diary about his twin brother s terrible secret, while Tyler explains what it s like to be a player with the ladies And Eric takes us on a tour of North Philly on the Fourth of July, when the heat could make a guy go crazy Sharon G Flake s talent for telling it like it is will leave readers thinking differently, feeling deeply, and definitely wanting .
    Sharon G. Flake
    Sharon G Flake is the author of five books, The Skin I m In 1998 , Money Hungry 2002 , Begging for Change 2003 , Who Am I Without Him Short Stories About Boys and the Girls in Their Lives 2004 , Bang Sept 2005 , and her latest novel The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street 2007.Her work is used in public and private schools around the nation, from elementary to high school, and is often required reading in colleges for students in education, child development, children s literature and English writing programs Beyond that, her work is also a favorite among adults and adult book club readers.Flake and her work have won numerous awards and recognitions including Best Books for Young Adult Readers Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers the New York Public Library Top Ten Books for the Teen Age 2005 featured author in the Ninth Book of Junior Authors Illustrators 2005 Capitol Choices Noteworthy Books for Children 2004 Chicago Public Library s Best of the Best Book 2004 Texas Lone Star Award for Top Ten Books 2002, 2004 Coretta Scott King Honor Award Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Grant 2004 Bank Street Best of the Year 2004 Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book 2004 CCBC Choices Booklist Top Ten Fantasy Book 2004 Booklist Top Ten Romance Novels for Youth 2004 Booklist Editor s Choice Award 2003 Detroit Free LIbrary Author of the Year 1999 YWCA Racial Justice Award 1999 Coretta Scott King John Steptoe New Talent Award and .Flake s work appears on the Anti Defamation League s website which stresses the use of children s literature to help educators address the problem of bullying in schools.Flake was born in Philadelphia, PA, but has resided in Pittsburgh, PA with her daughter for many years She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in English For several years she was a youth counselor for a foster care agency, after which she spent 18 years working at the University of Pittsburgh in public relations She has written numerous articles for national publications Prior to having her first book published, she wrote for approximately 15 years.


    Sharon Flake has great narrative voice. No question. But what makes her books so significant is the subject matter. She's just plain writing about stuff no one else is writing about. Like wanting to hook up with an older woman or trying to help out a 9-year-old who knows more about the streets than you do.Sharon Flake definitely writes about issues--AIDS, suicide, sex abuse, and gangs in this volume alone. But she's never preachy, and I'm trying to figure out how she does it. But there's no one [...]

    Crystal Hansen, LS 538. Flake, S. G. (2010). You don't even know me: Stories and poems about boys. New York: Jump at the Sun. Genre: Short Stories. Print book. Selected from Books and Authors database. Highly recommend. From a female perspective, it's hard to say whether this (also female) author accurately captures the male point-of-view, but I can definitively say that Sharon Flake presents characters who have heart. "You Don't Even Know Me" is a collection of short stories about various Afric [...]

    This book is a book that combines poems and stories of different African american boys. I didn't really enjoy this book much but I only read some stories and finished it anyways but read the poems. I only enjoyed Two-Kaye's story. It was about him getting married at seventeen years old and his girlfriend was pregnant also. A lot of thoughts raced through his mind because he did not know if what he was doing was okay. He knew he had to do something because he had a child on its way and he had to [...]

    Trevor Fitzpatrick
    This book was definitely different. Although I couldn't really relate to the stories, the book made me think of how it would be to live in those boys' shoes. I didn't really enjoy the poems because they were forgettable and didn't leave as much of an impact on me as the stories did. I felt like I was in confession corner reading the poems but the stories seemed to have meaning to them. There is a story in the book, where a kid gets his girlfriend pregnant at age 16 and marries her, and the story [...]

    Stephanie Butzer
    This was a very good book! I would recommend it to any middle or high school boy. Girls will like it, but I feel guys would get a better understanding from this book. It is written in a man’s perspective; it connects with a boy reader. The poems in this story consist of problems in everyday life. Tow-Kaye is getting married at the age of sixteen because his girlfriend is pregnant. Tyler explains what it is like to be a player and use girls. La’Ron tells the readers, he is infected with HIV. [...]

    This was easy to get through with a mix of poetry/rhyme and short stories about African American boys. She covers everything from unplanned pregnancy and teen weddings (because of the unplanned pregnancy), race lines, obesity, foster care, suicide, and the last story, and most interesting, about older women and younger "men". Boys would feel accomplished reading this, with a poems after each short story or find something interesting to discuss or use for a class. And, as a way to express themsel [...]

    Imani ♥ ☮
    This book was pretty okay. Very reminiscent of some of Flake's other books like "Who would I be without him" and others. The only thing was, like in the other book I mentioned, i kinda wanted some kind of action in there. I hate to say this, but I kinda wanted some kind of tragedy to happen in at least one of the stories just to make me feel something. I liked the story about suicide( :| ), the poem about the suburbs(represent), and the last story the best and even though I am a girl, I could re [...]

    This book was overall a very good book, but I did get a bit confused when it came to changing from story to story. I was liking the first story but then once it got into the middle of the book I got lost. My favorite part in this book was when La'Ron had to tell his uncle about his HIV. The story got in so deep once it hit this point. You could feel La'Rons pain and his feelings when he talked about this Overall i like the book and suggest others to read as well.

    This is a good book for boys. Flake writes about black boys with a strong voice. When I did this as a read-aloud in my class, they were highly engaged.

    Kelsy Lohr
    Sharon Flake captures the lives of several young African American boys. Many of them are facing incredible challenges in their lives: suicide and depression, HIV, gangs, etc. Despite these challenges, the boys are still boys and the stories and poems center around their quest for girlfriends and love. Flake’s writing feels very raw and authentic. I wondered how a novel about boys written from a female perspective would play out, but I found myself not being able to put this one down. The novel [...]

    Brian Dansby
    Brian DansbyBlock: 6/14/13“You Don’t Even Know Me: Stories and Poems About Boys” Sharon Flake’s book “You Don’t Even Know Me” demonstrates some of the quick thinking and responsible decisions that teen males have to make while they are struggling with identity. The short stories and poems written in this book put teens in very tough situations that they need to find their way out of without making bad decisions which is everyday life. Other stories help them to understand how to m [...]

    This wasn't quite up to what I was expecting, but it was a solid read nonetheless. It's full of different short stories and poems about the kind of situations young people of color have to deal with growing up in cities. It's a solid read in terms of the diversity it attempts to bring in as far as subject matter and some of the real situations kids have to deal with. However, I found it somewhat lacking in terms of character development and authenticity. Maybe if the stories were longer and had [...]

    A collection of poetry and short stories for my LGBTQ+ book club. Not the most high brow literature, but I enjoyed some of the voices of young men, mostly African American, frankly talking about teen pregnancy / marriage, murder, and other pressures facing them

    Powerful stories of boys growing up and learning how to make their way as men in this world. Sharon Flake does such a great job of bringing this world that is so near my own and yet so very different to life in a way that makes me yearn to reach out and hug them as I do my own son.

    A collection of short stories and poems all about African American boys. Each story or poem highlights the difficulties guys face in expressing emotion, surviving the streets, being a man, or just making it through the day.Great collection with a wide variety of stories to tell.

    Short stories about African American boys. Most told in the first person. Moving and powerful.

    Annotation: This collection of poems and short stories is set in the present-day, urban, east coast U.S. and told from the perspectives of a variety of African American, teenage boys. Topics run the gamut from teen pregnancy and early marriage to robbery and dangerous neighborhoods, homelessness, gangs, suicide, sexual abuse, HIV infection, interracial relationships, and single parenthood. Many of the poems deal with the turbulence of young love and are written in free verse, in the first person [...]

    Reina Faustin
    You Don't Know Me: Stories and Poems About Boys is an amazing book that explains and touches the minds of young African-American boys turning into men. It has an urban and ghetto vibe to it. Sharon G. Flake explains how one of the characters Tow-Kaye gets married to his soulmate, at age sixteen; who is also pregnant. Will Tow-Kaye run away from his problems? Will Tow-Kaye ever be cool with her dad? Next on the list is Eric. He is 14 years old and likes to try sneaky things. On the Fourth Of July [...]

    Angie Jones
    You Don’t Know Me is a collection of short stories and poems about the struggles faced by African American young males. Tow-Kaye is a 17 year old boy who marries the love of his life who happens to be pregnant. Even though he loves her, he has second thoughts on being married and being a father so young. Then there is Jeffery, who is bounced around from one home to the next because he can’t stay out of trouble. He finally is taken in by his Aunt Philomena who keeps him the longest, a year, u [...]

    A companion to Flake's Who Am I Without Him?, this collection of short stories and poetry provides perspective on the concerns of urban male teenagers, ranging from sexual temptation and teenage pregnancy to HIV, suicide, racial identity, violent neighborhoods and family loyalty. “Scared to Death” tells the story of a 16-year-old boy facing cold feet as he takes responsibility for his pregnant girlfriend. “Gettin' Even” explores the effect of neighborhood violence and the desire for reve [...]

    Leeah George
    "You Don’t Even Know Me" is a collection of short stories and poems, that are told from the perspective of young teenage black men. These stories have similarities but many differences as well. From a young teenage boy, or should I say man, getting ready to marry his pregnant girlfriend, in comparison to a story about twin brothers, where one of them happened to have committed suicide due to a situation where he couldn’t control. Due to traumatic circumstances, the brother has been having su [...]

    Naomi Yaddof
    Sharon Flake uses poetry and short stories to instantly transport her readers into urban neighborhoods and the lives, experiences, and cultural idioms of black teens. Using a cautionary voice and realism she educates her readers weaving stories around life on the streets, survival, sex, teen pregnancy, AIDS, obesity, gangs, and revenge. “Gettin’ Even” tells the story of a suburban teen who, while spending the summer with his grandmother in the old neighborhood he only visited as a child, i [...]

    Rachel Bachtel
    You don’t Even know Me written by Sharon G. Flake is the companion novel to Flakes book Who Am I Without Him? Much like Who Am I Without Him? the novel You don’t Even know Me is a collection of short stories and poems exploring the complexities of adolescence. The stories and poems have a multi-cultural focus with the perspective in the stories and poems from the view point of the young men. The characters in the stories are often faced with difficult situations. The adult situations the cha [...]

    Calvin Gardner
    I recently read You don't even know me by Sharon Flake. The setting is vary in this book because it’s more than one story. One of the characters in this book is named Tow-Kaye who is a teenager that wants to go to college. He loves playing with the ladies but then wants to hang out with a girl named taylor. One of the problems in this book is when Tow-kaye finds out he got Taylor pregnant.Another conflict is when Taylor wants to marry Tow-kaye and he says that he is willing to marry her. But t [...]

    Brendan Mcmahon
    You Don't Even Know Me: Stories and Poems About Boys by Sharon G. Flake is a great book about teenage boys and their problems. This book can help boys relate their problems to those in the book.The first story is about a boy named Two-Kaye getting married at age seventeen to his girlfriend which soon due to have a baby. Two-Kaye starts to go through mixed emotions about getting married, but then is confronted by his soon to be father-in-law. The second story is about a young boy named James who [...]

    You Don’t Even Know Me Short Stories about boys’ lives Ever think about what other teenage boys have to do in their lives? Well in you Don’t Even Know Me by Sharon G. Flake you find out. It is incredible book with 9 short stories about teenage boys’ lives. Each boy has a different situation. Tow- Kea is 16 and getting married to the girl he has loved since he was 4, and she is pregnant. James knows the terrible secret to why his brother killed himself, and he is having trouble dealing w [...]

    David Johnson
    I just got done reading the book, “You Don’t Even Know Me” by Sharon G. Flake. This book is an interesting book, and I liked it. It's about boys in poverty who live in Philadelphia. There is one story that was real interesting. It was about a young boy, named Tow- Kaye, who was sixteen. He was getting married, because he got a girl pregnant. The girl's name was Cindella, and she and Tow-Kaye grew up together. He was scared and wanted to run away. He finally realized he made the mistake, an [...]

    I really did enjoy reading this book. I believe Flake did a really good job of articulating these stories of young men and their struggles. This book was a recommended to me because I read You Hear Me? and if you read one after the other, you can see they are very similar. Like I stated before I enjoy learning about how people struggle and how they overcome that struggle and become stronger from that. It inspires me to grow past my troubles and hardships.Many of the stories and poems were meant [...]

    Gail Grim
    This companion to Who Am I Without Him? Short Stories About Girls and the Boys in Their Lives leaves the reader with a clarity regarding life as a young adult male in an urban culture. Flake’s characters in these short stories and poems are faced with a myriad of dysfunctional situations forcing these boys to make decisions larger than most. A sixteen year old marrying his pregnant girlfriend, a twin contemplates suicide after his brother takes his own life, and a son whose obese father makes [...]

    Ms. Ramsborg
    Lexile: 520I enjoyed the variety of poems and short stories in this book about boys living in urban Philadelphia. The author describes each scene so well that I could picture it clearly in my mind such as Eric's story about enjoying the city life in North Philly on the Fourth of July (sneaking into pools, meeting girls, crashing neighborhood BBQs, and watching fireworks). I liked this book because the stories seemed real and genuine. The situations the main characters get into are difficult but [...]

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