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  • Title: Billionaire Extraordinaire
  • Author: Leanne Banks
  • ISBN: 9780373769391
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Man of the MonthMr May Damien Medici, uberbillionaireMission Revengerough any meansMethod Seduction, of course Finally he could avenge his family And the key to achieving all Damien desired lay in the hands of his sweet new secretary, Emma Weatherfield She could reveal the privileged information he so desperately wanted But in order to gain Emma s trust, he hadMan of the MonthMr May Damien Medici, uberbillionaireMission Revengerough any meansMethod Seduction, of course Finally he could avenge his family And the key to achieving all Damien desired lay in the hands of his sweet new secretary, Emma Weatherfield She could reveal the privileged information he so desperately wanted But in order to gain Emma s trust, he had to win her love Romancing his way into Emma s heart was easier than he d imagined Doing so without entrapping himself, however, was not something this risk taker had ever anticipated.
    Leanne Banks
    Leanne Banks was born on 14 May 1959 in Roanoke, Virginia, USA She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology, which she claims she can only use on fictional characters When her first book was published in 1991, she used the money from her advance to take her family to Disney World.Leanne is known for telling a story with strong emotion, characters with whom everyone can relate, a kick of hot sensuality, and a feel good ending that lingers She believes in creating stories for her readers that will allow them to escape into a place filled fun, emotion and sensuality She believes that she has the best readers in the world because they understand that love is the greatest miracle of all.Leanne is the recipient of Romantic Times Magazine s career achievement awards in Series Sensuality and Love and Laughter, and her books have been recognized by the Award of Excellence Contest, the Romance Writers of America RITA Award contest and the National Readers Choice Awards She is grateful for awards and reviews and was particularly moved by a letter from a reader remarking that Leanne s book got her through a chemotherapy session The reader s letter inspired a favorite turn of phrase Never underestimate the power of a romance novel.Leanne lives in her native Virginia with her husband, two teenage children and a Pomeranian She also has a little condo in South Carolina where she writes in the off season She loves music, chocolate, quotes, and new adventures.


    I finished this book in a day and it was a sheer delight.I’ve only read one other book by Leanne Banks and it was Hot Stuff, co-authored with Janet Evanovich. So I really had no idea what to expect when picked it up as I had never read a book written by Banks on her own. But I did have a vague idea that it would enjoyable.Thankfully it was more than that. Billionaire Extraordinaire was a sheer, lovely delight from start to finish. And one of the better contemporary romances I’ve read in a wh [...]

    Ann Keller
    Bestselling author, Leanne Banks, has written a wonderful story about Damien Medici, a handsome billionaire bent on revenge, and Emma Weatherfield, his lovely new secretary, who gets in the way of his plans. Emma needs to get close to Damien to discover what he’s plotting. Unfortunately, Emma doesn’t anticipate his powerful attraction, the way Damien sweeps her off her feet or this delicious heart-stopping romance that may very well leave both of them breathless.

    The main reason I couldn't give this a higher review is it's length. The characters were interesting and realistic. The plot was well developed (to a point). The book actually kept me reading and looking for more. There in lays the problem.As with many Harlequin series publications, the limited word count led to an interesting and well developed story being short changed in an effort to stay within the guidelines. I've read other books by Leanne Banks that are not so confined and the difference [...]

    Ashley F
    Review posted @ tsukibooksThis is one of those where I actually feel sorry for the heroine. She is stuck in rough place throughout the entire book and no one seems apologetic about it.Damien is the efficiency fixer. He comes into a company and stream-lines it in order to make the company more efficient and possibly turn a profit. He comes into Megalos-De-Luca Enterprises to get revenge on the family at the head of the company for doing something to his grandfather years ago. Apparently it ruined [...]

    suka banget karakter damien, love him, he is calm and bit naughty, suit him, and the way you describe the character was good, and i like the story too, simple, honest, and 208 pages was enough for this story

    Damien was hired for a company, to fire all unneeded employees and make the company better because it's profit was low. When he discovers Emma as his secretary he is immediately attracted to her and her to him. What Emma doesn't know is Damien is doing all this for revenge, even when he uses her, except he hasn't faced the fact he's in love with her.Unfortunately this novel was very typical to the other harlequins I have read, there was nothing spectacular about it. I am usually really impressed [...]

    Nur Anisah
    Damien, I love fuckin' you *eh I mean I fuckin' love you, hahahaha. Actually this book almost has the similarity with another of harlequins' story: pura-pura bikin jatuh cinta- eh tapinya cinta beneran, pakek gengsi pulak ngakuinnya (apalah ini inggrisnya :D), revenge and the plot was going in flashback. But in other side, I like the internal conflict between Damien and Emma. Gladly, I wanna in Emmas' position. (Damien-nya family man banget *mata lophe-lophe*).

    Damien goes into this business deal with revenge for his grandfather in his mind. His attraction to the assistant assigned to him to spy just a bonus. He plans to woo Emma into his bed and gain her loyalty while she's there. Her spilling secrets to him while she's there is all part of his plan. Don't you love how plans sometimes backfire? I do. I love Leanne Banks and this book just reenforces why.

    I liked this book. I liked the character, situations, and the outcomes from the problems that were present. This book is good for relaxing and passing time. Not a serious page-turner (action/suspense) but good for a break from nerve racking pages. I would read this again but more for something to read than searching it out.

    The plot was a bit weak for my taste but I gave it a go because I'm a fan of Ms Banks. Although the narration and prose is as good as her other books, that was all that had going for the book. I did not feel enough connection between the main characters for their story to really make an impression on me.

    Dawn ♥ romance
    This story was okay. It had an interesting enough plot but moved kind of slow. What you knew was going to happen waited until the last couple pages and resolved too quickly. Emma is asked to be secretary for and spy on Damien whose job is to restructure the company.

    Damien Medici is a billionaire who is determined to avenge his family. Emma Weatherfield is a secretary that knows all the company's secrets that Damien is determined to learn. So in order to know the dirt brushed under the rug, he decides to woo Emma to get information.

    Read as some light relief from heavier stuff I;m reading at present. These are too short really, but I did find some of the descriptions of character too similar to the last Billionaires novel I read - was a bit typical, prescribed and thin on the ground.

    Let me say first off this was a terrific series that i enjoyed immensely and would read again and recommend to anyone (well mostly women because I do not know many men that would read love stories).

    Fanny Roswita Ria
    Kecewa dengan series man of the month yang ini da bah. lho,,ini ceritanya sweet tapi membosankankonfliknya begitu datar&klimaks dari ceritanya itu sangat2 tidak memuaskan

    Masyita Nur
    like it alright, as I'm a sucker for romance. Too abrupt in the conclusion, that's my opinion

    WHAT in the hell is she thinking? Of all the options available to her she picks him? And really Ryan? This book left me with so many damn questions.

    Well it was interesting but i think underdeveloped and rushed, I would have liked to have seen it maybe 75 or 100 pages longer

    Lupita Figueroa BookLoverRomantic
    I loved. And I had fun. This is a short story to laugh and dreams. Cute. But I would like to read more hot scenes of sex in this kind of novels. I recommend this novel.

    A 3.8* rating.

    Kaycee ❤️
    2.5 Stars!This was in between for me. Not bad, not good either. It just fell completely flat for me.

    I really enjoyed this book. The story pulled me in from the beginning. Now I will try to hunt down the rest of this series.

    I love that his whole plan is to seduce her into telling him a secret about a company so he can ruin the WHOLE COMPANY. sigh.

    D1939 May09 Billionaires Club #3 Damien Medici is out for revenge and he'll use Emma Weatherfield, his new secretary at MD Resorts, to get that revenge. She reports to Max DeLuca and Alex Megalo. Trouble is their attraction and her reluctance to help Damien she knows employees will loose their jobs.Her mother has a gambling addiction and as a child, Emma's life had been that of have or have not. She's very frugal in case anything goes wrong.

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