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  • Title: The Third Man Factor: The Secret To Survival In Extreme Environments
  • Author: John Geiger
  • ISBN: 9780143017516
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback

  • Trader Ron DiFrancesco in the World Trade Center, diver Stephanie Schwabe, Sir Ernest Shackleton All shared an experience that an unseen being helped them to survive against staggering odds If it were just a handful of people, it might be dismissed, but in fact, this phenomenon has occurred again and again In a riveting scientific and historical analysis, The Third ManTrader Ron DiFrancesco in the World Trade Center, diver Stephanie Schwabe, Sir Ernest Shackleton All shared an experience that an unseen being helped them to survive against staggering odds If it were just a handful of people, it might be dismissed, but in fact, this phenomenon has occurred again and again In a riveting scientific and historical analysis, The Third Man Factor explores the human capacity to transcend extreme conditions.
    John Geiger
    John Geiger Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Third Man Factor: The Secret To Survival In Extreme Environments book, this is one of the most wanted John Geiger author readers around the world.


    I have experienced “the third man factor” myself, so it was comforting and somewhat exciting to discover what I had felt was a recognised phenomena, with an entire book dedicated to the subject!John Geiger balances a good mix of science and professional insight with a vast array of “third man” experiences. I often found myself researching stories and people mentioned, wanting more information.Geiger traces the origins of this phenomena from indigenous peoples, to Shackleton’s iconic st [...]

    Jennifer (aka EM)
    There is no publisher's description up for this book, and it's out just today. I heard an interview this a.m. on cbc with the author. It sounds fascinating. Check out these comments from the author's website:"John Geiger's book, his fifth offers an original theory for the evolutionary importance of 'Shackleton's angel.' Geiger is well positioned to tackle the historical and scientific background of these close encounters of the wild kindPacked with edge-of-your-seat stories of survival and offe [...]

    I thought the topic of this book was very interesting and enjoyed the stories of survival and endurance. However, some stories were repetitive and I found myself wanting to skip past them to get to the next theme. I appreciated that Geiger remained neutral throughout the book until the last chapter where he explains his thoughts on the phenomenon. I would highly recommend this book to those interested in survival stories and the human psyche.

    Book Review: The Third Man Factor: Surviving the Impossible by John Geiger Ron DiFrancesco was the last person to escape the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. He somehow made it from his desk on the eighty-fourth floor of the South Tower, through flames, down the stairwell and outdoors to safety before the tower collapsed. He says someone, an angel grabbed his hand and guided him at that critical time. Also on 9/11, Will Jimeno, a NY Port Authority officer rushed to the World Trade Center to [...]

    Grant Trevarthen
    In having a near death experience in June 2008, it made me question what is life ?, what comes after ?. I've also been reading books by Mitch Albom & Dan Millman. Not being a regular churchgoer but having an inner faith,I wanted to explore my spiritual side for personal reasons , but also to read other peoples spiritual journeys and experiences. I happened to see on TV a teenage American boy, who'd had a burst to 'superhuman' strength which saved his Uncle from being crushed beneath a car he [...]

    This is an interesting account of how many people on the verge of death, experience a "comforting" presence of another person. Many of these accounts are from people who have pushed the limits of survival either trekking across Antarctica, climbing extreme heights (ie. K2), or shipwreck. Frequently the experience occurs when there are multiple triggers - some combination of extreme fatigue, isolation, monotony, ambient cold/heat, thirst or starvation, injury, sleep deprivation, fear for ones lif [...]

    Geiger presents a collection of tales of survival in extreme environments where the adventurer or survivor has documented the experience of a presence that comforts and guides them in their time of need. From Shackleton's famed Antarctic misadventure, through the high altitude travails of summit hungry mountaineers, to survival in the towers of the World Trade centre, we see this phenomenon emerge again and again. Geiger's inquiry into the phenomenon is sober and meticulous but also imbued with [...]

    Katherine Tomlinson
    Although immensely readable, this is a very strange book. It is part spiritual self-help book (how to access your inner third man) and part adventure story. What the tales here really inspire are ghost stories. That’s especially true in the section where the writer is talking about the experiences at the Antarctic bases, the sense of a presence that goes back centuries to the first accounts of exploration in that isolated area. It’s especially interesting that there seem to be two different [...]

    Geiger describes multiple expeditions in the world's harshest environments by adventurers both well known and not. Most of these "adventures" are incredibly challenging and are described as great feats of perseverance and endurance. The commonality between them, in experiences from environments ranging from the worlds highest peaks to 40 days stranded on a raft -- is the experience of having another presence with them at their times of deepest distress. Geiger explores explanations of this commo [...]

    This book was interesting in its fairly brief discussion of what could be the various causes and explanations of the "Third Man Factor" (the feeling of an outside presence during times of physical and/or psychological strain in mostly extreme or unusual environments). Otherwise this is simply a collection of Third Man factor accounts that become quite tedious and repetitive, and which I generally started skipping the further I got into the book. Since the author states that he has created a webs [...]

    I found the subject of this book to be fascinating! People under extreme stress in extreme environments report the feeling of a presence that helps and encourages them to survive; a so called "Third Man". Geiger had many stories to report of this phenomenon, but after awhile the relating of these stories became tedious because they were all very similar. Geiger also introduced scientific studies brought about to explain this phenomenon; everything from hypothermia, to the effects of stress, alti [...]

    Suzanne Lilly
    This book begins as an exploration of a spiritual experience, then delves into the neuroscience behind the survival stories. Don't expect to be uplifted and inspired by this book, even though the stories are emotional and moving. It's a clinical look at a phenomenon experienced by many as a life altering event. Yet it's broken down by scientists to a temporo parietal switch. Don't expect angels in this book, but do expect rare stories of survival. Well researched and well written, the author doe [...]

    Very interesting topic about those under life-threatening conditions who report having a "companion" help them. I had a similar experience so wanted to read this after hearing an NPR interview with the author. However, I thought the book was poorly organized and turned out to be a disjointed set of anecdotes. It's possible that, given the subject, that's all it could be. Interesting reading in any case.

    René Olivo
    the book is well documented, the stories quite interesting and tries to have a scientific approach of the phenomena.But this book can really be compressed in half. the author is too redundant and explains the same things time and time again, but in a messy order. when you start a new chapter you don't know what the author wants to illustrate until the last paragraph.if the structure of the book would be fixed I'd recommend it

    Interesting read about how people in extremis often find themselves comforted - or even saved - by a spirit - a ghost - an angel - or themselves. Stories of mountain climbers, sailors, accident victims, even a 9/11 survivor are woven throughout with assessments of the neurological, psychological or spiritual elements associated with "the third man" sightings.Anne

    awe, inspiration, adventure, wonder, mystery, amazing - people n extreme and profound situations - the question still remains; is there something more than human endurance and resilience that has kept these people alive through situations that mere mortals are not made to endure.

    Chronicles a history of 'survival events' involving people who were assisted by a perceived spiritual entity, and the range of medical and spiritual attempts to explain these events. Verdict is still out.

    This book is a little on the fringe. It is filled with many wonderful accounts supporting the thesis of the author, and by the end we will all want to push the limits of survival to meet the third manace

    Simply put, this book was absolutely riveting; I read it in two days. You have to read it yourself to understand why I can't review it further.

    Karen Peabody
    A very inspiring book. Just read it. You won't regret it.

    "Who is the third who walks always beside you?" -- T. S. Eliot

    " strange and uninvited guests are likely to intrude on any protracted human solitude." (p. 27)a case of a neurological mechanism projecting oneself into extracorporeal space - that when a person encounters the Third Man, he is encountering him or herself (p. 227)e body invents ways to keep the person alive. (p. 240)This is a quick read. Interesting subject, but now I would like to read a better version of this book - one that delves further into the research, repeats itself much less, and that [...]

    Tom Birdseye
    I read this for research purposes. Fascinating. Hope I'm never in a situation in real life in which I feel the presence of a "guardian" being. Don't understand why the title has to be gender biased, though. Women's presence is felt by those in extreme survival situations, too. Personally, I get more strength from the women in my life, always have.

    Terri Schneider
    An intriguing and thorough account of the Third Man Factor including history and analysis of this fascinating phenomenon. If you aren't sure what The Third Man is, I say pick up the book! It will take you on an unique journey of how humans survive impossible feats

    Fred Rose
    Interesting premise, poor execution. Just not enough to keep me reading.

    I was listening to Margaret Atwood being interviewed on the Diane Rehm show about her new collection of short stories. (Note to self: put that on my "to-read" list here.) She mentioned this book in the context of Diane admitting that she has conversations with her late husband. Geiger's book is chock full of great stories and partial explanations running the range of mystical to psychological to biochemical. The phenomenon is named after explorer Ernest Shackleton’s account of his experience w [...]

    I was interested in the topic having myself experienced the Third Man phenomenon on two occasions. I am not a person who interpreted my experience in a spiritual way. In fact, in agreement with Geiger's ultimate interpretation, I believed I was somehow hearing my own voice. But even given that, Geiger still managed to remove any wonder or beauty or mystery from the experience (although when you have it, such an experience has those things aplenty.) Throughout I was almost awestruck by the stupid [...]

    Joseph Serwach
    "Who is the third who walks always beside you? When I count, there are only you and I together. But when I look ahead up the white road. There is always another one walking beside you. Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded. I do not know whether a man or woman - But who is that on the other side of you?'' - TS EliotRon DiFrancesco was the last person to get out of the World Trade Center alive on 9/11/2001. A "third man'' guided him to safety, telling him to go down the stairs rather than tryin [...]

    John Alt
    Charles Lindbergh heard the Third Man on his 1928 transAtlantic flight, New York to Paris. James Sevigny heard the Third Man when he was tumbled two thousand feet by an avalanche, his back broken. "Most of the people who've encountered the Third Man aren't mystics," says John Geiger, "a senior fellow at the University of Toronto and governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society." A NASA astronaut heard him, as well as explorer Ernest Shackleton, who coined the "Third Man" term. They have b [...]

    a very interesting book to debunk the fact that actually there might not be angels, or demons or any past lives coming to visit you when a person is in a book so called, Extreme and Unusual Environments (EUE)a book vividly described many (I mean tons) of extreme conditional adventures such as mountain climbing, Poles' expeditions that requires extreme mentality.e book also listed many researchers' effort to create so called phenomenon (not theories) to explain what goes on. order to spoil all yo [...]

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