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  • Title: The Second Bride
  • Author: Catherine George
  • ISBN: 9780373034499
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

  • The perfect solutionJo had fallen for Rufus Grierson the day he married her best friend But Jo kept her feelings to herself, for Claire s sake.After Claire was died, it seemed that Rufus had no cause to see Jo again, until the night of his wedding anniversary when he sought her out to share his griefd neither could deny their mutual attraction.Passion led to pregnThe perfect solutionJo had fallen for Rufus Grierson the day he married her best friend But Jo kept her feelings to herself, for Claire s sake.After Claire was died, it seemed that Rufus had no cause to see Jo again, until the night of his wedding anniversary when he sought her out to share his griefd neither could deny their mutual attraction.Passion led to pregnancy, and Jo was surprised when Rufus asked her to marry him She said yes, for one simple reason she loved him, baby, or no baby.But to be a father was what Rufus wanted most of all.
    Catherine George
    Catherine George was born in a village on the Welsh English border, where the public library featured largely in her life Her mother, who looked upon literature as a basic necessity of life, fervently encouraged Catherine s passion for reading, little knowing it would one day motivate her daughter into writing her first novel.At 18, Catherine met a future Engineer, who had set in a pendant a gold sovereign, that his grandmother put in his hand when he was born, and Catherine have never taken off since After their marriage he swept her off to Brazil, where he worked as Chief Engineer of a large gold mining operation in the mountains of Minas Gerais, a setting which later provided a very popular background for several of Catherine s early novels Nine happy years passed there before the question of their small son s education decided their return to Britain Not long afterward a daughter was born, and for a time Catherine lived a fulfilled life as a wife and mother who always made time to read, especially in the bath Her husband s job took him abroad again, to Portugal, West Africa, and various countries of the Middle East, but this time she stayed home with the family And spent a lot of lonely evenings in between the reunions when her husband came home on leave Instead of reading other people s novels all the time, he suggested one day, why not have a shot at writing one yourself So Catherine did.But first she took a creative writing course Encouraged by the other students enthusiasm for her contributions, she decided to try her hand at romance, and read countless Mills Boon novels as research before writing one herself Her first novel was accepted in 1982, which Romantic Times voted best of its genre for that year, along with than sixty written since.These days son and daughter have fled the nest, but they return with loving regularity to where Catherine and her husband back for good from his travels live, with Prince, the most recent Labrador, in a house built at the end of Victoria s reign in four acres of garden on the cliffs between the beautiful Wye Valley and the River Severn.


    Re-readI just read this again, and really didn't like it as much which doesn't explain my hearts and roses and four star review from before. Hmmm.Could this couple throw out any more false cues and misinformation to each other? Doubtful.First reviewWell, that was a keeper. So stinking' sweet.Jo is an independent (view spoiler)[non-virgin. Yeah, I know. I am surprised she wasn't kicked out of H-landia. (hide spoiler)] that is still mourning the loss of her best friend Claire. Rufus shows up on th [...]

    This book was just not for me. I should have known better than to pick a romance with the title of "second bride" which immediately made me think of second best. And that is what 99% of the story felt like to me, like the heroine was second best to her husband who was so desperately in love and mourning for his first wife, the heroine's best friend.I honestly think I would have liked it more if the author had conveyed how they fell in love with each other during the marriage of convenience, find [...]

    Could have been 5 stars but the surprise ending wasn't necessary (actually took away from the story) and the heroine drove me crazy.

    Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
    The first half is superlative, amazingly fresh and absorbing but then the story sort of bogs down to a same old same old feel.The h, an aspiring novelist is a practical and down to earth person who takes the whole situation accordingly. I liked the way she handled and also hid her feelings for the H. It had a touch of realism to it. Her confidence and independent spirit sets her out as an interesting h, but it changes to an unreasonable prickliness as the story goes on.The H stays the same throu [...]

    The Deal: Jo Fielding fell in love at first sight when she met Rufus Grieson on the day he married her best friends Claire. Knowing what her feelings were, Jo always kept her distances from him, telling herself that they didn't have anything in common other than Claire and that there was no reason why they should ever spend much time together. And then Claire died, and it seemed to Jo like she would never see Rufus again. Until one night when Rufus showed up at her apartment - on the eve of his [...]

    Pleasant, uncomplicated read which would have been much better if there was a hero's POV.

    3.5 StarsI wanted to love everything about this book but couldn't. Jo and Rufus had one thing in common. Claire. Her best friend for years and his wife, the love of his life. On the anniversary of Claire's death, Rufus goes to see Jo and they end up comforting each other by doing the horizontal mambo. This leads to a pregnancy, marriage and a whole lot of misunderstandings. Jo, the heroine started out as such a wonderful strong character. Then she had sex, got pregnant, hot married and turned in [...]

    Frustrating behavior especially from heroine

    3.5 StarsThis was a cute story about a hero who married the wrong girl but then after a tragic incident ended up marrying who he was supposed to all along.

    I’m finicky so I thought I couldn’t get over the gross-ness of the heroine making love to her dead best friend’s husband on their wedding anniversary especially as the act was consummated totally in the dark. Did he know that he was with her or didn’t he care because all cats in the dark are grey…. But what won me over was his willingness to talk afterwards, calmly without recrimination, just-the-facts, ma’am. He didn’t skulk off like he regretted what they did. Then, the following [...]

    I can honestly believe in HEA for this couple,Jo and Rufus,they live so good together,they talk,she cooks his favorite meal,he buys her favorite knowing she'll come for coffee,etc. He was married to her best friend,Claire so they pretended to dislike eachother but when speaking with Claire about the 'third' every information stuck,and that pulled the strings of my poor heart-that they avoided eachother but cherished information,and locked them in the farthest corners of their soul,like he rememb [...]

    • Best Download [Catherine George] ↠ The Second Bride || [Travel Book] PDF ✓
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