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  • Title: The Worst Thing I've Done
  • Author: Ursula Hegi
  • ISBN: 9781416543756
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover

  • ask me, Annie Ask me what s the worst thing I ve done Ask, goddammit Because then you ll know I ll never go beyond last night.Tonight, Annie is driving alone from North Sea to Montauk and back again, as she has every night since her husband, Mason, challenged what she believed about herself and about their marriage Eating junk food and listening to talk radio, Annie ask me, Annie Ask me what s the worst thing I ve done Ask, goddammit Because then you ll know I ll never go beyond last night.Tonight, Annie is driving alone from North Sea to Montauk and back again, as she has every night since her husband, Mason, challenged what she believed about herself and about their marriage Eating junk food and listening to talk radio, Annie tries to shut out her rage, her pain, but Mason s voice persists within her, as urgent as the voices of the anonymous callers who confess their misery to the radio psychologists.Once again, Ursula Hegi writes along that border where bliss and sorrow meet Sensuous, funny, and mysterious, her new novel takes us into an exuberant and troubled friendship Since early childhood, Annie, Jake, and Mason have had a special bond When Annie s parents die on the same night that she and Mason are married, the three friends decide to raise Annie s newborn sister, Opal, together.Annie struggles to be both a sister and a mother to Opal, a wife to Mason, and a friend to Jake Not surprisingly, their relationships, already entangled, grow dangerous, too close, on the line One fateful night the three friends miss the moment when they could still turn back, and they goad each other to step across the line, with shocking, unforeseen consequences.Set on the East End of Long Island, The Worst Thing I ve Done is an incandescent story of love, friendship, and marriage of joy and betrayal of an artist s struggle to reconnect with her work and of how we can choose our mothers, our families Beautifully written and brilliantly vivid, it explores the resilience in the protagonists lives, and their courage to move forward despite an uncertain future.
    Ursula Hegi
    Ursula Hegi is the author of Sacred Time, Hotel of the Saints, The Vision of Emma Blau, Tearing the Silence, Salt Dancers, Stones from the River, Floating in My Mother s Palm, Unearned Pleasures and Other Stories, Intrusions, and Trudi Pia She is the recipient of than thirty grants and awards.


    I wanted very much to like this book. I loved the main character Annie and her friend Jake, and Annie's sister Opal. However, I could not relate to the characters in any way - and I should have, because there were a lot of personal similarities - and I found the premise to be unbelievable, perhaps uncomfortable. Mason, Annie's husband, was a very disturbing character who kills himself essentially to make Annie and Jake feel as bad as he does. As the story goes on it becomes clear that he has alw [...]

    Ursula Hegi's "The Worst Thing I've Done", appeared at first to be a rather simple story of childhood friendships gone awry. The story begins slowly, but seems to gain intensity and significance as it progresses. It is rife with sadness, but there is also a sweet beauty and humor, especially when one begins to become better acquainted with the characters. Hegi manages to insert notes of humor throughout this tale. She targets human relationship quite well.In reading this book, it is impressive h [...]

    The title is self-prophetic, as this book is clearly the WORST thing Hegi has ever done. Lord have mercy, did this book draaaag. (Which is a cryin' shame, because the premise had such potential.) I hated every one of the characters in this book. Hegi's purpose for the book was obviously to create a platform for her anti-war, anti-Bush feelings--which is her perogative as an author but does NOT make for interesting reading, and betrays the author/reader trust. Trying to make her views come from h [...]

    Annie, Mason, and Jake have been friends since childhood. From their lemonade stand to their post-high school trip to Morocco, the triumvirate has battled Mason's jealousy. Mason always wanted to be the center of attention and attraction; he wanted to be Annie's girlfriend AND Jake's best friend (and even more). When Mason kills himself, he leaves Annie and their daughter, Opal to pick up the pieces. There's something Annie's done to precipitate the suicide, the worst thing she's done. And there [...]

    Lori Anderson
    I liked "Stones From the River" and "The Vision of Emma Blau", so was expecting to enjoy "The Worst Thing I've Done".Not so, and for several reasons.First, I found Mason a completely unlikeable character, certifiable, and to use a word I haven't used since I was a kid, "icky". I detested him. And because I detested him, I couldn't have much feeling for Celeste. Second, every time I started getting caught up in Hegi's lyrical writing that I truly like, she'd start a rant on the Iraq war. That jus [...]

    I don't think this story lent itself to the audio format. The changes of narration both back and forth in time and from person to person was confusing enough, but throw in dialog that just ends I also felt that the Aunt and all of the political propaganda surrounding her entry in the story put me off. Another criticism of the narration -- I thought Aunt Stormy was supposed to be German, but the accent sounded more like she was from India! ARGH! Difficult to feel any connection with the characte [...]

    Probably would have given it 1 1/2 stars. I kept waiting for it to get better or have a great, answer-all-the-questions ending and it didn't. The basis of the story was interesting, but I didn't care for how the story was told. There was also a lot of political protest, anti-Bush, anti-war parts of the book that didn't really add to the story.

    Annie is struggling to find her footing after her husband Mason commits suicide by hanging himself, in her studio, on her desk where she worked making collages. Told in flashbacks and using Annie, Mason, and Jake, (the best friend of Annie and Mason) as narrators, we learn the history of these three, best friends since childhood. We also learn of Annie's parents, and their tragic death while on the way home from Annie and Mason's wedding. Annie's mother was kept alive after the wreck just long e [...]

    This was another book with a character who has committed suicide. I seem to be drawn to depressing stories lately for some reason. But it focuses on the characters who are left behind and their sense of guilt and grief, and the dynamics of the triangle relationship between the main character and the two men/boys she grew up with, who are the two loves of her life. She is also raising her younger sister, because their parents were killed in a car wreck while returning home from her wedding. Her m [...]

    on a whim, i pulled this book from a shelf at the library. though i'd never read anything by ursula hegi, i recalled that, years ago, someone had enthusiastically mentioned ms. hegi's 'stones from the river' to me; based on this faintly recalled recommendation, i decided to become better acquainted with ms. hegi. unfortunately, this was a terrible novel! the characters were annoying (three early twenty-somethings in a love triangle), the dialog was annoying (a four year old girl speaks like an a [...]

    I sort of read a string of pretty disappointing books over the fall. This might be the worst of the lot. From irritating typeface to unlikeable characters (even the ghost you sort of wish would just sort of die again and go away) to a plot that hinged around the most ludicrous hidden secret revealed in the most contrived way, I found myself feeling really, really annoyed with the world that this book is allowed to exist. We live in a universe where the passenger pigeon is extinct but this book g [...]

    I picked up Hegi's new book at her last reading at Lincoln Center's Barnes and Noble. That thing is like a hot potato. People actually left as she read from the book. It's about the aftermath of a love triangle dating back to childhood. Suicide, voyerism, jealousy, orphans. So she takes all these really unpleasant topics and constructs a story around it. A warm, upbeat story really. But reading it, as the title suggests, is giving in to total provocation. Did the facts have to be this ugly?! Wha [...]

    Julie Giles
    I rated this book a 3 because I like Hegi's writing style and the story is relatively interesting. Other than that, I found this book to be mediocre at best.I tried very hard to care about the characters in this book, but for some reason I didn't really "connect" with them. Annie is distant and feels cold to me. Her late husband is such a massive douchebag that I have very little sympathy for him. Their spineless friend just serves to make things even worse.Entertaining but kindof vacuous.

    Sheikha O 140A571
    This is a very interesting novel. Take on depression, manipulation, relationships and dealing with life through the hard times. The author Ursula Hegi was able to make a picture of her words, she made the characters realistic. We hear different voices in the novel. The novel is beautifully written, it was good I enjoyed reading it. I can't tell you more I will ruin it for you.

    I was seriously disappointed to the point that I didn't finish this book. I can't remember the last time I did that. I give books until page 100 to grab me when they don't immediately, and this one never did and I abandoned it. Perhaps I should have stuck with it because Hegi's writing is stellar - but I never connected to Annie or Jake or Mason. Seriously disappointed.

    Ursula, My Dear, I'm afraid it was this book. What happened to the author of STONES IN THE RIVER? Yeah, there was lots of water and Mutter rhapsodies, but the basic plot.Annie, Jake and Mason.d a kid named Opal---this menage was unmenageable.

    Really disjointed story about a woman whose husband killed himself. Too much secret keeping.

    I've read Hegi's books set in Germany and liked them very much. Couldn't make it through this one. Way too self-consciously clever.

    Tonight, as she has done so many times before, Annabelle is driving between the North Sea and Montauk and back again. She is listening to talk radio and eating junk food; stifling her own rage and pain as she listens to the anonymous callers pour out their various tales of woe. This has been a part of Annie’s nightly routine - her own personal ritual - one that she has done ever since her husband Mason challenged everything that she once believed about herself and about their marriage. However [...]

    Kayrene Smither
    This book should come with a WARNING: AUTHOR CORNERS READERS TO SPOUT INNUMERABLE COMMENTS, ACCUSATIONS, OPINIONS ABOUT HER POLITICAL VIEWS, U.S. GOVT PAST PRESIDENTS, AND WIVES!!! The story was there, and pretty good, I thought, although, horribly weak ending. I was so disappointed, especially considering I endured all the political rants, just trying to get to the story. She calls H.W. Bush an idiot; Laura Bush insipid, some crazy talk about today's laws compared to Hitler's. Protests commenti [...]

    Michele Kaplan-Green
    Ursula Hegi is a gifted storyteller. This book deals with a tremendous amount of loss and mourning. As the book progresses the characters seek to build a new family and move forward with their lives. Some of the characters are well developed. The characters who have less depth are also interesting.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this book. It was confusing for a while and then once I caught on to the few main characters and the plot it was more interesting.

    Julie Paschold
    Eh. Okay.

    I don’t know whether it was the title or the name Ursula Hegi that reminded me there was some book she wrote that i always thought i should read (tho i couldn’t remember which one) that made me want to read The Worst Thing I’ve Done but something did. And i’m glad i did. It is a story of childhood best friends who become lovers, spouses, adulterers, and betrayers. Daughters who are also sisters and mothers. It is the story of the enmeshed families we create (but aren’t all true familie [...]

    Lisa Mettauer
    For some reason I’ve avoided reading Ursula Hegi’s books since her brilliant Stones From the River. I don’t know why, because I loved that book. Maybe I thought they would all be set in Germany, or during the war, or something. Thank goodness I decided to read The Worst Thing I’ve Done. A story about a love triangle between 2 men and a woman, this is a terrific novel.Annie, Mason, and Jake have known each other since infancy, and have grown up completely attached to each other. But they [...]

    I felt as if I did this book an injustice. Being a Hegi fan since Stones from the River, having read much of her body of work before The Worst Thing I've Done, I think I took this one a bit for granted. Meaning, I expected that it would be good and another well-orchestrated prose-y example of Hegi's fine artistry. Which it was, it's just that I didn't invest myself in the story until the very end, and it wasn't Hegi's fault. The problem is that I read this little by little, mostly at the end of [...]

    This book had a promising start, but failed for me in a couple of ways. Annie, Jake, and Mason have a friendship that began in childhood and continued into adulthood, when Annie and Mason marry, apparently right after high school. The more intriguing part of the story, which I think Hegi didn't really explore enough, was Mason's mental illness. (While a mental illness is never actually named, it's clear from the childhood stories that while he suffered from depression he also had a manipulative [...]

    The structure of this book is interesting: each chapter starts off with a portion of the last diary entry that Mason, a character who has committed suicide just before the start of the novel, left behind. The font is made to look like handwriting.Hegi skillfully ties these bits and pieces of Mason's twisted yet sad mind into the tumble of each chapter, mainly showing the selfishness of the suicide vs. the selfishness of the survivors and also the coping and healing process that each character go [...]

    This is the second novel by Ursula Hegi that I've read, and although it was very different from the first one, it was another excellent read. This is the story of three very close friends, Annie, Mason and Jake, who have been best friends since childhood. When Annie's pregnant mother and father die in a car crash on the day she marries Mason, she and Mason (and Jake) become instant parents to Annie's baby sister the only survivor of the car accident. While the grief and sorrow of having your wed [...]

    Kathleen Hagen
    The Worst thing I’ve Done, by Ursula Hegi. Narrated by Oliver Wyman and Gabra Zackman. Produced by BBC Audiobooks America, and downloaded from audible.This is a relentless story about three people: Annie Jake and Mason. They met in very early childhood because Jake’s mother ran a day care center and Annie and Mason were two of the children whose parents paid for day care. The three were friends, and yet competitors. Mason and Jake were always vying for Annie’s attention, and on some level, [...]

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