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  • Title: A Helping Hand
  • Author: Shayla Kersten
  • ISBN: 9781419917387
  • Page: 234
  • Format: ebook

  • Deputy Sheriff Rich Taylor has many secrets His sexuality is only the top of the list Even his best friend Dan doesn t know Rich is gay For good reason His feelings for Dan are than friendship When Dan s injured, the thought of losing him forces Rich to admit his years long lust has turned to love An accident turns State Trooper Dan Fletcher s life, and his car,Deputy Sheriff Rich Taylor has many secrets His sexuality is only the top of the list Even his best friend Dan doesn t know Rich is gay For good reason His feelings for Dan are than friendship When Dan s injured, the thought of losing him forces Rich to admit his years long lust has turned to love An accident turns State Trooper Dan Fletcher s life, and his car, upside down With his right hand out of commission, he has to rely on his best friend for his basic sometimes intimate needs After spending most of his life looking for the right woman, he begins to wonder if he s been looking at the wrong gender an impossible concept in their small minded world.
    Shayla Kersten
    By day, multi published Shayla Kersten is a mild mannered accountant By night, she s a writer of sexy romances Torn between genres, Shayla writes erotic stories about hot heroes and their sexy women, as well as hot men and their passionate heroes.A native of Arkansas, Shayla spent four years in the Army as a missile specialist, stationed in Germany and Oklahoma After her enlistment was up, she spent eleven years in New York City taking a bite out of the Big Apple Even her love of theatre and the nightlife of the big city couldn t cure terminal homesickness for the Natural State In 1995, she returned to her roots in Arkansas Shayla divides her time between her mother, her spoiled rotten cats and dogs, her evil day job and her obsession writing.


    I re-read this one in August 2013 as part of the Tennessee Cops series. This is a kicks-ass angst-o-rama! Two cops, best friends, one taking care of the other after a car accident, serious sexual tension. I mean, seriously? What else do you need for a fucking hot M/M romance romp? Love!Highly recommended for all M/M romance fans. It's on my favorites shelf and was a blast to re-read.

    This is a great story of friends to lovers. Rich is gay but his best friend does not know. Dan has been searching for 'the one' for years without luck. Both work in law enforcement. When Dan has an accident, Rich realises he could have lost him and realises his true feelings. Rich helps Dan while he recovers from his accident and this close contact leads to Dan feeling things for Rich that leave him very confused.Jeremy, Rich's 'friends with benefits', makes an appearance in this story and seems [...]

    All right. This is one of those rare cases where I end up hating (ok, "not liking" would have sounded more suave but I'm in bitch mode right now) EVERYONE in the book.Rich - You're in love with your (ostensibly) straight best friend. That doesn't mean you should let him treat you like shit and keep going back to him for more humiliation, frustration and misery. Not to mention the gratuitous sex where he does nothing to reciprocate, either physically or emotionally. Get one of those blow up dolls [...]

    I really don't know what to say. I was interest up to the point where Jeremy was brought in. I understand he was important for the story, but jeez, seriously! I don't understand why I have to read two scenes where they are intimate. I don't see the point. I was so turned off. I get that we have to see how it would be like if Rich had someone to want him, need him, love him, but come on. I was so emotionally attached to the characters that I felt I was watching Rich cheat on Dan. Even though Dan [...]

    3.5Some of the writing was actually done well, but the plot was so completely ludacris and cheesy. Not to mention the ex-girlfriend was beyond insane, over the top, and dubious as a character. 60% of the sex scenes were with one of the MC's friends with benefits, and I think they would have benefited from a severe editing. Not to mention no one is that nice after getting dumped from a 5 year relationship one.Once again, a nice simple plot would have served this story much better than all the dra [...]

    Jilrene ♥
    2mething I don't care starsYeah, I didn't like Dan at all. Rich was bordering on TSTL. These guys are cops? Oh, well. Could be my mood. It wasn't light enough to be fluff but no where near deep enough to be anything else.

    summary is enough for the book, so I just go straight to my opinion this time I am never such a big fan of "gay-for-you" story. Why? Because I'm always worried that somewhere down the road, the person will think that it's just a phase rather than actual love. Though it doesn't necessarily means that I avoid books with this theme altogether. Some GFY stories are really good.This one, however, doesn't really work well for me, especially how the problem is solved. I can feel how Rich -- who IS gay [...]

    Wow!! This novel is very, very hot, sweet, sexy, lovely, arousing, enjoyable and surprising. I really recommend this book if you like reading about M/M love, friends turning into lovers and handsome, straight guys discovering their attraction to a man with all the confusing feelings and doubts that go with that discovery. Because Shayla Kersten truly wrote a great story with all these ingredients. And luckily this novel is the first in a series of three, the other two titles are Hidden Force and [...]

    This was my first book by this author, and I enjoyed it, sort of. It had some ok heat to it, which is always good, and some plot to go with it. I didn’t love the characters though. I had mixed feelings on both Rich and Dan. I felt Rich expected Dan to come around to being accepting and out pretty quickly for a guy who’d been straight all his life. I wasn’t all that jazzed about Rich getting frustrated and running off to Jeremy instead of fighting it out either. Jeremy was a good supporting [...]

    I liked this book, but not as much as the first one. Two main things kinda bothered me with this one. Dan's back and forth indecision, which was understandable and the whole storyline with Jeremy. I know that it wasn't technically cheating, but I felt that it really didn't add to the overall story and the same could have been accomplished without it. That being said, I still enjoyed the overall story and this author's writing.

    Elisa Rolle
    Rich and Dan are best friends in a small town USA. Both police officer, the most dangerous thing they face is a speed ticket. Dan is the womanizer of the town, but he is not despised by women: he is very clear with all the women he dates, he is searching for Miss Right, the one to share his life, and he is bent upon to "test" all the women available. Rich instead is the eternal friend, both for women than men: he is always there, always available to give an hand Rich is gay, but he decided long [...]

    Secretly Reading
    Originally reviewed for The Book VixenIn a Nutshell: This long novella had such promise with its friends-to-lovers and gay-for-you tropes but the execution was clumsy, unresolved, and bummed me out.Why I Read this Book: One of my favorite MM tropes is friends to lovers so this was a no brainer to read.What I Liked: I loved the tension between Rich and Dan. They’ve been friends for over a decade and they truly care for each other, with Rich’s morphing into unrequited love and lust. The author [...]

    I would give this story a 3.5 star rating.[spoiler ahead]I liked the friendship between Rich and Dan. It had a long history and they got along really well. And the slow change from friends to lovers was rather nicely done. In the sense that there were no extremes reactions to the revelations made throughout the book, but rather thoughtful consideration. Also, the fact that Jeremy didn't turn out to be a jealous or horrible lover was a nice add to the story.What bothered me was that the whole 'I' [...]

    1.5 StarsSo I hateddislikedfuck it, call a spade a spade hated Dan.I am hard pressed to think of a more unappealing m/m MC. He embodies all of the traits I loathe: he's a self-centered, selfish, narcissistic bastard. Do you see a pattern? It's all about Dan. I don't dig characters that irk the shit out of me. And Dan irked the ever-living shit out of me. He was an ungrateful prick who didn't deserve Rich. By 57%, I was wholly rooting for (view spoiler)[a Rich-Jeremy HEA (hide spoiler)]. I'm just [...]

    Christina (SteepedinBooks)
    I’ve read a few of Shayla Kersten’s M/M stories and I just have to say that I like her better and better each time. While I do sometimes have slight technical issues with her writing - it can be somewhat stilted in the beginning of some of her works, but always smooths out after the first chapter or so - overall I have never failed to enjoy her books. This one is no exception.I found Rich and Dan to be very in-depth characters, both dealing (or not dealing) with issues in their lives, issues [...]

    I didnt like the MC's at all. I thought the story had potential in a The One That Got Away kind of way, but I was wrong. 1. If Rich was so in love with Dan, why did he have sex with Jeremy? I thought he just wanted to talk to someone. It was OK (Rich and Jer having sex) when Rich didnt think him and Dan stood a chance, but after. hmm, it didnt agree with me.2. How could Rich run back to Dan and have sex with that man after Jer admitted that he loved Rich and Rich gave Jer hope, saying that he is [...]

    [3.5 stars:]Although Kersten's characters are likable, she lost marks with me for her less-than-authentic portrayal of a "gay-for-you" cop. The development felt rushed, poorly planned, and not nearly as visceral and organic as it could have been with a little more polish and effort.I didn't really need to see every graphic detail of Rich's one sexual interaction with his fuck-buddy, Jeremy. Yes, I got that the character's need to feel wanted was raw and intense, but beyond that there was little [...]

    Nile Princess
    This would have been a five star read if the ending had felt more 'complete'. Did they decide to be lovers, but stay in the closet or what? Having said that, I LOVED this book. The gfy is perfect. We get the best friends angle, we get the hurt comfort, we get that one loved anal with his ex (girl); the other is gay. The crazy ex girlfriend was slightly annoying but she served her purpose and the other mature ex balanced her out. The sexual tension is tingle-your-stomach delicious. and the sex is [...]

    I've been wanting to read this story for awhile. I'm not sure why, but the story wasn't quite what I expected. I really liked Rich and Dan was decent. I had trouble with how conflicted Dan was about his feelings. I didn't feel like things were truly resolved by the end of the book and would really like a 2nd story with these 2 just to see how things are going for them a little bit down the road.

    Wendy Ann
    I really enjoy both the friends to lovers trope as well as gay for you and this story combined both. Despite working together in a small town as cops, Dan is clueless about Rich’s sexuality (or interest for that matter). An ex-girlfriend and a friend with benefits complicate the path to togetherness for the MC’s, but they eventually get there and I liked their story!

    2.5/5It was an alright quick read. The book didn't turn out as I expected, but it wasn't too bad. (view spoiler)[ Though I find that having 2 intimate scene between Rich and Jeremy were a bit excessive for the plot. It made it feels as if the author had a different plan for the book but couldn't go through with it. (hide spoiler)]It wasn't memorable, but it was fun while it last.

    Three and three quarter stars. I liked how, when I thought I had figured out where the story was going, it went somewhere different :) I did, however, start to worry when I realised I would rather one of the main characters fall in love with a secondary character rather than his intended partner.

    I almost finished reading this book and i must say WTF! Was really necessary For Rich to have sex with Jeremy after what happened btw him and Daniel and the fact that he understood is in love with him? Damn i was starting to like the book but that scene Sigh!

    it was an good stroy, the plot is one of my fav bestfriends to lovers but i was little sad about jeremy, also i liked how each of them got hurt and the other was able to come to terms with their love

    3.5 stars. This story of a closeted cop with a crush on his straight best friend was one of the earliest m/m romances I ever read, and I like to reread it periodically.

    3.25-3.5 stars

    2.5 stars, rounded to 3.Soooo, basically I felt like this was porn with a little random plot thrown in, which I guess is fine for people who are looking for exactly that. Personally I prefer a book which is more focused on the story, especially the mystery if there is one. There wasn't much mystery here at all, most of the plot focused on Dan and Rich sorting out their feelings for each other. Overall I found both of them to be superficial characters. The potential was there, but pretty much all [...]

    This was a solid gay for you story with a fair bit a sexual tension and a nice HEA!Rich and Dan are bff's, fellow cops and neighbors. Life is good for themey look out for each other, catch the game on weekends and hit the bars together. Only program is, Rich has a secret. He's hot for Dan a BIG, sexy way. He's kept the fact that he is gay from Dan for fear of losing him and exposing himself to his fellow police officers. It's a lonely life for him but the risk of losing Dan is out of the questio [...]

    This was a 4-star read right up until the end. The ending lost it that star because it felt unfinished - as if something urgent came up and Kersten had to run. And forgot to return.After all that worrying about what the town would think about him being gay, about him being in a relationship with Rich, there is next to nothing as to how this is resolved by the couple. There's only one little revelation about the town by Ben, the sheriff, and I expected this would be used to bring this book to a s [...]

    From Ellora's Cave. A Helping Hand By Shayla Kersten Deputy Sheriff Rich Taylor has many secrets. His sexuality is only the top of the list. Even his best friend Dan doesn't know Rich is gay. For good reason. His feelings for Dan are more than friendship. When Dan's injured, the thought of losing him forces Rich to admit his years-long lust has turned to love. An accident turns State Trooper Dan Fletcher's life, and his car, upside down. With his right hand out of commission, he has to rely on h [...]

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