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  • Title: Der Baader Meinhof Komplex
  • Author: Stefan Aust
  • ISBN: 9783442129539
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback

  • Gerade noch rechtzeitig, bevor sich das 68 er Jubil umsjahr mit dem Kinostart des oskarverd chtigen Spielfilms Der Baader Meinhof Komplex zu Ende neigt, hat der Autor der Drehbuchvorlage, Stefan Aust, eine neue Version seines gleichnamigen Werkes von 1985 vorgelegt Nat rlich dr ngt sich bei diesem Timing der Verdacht auf, es ginge dem unl ngst geschassten Chefredakteur deGerade noch rechtzeitig, bevor sich das 68 er Jubil umsjahr mit dem Kinostart des oskarverd chtigen Spielfilms Der Baader Meinhof Komplex zu Ende neigt, hat der Autor der Drehbuchvorlage, Stefan Aust, eine neue Version seines gleichnamigen Werkes von 1985 vorgelegt Nat rlich dr ngt sich bei diesem Timing der Verdacht auf, es ginge dem unl ngst geschassten Chefredakteur des Nachrichtenmagazins Der Spiegel darum, befl gelt vom Hype um den Film noch einmal kr ftig Kasse zu machen Doch die Anschaffung des inzwischen auf knapp 900 Seiten angewachsenen Opus Magnus von Aust lohnt sich tats chlich Nicht umsonst galt Austs ebenso pr zise wie unvoreingenommene Chronik der Ereignisse vom Juni 1967 bis zum Deutschen Herbst 1977 schon bald nach Erscheinen der Erstauflage als Standardwerk Die Eliminierung von Fehlern, die Anreicherung mit weiteren Details und die Illustration mit Fotos, die der Autor f r die dritte Ausgabe geleistet hat, wird diesen Anspruch sicherlich weiter zementieren Erstehanderfahrungen und die pers nliche Bekanntschaft mit etlichen Akteuren der RAF und deren Umfeld machten das Buch seit jeher so einzigartig und authentisch Dabei hat es der Sache nur wenig Abbruch getan, dass Aust, der sich seine ersten Sporen noch unter der gide von Ulrike Meinhof bei der linksradikalen Postille Konkret verdiente, mit dem Verdikt des Revisionisten und Karrieristen im inneren Zirkel der RAF stets auf eine Mauer des Schweigens stie Durchbrochen lediglich von einer Handvoll Renegaten, die sich vor allzu unvorsichtigen u erungen freilich geh tet haben d rften, um ihre Bew hrung nicht zu gef hrden Vor allem im Umgang mit ihnen und den offiziellen Quellen, die noch immer weit davon entfernt sind, ungefiltert zu sprudeln, ist investigatives Gesp r gefragt Und ber ein solches verf gt der alte Hase des Enth llungsjournalismus zweifellos in einem weit h heren Ma e als die meisten anderen Publizisten, die sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten mit der RAF auseinandergesetzt haben Trugen bei der Neuausgabe von 1997 vor allem Unterlagen des Ministeriums f r Staatssicherheit MfS sowie Aussagen einiger in der DDR untergetauchter RAF Mitglieder zur weiteren Erhellung des dunkelsten Kapitels der deutschen Nachkriegsgeschichte bei, so kreist Austs Spot diesmal ber den zwielichtigen Machenschaften westdeutscher Geheimdienstler, die er schon in seiner TV Dokumentation beleuchtete Auch in dieser Hinsicht eine erhellende Lekt re Roland Detsch, literaturanzeiger
    Stefan Aust
    Stefan Aust born 1 July 1946 in Stade, Lower Saxony is a German journalist and was the editor in chief of the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel from 1994 to February 2008.


    Armin Hennig
    So informativ wie das Telefonbuch, nur nicht so vollständigZiemlich umfangreiche und trotzdem schmerzhaft lückenhafte Chronologie der Ereignisse, die vielleicht so etwas wie den zeitlichen Rahmen und biographische Grunddaten der ersten Generation liefert und phasenweise jede Medikamentausgabe in die Stammheimhäftlinge dokumentiert. Wer also unbedingt wissen will, welche Mittelchen sich Andreas Baader um welche Uhrzeit aushändigen ließ oder wie man mit dem Plattenspieler Pizza bäckt, für d [...]

    Niklas Pivic
    The German avant-garde group Einstürzende Neubauten's name means "collapsing new buildings" in English; it points to a couple of relevant things as far as the RAF is concerned:1. They were young, they collapsed.2. The name can refer to the state of Germany - and/or its youths - to youths growing up just after the Second World War.The RAF - also referred to as the Baader-Meinhof group - seems to me a desperate yet affectionate bunch of terrorists. They had strong political beliefs, wanted to top [...]

    K.J. Pierce
    I'd been eyeballing this book for months and decided to pick it up after I saw the movie (which was good, too, but left me with a ton of questions). My interest in the Red Army Faction goes back to my childhood growing up in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and a RAF-planted bomb exploding at the base in 1985. The book itself answered a ton of questions, but it was terribly difficult to get through. There is an overall sense of linear narrative, but the book seemed to bounce back and forth between di [...]

    Thomas Paul
    I grew up with protests against the Vietnam War and with radical leftist organizations like the Weathermen and the RAF. The RAF were perhaps a little more mysterious because they were in far off and, at the time, divided Germany so I was always interested in them. When I discovered this book by Stefan Aust I was excited about the opportunity to read it. I was soon very disappointed. It’s not that there isn’t a lot of interesting information in the book. The problem is that the author didn’ [...]

    Meticulously researched to the point of nearly drowning within the chaos of the terrorist activities of the Red Army Faction. This is a riveting account of how the idealism of opposing the rise of the right wing in 1960s and 1970s West Germany began to emulate the same atrocities and intolerance within its own ranks through an embrace of violent means. The RAF managed to unleash a wave of crime that forced the German authorities to modernize their means of investigation and prosecution. And for [...]

    The subject was very interesting, but the book is only so-so. The author knew some of the late terrorists personally, but he decided to make a kind of exhaustive document with all the small facts.That's not why I read such a book. I want to know about the broad developments instead of tiny facts. Explain how Baader and Meinhof came to the point of launching attacks against the state. Skip the tiny facts, skip most of the court stuff and get closer to the people. It's hard to read the book and ke [...]

    As you may expect, one of the most complete books you can get on history of the German Red Army Faction, but also on the political atmosphere that led to its creation, and the subsequent panic of the German state. The focus is on the first RAF generation (thus the title) and especially on Baader (and Baader's extremely manipulative personality).Aust (more famous as having been the editor-in-chief for the SPIEGEL for 14 years) kept on returning to this book in subsequent editions adding new knowl [...]

    "Baader-Meinhof: The Inside Story of the R.A.F." is an interesting and important book that explores the history of a group of self-described revolutionaries and their attempts at revolution in then West Germany. The primary focus of the book is on the founding members of the group called variously the Red Army Faction, the Baader-Meinhof group or the Baader-Meinhof gang (the first by the group itself, the latter two by supporters or detractors, respectively), a group that was active from 1970 th [...]

    #ReziZeit🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭Stefan AustDer Baader-Meinhof-Komplex660 Seiten. "Der Baader-Meinhof-Komplex ist zu einem Klassiker der jüngsten Zeitgeschichte geworden. In dieser erweiterten und aktualisierten Ausgabe hat Stefan Aust neue Unterlagen wie Aussagen von Beteiligten der Schleyer-Entführung, interne Polizeipapiere und aus Stasi-Archiven verfügbare Materialien hinzugefügt"So ausführlich, wie dieses Buch, ist keine Dokumentation und kein Film, und gilt zurecht als Standardwerk über [...]

    George Ilsley
    Having recently seen the movie based on this book, I wanted to learn more about events I barely am able to remember. (The movie is very faithful to the book).In this telling, we can glimpse the rise of the Big Brother surveillance state, as well as modern techniques for negotiating in hostage situations (ie never give them anything). Even modern prison systems seem designed to prevent things that happened with the RAF members while imprisoned.Also, there is always a stock character in these narr [...]

    A tough book to read, not only for its demanding and draining subject matter but also for the whirlwind pace at which Aust lays out the history of the RAF. Readers who are unfamiliar with the political climate of the 1960s may have some difficulty in understanding how the group could have drummed up such appeal and turned themselves into such a disruptive force, but this book should be read alongside any more general history of the 1960s and 1970s in Western Europe in general and the Federal Rep [...]

    i've found that speech is useless without an action.))

    Peter Pinkney
    The blurb, on the back of this book, says it reads like a thriller, and it certainly does, and what a thriller, I feel exhausted. The account of the hijacked plane is edge of the seat stuff. I read this book because I had seen the film, and read John Le Carre's Absolute Friends which follows a similar storyline. I have political sympathies with what the Baader Meinhof group were trying to achieve, but they're actions are not what I would want-too many innocent people died. I do understand their [...]

    Thomas Kanyak
    Holger, the fight goes on!

    Hamuel Sunter
    Whatever quality Baader-Meinhof had that so captured a generation's imagination Aust fails to put into words. His squeamishness toward the details of ideology and his prudish streak made him a particularly bad chronicler.I enjoyed learning that Steppenwolf had as outsize an impact on the members of the RAF as it did on me.

    Interessante Darstellung der Geschichte der RAF. War aber wegen dem Schreibstil zwar interessant, aber wirklich anstrengend zu lesen.

    Extremely detailed account of Germany's urban guerilla Baader-Meinhof Group from its beginning in 1970 to the deaths of the original leaders in Stammheim in 1977. The group later known as the Red Army Faction continued its terrorism through the 80's and 90's, but this account focuses on the years 1970-77 from its inception with Baader, Ensslin, and Meinhof. Fascinating to read about how such a group came to be, their terrorist training in Jordan, how the police tried to catch them, and later the [...]

    This is a disturbing book because it captures the horror of the violence of both the FDR government and subversives, along with all of the ambiguity of the political positioning of each. The book reads a bit choppy--like a series of news articles all put together in one book. The chapters vary widely in length and detail. The information is there, and it's overall quite detailed. But, as a non-German, I would have appreciated more context on the story--such as the significances of events taking [...]

    Christopher Saunders
    Stefan Aust presents a remarkable portrait of the Red Army Faction, West Germany's most successful left-wing terrorist movement. Aust shows the RAF born of outrages like the police murder of Benno Ohnesorg, an assassination attempt on radical leader Rudi Dutschke and American military bases throughout the country. He profiles Andreas Baader, rootless anarchist-turned-urban guerrilla; Gudrun Esslin, the ferocious pastor's daughter who achieved "a state of euphoria" through terrorism; and Ulrike M [...]

    Of course I saw the film first, because I didn't know anything about the RAF at all before the film, but after seeing it--and it's really great, incidentally--I had to know everything I could about it. This book is really quite good. I'd give it five stars except it's a little choppy in places, and could've been a bit clearer in some of its explanation of the timeline, but I appreciated how plainly Aust tried to tell the story with as little judgment as possible, on either side. I still cannot u [...]

    A great book. This is how marxism-Leninism meets the nuthouse. And of course, this should happen in Germany, in the 70's. Amazing how the ideals and Utopias from the 60's gradually degenerate into a nonsense violent political movement with a very small number of members, none of them very sane from the head and, at the same time so influential. Those seeds are still blossoming today (black blocs are a good example) with a mix of anarchism, anti capitalism and violence. The book is very well deve [...]

    Jules Newschool
    Interessante Sichtweise auf die Geschehnisse und die Motivation der Terroristen. Teilweise mit Vorsicht zu genießen sind die einseitigen Meinungen der Protagonisten. Die Motive der Täter, Mitläufer und Sympathisanten werden in "Der Baader Meinhof Komplex" sehr gut deutlich. Umbedingt Lesenswert um einen wichtigen Teil deutscher Geschichte und unsere Elterngeneration zu verstehen. Meiner Meinung nach handelt es sich bei diesem Buch um ein reines Info-Medium, welches jedoch aufgrund der rasante [...]

    If you haven't seen the movie yet, just watch that. It covers the same material in much less time.If you have seen the movie and want more information about the political philosophy or the social circumstances (institutional sexism/feminism, post WWII reconstruction, etc.) that lead to the creation of the RAF, you won't find it here. The author seems to have deliberately eschewed almost any analysis in order to be unbiased in his painstakingly detailed recreation of events.However, Aust does ref [...]

    Smart, committed and murderous people are interesting to read about. I was a military policeman in Germany in the mid-80's and remember memorizing pictures of the last wave of RAF members. Responded to their bomb threats as well. I recall how the wanted posters had fewer and fewer members each time they were reprinted, which was fine by me, as they were intent on murdering US servicemen during this period.Anyway, the book is entertaining, and tends to jump around quite a bit. One can tell this w [...]

    Stefan Aust's Baader-Meinhof: The Inside Story of the R.A.F. is probably as good a narrative of these confusing events as we are ever going to get. Using a journalistic and chronological fact-driven approach, Aust delivers the core points of the narrative without dwelling on excessive historical analysis - that task is largely left to the reader (and quite correctly so). [return][return]In the end, the point of the story is illuminating, depressing, and still quite relevant to the contemporary w [...]

    Stephen Nicholas
    So, the questions left in my mind are: how much of the RAF terrorism was a reaction to American imperialism in Indochina; how much was due to the self absorption of the RAF members, and delusions of their own self importance; how much was down to the ineptitude of the German authorities; and what caused the "radicalization" (I know the word is anachronistic in this context) of these young people, was it societal anomie, was it youthful idealism, or was it a reaction against the claustrophobic an [...]

    Tereza Fuková
    Es ist etwas gruselig, wenn man bedenkt, dass alles, was in dem Buch beschrieben wurde, wirklich auch passierte. Auf jeden Fall (obwohl mir die Handlung nicht immer gefallen hat) fand ich das Buch sehr gut, obwohl es für mich sehr Zeit aufwendig war.Vzhledem k tomu, že o popisovaném období se ve školách vůbec neučíme a běžný mladý člověk o něm asi nemá vůbec tušení, jsem tuhle knížku opravdu ocenila. Autor je věcný, nestraní ani jedné straně a popisuje události tak, j [...]

    It's rare to find a work of non-fiction that can be so emcompassing as to be exhaustive without being exhausting. Without a recap, because I'm too lazy to get into it, the Aust's history of the RAF is passionate and informed, and despite his peripheral proximity to the group (he worked alongside Ulrich Meinhof for a leftist magazine in the '60s and briefly became a target of the group for helping her children escape to their father), he never stoops to romanticizing or demonizing the actions of [...]

    Soms blijft nieuws je altijd bij. Als kind hoorde ik op de radio van de bevrijding van het Lufthansa vliegtuig en de dood in Stammheim van RAF-gevangenen. Dit boek gaat over het ontstaan van de RAF, de "successen" en de uiteindelijke ondergang. Blijft interessant om te zien hoe mannen en vrouwen, hoogopgeleid en afkomstig uit normale gezinnen, zo beïnvloed worden dat ze er voor kiezen om terrorist te worden. Een keuze die ze soms met het mes op de keel (figuurlijk) moesten maken. Goed gedocumen [...]

    Terrorism today is never far from most people's thoughts. Baader-Meinhof offers a gripping account of one of the most violent terrorist groups of the late twentieth century, in a compelling look at what they did, why they did it, and how they were brought to justice."The Baader-Meinhof Group--later known as the Red Army Faction (RAF)--was a violent urban guerilla group which terrorized Germany in the 1970s and '80s, killing 47 people, wounding 93, taking 162 hostages, and robbing 35 banks--all i [...]

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