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  • Title: The Breadwinner Trilogy
  • Author: Deborah Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780888999597
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

  • All girls should read The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis Malala Yousafzai, New York TimesThe three books in Deborah Ellis s Breadwinner trilogy bound into one handsome volumeDeborah Ellis s novels The Breadwinner, Parvana s Journey and Mud City have been a phenomenal success, touching the hearts of readers the world over.Here are the three books bound into one handsom All girls should read The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis Malala Yousafzai, New York TimesThe three books in Deborah Ellis s Breadwinner trilogy bound into one handsome volumeDeborah Ellis s novels The Breadwinner, Parvana s Journey and Mud City have been a phenomenal success, touching the hearts of readers the world over.Here are the three books bound into one handsome volume for readers new to Deborah Ellis and for those who would like a collector s edition for their libraries.
    Deborah Ellis
    Deborah Ellis has achieved international acclaim with her courageous and dramatic books that give Western readers a glimpse into the plight of children in developing countries She has won the Governor General s Award, Sweden s Peter Pan Prize, the Ruth Schwartz Award, the University of California s Middle East Book Award, the Jane Addams Children s Book Award and the Vicky Metcalf Award A long time feminist and anti war activist, she is best known for The Breadwinner Trilogy, which has been published around the world in seventeen languages, with than a million dollars in royalties donated to Street Kids International and to Women for Women, an organization that supports health and education projects in Afghanistan In 2006, Deb was named to the Order of Ontario.

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    Sepideh Salarvand
    روزها پایان نامه می‌نوشتم در مورد کودکان کارگر افغانستانی و شب‌ها اینو می‌خوندم. روزها درگیر داد و فریاد که بچه‌ها رو رد مرز نکنین و شب‌ها پروانه و آصف و حسن و لیلا تو بیابون‌ها دنبال یه قطره آب بودن و همه‌ش خاک خاک خاک کتاب ناراحتیه و من تا تونستم خودم رو اذیت کردم با خوندن [...]

    I read this for a challenge of a book to be a movie in 2017. These are a trilogy, and I read all three because I wasn't sure how many would be portrayed in the movie. The first, The breadwinner, is the best of the trilogy. we learn some about the Afghanistan culture and the practice of disguising girls as boys to help the families survive, I've read about this before in The Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan The rest of the stories reminded me McCarthy's [...]

    I greatly enjoyed the raw honesty and storytelling in this story that I read for summer reading. Most people who have reviewed this book seem to enjoy this story, and I agree with what they say in their reviews. I like reading about how people in other parts of the world handle their situations. It gives me a doorway to travel into this world, especially since I can't afford to travel there myself. The descriptions Ms. Ellis give make visualization easy. The author didn't simply state or explain [...]

    Randi Bennett
    Randi Bennett, Response #9 (Summary and review only for the first book)Parvana, or Kaseem as she becomes when her father becomes arrested by the Taliban, has to take charge of her family at 11 years old. War torn and fear stricken Afghanistan is occupied by the Taliban, and life for Parvana and her family is anything but normal. Her mother, sisters, Nooria and Maryam, and youngest brother Ali must learn how to survive once the Taliban invade their home. Deborah Ellis does a fantastic job at capt [...]

    Edona Ibrahimi
    "Those flowers won't grow in that soil," someone said. "There are no nutrients in it.""Even if they grow, they will be trampled.""The marketplace is no spot for flowers. Why are you planting them there?"Through the voices of derision came another voice. "Do none of you appreciate nature? This boy has undertaken to bring a bit of beauty into our gray marketplace, and do you thank him? Do you help him?" An old man pushed his way to the front of the little gathering. With difficulty, he knelt down [...]

    Tara Chevrestt
    Book one was great. It offered a realistic look at life for women under the Taliban and had very likeable characters. Book two warranted a 2 star. Characters were introduced that I couldn't stand. Book three lost my interest completely. It was a girl and a dog traveling Pakistan eating trash and throwing food at people. Overall rating: three.

    Allison Glovier
    When I found out that I not only had to read one, but two summer reading books, I panicked, then proceeded to choose The Breadwinner Trilogy. After reading the book, I am glad that it was one of the two that I read. While at times it had its lows, overall it was an enjoyable read.To begin with, the book’s honesty and pacing were incredible. I love how it describes how Kaseem’s (or Parvana’s) journey as the Taliban becomes more prominent in everyday life and restricts what she can do as a g [...]

    Did you know around 5,757 civilians died last year because of the Taliban? The book that I read for summer reading was the “Breadwinner Trilogy.” I rated this book four stars for a few different reasons. First of all, I loved how much detail the author put into it. I almost felt like I was experiencing every thing along with Parvana and Shauzia. Each chapter was different and far from boring. Parvana was always working on something new, from working up enough money for a serving tray, to set [...]

    According to UNICEF, the average street child in Kabul (children who sell things on the street) earns 2 dollars a day. This is likely the only means of support for their families. The Breadwinner Trilogy is a stunning testament to these children, who struggle and risk their lives every day in order to support their family. It must have taken an incredible amount of time for the writer to find these children in Kabul and compile all their stories into a book. In my opinion the book was simplistic [...]

    The Breadwinner Trilogy is one of the most moving and inspirational books I have read in a long time. There are several moments in this book where I was brought to tears and many others where I jumped for joy when the characters overcame a huge obstacle.Many reviews of this book contained praises for it, and I 100% agree with that notion. Still, other reviews were calling the book "boring" or "slow-paced." I completely disagree with these statements because this book is exciting and suspenseful [...]

    As so many people have already stated, this book opened my eyes to the truly terrible things going in Afghanistan. From when Parvana's father got arrested to Asif having lost a leg, The Breadwinners Trilogy revealed the many hardships the people of Afghanistan went through under the control of the Taliban.I liked the first story of Parvana. She went out and worked every day for the sake of her family. She did whatever was necessary to provide for her family. I also really enjoyed reading about S [...]

    Ashton Fitzpatrick
    Most people on say that they liked this book, and I agree. Both the remarkable detail and truth in this book are unforgettable. I especially love how the author portrays the struggles of the characters throughout the books. The plot was like a roller coaster, twisting and turning everywhere, even turning the plot upside down in parts. You never knew what to expect or what would happen next.Some people on called the book “slow paced and boring” and said that “the last book ruined it for t [...]

    Dylan Manfredi
    The breadwinner trilogy is a good read for those who want a greater insight on the oppression that al-quadea imposed upon Afghanistan citizens and the troubles they faced. The books focuses in on 2 girls. The first two books talk about a girl named Parvana, who had to act and dress like a man In order to support her family after her father is taken away. The first book focuses in on this life Parvana must lead as she goes around translating letters helping shop keepers and running errands. Her l [...]

    I read this book for my summer reading project and ended up being very intrigued and interested in the storyline, characters, and culture. I loved to learn about the differences in lives, specifically women's and girls', that are exhibited in Afghanistan and the Middle East region. Overall, people seem to really enjoy this book, just as I did. The first story focuses on a girl named Parvana. She lives with her family in Kabul, Afghanistan in a very small apartment, and they are barely managing t [...]

    Donna LaValley
    Reviewed separately, Book 1, The Breadwinner is 4 starsThis book is an instructive eye-opener which I recommend and also use as a World Lit choice for students at high school level. Like others written for Young Adults -such as Escape from Warsaw (Europe), Year of Impossile Goodbyes (Korea), The Clay Marble (Cambodia), and especially Iqbal (Pakistan), Daughter of Venice-- someone can read a book about the lives of children facing serious life struggles and finally finding their way. Such books a [...]

    The Breadwinner Trilogy is a remarkable book about two young girls in Afghanistan that went through many struggles during a war. At first, I thought this might be a book that I would abandon pretty soon, but as I got deeper and deeper into the book, I wanted to read more and more of it. This book reminded me a little bit of A Long Way Gone which I read last year and is also an amazingly good book. A Long Way Gone was a lot more violent and fast-paced which was exciting, but from time to time, co [...]

    The Breadwinner was written by Deborah Ellis, and was first published in 2000. Deborah Ellis had been to Afghan refugee camps and heard many stories like Parvana's, so The Breadwinner is an original book about refugees living in Afghanistan. It is a historical fiction and a children’s novel book, so this book is readable and lucid. The Breadwinner is talks about an 11 year old girl called Parvana, who was forced to be the breadwinner for her family in the war in Afghanistan. It’s really diff [...]

    For my summer reading, I chose The Breadwinner Trilogy. It revealed the troubles in the Middle East. The author had left us many great inferences throughout the book. For example, the author did not simply wrote that Shauzia and Parvana would go bone hunting. Instead, she stated that the job made Parvana nerve wrecking. This action might infer that the job was dangerous. Many reviewers enjoyed the story, and I agree with them. The book was sad and thrilling, keeping our eyes glued to the page. W [...]

    Masao Koda
    1. Groundwood Books House of Anansi Press, no level2. 11/9=30min, 11/10=60min, 11/11=60min3. Afghan, Taliban, ruling, father, arrested, hardship, pretending4.(a)Now I've got her, Parvana thought. I can make her as miserable as she makes me. But she was surprised to find that this thought gave her no pleasure. Maybe she was too tired and too hungry. Instead of turning her back, she took the money from her sister's hand. (b)Parvana, the main character in this story, didn't obey at first the reques [...]

    Sadie Vargas
    This book is AMAZING!!!! it is one of my most favorite books that i have read yet to this day. This book is about an Afghan girl who lives in the ruins of Kabul. I t is a city in Afghanistan. All the girls their are not allowed outside or in stores. They can not be seen by the soldiers. If they are outside they have to wear barquas whichg are things that cowver most of their face except their eyes. Parvana the main charachter helps her dad walk around becaouse he lost his leg when in a classroom [...]

    These books are a must-read for anyone of any age. They are compelling, true to life and incredibly moving. At the end of the last one I was in fits of tears. Unlike most books, your favourite character is never completely safe from dying, which is why it was so true to real life. But they also made me angry at the terrible world we live in. There is so much we take for granted in the Western World, we don't realise that people (who are just like us, as this book proves) are suffering and dyingA [...]

    This is a great trilogy especially for tweens and younger teens. I could've used a bit more depth but it gives the reader an idea of the horrible, Catch-22 situation for girls and women in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime. Forbidden to leave their homes unless accompanied by a man, how can women who have no men in their family shop for food or even make money to pay for that food. Reading these books filled me with righteous anger at the way women are treated in that part of the world.

    Lisa Smith
    Although I put the Breadwinner Trilogy on my shelf for kids, It is an incredible read for any age. The Breadwinner Trilogy makes you realize that there are so many others in this World that are much less fortunate then ourselves. The book takes place in Afghanistan. The book takes you into the life of children in war torn Afghanistan. I'd give the trilogy another star if I could.

    I really liked this book. Gives a person an account of what it is like growing up in a war torn country. I am going to get my 12 year old to read this.

    Itzel Velázquez
    I found the books kind of slow-paced and the last book completely ruined it for me. I wanted to hear Parvana's story- not Shauzia.

    Najmah CB6
    " It's easy to call someone else scared when your'e safe inside your home all the time "

    Sheryl Sato
    A vivid look at the world or children in war-torn Afghanistan, this book describes both the horrors and the unyielding human spirit of hope.

    Over the summer I read the story of a girl who never gave up. It is the story of Parvana and her friend Shauzia and how they persevered through more than their fair share of hardships. The Breadwinner Trilogy is set in war-stricken Afghanistan, and the girls have to survive as the Taliban start taking the people they know and love. Ms. Ellis develops the characters of Parvana and Shauzia so well throughout their respective stories(Parvana's Journey and Mud City), and they fit in perfectly with t [...]

    Nikki Doorack
    Book #1-The BreadwinnerLiving in a one-room apartment building in Kabul after having her entire house wiped out by the intense Afghanistan bombings, eleven-year-old Parvana and her big family of five struggle to find peace and tranquility. A ferocious group called the Taliban come to Afghanistan and make the situation worse, restricting women from doing much. Women are forced out of their jobs, education, and are to stay in their homes, unless they are to get food from the market covered in burq [...]

    Maddie Cowen
    The book that I read for my summer reading assignment was called "The Breadwinner." I really enjoyed reading this book because I think that it teaches me about how the people in other countries live. It helps me to understand how life is like for people that live in places such as Parvana and Shauzia. When I read "The Breadwinner," It helped me to learn how some people do go for days without eating food, and how they have to rely on themselves every day to find the food they need to stay alive. [...]

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