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  • Title: Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments
  • Author: Geerhardus Vos
  • ISBN: 9780851514581
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback

  • These valuable pages contain the ripe fruit of the 39 years which Vos spent teaching Biblical Theology at Princeton, until his retirement in 1932.The aim of this book is no less than to provide an account of the unfolding of the mind of God in history, through the successive agents of his special revelation Vos handles this under three main divisions the Mosaic epoch ofThese valuable pages contain the ripe fruit of the 39 years which Vos spent teaching Biblical Theology at Princeton, until his retirement in 1932.The aim of this book is no less than to provide an account of the unfolding of the mind of God in history, through the successive agents of his special revelation Vos handles this under three main divisions the Mosaic epoch of revelation, the prophetic epoch of revelation, and the New Testament Such an historical approach is not meant to supplant the work of the systematic theologian nevertheless, the Christian gospel is inextricably bound up with history, and the biblical theologian thus seeks to highlight the uniqueness of each biblical document in that succession The rich variety of Scripture is discovered anew as the progressive development of biblical themes is explicated.
    Geerhardus Vos
    Geerhardus Johannes Vos was an American Calvinist theologian and one of the most distinguished representatives of the Princeton Theology He is sometimes called the father of Reformed Biblical Theology.Vos was born to a Dutch Reformed pastor in Heerenveen in Friesland in the Netherlands In 1881, when Geerhardus was 19 years old, his father accepted a call to be the pastor of the Christian Reformed Church congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan.Geerhardus Vos began his education at the Christian Reformed Church s Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, before moving to Princeton Theological Seminary He completed his studies in Germany, receiving his doctorate in Arabic Studies from the Philosophy Faculty of Strassburg University in 1888.Herman Bavinck and Abraham Kuyper tried to convince Vos to become professor of Old Testament Theology at the Free University in Amsterdam, but Vos chose to return to America Thus, in the Fall of 1888, Vos took up a position on the Calvin Theological Seminary faculty In 1892, Vos moved and joined the faculty of the Princeton Theological Seminary, where he became its first Professor of Biblical Theology.In 1894 he was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in the USA.At Princeton, he taught alongside J Gresham Machen and Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield and authored his most famous works, including Pauline Eschatology 1930 and Biblical Theology Old and New Testaments 1948 Despite his opposition to the growing modernist influence at Princeton in the late 1920s, he decided to remain at Princeton Seminary after the formation of Westminster Theological Seminary by Machen, as he was close to retirement Vos did indeed retire to California in 1932, three years after the formation of Westminster.Vos s wife, Catherine, authored the well known Child s Story Bible She died in 1937, after 43 years of marriage They had three sons and one daughter, and their son J G Vos studied at Princeton Theological Seminary and also became a minister.


    Jacob Aitken
    Vos is the godfather of soul in the Biblical Theology movement among evangelical/Reformed Bible students. This is Clowney on steroids. Vos' method: God's revelation interprets redemption in history. If for nothing else, read the book for this point. Say it plainly: redemption only has meaning in God's context. There is no redemption apart from the plan of God. Vos was the dominant influence on Van Til and John Murray. As the blurb suggests, "The aim of this book is to provide an account of the u [...]

    One of the classic statements of Reformed biblical theology. Rarely does a theologian produce a biblical theology so in tune with his systematic theology yet clearly distinct from it. Of course it is dated now, but for some purposes it has aged gracefully.

    My first crack at Vos. obscure at the beginning. Phrasing is odd, meaning is at times vague. Much clearer when discussing special revelation under Moses (largest section of book). an ancillary and very brief discussion of the Trinity under the heading "Angel of the Lord" was excellent!

    Vos will stretch your method of reading scripture in a richly orthodox way. This classic work is best read slowly along with scripture. It will deepen your love for the written word of God as self-revelation.

    Tsun Lu
    The first two chapters are most illuminating in laying out the principles of biblical theology as a distinctive department in theology: biblical theology specializes in the “history of special revelation” which is both “progressively developing” and “organically unified” in character, in which God both “acts” and “speaks” to interpret His acts, as it is verbally revealed to us in Scripture.As a Calvinist theologian and a defender of the Covenant Theology, Vos takes a fresher [...]

    Peter Krol
    As far as depth of insight and weightiness of the subject matter, I give it 5 stars. As far as clarity of writing and comprehensibility, I give it 1 star. So I balanced the two with 3 stars.I'm glad I read this classic text on biblical theology (twice in my life)! But I have no doubt there are more useful and readable treatments of the topic elsewhere.

    Eddie Mercado
    Wow, what an incredible book! Is it the most engaging? No. Is it easy to read? Not by a long shot; but my rating is based on the fact that this is a work that gave modern RH BT a firm foundation that was built upon by theologians like Kline, Gaffin, et al. I greatly appreciate Vos' work, and will certainly go over it again in the future.

    I read this book as I was just learning what it really meant to be reformed and loved it. It brought me back to some of what I grew up learning, seeing Christ throughout the Bible. It is all about God and his purpose in redemption.

    Christopher Hall
    This is a great work going through the Bible showing how it holds together. The text is dense, and requires work to understand Vos' meaning in several places, but the effort is well rewarded.

    John Ellis
    Dense at points, but well worth the effort.

    Read for a class I'm taking. We only had to read the first 40 pages, and I don't have time to read more at the moment, but it would definitely be beneficial.

    Peter Kim
    Difficult to maintain a rhythm reading Vos's work.

    Vos describes the difference between systematic theology and biblical theology as the difference between a drawing a circle and drawing a line. Biblical theology draws a line, whereas systematic theology draws a circle. Which is to say that biblical theology goes in order (along the “line” of history), while systematic theology is more like a bucket (or a “circle). Biblical theology is about the chronological unfolding of special revelation, while systematic theology is about the logical o [...]

    Scott Cox
    This is a significant book to aid in our understanding the nature of the history of redemption from creation to the final climatic fulfillment in book of Revelation. However the critiques of Historic Redemptive theology are not addressed e.g. can applications from the Old & New Testament texts be applied to today's struggles & situations? (I think so!) This can be a relatively difficult read, primarily because of technical theological jargon. But well worth the effort!

    This is the classic and standard work on Biblical theology. Vos works methodically through Scripture bringing to the surface types that point to Jesus. As he does, he also exposes weaknesses of the liberal Wellhausen school. Though the Wellhausen school isn't as prominent today, it laid the foundation for much of liberal Biblical criticism. Overall, a rewarding read that should deepen one's appreciation for the magnificence of God's Word.

    Leona Renee
    It is also true that we do not have an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of God. All our knowledge, even with regard to created things, is in part. This is even truer of God. We only know Him insofar as He reveals Himself, that is, has turned His being outwardly for us. God alone possesses ideal knowledge of Himself and of the whole world, since He pervades everything with His omniscience. --Geerhardus Vos.

    This is a seminal work in the discipline of biblical theology. I think at times Voss's redemptive historical methodology leads him to look behind the text to attempt to access the events of redemptive history apart from the text, so there are points where I'm skeptical of his conclusions. But on the whole this book introduces the topic of biblical theology in a deep and biblically faithful way.

    John Yelverton
    An absolutely miserable read of controversies that were out of date when the book was written, and what was still relevant was muted by the author's arrogance of his knowledge of Hebrew and the value of his own opinion. I only recommend this book if you are looking for a cure for insomnia.

    A must read.

    I've got to re-read this. An old pastor said, if you want to understand scripture, this is the book to help.

    Carl Provost
    A hard but rewarding read

    Mark Gring
    Wonderful foundational reading. His older, denser style is not something to just breeze through but it worth the work.

    Reagan Ohene
    Extra in its deepness

    Ryan Storch
    To say I fully understand this book and what the author was teaching would be untrue. Needless to say I will be coming back to this book often!

    Cray Allred
    Can't beat it on the subject.

    Jesus Christ

    Steven Wedgeworth
    Terrible to read but valuable. I'd limit it to seminary students though. There are many better and more accessible introductions to Biblical Theology.

    Extremely difficult to read I will pick this up again sometime.

    • Unlimited [Biography Book] ✓ Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments - by Geerhardus Vos Þ
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