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  • Title: Hard Day's Knight
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9780451213860
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback

  • Men in tights never looked so good At least that s Pepper Marsh s first impression when she attends a jousting competition at the Rennaissance Faire in Ontario An unemployed and unattached software engineer, Pepper has had enough of the computer geeks in her dating pool She years for a man of yore A man not afraid to stare death in the face d laugh at it A man wiMen in tights never looked so good At least that s Pepper Marsh s first impression when she attends a jousting competition at the Rennaissance Faire in Ontario An unemployed and unattached software engineer, Pepper has had enough of the computer geeks in her dating pool She years for a man of yore A man not afraid to stare death in the face d laugh at it A man with a big lancePepper s cousin has promised to find her a knight in shining armor, on the condition that Pepper walk around in wench garb With her mind on her embarrassingly revealing bodice, Pepper promptly steps into the path of an oncoming steedd is rescued by sexy Englishman Walker McPhail Once the wild man of jousting, Walker has let a brush with death keep him out of the ring Though his emotions are clad in almost impenetrable armor, Pepper finds Walker infuriatingly sexy and she s about to go medieval on his heart
    Katie MacAlister
    For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book Despite her love for novels, she didn t think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non fiction book about software Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialogue or love scenes in the software book, Katie swiftly resolved to switch to fiction, where she could indulge in world building, tormenting characters, and falling madly in love with all her heroes.Two years after she started writing novels, Katie sold her first romance, Noble Intentions More than thirty books followed during the years after Noble s publication Her novels have been translated into numerous languages, been recorded as audiobooks, received several awards, and placed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists She also writes for the young adult audience as Katie Maxwell, and for the mystery world as Kate Marsh.Katie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dogs, and can often be found lurking around online.

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    4.5 starsThis is my second Katie MacAlister book and she once again, did not disappoint.MacAlister usually writes strong and confident women who are unbelievably ridiculous in their hilariously amusing moments. Here we have Pepper, who is determined to pull off her happily ever after and fairy tale story with Walker, a grumpy and very sexy knight in shining armor. They’re a perfect match, and for every corny line that was written, a warm and emotional scene was added in. They complement each o [...]

    Beth Devlin
    Oh, yes. Our heroine decides to leave the "computer geeks" she works with and goes to find a "real man" at a RENAISSANCE FAIRE? Dude, I have worked at a Ren Faire. Yes, there is a certain amount of hotness with the guys in tights and accents and such. But in reality, these guys are also completely geeky. Silly plot aside, this book is BAD. No one (even at Ren Faires) speak like these characters, and the sex scenes are decidedly UNsexy. No one should ever use the term SQUELCHY, okay, people? Ew, [...]

    This was a fun book and I think that this is the best one that this author has written,

    Anzu The Great Destroyer
    Oh yes…. Another one of my damn mistakes. I saw the book cover and I thought wow this sounds like fun. Again I blew it! No fun at all!So, first problem. Girl wants to date an alpha hottie. Idea? "Renaissance Faire". Really? That’s the place to meet hotties? More like losers… Katie MacAlister tried to implement a few of them here and there, some pretty eyes, some round asses and yet I didn’t find them hot. AT ALL. The only stallion was Walker, who ended up being an idiot. Why you ask? Bec [...]

    Possibly the worst book I've ever read - and a ridiculously inaccurate rendering of what goes on at a renaissance faire, to boot. The sex scenes aren't even sexy - "happy juice," anyone? Yech. The main enjoyment I had out of this book (which was considerable, I'll admit) was reading passages of it out loud to friends for public mockery. Skip it unless you've worked at a ren fair and want a good laugh at all the inaccuracies.

    I went into Katie MacAlister's Hard Day's Knight desperately wanting to love it. It's not often that I see a faire based book that doesn't involve some sort of cheesy-ass time travel. Maybe I set my expectations too high. Maybe this person's experience of a renaissance faire is entirely different than mine; I don't know. (I doubt it though - I've performed at renaissance faires for enough years that I seriously doubt it's THAT much different at her home faire.)If I were to judge renaissance fair [...]

    Tina "IRead2Escape"
    This was a very interesting book from the beginning. Some of the characters I loved and cheered for and some I didn't like at all and booed. I really liked Pepper's personality and strength. I loved that even though she questioned herself repeatedly she never gave up. Which is hard to do when it seems that no one is on your side, not even family. I found her cousin CJ infuriating. I can't believe that someone that is supposedly close enough to you to invite you along on a trip could be so callou [...]

    Suzie Quint
    This is my kind of romance. An intelligent (but not perfect) heroine mixing it up with an Alpha male, who though cautious, isn't really afraid to love a woman. The two take turns chasing each other (though neither runs away very fast or for very long.) The banter is humorous, the sex is hot, and the payoff is love (since the sex starts early.) I'm ordering more of this author's books.

    There are times this reminded me of A Knight's Tale, but I think it's because they're both about jousting.The book kind of dragged until chapter 16 or so. Yeah, I get there's set up and all that, but it felt so predictable. Having said that, the explanations towards the end brought everything together. Honestly, I liked the book but it was just meh.

    It's light, it's fluffy Girl meets handsome man at a Renaissance Faire and he is, literally, her knight in shining armor. Yes, it's hokey, yes, there is a totally ridiculous love story mixed in along with jousting. Dorky at best, but I still giggled aloud at least enough to give it a 3 star rating.

    Fani *loves angst*
    DNF at 75% not because it was bad, but because I was no longer in the mood for such a book.

    This story had delightful characters and wonderful comedy and really dynamic villains. good stuff!

    Excellent read - I finished it in 1 day, I couldn’t put it down. A fun, sexy journey. The dialogue is perfect and witty. The plot is titilating with a dash of mystery. The sex scenes are hot! Everything one wants in a romance. Bonus points for appealing to ren fair geeks like me!I didn’t give it full stars because if a couple issues:She breaks 4th wall and randomly tells reader some jousting info. Only does this once but the paragraph was jarring. Her editor should have worked on that one. M [...]

    oh man, was this funny. One of the few books I've read this year that made me laugh out loud and I sad when the ending came.Funny, charming, and with old English fair, this is not to be missedis book has just made me want to pick up another Katie MacAlister book

    Sandra R
    A fun book to read for some light-hearted escapism! Well written and tongue in cheek silly. I've never been to a Faire and I notice a lot of readers that have, say this books is inaccurate with details. I don't care about that This is Katie Macalister writing, after all.

    There are more to Knights than shining armor and white steeds. And that is what this shook presents in the funny and interesting tale of a simple girl trying to round herself up a man. But Pepper proves to be more than just a helpless damsel in distress and she has her sights set on a handsome former jouster. But can she fight her way into his heart?Humor is a tool Kaitie MacAlister knows how to utilize well. But some of the misfortune and misunderstandings that fall on Pepper are beyond underst [...]

    Elisabeth Lane
    A couple of months ago, I asked my husband if he'd be interested in reading one of my romance novels. Since he's usually game for pretty much anything and already a genre fiction reader, he agreed. Admittedly, I didn't expect much. I figured he might read one, get the general gist and then leave me to my own romancey devices. That was not to be. The book was Hard Day's Knight by Katie MacAlister. It proved the perfect introduction to romance in my husband's particular case. My choice was tailore [...]

    I actually thought this was pretty fun. And I knew so little about jousting before reading this book! Feel like I know enough now to NEVER EVER want to do it :)

    Jennifer Wardrip
    If you like romantic comedy, then Katie MacAlister's HARD DAY'S KNIGHT is definitely the book for you. A modern-day romance set in contemporary times, this book has the feel of a historical comedy, revolving as it does around the world of a Renaissance Faire. For those of you who aren't familiar with this look into the past, Ren Faires are big business-a large number of people gather at these yearly events for a variety of reasons. A combination craft fair, historical reenactment, and performanc [...]

    I seesawed on this book. At times I disliked it. At times I liked it. So overall it was a fun light read but I still feel "eh" about it.Things I liked:- Pepper is a strong woman. And funny.- Walker seemed sexy.- The supporting characters were distinctive.- The sex scenes were spot on.- The jousting scene was cool to learn about.Things I disliked:- So. Pepper like animals or not? In the beginning I believed it when she said she didn't but by the end she is an animal lover. I was actually concerne [...]

    Bishop Harber
    Hard Day's Knight is silly from start to finish. While it completely misses the whole Renaissance Faire atmosphere in spades, it does gather up an occasional snapshot here and there that is totally familiar to anyone that has lived in the Faire circuit for any length of time. However, overall, the characters are wooden, outrageously overdone (or oversimplified), the plot is nonsensical and even heavy-handed for a Faire setting while seeming to merely be a overextended piece to showcase a single [...]

    Kelly Schnorrbusch
    I picked this up because it takes place at a Renaissance Faire. While the location provided a good change of scenery, this story just felt too generic and fairly predictable. Protagonist Pepper is unemployed and accompanies her cousin C.J. to a faire. There is a knight she finds attractive, of course, and so the story begins. Pepper brings her parents' cat along on the trip and while it provides the scenario for the "meet-cute" between Pepper and Walker the knight, there is too much of the cat t [...]

    Andrea ~The Book List Reviews
    Hard Day's KnightBy Katie MacAlisterRating: 5 Stars Summary:Men in tights never looked so good. At least that's Pepper Marsh's first impression when she attends a jousting competition at the Rennaissance Faire in Ontario. An unemployed and unattached software engineer, Pepper has had enough of the computer geeks in her dating pool. She years for a man of yore. A man not afraid to stare death in the face d laugh at it. A man with a big lancePepper's cousin has promised to find her a knight in shi [...]

    Rochelle Hickey
    I really enjoy Katie MacAlister. I find her romance dorky, corny, and perfect when you just want to read something fun and easy. A Hard Day’s Knight completely appealed to my Renaissance Faire side. Seriously, two weeks of Ren Faire camping, how does that not sound like fun? Except all the horse poop everywhere…Pepper Marsh goes on a two week Renaissance Faire adventure looking for a knight in shining armour. Within a short time she almost gets trampled by Walker, a dark brooding man on a ho [...]

    This was my first "descent" into romance. Last year a few months after my local Renaissance Faire ended I was going through withdrawal (hey, I'm a Rennie, so what?) and went searching for books involving Faires. I found Hard Day's Knight, and rolled my eyes, thinking "Oh, god, romance. What have I come to, to be reading romance?", and bought it anyway. To my surprise, I enjoyed it. Hard Day's Knight actually has a plotline, and though it has sex, the sex is not the point of the book itself (a fa [...]

    Mary Pessaran
    The author did an amazing amount of research for this book, and it shows. I did enjoy learning about a world that I have visited, but never realized could be so serious for the participants. I liked the banter between Pepper and Walker, although it sometimes went to those places that you know you would never hear in real conversation. Walker was truly a knight in shining armor, both physically and emotionally, with enough honor to last through multiple books. My peeve, besides CJ, the disloyal c [...]

    Katie MacAlister writes funny little romances that are best when you want a very quick read that requires no thought. Pepper, Hard Day's Knight's heroine, is cajoled into attending a Renaissance Faire with her cousin CJ. While cat-sitting Behemoth (Moth for short), learning to be a wench, and being the center of a knightly tug-of-war, Pepper tries to find the vandal sabotaging Three Dog Knights' jousting equipment. Pepper can be irksome, but it wass fun seeing a Ren Faire through a newbie's eyes [...]

    Shandra Teal
    Have you ever been to a Renaissance faire? I haven’t either, but after reading Hard Day’s Knight, I’d love to give one a chance. MacAlister’s female lead, Pepper Marsh, is unemployed, unattached, and desperate enough to allow her cousin, CJ, to find her a man at the two week long Renaissance faire in London, Ontario. Enter hot, British jouster Walker McPhail, and Pepper’s a go, but CJ says “NO.” Moth (he’s the cat) thinks Pepper and Walker are a great match, and I have to agree. [...]

    Pepper lost her job as a software engineer. So she goes with her cousin CJ to Ontario's Renaissance Faire. CJ wants to fix her up with a man. Pepper latches onto an Englishman named Walker. He is the head of a jousting team. Walker's nemesis is a man named Farrell. Pepper decides that she wants to learn how to joust, because Farrell says women can't. Through her involvement in the sport she notices that one of the horses was hurt after one of the men on Walker's team get hurt. The lance was mess [...]

    This book really made me want to go to a Faire and check the scene out. Other than that, the story was cute, but I hated all of the characters but the main two (Pepper and Walker). They just weren't likeable to me. If I had a cousin like CJ I would have disowned her disloyal secretive behind during my teenage years, if not earlier. The rest of the characters were flaky and self-serving. The only character that made a surprising turnaround was Farrell, which was nice. I did like Moth, the cat, he [...]

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