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  • Title: Clapton's Guitar: Watching Wayne Henderson Build the Perfect Instrument
  • Author: Allen St. John
  • ISBN: 9780743266352
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In 1994, Eric Clapton came across a Wayne Henderson guitar in a recording studio and decided on the spot that he had to have one Rarer than Stradivarius violins, these musical works of art are built from near extinct Brazilian Rosewood, Appalachian spruce, black ebony, and fine mother of pearl With Henderson s keen ear for the vibrations of each piece of wood he uses, eaIn 1994, Eric Clapton came across a Wayne Henderson guitar in a recording studio and decided on the spot that he had to have one Rarer than Stradivarius violins, these musical works of art are built from near extinct Brazilian Rosewood, Appalachian spruce, black ebony, and fine mother of pearl With Henderson s keen ear for the vibrations of each piece of wood he uses, each note that comes out of them has the power of a cannon and the sweetness of maple syrup.In Clapton s Guitar, Allen St John recounts how a perfect acoustic guitar comes into the world and how an artist gauges perfection Wayne Henderson, master luthier and genius in blue jeans, will tell you that he simply puts penknife to wood and carves away everything that isn t a guitar This is the story of a master artist, set deep in the mountains of southwestern Virginia in a brick, one story guitar shop, as busy and chaotic inside as it is simple outside The space is well lighted, cluttered with power tools, air hoses, and guitar bodies in various stages of completion It is in this modest shop that Wayne Henderson crafts some of the most highly coveted acoustic guitars on earth, including one very special instrument he built for Eric Clapton.Normally, there is a ten year wait for a Henderson guitar, and St John finds there are no exceptions even for an iconic figure like Clapton But seeing it as a shortcut to getting his own guitar done, St John jump starts the process, and then takes readers with him on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of high end instrument making with the man The Washington Post calls the Mad Scientist of Mountain Music Henderson, a small town wise man, is not only the star ofthis book as a master guitar maker but also is the star of any stage he sets foot on as a master guitar player, equally at home at Carnegie Hall or the local VFW hall Around this drolly humorous man circulates a small coterie of colorful characters and inspired musicians, who welcome you for an all too brief visit By book s end, you too will want to be Wayne Henderson s friend.In a rich tapestry of folklore and folksiness, St John tells the story of building the Clapton guitar in loving detail, from the centuries old forests where great tonewood grows, to the auction floor of Christie s where one of Clapton s guitars commands over 700,000 It s also a loving look at Wayne s corner of the world, the Blue Ridge mountain hamlets where American traditional music was born, and of Wayne s hometown of Rugby, Virginia, population 7, where the winding roads have kept progress at bay.Whether you love old time music, unplugged rock, traditional American craftsmanship, or simply gifted storytelling, Clapton s Guitar is an engaging work that you will want to savor and share with friends.
    Allen St. John
    Allen St. John Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Clapton's Guitar: Watching Wayne Henderson Build the Perfect Instrument book, this is one of the most wanted Allen St. John author readers around the world.


    J.K. George
    Lots of this material was not only new to me, I was not aware that it existed, and I had not "thirsted" beforehand to know about (mainly) acoustic guitars. The author couldn't simply write a book about wood and gluing and the shiny glittering that make guitars lovely. That would be a simple "how to build a great guitar how-to book." Okay, that would work, and be used by a handful of luthiers and wanna-be's, but to make any non-fiction story interesting, it's all about the characters. St. John do [...]

    Paul Garfinkel
    As an acoustic guitar player and lover of the craftsmanship of guitar building (I own three custom built guitars by small volume luthiers and two factory made instruments), I found this to be one of the best books I've read in a very long time. It's NOT a book about Clapton, but about the building, or more to the truth, the builder, of a pair of twin acoustic guitars, one of which was order by EC. This i bout the should and philosophy of the man creating the instruments and how much the personal [...]

    Jared Bennett
    Amazing book if you are interested in luthiery, craftmanship, and old fashioned music. Clapton is tangential to the story; it's really about the process of making a guitar and the life lessons along the way.

    From guitars to baseball to fart jokes, this book has got it all! A thoroughly enjoyable read for those of us with perpetual GAS - guitar acquisition syndrome. A nice, easy read that will make you want to pick up a guitar and/or head to Rugby, VA.

    Tom Carrico
    BOOK REVIEW“CLAPTON’S GUITAR”BY Allen St. JohnReviewed by Tom CarricoThis paperback caught my eye as it sat in the middle of the non-fiction new release table at the Short Pump Barnes and Noble for one reason and one reason only. There is a spectacular looking acoustic guitar on the cover. Although at first glance it appears to be a vintage Martin, the headstock does not have the usual squared off end. Additionally, the name across the headstock was not Martin, but Henderson. What’s a He [...]

    I wrote a review of this elsewhere: sites.google/a/akertoys.cHere's the text: This book documents the construction of two nearly identical high-end acoustic guitars by a one-man-show guitar builder. There were many aspects of this book that were fascinating to me. One that jumps out, however, is the nature of the product that is being created. This builder is a classic craftsman, a man who has honed his skills over decades of building instruments. However, the guitars are actually built to very [...]

    Ric Sierra
    If you're a musician, read this book. If you're a woodworker, read this book. If you enjoy the history and culture of Appalachia, read this book. Hell, just read this book, it's a hoot.

    I bought this book on the sale shelf, thinking my husband or (especially) my guitar-playing son would like to read it. I picked it up myself, the next day after purchase - and didn't like that everyday chores got in the way of my finishing it as quickly as desired. Generally, memoir is the only type of non-fiction that mesmerizes me enough to keep reading like that. The author of this book, Allen St.John, pulls the reader into the entire process of a master luthier (that would be a guitar maker [...]

    East Bay J
    Clapton's Guitar is hands down one of the best books I read this year. Though ostensibly a book about a man who builds guitars, Allen St. John takes you to guitar contests, Christie's auction house, the Martin factory in Nazareth, PA and even to Boston's Fenway Park for a showdown between the Red Sox and Yanks. In fact, the breadth of this book is what makes it so special. But the most interesting time is that spent in the workshop of master luthier, Wayne C. Henderson. Whether St. John is descr [...]

    Allen St. Johns book Clapton's Guitar was not as interesting as the title would make you believe. In the book John hardly mentions Eric Clapton. He mainly talks about the wonderfully crafted man building the guitar, Wayne Henderson. Wayne Henderson is a beautiful human and I had the honor of hearing him speak at convocation at Appalachian State University (Go Mountaineers!). If you are interested in learning the technicalities of building a guitar then by all means read this book. If you were ju [...]

    Ronald Wise
    When I finished this book it felt as though I'd just completed an interesting yet relaxing prolonged stay with master luthier Wayne Henderson. I met his friends and family, enjoyed seeing the role bluegrass and old-time music play in his life, and most importantly, watched him at work in his shop.Author Allen St. John so adeptly describes his experience with Henderson that I could almost smell the wood and glue, and hear the rich sounds coming from his new creations. With no drama or tension, He [...]

    I read this book on my ex's recomendation. Not one for biopics or true stories I was skeptical. But Hot damn this book was a great read. I hadn't thought of it till I joined this though. This book really helped me on a number of levels. The expected in guitars. It made me actually interested in construction of guitars. Unexpectedly it threw me into an interest of how they actually worked, no more correctly how sound actually works.Don't get me wrong this is no instruction manual. This is a telli [...]

    Toni Taylor-Helser
    March 2013 I rating it 5 of 5 stars Clapton's Guitar, one of the very best bio's on Clapton's guitars and one of the best books about Epic Eric Clapton & music I have ever read.The book introduces us to Luthier, a man who builds guitars. The author a sound recording engineer; Allen St. John takes us on many treks through guitar contests, Christi's auction house, the Martin factory in Nazareth, PA. In fact the diversity in topics in this tome of trivia is what made it such a greatI think the [...]

    Michael Anderson
    A humorous and endearing story of a master guitarist and luthier, Wayne Henderson, in rural Virginia who is asked to build a Martin-like acoustic for Eric Clapton. Clapton appears on two pages up front and is never seen again. This is a story about building guitars, playing guitars, and tries to explain the love and obsession some people have for the instrument. Full of stories about Henderson and his friends, I was entranced throughout. If you care about guitars, their history, their constructi [...]

    Timothy Neesam
    Wayne Henderson is a West Virginia luthier responsible for hand-crafting a limited number of acoustic guitars for friends and select individuals. Much of the book revolves around Henderson making a guitar for blues musician Eric Clapton, who never actually makes an appearance and for whose music Henderson is indifferent. We also get many, many yarns about Henderson, the local yokels who gather daily in his workshop, and guitar-making in general. A well-told story about appreciating fine craftsma [...]

    Daelyn Bentley-Gottel
    An interesting read that introduced me to an aspect of NC culture I certainly never knew existed, but I felt lost throughout the entire book. If I knew anything about guitars it might have been a little better, since the jargon never lets up. I was constantly flipping back and forth between the page I was on and the diagram up front. Not bad, and Wayne Henderson is definitely a force to be reckoned with, but not my favorite. Then again, I love a good fantasy novel over all, so I may be a bit bia [...]

    If you're interested in guitars, players and makers, this is a fascinating read. Don't let the title throw you; this is not a book about Clapton. It's about Wayne Henderson, an incredible musician and luthier. I had the good fortune to spend some time with Wayne and he is the real thing. I'm glad I read the book after I met him. I'm not sure I'd have had the guts to hang around and play with him. Lesson learned

    An extraordinary book! A page-turner. The story of one man (the author) getting to know another (the luthier) as he built two guitars - one for Eric Clapton. Wayne Henderson is an inspiration and Allen St. John was obviously the perfect man to tell his story. It was a pleasure reading this book. There wasn't a wasted sentence! And I hope someday I get the chance to play one of Wayne's guitars!

    Awesome book. The Clapton part is really just a hook to talk about a great guitar maker and musician, Wayne Henderson. St. John does a good job getting to who Wayne is, to the extent that can ever be really known through a book. It's also a fond look at the history of quality guitars in the US, especially the CF Martin brand. Unfortunately I started reading it on the first day of a five-day trip, and spent the much of that time wishing I was back home and playing the guitar.

    Karen S.
    Alan St. John did an amazing job of capturing the life of Wayne Henderson. Though I don't play, I loved learning about the craft and how Wayne is a true artist & luthier extraordinaire. I've attended several of Wayne's Festivals at Grayson Highland Park and feel blessed to know these wonderful characters. Excellent read. Thank you Alan.

    A wonderful book that gives a special insight into an interesting corner of the guitar-building world. Well written, and full of great characters from the world of american music.Eric Clapton, in whom I have no interest, is blissfully absent from the book. But I am sure they sold more copies with his name in the title.

    This is a fascinating book that has less to do with Eric Clapton, and everything to do with the art and science of guitar building. The book is very well written, and although the subject may sound dry, it comes alive as a truly fascinating story. I bought many extra copies of this book to give to my friends.

    Roger Wetlaufer
    You would not think there would be enough here for an entire book, but if you like guitars you will find this story fascinating. It is great to get some insight into how the guitar building process occurs and how personal it becomes for the maker.I really enjoyed this look at what might be thought a mundane process.

    Jake Kline
    A book that kind of meandered throughout without much likeliness of a solid plot structure. Arguably a book about the personality of wayne henderson and how it is incorporated into his guitars, claptons guitar wasnt much more than a story of how one man with a ten year waiting list finally got his shit together and built two guitars at once. Not recommended

    Unfortunatly the first word in the title is the most unimportant part of the book. This is all about Wayne Henderson, master luthier, and the odyssey of Allen St. John to document the creation of the "perfect instrument." This was a great read, but not for Clapton fans.

    This is NOT a book about Eric Clapton, but a great story of a master guitar builder. Anyone who plays acoustic music would enjoy this book, but guitar players will LOVE this book. The only thing that would have made it better would be a disk with some sound files of the different guitars.

    I love curmudgeons, and Wayne Henderson is nothing if not a curmudgeon of the most wonderful variety. I could just imagine myself sitting in his shop, listening to him and the other guys gab the day away while making some of the finest guitars on earth.

    Wes Metz
    Hang out with Wayne Henderson, master builder, as he constructs two guitars for master player Eric Clapton - one for a charity auction, and one for Clapton himself. Lots of guitar lore, and the inside dope on how a perfect guitar is built. (Not an instruction book on guitar building)

    A really interesting and personal glimpse into the quirky world of Wayne Henderson, one of the world's great luthiers. Fortunately, Eric Clapton appears in the title and not really anywhere else. I mean, he's a great guy and all, but I'm all about the guitar.

    Ben Kopetti
    Come on, this is the perfect guitar geek's book. History, tricks of the trade, shop talk, name dropping. Loved every page of this. Probably best limited to guitar people and crafts-persons, but stilljust awesomely fun.

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