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  • Title: Boy Girl Boy
  • Author: Ron Koertge
  • ISBN: 9780152058654
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback

  • Larry, Teresa, and Elliot are so tight, there s no room in their circle for than three boy, girl, boy And when they graduate, they plan to move to California to start their real lives together But who are they fooling Larry is gay and trying to come to terms with his sexuality Teresa is tired of hanging out with boys she loves who don t want to be her boyfriLarry, Teresa, and Elliot are so tight, there s no room in their circle for than three boy, girl, boy And when they graduate, they plan to move to California to start their real lives together But who are they fooling Larry is gay and trying to come to terms with his sexuality Teresa is tired of hanging out with boys she loves who don t want to be her boyfriend And Elliot is realizing that he may like himself if he isn t always in the shadow of his friends This is a wry, surprising, and insightful story about three best friends who each learn how tough it is to be yourself Includes an interview with the author.
    Ron Koertge
    Ask Ron Koertge what he brings to the realm of young adult fiction, and the seasoned author responds matter of factly I write dialogue well, and I m funny, he says an assessment few would argue with I like iconoclasm and practice it in my fiction I don t like pretense or hypocrisy I m almost always irreverent A faculty member for than 35 years at Pasadena City College, where he has taught everything from Shakespeare to remedial writing, Ron Koertge is the author of several acclaimed novels, most of them for young adults That Ron Koertge is a master at capturing teenagers voices often in witty repartee is fully evident in MARGAUX WITH AN X, the story of a sharp tongued beauty and a quirky, quick witted loner MARGAUX WITH AN X started as a short story, but the heroine wouldn t let me alone, the author says She had a story to tell, and she wanted a whole novel to tell it in Another unlikely pairing is found in STONER SPAZ, Ron Koertge s funny, in your face tale of a young cinephile with cerebral palsy and the stoner who steals his heart My wife works with the disabled, the writer says of his inspiration for the novel, which quickly garnered critical acclaim One night she came home and told me about a young man she d been working with He had C.P and a terrific sense of humor Coincidentally, that day I had talked to a former student of mine who d recently been in rehab for substance abuse What would happen, I wondered, if those two knew each other In addition to his young adult novels, Ron Koertge writes poetry, and has been dubbed the wisest, most entertaining wiseguy in American poetry by poet laureate Billy Collins SHAKESPEARE BATS CLEANUP is narrated by a straight talking, fourteen year old first baseman who has been benched by mono and decides to take a swing at writing poetry Written entirely in free verse, with examples of several poetic forms slipped into the mix including a sonnet, haiku, pastoral, and even a pantoum SHAKESPEARE BATS CLEANUP is a veritable English teacher s dream The interest in SHAKESPEARE BATS CLEANUP is less with the arc of the plot than with the individual poems, some of which demonstrate poetic form, some of which tell the story, the author says One of my biggest challenges was to write like a fourteen year old who has a knack for writing poetry, and not just sound like a sixty one year old pretending to be one The author s first book with Candlewick, THE BRIMSTONE JOURNALS, is also a novel written in free verse, with 15 different teenage characters narrating four or five poems each The book started to nag me a few months before the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado, and I started to make notes in the form of poems, he says of the hauntingly prescient work BRIMSTONE needed to move at high velocity, and this form is perfect for that no tail fins, no leather seats, no moon roof Just get in and go Ron Koertge grew up in an agricultural area in an old mining town in Illinois, just across the Mississippi from St Louis, Missouri There he learned to drive a tractor and buck hay bales, which are clearly useful skills in Los Angeles, he quips He and his wife live in South Pasadena, California.


    John Egbert
    I think it's pretty fucking ridiculous to give a swearing warning at this point, because I swear in almost every review I write, but okay, I'll give it anyway. I will be swearing, alright? Okay. So.I did two things today.First, I went to the library. Let's start there.I was actually running my fingers up and down the spine of a David Levithan book, contemplating whether or not to get it. You see, there was the risk of my parents checking to see which books I would check out or not. And seriously [...]

    This book is very short, but it is by no means a light read. It deals with some very heavy issues right from the beginning.Elliot is a confused guy. He wants to get away from his town as soon as possible, but his parents have something more for him. They want him to go to the University and major in Engineering, Elliot definitely doesn’t think he is smart enough for that, and he doesn’t want to tell them that he is moving to California. And his parents especially wont be thrilled to hear tha [...]

    You know, when I checked out this book from the library, the librarian asked me who had recommended in to me. She said a lot of people had been talking about it lately. Truth be told, I had just grabbed it, more or less at random, on my way to class, mainly because it had a cool-looking cover. But hey, if people were talking about it, that was a good thing, right? At the very least, it meant the book had to be worth talking about. Now that I've read it, I'm wondering if my librarian wasn't confu [...]

    Though I loved the book, I didn't like the ending. I felt that the book just ended too fast. I wanted another three chapters at least just to sum things up instead of one person doing that.

    Jasmin Quan- Martinez
    *4.7 I wish there was more to read about these three!! I loved the confusing yet loving friendships these three have with one another. I wish there was more to grasp; still loved it!

    Educating Drew
    At first I was a bit put off by this book. Boy Girl Boy is told through three different characters, and I make no qualms in saying that I am not a big fan of this format at all. I think that it is very difficult to pull off. Rarely does an author capable of creating three distinct voices. Koertge is not an exception here.Elliot, Teresa, and Larry are three very different teens who have all been friends with one and another since they were kids. Elliot is the gorgeous jock, Teresa is the brainy c [...]

    Boy girl boy is definitely a teenage book. Its about three best friends that are in high school living in between a bunch of drama and problems. Problems like how teresa's mom abandoned her and her dad, Larry is insecurely gay, and eliot feels as though he is in the shadow of them. All of this makes them be closer and unite. Their life plan is to move to California after high school all together and live their dreams together over there. They already planned what car they're going to have, what [...]

    Sierra Climaco
    Ron Koertge seems like that writer who has an opinion on everything and has a witty way of proposing them if ever asked to state said opinion. And that's how it sort of felt when reading Boy Girl Boy, as if each character was a subtle form of projecting what Koertge was trying to say. Frankly, I just picked this book at random at my library. It looked like an interesting read since I am always a sucker for a good young adult friendship/possibility-of-a-romance novel. However, this wouldn't even [...]

    boy girl boy its a book about three really close friends, they all have diferent problems but theyr friendship is stronger, theyr main dream is to go to california and build theyr real life togheter teresa its really athelic she loves to run, she look pretty happy but the idea of her mom living her it really hurts her, she trys to find someone that can love her becuase her mom is gone, thats why she kisses and look for love in her best friends, larry look really happy whit his life, and hes a sm [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooGraduation offers the promise of the future, but that same future offers the promise of uncertainty and fear. Three friends are about to graduate. They have plans. There are the plans made with the support and dreams of their families. There is the secret plan known only to the three of them, of an escape to California. And then, there are the separate plans, sometimes made privately, even subconsciously. Boy - Larry is smart, but he's [...]

    This book was about three friends and the point of view of the narrative switched between the three of them quite rapidly. This did not work as the only character development the author was capable of was the character that was speaking. Hence, the reader gets to know each of the the three main characters in choppy bits leaving the secondary characters as flat and static. This was my first experience with this author, who writes young adult literature. I am now curious if it is always his style [...]

    Candido P
    I just finished reading Boy Girl Boy , it was a really quick read--seriously this book was really short, I think it would be considered a novella, not sure. So after reading it, it wasn't what I expected.The book is told through three perspective, Teresa, Elliot, and Larry. The three of them have been friends since they were kids. Teresa has developed feelings for Elliot, which he isn't aware of and is infatuated with some other girl and himself. Then there's Larry who has come to terms with his [...]

    Cathleen Ash
    Elliot, Teresa and Larry have been BFFs…and swear to remain so after they graduate in a few months. The plan is: graduate, leave for California immediately, rent a cool spot and only let new friends into the group if all three agree, unanimously. Otherwise, asta la vista, baby, to the new, wanna-be-friend. It sounds good, and ANYONE in school will tell you that graduation day your senior year is something you look forward to for a long, long, time, but sometimes, the way you look forward to it [...]

    I was often confused in Boy Girl Boy. I didn't know what the characters were referring to, or else I wouldn't know until much later. The story progressed much too fast, and I feel that the characters never had time to fully develop. I learned minimal characteristics about them all, enough to know that at the end they changed. So they weren't truthfully flat characters, but I felt like they were flat. Know what I mean? Nearly the opposite of Twilight--where you feel like the characters aren't fla [...]

    Rachel Smith
    This book just did not do it for me. I thought it had some potential at the beginning, but the further I got along the worse it got. So much of the book was just choppy and certain things and situations were just sort of thrown out there and then done nothing with. The characters were kinda interesting, but that whole drug and sex thing just seemed unnecessary and was just sort of there to make things even more awkward. I think the worse thing about this book, though, was the ending. In't even u [...]

    koertge has this way of going off on abstract tangents and losing me from time to time in some of his books. this one does it frequently but briefly and i am quickly able to catch back up with the story once the riffing has ended. that doesnt effect my evaluation though because he did it alot in margaux too and i loved that book. this ones not grabbing in the same way (im not quite done yet). ive noticed that books that flip from viewpoint to viewpoint often fall short of engrossing me in the st [...]

    Jennifer Lavoie
    Yet another book I'd heard about often but never picked up to read. Borrowed this one with five others from the library just yesterday. Two down already! I enjoyed the book being told through three different perspectives. Each one was unique and all of the characters had their own issues they were working through. I loved all of their complex relationships with each other and the feelings. And it's amazing how one tragic event could change their world and plans so much. They seemed so set on goi [...]

    Because I love Ron Koertge and because this book features a well-rounded gay teen character, I will keep it on my shelf. That said, I don't feel like I can honestly recommend it to anyone.The writing felt choppy, though it was often quick-witted. The characters were separate, clear, and self-containedbut I just didn't care very much about them. The traumatic incident at the end served as a plot point to wrap up the novel, not uncover gay bashing in a small town. Nothing sensational (read: edgy) [...]

    Larry, Elliott and Teresa are in their senior year of high school and they have a plan: immediately after graduation they are going to leave their small town in Iowa and move to California where everything will be better. Elliot’s the captain of the football team, but his friends have pulled him through school. Teresa has a huge crush on Elliot, but he goes through girls like Kleenex, and he doesn’t notice her crush. Larry also has a crush on Elliot, but since he’s been out since he was 13 [...]

    Ms. K-M
    Three (almost unhealthfully) inseparable friends are planning to pick up and leave for California the day after graduation. It becomes increasingly clear that this plan may have been made at a time when they had more in common, and the strains of getting older and having different priorities begin to show. Each section/chapter is subdivided into three, with each of the characters—Elliot, Teresa, and Larry—giving their perspective, creating a well-rounded and personal view. Then something hap [...]

    Ani Ghazaryan
    I choose this book because it was recommended by my yearbook teacher. The plot of the story is that Elliot, Teresa, and Larry are best friends and they have planned that one they graduate they will move to California. My favorite quote is "Let's practice being happy so we know how to act when we get to California" because it shows that in their minds California is a great place but it reality is just a state with a lot of warmth and sun.The authors writing style is amazing because she writes in [...]

    One good thingis was a fast read. Otherwise.It tells a story from 3 points of view, once each chapter. It seems these kids are looking forward to HS graduation so they can run away to California. It seemed like, at first, that the run away would be the main focust it never happened. One of the boys got the crap beaten out of him and almost died, and it took me a couple chapters to realize something bad had even happened because I wasn't focussing.In an an author's note at the end, the author say [...]

    Larry, Teresa, and Elliot are three friends in a small town. After graduation, they plan on packing everything up and moving to California. That is, until reality sets in.This book is told from all three points of view. I'm not sure it works very well. I had a hard time distinguishing the voices from one other, or even caring that much about any of these kids. This seemed very superficial compared to a lot of teen fiction I've read over the past few years. And the secondary characters were under [...]

    Another book chosen for my class, this turned out to be golden. Its a story of 3 extremely tight friends that starts out when they're 13 and ends upon their high school graduation. It takes the reader inside their private circle of intelligence, sarcastic humor, fears, hopes, and family-like bonds. One of the friends comes out as gay early in the story and I liked how the author stayed away from the sterotypical characterization and instead used it as an opportunity to discuss different types of [...]

    A true coming-of-age story. At the end of high-school, three friends are torn between the comfort of their shared childhood in small-town America and their dreams for the future. There is an awkward time at that age when who we have been in the past is no longer sufficient to tell us who we will be in the future. We have to stop defining ourselves by the people who love us and find another, less comfortable, means of self-identification. This book explores that experience and the courage it requ [...]

    Yes, another mindless, easy read. I wasn’t overly excited about reading this, mostly because it jumped around from one point-of-view to another, and I’m not overly fond of that.I feel like this book needed more closure. I kind of wanted to know what happened to the characters after the events we were told about. Instead, we’re given a scene in which the former friends seem to be somewhat uncomfortable around each other, and just kind of go their separate ways.Basically this book was about [...]

    Parish Monique
    I really enjoyed this book. It captured my attention in just the first couple of sentences, and also relates to all types of teens; homosexuals, heterosexual, jocks, fems, and yes, even girls caught between guys. I reccomend this book to teen who love an alternate ending and a book that keeps them guessing. However, if an author straying away from the main topic fustrates you, you might find this book vexing you to much.

    I picked up this book because the cover looked cool,the title was alluring and I felt the description was intersting enough to read the entire book. There was some times where I got confused with who was speaking (the chapters alternate from different POVs). Anyway, I love the combination of these three friends who intend fleeting their hometown to California, the day they graduate. The ending, for me, was more captivating then the beginning.

    I always feel better when I come on here, and see that a book I really disliked was also disliked by lots of other people. Then I know it's not just me. And I was not alone in my opinion of this book. I can't put my finger exactly on why I disliked it so much, but I didn't like the style of the book, the tone of it, I didn't care for any of the characters, except maybe for Larry. I found their dialogue unrealistic. But at least it was a quick read.

    The only complaint I have is that the gay bashing is too predictable from the first time Larry is warned to beware of Billy and Drew. It's pretty clear that it's going to happen from the beginning. Otherwise I really liked this book. I enjoyed having the story told from the point of view of three different characters; very Faulkner-esque. I just wish the story were longer.

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