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  • Title: Bachelor Untamed
  • Author: Brenda Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780373861323
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback

  • One mind blowing kiss That was all Ellie Weston shared with her neighbor and crush one summer, before he angrily discovered she d approached him on a dare Ten years later, Ellie is back at her great aunt s lake house, and so is Uriel Lassiter still wildly sexy, single and happy to stay that way When Ellie finds her great aunt s never completed romance novel, she decidesOne mind blowing kiss That was all Ellie Weston shared with her neighbor and crush one summer, before he angrily discovered she d approached him on a dare Ten years later, Ellie is back at her great aunt s lake house, and so is Uriel Lassiter still wildly sexy, single and happy to stay that way When Ellie finds her great aunt s never completed romance novel, she decides to finish the manuscript but first she needs some real life inspiration a sultry summer fling.Uriel hasn t forgotten Ellie, and their sizzling chemistry is starting to make him reconsider his tried and true bachelor status But when the truth about her motive emerges, can Ellie convince him that make believe has turned into sweet reality
    Brenda Jackson
    In 1994, Brenda Jackson s first novel, Tonight and Forever, was released Since then she has had than 100 novels and novellas published the first African American author to accomplish such a feat and has over 3 million books in print A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Brenda is the first African American author to have a book published by Harlequin Desire and the first African American romance author to make the New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller lists within the series romance genre In 2012, Brenda received the Romance Writers of America s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award one of the highest literary awards a romance author can receive In 2013, she was recognized by the mayor and the city of Jacksonville as being a Trailblazer in the literary field In 2010, she collaborated with Five Alive Films to turn her Truly Everlasting title into a feature film Brenda s 2011 novel A Silken Thread is scheduled to be filmed with Debbie Allen attached as director in 2015.Email Brenda at authorbrendajackson gmail or visit her on her website at brendajackson.


    Awesome book now on to the next one have three more to read before July 19th that's when the Bachelor on Demand comes outWish me luck!!!! I love me some Brenda Jackson

    Uriel the sanctimonious ass and Ellie the doormat. Well two stars because I really didn't find this story at all romantic. When Ellie was 16 she was in love with the neighbour boy who was 21. She wanted him to be her first kiss so she accepts a dare from her friend to go kiss him. Then her friend spills the beans (did I mention that her friend is an ass too?), and Uriel gets his nose so out of joint that he makes sure he doesn't run into her again for the next EIGHT YEARS Yep, he sure can hold a [...]

    Lady Raven RAVE!
    Loved it Uriel and Ellie love the whole plot of them, they knew each other growing up and here they are ten years later chemistry so strong. If you are a fan of Ms. Jackson's work then this book will not disappoint you. Can I just say the part where they were eating the fired fish and Cole saw had my mouth watering yum yum hehehehe. Also can't wait to read her best friend story Darcy and the other god brothers. Ms. Jackson have a way of tease you with the other characters that makes you want to [...]

    WELLMrs. Jackson delivers another SATISFYING treat with the first installment to her Bachelors in Demand seriesupon reading her first erotic romance Ellie realizes how sheltered and/or lacking her own love life has beend that Uriel is quite possibly the ONLY man that can INSPIRE and fulfill her secret fantasiesspite the fact Ellie and Uriel haven't spoken in ten years the SPARKS of desire that were SECRETLY smoldering when she was 16 and he was 21 are NOW a full blown BLAZE that will NOT be cont [...]

    Sandra Hinds
    Okay I admit itI like the two Brenda Jackson's books I've read. Light reading but still entertaining. I'm looking forward to reading the others in this series.Sssssshhhhh don't tell anyone! LOL

    I have just one word. STEAMY. The sex scenes were very well written. The book was short so I figured going into it everything would be rushed, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. It was a pleasant read, and the author clearly has a knack for writing because this was super easy to get through. Over all a decent job.

    One mind-blowing kiss. That was all Ellie Weston shared with her neighbor Uriel one summer, before he angrily discovered she'd approached him on a dare. Ten years later, Ellie is back at her great-aunt's lake house, and so is Uriel Lassiter--still wildly sexy, single and happy to stay that way. When Ellie finds her great-aunt's never-completed romance novel, she decides to finish the manuscript--but first she needs some real-life inspiration: a sultry summer fling.Uriel hasn't forgotten Ellie, a [...]

    This is the first book in a new series by Jackson called Bachelors in Demand. It revolves around a group of friends whose fathers were best friends, so they all grew up together. At some point they made a pact to remain bachelors forever. Of course in the upcoming books, they will be picked off one by one!In this one Ellie Weston is a teenage girl with a crush on her neighbor Uriel Lassiter who is several years older. Their families both spend summers at the same lake community. One summer, awar [...]

    This was the first book I ever read by Brenda Jackson. A friend of mine had a Brenda Jackson book in her car and read the synopsis. I decided to check this author out so I checked out this book from a local library and fell in love with her writing. This was the one that started me on many days of enjoyable romance reading. The book took place in the summer and I read it during the summer so it was a nice summer read!

    I love Brenda but I wish she could move away from the young virgins or the inexperience. Otherwise, I love this story. Short and sweet. Finished in one day.One more thing that I didn't like was that the main character was 16 and her love interest was 21 when they first decided to explore. Um, (in a mocking voice) he could go to jail. (Didn't I see this on SNAPPED the other day).

    Great read! I loved the story line and the characters. Looking forward to reading the 2nd book in this series.

    Marilyn Diamond
    Ms. Jackson has started another series and I am right there with her

    Uriel was one stubbon man in more ways than one. Who will be next Virgil, Winston, Xavier York, or Zion. Book 1 in the Bachelors in Demand Series.

    Carol Hornsby-mccoy
    Good read part of the westmoreland's series. Urial or ( U) as he was referred to in the book Bachelor unforgiven.He's the second to break the men's woman haters club.Great plot that unfolded in the end.

    Tanya Mayes
    I'm reviewing this book separately. This book was part of the 2 and 1 with Stern Westmoreland.This was the first installment to her Bachelors in Demand series. I read one of the other books in the series first (Bachelor Unclaimed). Uriel and Ellie met when they both use to go out to their Family's Lake House. But one summer when he was twenty one and she was sixteen. Ellie's friend Darcy dared her to kiss Uriel because she know how much Ellie like him. Ellie decides to take her friend up on the [...]

    This is the first installment in the Bachelor series. I read the second one first, but it doesn't matter. In this novel, Ellie and Uriel are reunited after a ten year separation. It seems Ms. Jackson loves reuniting her characters after a decade of separation. Anyway, Ellie was 16 and Urie was 21. Now as the mother of a 16 year old daughter, my daughter would not have had the opportunity to share that first kiss that lead to their eventual falling out and separation. Speed forward ten years and [...]

    Deja vuBrenda Jackson writes about gorgeous men and women of color who are confident in who they are. These men and women work hard and they play hard. There is no getting enough of her characters and their stories. Among the series penned by Jackson, there are similarities and Bachelor Untamed's Uriel Lassiter and Ellis Weston closely resembles One Winter's Night's Riley Westmoreland and Alpha Blake. If you enjoy Jackson's books, pick a series and stick with it. You won't be disappointed. If yo [...]

    I really liked this first book from the Bachelor In Demand Series. I loved how the book began and how Ellie and Uriel's love story unfolded. As usual, Brenda Jackson always delivers those steamy love scenes that I like so much and I liked the whole plot of Ellie using her and Uriel as inspiration to finish her aunt's novel. Overall, this was a pretty good read and has me excited about reading the rest of the books in this series.

    This book was awesome! I enjoyed reading how Uriel of the infamous "Bachelor in Demand" club came to his senses and learns to trust Ellie who loved him since her teenage years. He may have been older and taught her how to make love, but it was Ellie who taught him the true meaning of trust, love, and inspiration !


    Raquell Barton
    Read the first two books in this series out of order, but they can each stand alone because you only miss a little backstory. Great story! Ellie and Uriel are another great couple. Ellie has loved Uriel forever and watching him fall in love with her was great! So excited the next book in the series is coming out in December!

    Kamesha Williams
    Time for Book 2I really loved the underlying plot. The only thing that threw me were the lack of separations in places during the chapters, as far as one character line running into the other. I thought the aunt's relationship as tone setter was very nice. And oddly enough I enjoyed the names of the godbrothers and the line up of future plots. A growing fan of Brenda Jackson

    Great start to a new series. Plus, as a bonus this series is connected with the Steele series. I totally love this. Love the passion and strong male characters in this series. Happy endings ROCK! Can't wait for book 2.

    Arnissa Burnett
    Whew!!Breathtaking! Amazing! It was a great start to the Bachelor series and a great connection to the Steele family. This book was filled with passion and some funny moments. Great read!

    This is the 4th book I read by Brenda Jackson. I loved the whole book from the beginning to the end. I felt like I can relate to the main characters. I love the cover of the book as well. If you like hot steamy romances than this is a must read for you.

    Deborah C. Fidderman
    Bachelor UntamedI highly recommend this book to everyone who loves romance novels. The story of Uriel and Ellie held my interest so much that I couldn't put the book down. Way to go Brenda Jackson.

    The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    Uriel Lassiter held a grudge for tooo damn long. He took thing too far, but thankfully there is a woman (Ellie Weston) strong enough to make him see the light. 1st of the series provides for an opening to the remaining four.

    another great read. I can not say enough great things about the characters in Ms. Jackson's book. I have found a new favorite romance author!!!

    Robin Garland
    I liked this book. Quite we enjoyable. Now onto the next!

    Taz Will
    Ellie and Uriel had some unfinished business that was hot when it did get finished I enjoyed this and I have to see what's going on with the rest of the alphabet men.

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