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  • Title: At a Journal Workshop
  • Author: Ira Progoff
  • ISBN: 9780874776386
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback

  • s t Writing to Access the Power of the Unconscious Evoke Creative AbilityThis revised and expanded edition of the classic At a Journal Workshop, a self published bestseller, offers the reader access to the most widely praised method of diary writing This rich, insightful work is a treasure for all those involved in self inquiry, artistic creation and spiritual renes t Writing to Access the Power of the Unconscious Evoke Creative AbilityThis revised and expanded edition of the classic At a Journal Workshop, a self published bestseller, offers the reader access to the most widely praised method of diary writing This rich, insightful work is a treasure for all those involved in self inquiry, artistic creation and spiritual renewal.
    Ira Progoff
    The former director of Dialogue House, Dr Ira Progoff has worked toward a dynamic, humanistic psychology as private therapist, lecturer, and group leader He has served as Bollingen Fellow and as Director of the Institute for Research in Depth Psychology at Drew University He was a leading authority on C.G Jung, depth psychology and transpersonal psychology as well as journal writing.Dr Progoff completed his doctoral dissertation on the psychology of C.G Jung from the New School for Social Research in New York City His thesis was published in 1953 as Jung s Psychology and Its Social Meaning He is best known for his development of the Intensive Journal Program and the Process Meditation method.

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    Ann M
    It's really wordy -- so many extra words to say the least little thing that it's distracting me from the kernel of the book. Expanding this edition was probably a mistake. It could use serious cutting, at least 50%.

    I've started my journal work using Progoff's method for the second time. I was unable to keep in the process the first time, but I still have those entries, like old records to return to and ponder over. Incredibly, what I was able to accomplish during that chaotic time is valuable today as a teaching tool, when I am at a crossroads in my life. I've been working with it for a few weeks and already notice my self-compassion increase, as well as a feeling of potential or possibility well within me [...]

    This is a very deep, soulful work. It is definitely not light reading, as others have said, but do not let that deter you from trying to understand and use it. Perhaps because I am so accustomed to reading Jungian books, (which tend to be complex and lengthy) I did not find this book difficult to understand. The introduction is beautifully written with many quote worthy sections. I can immediately sense how this book was written with meticulous care and profound meaning.

    Alison Whiteman
    An experiental workshop using this journaling method does not compare to reading the book. Attending a two-day workshop in the mid-90s was one of the most beneficial activities I have done in my life. I would enjoy attending more workshops in the future. The methodology weaves the past, present and future of one's life in a manner I have never experienced.

    The 3 stars are how I feel about it right now. Thirty years ago I might have given it 5. I have the 3rd edition, 1976. I took three Journal workshop classes based on the procedures outlined in this book. The process was interesting and stimulating. I wrote and wrote. At times it was painful and at times exhilarating.What did I get out of it? I have no idea except I'm still writing and doing lots of things. Was the book helpful? I don't know I haven't looked at it or my journals of that time in y [...]

    Astonishingly long winded and abstract, for a book on something as practical as a journaling programme. The exercises must be in there somewhere but I couldn't find them in all the pontificating.I'm surprised the book has a decent rating when a number of reviewers seem to have found it unreadable or unusable without attending the workshop. Is the workshop being reviewed, or the book?I'm sure the approach is very good. I wish the author had written a decent book about it. I found out about some o [...]

    A very difficult book - not so much in the subject matter, but in the way it's been written and organised. It's so dense and rambly that I found it very difficult to work out the actual writing exercises and practices. Perhaps it would be more useful if I attend one of the courses around which the book is based. As it is, I cannot gauge its usefulness at this point. I'm writing with Christina Baldwin's Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest instead. It's far easier to follow and [...]

    This is not an easy book to read and comprehend. I read it once and then took the workshopwrote and read some mored then took the workshop again. I met a woman there who took the workshop yearly as long as it was offered in the area. I stopped after 2.This is a gook book and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to put out the effort. When I read it there were not many journalling books around. I now have 2 shelves worth.

    Andrea Paterson
    WhoaI'm about 80 pages into this book and am completely fascinated by this method. There's some powerful stuff in here.

    Interesting book on the journal ethic. Not for the faint hearted though

    Erik Akre
    Anyone with a serious journaling habit and a desire to move even more deeply within anyone interested in the visionary and mystical aspect of the unconscious anyone wanting to loosen the boundaries that hold the psyche in its cage anyone who thrives on imagination, loves to write, digs dreams, looks for secrets and new inspirations not to mention anyone who's simply looking for a vehicle for new creative endeavorsThis book is for you. It draws on the wisdom of the unconscious, and it delivers br [...]

    4.5 star rating. I have read parts of this book at different times over the years but never all of the parts. I decided to read from the beginning to the end. I'm a strong believer in keeping a journal but you would never know it from my actions! The times I have kept some type of record have been most beneficial. I have written quite a few entries while reading this book. I especially enjoyed the Stepping Stones and the Dialogues. After writing the Stepping Stones I discovered a map for writing [...]

    Michael Neal
    This is a streamlined how-to handbook [ all in one book this time ] of Progoff's extremely effective manual. His method is a ground-up approach to 'therapy' - that is, you don't get 100's of pages saying what one might or may encounter wrt to Inner Work - you do get a method which allows inner content to become conscious. Method over theory.

    Egads I found this book to be way too verbose. It was painful to plod through it. I am an advocate of journaling but this volume is not a resource I will return to again.No where on the cover or book description did it indicate that Christianity would be shoved down my throat constantly. I was looking for a more spiritual writing than dogma.

    I read this book in the 70's when it first came out and really started my love of journaling. I just came across a copy of the book again and am thrilled to have it on my bookshelf.

    Harry Robinson
    I had purchased a copy of this book years ago, at a time in my life when I thought that the rigorous methodology of journal writing described would be of benefit to me. I did not finish the book at that time, nor did I undertake to follow the methodology; both for unrelated reasons. Nevertheless, I believe that keeping a journal is highly beneficial, and liked many of the author's ideas. So I retained the book, thinking to try it again at some other time in my life.I recently pulled it off my sh [...]

    Following an excellent weekly retire on the subject I decided to go to the origins. The method developed by Progoff was an excellent introspection on the basics of my personality, my defects, my strenghts, to heal some of my wounds. Almost each chapter is an exercise that helps you discover the milestones in your life (marriage, lost of parents, etc), the intersections with people that helped you growth, people that take you down, the dialogues you imagine with those people, jobs, events that ma [...]

    I'd love to have the time to put this wonderful book's method into practice; I have friends who have done so and their creative lives have been transformed. I do at times use some of his meditation ideas for my writing, and have begun to organise all my stray notes by the Progoff categories it's a very organic, natural and intriguing process for both writing and discovering the inner springs of creativity.

    Too full of "big words" that could have been written in a way that the lay person could understand. It helped a lot that I've read so many other books on creative writing therapy. It's full of self-exploriation and expression, actually it's about keeping a journal. But insists on a structured format. Which I do not buy into. All in all, it was a good reference book.

    The book is very good at presenting, in detail, what the Journal Workshop is all about. My problem was that it was SO detailed, I just couldn't get into it. Maybe at another time since I am interested in the subject.

    This book is quite good, although I'm not currently interested in following through with its activities. I suspect that doing the writing/journal exercises might produce very interesting and informative personal insights.

    Complete doe-het-zelf workshop (ook voor docenten) over het schrijven van een autobiografie om meer inzicht te krijgen in hoe je je leven wilt vormgeven. Doorwrocht en de moeite waard, ook als je de adviezen niet precies navolgt.

    I attended one of these workshops in the 1980's. My 1975 copy is long gone. I now own the revised 1992 version.

    Very good description of the journal process that Ira Progoff developed.

    • ✓ At a Journal Workshop || ☆ PDF Download by Ø Ira Progoff
      264 Ira Progoff
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