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  • Title: A Castle of Bone
  • Author: Penelope Farmer
  • ISBN: 9780140306927
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback

  • When Hugh is given a new cupboard, little does he know the secret it holds or how it will affect him and all his friends Because the cupboard changes things sometimes dangerously and if it has the power to change a wallet into a pig, imagine what it can turn Hugh s friend Penn into And then there are Hugh s dreams or are they really dreams
    Penelope Farmer
    British children s author Penelope Farmer was born in 1939, in Westerham, Kent, the daughter of Hugh Robert MacDonald and Penelope Boothby Farmer She published her first book, The China People, in 1960, going on to use one of the longer stories originally intended for that collection as the basis of her first novel, The Summer Birds, which received a Carnegie commendation.


    reviewstaphorosis 3 starsHugh and his father pick up a new clothes cupboard at a junk shop, but soon enough he and his friends find the cupboard has special qualities.Any book where children have to do with a door to a magical world has to contend with comparisons to Narnia, especially if the children are two boys and two girls, and the door is via a magic wardrobe. That said, there's enough that's different here for the book to stand on its own. I know that the book worked well for me when I wa [...]

    Story about four teenagers/children and a cupboard that taks back anything put in it to a former stage in its existence. A strange story, more about atmosphere than anything, but a beautifully effective one in my opinion. Lots of imagery that stays with me, and mythological allusions conveying the breadth and mysteriousness of time. The writing is neat and incisive, and I thought the characterisation was interesting - none of them were wholly likable, but they felt uniquely themselves and I woul [...]

    Interesting, but very weird. I'd probably have gotten more out of it if I knew more about Arthuriana. Finally figured out that Penn=Pendragon, Anna=Morgana, Jean=Guinevere, and that the cupboard is probably made from the apple trees on Avalon, but couldn't get much beyond that. Especially strange for a children's book--it has lots of metaphysical symbolism, and a very frank portrayal of a dysfunctional family, which might have been its strongest point.

    This book is quite intense . . . it starts out seeming like light, fun, fantasy, but turns into something darker and deeper. If you like psychological fantasy, and/or if you have an interest in mythology (because the author makes many mythological allusions, especially to Celtic mythology), then you may find this a fascinating read. Frankly, it's probably of more interest to children's lit aficianados than to actual children, although it might appeal to introspective, dreamy types.

    This was an OK story.

    • Best Download [Penelope Farmer] ☆ A Castle of Bone || [Contemporary Book] PDF ✓
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