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  • Title: Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters
  • Author: Dianne Danzig Debbie Tilley
  • ISBN: 9780525474418
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover

  • With kid friendly honesty and humor, Babies Don t Eat Pizza informs and reassures children experiencing babies joining their families Debbie Tilley s fun, whimsical illustrations highlight the book s lighthearted, yet sensitive, tone To encourage family discussions, Babies Don t Eat Pizza is best read over time.
    Dianne Danzig Debbie Tilley
    Dianne Danzig is an author and RN who has cared for well babies, newborns in intensive care and older children As a nurse educator, she s taught Big Brother Big Sister preparation classes to than 2,500 children Prior to writing Babies Don t Eat Pizza A Big Kids Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters, Dianne participated in researching and writing The City by the Bay A Magical Journey Around San Francisco Chronicle Books as a fundraiser for San Francisco children Dianne is a member of The Authors Guild and Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators She lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    Hannah Groeschen
    I liked this book because it gives soon to be older brothers and sisters an idea of what it will be like having a baby in their house. It talks about how babies eat, sleep, and cry a lot when they first come home from the hospital. It also talks about what older siblings can do to help the parents care for and entertain the baby.

    Stop right here if you are looking for a perfect book to tell children about their new little brother or sister. Done in a light-hearted but also matter-of-fact style, this book will answer all of the questions new big siblings have. The book ranges from what babies look like to what they eat to what they can do plus all of the hair pulling and stinky bottoms too. The mix of the sweet with the annoying will prepare children well.Danzig's text is spot on, offering just the right amount of informa [...]

    I totally disagree with reviews that state this book has too much detail or inappropriate detail. It says right in the title that it is for BIG KIDS. I borrowed 5 books from the library and this was the only one that was remotely appropriate for my 6 year old. It covered topics that I wouldn't have thought to explain and my son would not have known to ask. For example, it said that his parents would go to the hospital and he would stay with someone else. My kid was blindsided by this and we had [...]

    Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
    This is a realistic picture book for young children that prepares them for the birth of a new sibling as well as what it will be like for the first year. The book is very detailed and informative and provides a lot of information for young children. Some of the text might be too much for really small children and may need to be adapted depending on the age of the child. Parents should review the book prior to reading it with their child since there is a lot of information about a baby being in t [...]

    I would not recommend this book for any kid under 4 or 5. While it is very well written, and does an excellent job explaining the realities of having a new baby, it gives way too much information for a toddler. The book is well organized and starts and ends by talking about the big kid: you were once a baby, this is where babies come from, these are the fun/annoying things about babies, your parents will always love you. I gloss over the origin and delivery of babies for my two year old.

    When the title says "Big Kids' Book" you should know they mean children close to age 5-6+. At least that would be my assumption. When I saw that, I originally just thought it meant - for the soon to be big kid/sibling, so I went looking for it at our library so I could read it to our 2 year old daughter. Lots of text - all great info I'm sure - just not meant for a toddler. So, on that note, I'm not going to rate it as once started skimming through it I realized it was not right for our needs.

    This was a present we gave to our son when we surprised him with the news that he was going to be a big brother. This book is packed with pictures and easy to understand information. Sure it has more information than some parents are comfortable with sharing with their kids, but I think it is a personal decision on how much you want to share and how old/mature your child is, etc. For our family, this book is great! It opens the floor for positive discussions and more and our son gets quite a few [...]

    This book was aimed for a child a bit older than mine, but it was still really good; we just had to break it up into a few sessions. The way the author described babies, and how being a big brother would be really seemed to connect with my son. He kept nodding his head and pointing at certain illustrations. If you have older children (maybe in the 4 - 6 age range) I would really recommend it.

    This is a book aimed at new baby preparation for older kids. I would not recommend this book for those under 5. It was a little TMI and a little long for our toddler. It opened up questions that have not been asked of us. I definitely prefer Baby on the Way over this one for the preschool age set.

    Molly (Conan the Librarian) Crumbley
    This is a book that covers exactly what the title suggests. The watercolor illustrations are cute, the text is informative and accessible, cheering the little reader on as it explains different things about babies and what they look like, sound like, and do. It also offers parents some advice on how to deal with sibling rivalry. Plus, it rocks a seriously great title, don’t you think?

    This is a great book for older kids who are expecting a little brother or sister. It deals only with what kids should expect from babies, what will happen when the baby comes, and how to adjust. Great for parents and kids to read together. It doesn't deal at all with how babies are made.

    Stephanie Blake
    Cute book to read to your kids if you are an expectating parent! Very informational and well put together!

    The background information is strong enough but it's kind of hard to distinguish this from all the other new baby books out there.

    Madam and I read this together last night; now that Mister is on the way I thought it would be good to review. Good, basic, fun read.

    Many of these books don't include explanations of c-sections. This one does.

    This is a great book to get a young child ready for a new sibling. My 2 and 3 year old still love it.

    Ebony Hargett
    Great family book for students who have baby siblings at home. They would really relate to this story. I would use this book for independent reading or a read-aloud for younger grade levels.

    Maren Prestegaard
    Could be good for an older kid but there is absolutely no magic in this book. So much detail.

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