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  • Title: Dare Truth or Promise
  • Author: Paula Boock
  • ISBN: 9780547076171
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback

  • When Louie and Willa first meet, they don t know their lives will soon be changed forever Self assured Louie is gearing up for another successful year in high school, starring in a production of Twelfth Night and running the Comedy Club Kicked out of her last school and still stinging from a past relationship, Willa wants only to get through her final year at school quieWhen Louie and Willa first meet, they don t know their lives will soon be changed forever Self assured Louie is gearing up for another successful year in high school, starring in a production of Twelfth Night and running the Comedy Club Kicked out of her last school and still stinging from a past relationship, Willa wants only to get through her final year at school quietly so she can graduate and become a chef More than anything, she wants to be left alone But each girl unexpectedly finds that plans mean nothing when it comes to love Louie discovers that everything she was sure of acceptance, faith, and identity are not what they had seemed And Willa finds herself suddenly willing to take another chance.
    Paula Boock
    Paula Boock began writing when she was seven There was this story of four brothers who were surprisingly like my four brothers I illustrated the book as well the characters looked sort of like the Beatles I ve always been affected by books As the youngest in a large, boisterous family, I developed early the ability to work write even amidst a racket The library school and public was where I found most of my books I went through all the crazes Secret Seven, Famous Five, horsey books, detective novels, sci fi you name it Paula began by writing plays and short stories, but it wasn t until she began working in publishing that she thought of writing a young adult novel Her first novel, Out Walked Mel, won the AIM Best First Book Award and was a finalist for the Esther Glen Medal, a library award she won two years later for her novel Sasscat to Win She was the 1994 Writer in Residence at the Dunedin College of Education where she wrote her third book, Home Run, a finalist in the 1996 AIM Senior Fiction Award, and began Dare Truth or Promise This last novel sold worldwide, won the 1998 NZ Post Children s Book of the Year award, and was shortlisted for a Lambda Award in the United States.Paula s recent work includes an adult novel, scriptwriting The Strip and young adult fiction titles She enjoys the film and television genre, but finds that teenage characters still tend to sneak into my work and take over Paula lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand.


    I tossed with liking and disliking this bookThe story from the outset was going to follow a 'predictable' kinda romance except it followed two girlsMaybe if I was younger I would of enjoyed the story a bit more BUT I did manage to read it all in a night (so you can take whatever you want from thatlol)I found the characters weren't that fleshed outLike we knew who Willa and Louie wereThey attended the same school, worked at the same placeOne had an accepting family and one didn'tIt's actually all [...]

    "'I'm in love with that girl,' she said out loud in amazement, because she knew that this was a life-changing thing and life-changing things should be said aloud, should have a moment in time, and a place in the air, some molecular structure to make them real. I'm in love with that girl, she heard as it reverberated inside her head. And it was a truth, she realized, as things are which you don't think, but discover have always existed."

    DNF!!!was not getting in2 the story or plot.ied up until chapter 3 where all the bck n forth of the storytelling was very stressful n it really threw me for a loop,really boring also.rry to be such a harsh critic but this book piss me offgot fooled by the synopsis and many so-call good reviews again(urgh!)

    This is another somewhat sad story with a happy ending. Louie (Louisa) and Willa meet each other at work, and later in school, and there is instant chemistry. Unfortunately Willa just ended a relationship with Cathy, a girl who despite her feelings for Willa could not find enough courage to come out. Not that Willa is 'out' herself, she just knows what she wants, and she's not afraid to say it if someone asks. These two girls begin to fall in love but Louie's mother isn't accepting and tries to [...]

    While I was reading this, I thought why do I keep doing this to myself? First love is so exciting. Your heart is so full. Sometimes other's interference brings you down. This can happen even if you're not a gay teenager. This story centers around two girls, Willa and Louie, who fall in love. Louie's mom forbids her daughter from seeing Willa. Louie has to deal with not being honest with her family and friends about the relationship and her relationship with the church. The latter is barely touch [...]

    I wish every parent and every teen could read this and talk about it with love. God is Love. Bigotry and hatred is not of God. Love is Love. If you are going to thump Leviticus remember all the rules must be followed and not just those that support your own biases.This is the story of two high school girls in Australia who happen to find themselves in love. They are both responsible girls wanting to do what is right and still unsure, especially when parents and society seem to condemn them at ev [...]

    The style of writing did not appeal to me at all. I felt like I was reading a book report, something not "personalized" enough.Parts of the story were confusing, whereas some lacked intensity. So girl meets girl, in a matter of pages, they're missing each other and proclaiming in loveFrankly, the author didn't give them enough time to get to that point. Perhaps if the book had been longer than 100-some pages, I'd have read something truly profound and substantial. Instead, I got a lot of jumping [...]

    Pretty well written with likable characters. I kinda wish they could really stand against bigots for their belief for once or go underground for a while instead of throwing blames and being "saved" by some authority figures, but probably that hope is too unrealistic. Kind of remind me of those Chinese YA stuff I read in middle school (full of teenage angst and "forbidden love" - though in this book the school and general public is much more supportive).

    Lady Avalon
    No matter where you are from, we all go through the angst, the confusion, and the self-acceptance path (for some with too many bumps, for others a little smoother) when you realize you are attract to someone of the same sex IMHO, Ms Book has found a nice balance of all those feelings and the result is an entertaining YA book with likeable MCs.

    3'5. I really like the characters but I think the story goes very fast.

    Haylee C
    The book Dare, Truth or Promise by Paula Boock is about two girls that love each other and everyone else trying to keep them apart. Willa is a new girl that just moved to town and she has a past with another girl that didn't end so good. The there is Louie who is just a girl who loves acting and her friends and family. When they meet they know that they want to be together. They love being together and they love each other so much. Louie's mom is not okay with they whole thing so they try to hid [...]

    Dare Truth or Promise bordered on boring. There just wasn't enough to make this book stand out for me. In fact, it fell prey to some of the typical romance stories that are in abundance.One, the two main characters meet and practically fall in love with one another right off the bat. I, for one, enjoy a romance that blossoms from friendship. Instalove just doesn't cut it for me. Two, Willa and Louie don't have a whole lot of personality. In fact, none of the characters in the story have a whole [...]

    I read New Zealand author Paula Boock’s young adult lesbian novel Dare Truth or Promise (1997) in one day, practically in one sitting. I have a soft spot for queer YA anyway, but I really loved this book for its sweet, simple style. Boock writes in a very straight-forward, deceptively plain way that is reminiscent of New Zealanders themselves, at least what I learned about them when I was there for four months a few years ago. In fact, I’d say this book is a lot like Kiwis and Kiwi culture: [...]

    So I hated this book.It was one of those books where I kept throwing it down in disgust and walking away from it. I considered not finishing it, but decided that while I hated it, it wasn't so poorly written as to be unreadable.Which is not to say it was written well. Maybe it's a New Zealand thing, but right from the start of the book, like the first page, there were passages where I couldn't tell who the author was talking about. The first sentence of the novel was something like "Willa first [...]

    Ginny Swanson
    It was an excellent read, because it could really teach some people not to be so hasty to judge homosexuals. Love is the same even for them. the way it is for a man and women, it's the same with a man and man, or a women and a women. They fall in love the same way we do. So why do we judge? I don't , never did and this book just helped make that belief stronger that even two girls can love each other. No, I'm not a lesbian. i have a boyfriend and i love him very much, almost as much as Louie lov [...]

    It's more of a 3.4 stars.I was originally not interested to read this book until I noticed it was set in New Zealand and the writer was from New Zealand and I honestly have never really come across New Zealand YA. So I read it and it's pretty short and quick. The characters are okay, nothing special. They spark up a few times here and there. I do feel bad for the character of Willa as I think everyone except maybe her mom takes advantage of her and emotionally manipulate her. The book is from 19 [...]

    After a bit of a struggle with the beginning, I ended up totally adoring this one. I've been looking desperately for f/f YA that has both cuteness and hotness and so far this is probably the one that most closely fits the bill. (I mean, not that it's particularly graphic or anything, but a subgenre that is supertame on that front, a couple of things pleasantly surprised me in this one.) The book is as old as its current audience, but it holds up pretty impressively well. The first pleasant surpr [...]

    ah, i'm abandoning this, not because it's not a worthy, sweet, nicely written lesbian right-of-passage YA novel, but because one can read only so many girl-loves-girl, parents-persecute-loving-girls, girls-turn-out-battered-but-okay stories. or at least i can. this is better written and better developed that Keeping you a secret, but the story is basically the same. i never much went for romance.

    Kiriaki Sandy
    I really liked the book in general. Never having read a book about such a theme before, I was intrigued and had high expectations that it didn't fail to meet. The book was a little too fast-paced, though. Like a movie, it didn't spend nearly enough time on the characters or the events, and I'd have liked it to be longer.And even with a rating of 4 stars(well, it's actually 4.5), this book is undoubtedly on my top five.

    Louie (for Louisa) is a high schooler working at Burger Giant. New girl Willa starts working there, too, and romantic sparks fly pretty much immediately, although both girls are a bit shy about expressing their feelings. However, familial and societal pressures pull them apart. The reactions of both friends and families to the girls relationship seem quite accurate; it does have quite a bit of teen angst in it but guess that is pretty accurate, too.

    A good teenage read. Boock manages to capture the simplicity and yet the confusing complexity of the way that teens view the world creating a both enjoyable and occasionally uncomfortable read as you follow and empathise with the characters. This book also gives a great look at family interactions and cultural expectations.

    Ellen Shull
    The characterization was a little weak at the beginning; I had trouble keeping Willa and Louie sorted out. But the further I got into the book, the more it became a page-turner. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a love story.

    Diana Prince
    This was cute. A quick read; only took me an hour and a half, and not the best writing. But it was a cute story, and one with a blissfully happy ending.

    Dr Jespersen
    I enjoyed this book more than I anticipated I might. It's from when I was a teenager. I wish I had read it then, though in all likelihood I would have wished the characters were more similar to me. I was a tough customer for a while there. Reading it now, I had an eye out for the ways it feels dated and the ways it still feels relevant. I'm impressed by how subtly Boock lets both these protagonists deal with intense feelings time without making either of them spend too much page space worrying a [...]

    violet clare
    the plot as a whole was very sweet, and i was happy that there was no "dead lesbians" trope enacted. however, a spot towards the end (a scene with louie and her pastor) made me, as a jewish girl, feel ill. basically, what the scene boiled down to was that xtians could forgive the sin of same-gender attraction, because they didn't follow the presumably archaic laws of the old testament. the implication of all this, for me, was that the author (or her characters) think that jews are filthy oppress [...]

    Emily W
    I vaguely recall reading this book many years ago, so I was interested to see what the re-read would be like.Dare Truth or Promise is the story of two Dunedin girls who fall in love, and learn to navigate relationships, school, sexuality, and faith. Although this story was written during the late 1990s, it still resonates today. I devoured this book, engaged with the characters, and don't doubt that I will likely re-read it again in the future.

    It was good, just not great. After a while alternating pov got boring. The girls didn't really have distinctive voices. As often with LGBT YA the main villain was somewhat flatly portrayed homophobic parental figure. (Then again Dare Truth or Promise is turning twenty this year, so maybe this observation belongs in the reviews of newer titles.)

    You can tell this book is not written by an American author because the style is just slightly different in a good way. The characters are believable as is the story itself. I really felt for the characters as they were trying to love each other in a world that did not want them to. A quick, easy and fulfilling read.

    Very typical, predictable, simplistic romance story with basic queer storyline. A very quick read, maybe good for young teens.

    Willa & Louise; love can happen fast, but making it work can be tough (especially if your folks are against it)

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