[PDF] Download ✓ Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery | by ô Na'im Akbar

  • Title: Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery
  • Author: Na'im Akbar
  • ISBN: 9780933821002
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback

  • In this book you will learn how to break the chains of your mental slavery by ordering this new book by one of the world s outstanding experts on the African American mind.
    Na'im Akbar
    Dr Na im Akbar has been acclaimed by Essence Magazine as one of the world s preeminent Psychologists and a pioneer in the development of an African centered approach in modern psychology Akbar has served as Associate Professor at Norfolk State University, was Chairman of the Morehouse College Psychology Department and is currently on the faculty in the Department of Psychology at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida He has served on the Boards of Directors of a variety of important civic and professional organizations, including several terms on the Board of the National Association of Black Psychologists, which he was elected president in 1987 He has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Black Studies and for eight years was the associate editor of the Journal of Black Psychology.Akbar is a graduate of the University of Michigan, with both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology and has received many honors for his progressive and landmark contributions to his specialized studies of the psychology of the African American Among these are the Annual Member Award and recognition as a Distinguished Black Psychologists by the National Association of Black Psychologists for his outstanding scholarship and research in African Psychology.The published volumes of Dr Akbar s works are excellent illustrations of the unique and special approach he has taken to the role of an activist scholar His volumes are targeted to a mass audience Though the concepts that he presents are highly sophisticated, they are presented in a concise and simple way that readers with minimal education and possibly no familiarity with mainstream psychology will be able to comprehend the ideas from his books and increase their understanding of themselves Though his scholarly status is unquestioned this area of his work is targeting a much broader audience than would likely encounter his works prepared for advanced students, professional colleagues and for the dialogue of the academy He feels very strongly that truly relevant ideas should be available to as wide an audience as possible in order that they may study these ideas and apply them to their lives and to their communities The measure of success for this aspect of his scholarship becomes the number of people from various walks of life that have been able to study these ideas, change their lives and their world.


    The two essays within are interesting and thought-provoking but also overly simplistic. The first argues that the character of African Americans today are built directly on experiences during slavery. The second argues that depicting God as White teaches Black children to feel inferior.

    Erika Carruth
    This book is the best, most thorough explanation of why black people support, defend and like Tyler Perry.

    Great book and it was also short and to the point. Some may feel that this book was a bit too short, but I feel that if he would have kept going on and on that it would have gotten redundant and I would have forgotten what the topics were about and eventually put the book down. Now I can quickly go on to other books that he has written that are of interest to me.

    this is an excellent book for all black people living in a eurocentric world. i highly recommend it and think all black people should read it. if your image of divinity and creativity and power and all things good is white, then you will continue to suffer until you rid your mind of all these destructive images on the black psyche and take back your natural power that you were born with.

    Even though a Short Read,EVERYTIME I read it OVER it gave me a DIFFERENT LIGHT on Slavery!And HOW our BODY'S are FREE,but our MIND'S are STILL LOCKED UP!!!

    Phillip Boyd
    I wished he kept going, but the book is short.

    great book

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery | by ô Na'im Akbar
      373 Na'im Akbar
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