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  • Title: Mr. Daydream
  • Author: Roger Hargreaves
  • ISBN: 9780843175639
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback

  • Join a boy named Jack as he goes on a wild adventure with Mr Daydream without even leaving his desk
    Roger Hargreaves
    Charles Roger Hargreaves 9 May 1935 11 September 1988 was an English author and illustrator of children s books, notably the Mr Men and Little Miss series, intended for very young readers He is Britain s third best selling author, having sold than 100 million books.Hargreaves was born in a private hospital at 201 Bath Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, England, to Alfred Reginald and Ethel Mary Hargreaves, and grew up in High Lees, 703 Halifax Road, also in Cleckheaton, outside of which there now is a commemorative plaque He spent a year working in his father s laundry and dry cleaning business before starting out in advertising But his original ambition was to be a cartoonist and, in 1971, while he was working as the creative director at a London firm, he wrote the first Mr Men book, Mr Tickle He initially had difficulty finding a publisher but, once he did, the books became an instant success, selling over one million copies within three years and spawning a BBC animated television series, narrated and voiced by Arthur Lowe.By 1976, Hargreaves had quit his day job In 1981, the Little Miss series of books began to appear It, too, was made into a television series in 1983, which was narrated by John Alderton, who, with Pauline Collins, voiced the Men and Misses, respectively Although Hargreaves wrote many other children s stories, including the Timbuctoo series of twenty five books, John Mouse, and the Roundy and Squary books, he is best known for his 46 Mr Men books and 33 Little Miss books.With his wife, Christine, Hargreaves had four children Adam, Giles, and twins Sophie and Amelia The first of the Mr Men characters is reported to have been created when Adam asked his father what a tickle looked like Hargreaves drew a figure with a round orange body and long, rubbery arms, which became Mr Tickle.After Hargreaves died of a sudden stroke in 1988, Adam continued writing and drawing the Mr Men and Little Miss characters in new stories However, in April 2004, Christine sold the rights to the Mr Men characters to the UK entertainment group Chorion, for 28 million.


    Bookdragon Sean
    I am Mr Daydream.When I was in my first year at school I was put on the table with all the children with learning difficulties. The teacher mistook my introvert nature for something else. The table was eventually nicknamed “the daydreamer table” and it was full of all the children who “switched off” and didn’t pay attention and spent the lesson looking out the window whilst thinking about something better. Sort of funny really, I bet all of us grew up to be creative in our own ways. I [...]

    Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    Spent a lot of time with this guy! Sure to bring a smile to you face on one of those days where everything seems to be piling up on you and you need a little breathing room.

    My 6 year old niece says this book is 5 stars because Mr. Daydream daydreams like she does.

    Jack, a daydreamer, gets taken off for adventures by Mr. Daydream during the course of, surprisingly, one of Jack's daydreams.

    Mark Rice
    This book will resonate with all daydreamers. I remember reading it as a child and relating to it on every level. Now, still a daydreamer, I relate to it every bit as much. Jack (a human child) is bored in his history lesson. Gazing through an open window, he sees Mr Daydream (a blue-fluffy-cloud being). Mr Daydream and Jack embark on adventures that take them to every continent, all in the space of one history lesson. This highlights one important truth about daydreaming: it can bend all the la [...]

    Andy got this book for the little man and although it's a little too old for him, he enjoys looking at all the pictures and especially the little men on the back cover. He moves from "Mr. Nosey" to "Mr. Bump" and we bump him and he laughs, and and then he always gets to "Mr. Tickle" and likes to be tickled. Andy remembers them from when he was a kid and wants to buy the lot of them for the little man.

    I like the book. He was Mr. Daydream and he Jack thought Mr. Daydream was his teacher but he wasn't. His teacher wasn't Mr. Daydream. And he went in the rainforest and he rode on an elephant and a bird. A big fat bird. And he also thought he was in a jungle rainforest with an elephant and a bird but he wasn't, he was in school. And he had a daydream. - age 4

    Beautiful and lovely adventure I lived through this book with Jack and Mr. Daydream, so lovely indeed, really nice book ^_^

    Phil Syphe
    Think I’m right in stating that as a boy I had all the pre-1990 Mr Men books with the possible exception of “Mr Snow”. Looking at all the covers apart from the latter jogged my memory.Sadly I remember little about the stories now, despite reading them numerous times during my boyhood, plus watching the Mr Men cartoons more than once.Reckon the last time I would’ve read these was 1983, though may have returned to them as late as 1985. Although I’ve forgotten almost everything about this [...]

    Another searing indictment of our modern society from Mr Hargreaves. The guy is an amazing writer, he engages children on one level, yet manages to write wonderfully apt critiques of our modern world.Jack is a daydreamer, and spends his time in his own little world. There may be some sort of learning difficulty involved, but Mr Hargreaves doesn't tackle that issue head on in this book.Whilst in class Jack spies a strange character in the playground, so of course, rather than carry on with lesson [...]

    Alannah Clarke
    I absolutely loved these Mr Men and Little Miss books. I remember getting them from my granny every week. There was so much from these simple characters, I remember filling my little bookshelf with all these books making sure I had got them all in right order. I wish I still had these books but somehow most of them got lost with many house moves or my mum gave the rest away. If I ever have kids, I will make sure they get the chance to experience these wonderful, colourful books.

    This book mysteriously appeared in my mailbox at the perfect time - being immersed in studying for hours on end meant I needed a break to daydream. Going to Africa to ride an elephant and to Australia to throw boomerangs was the perfect study break. And do you know something? Daydreaming is more fun than MCAT prep!

    Jack was a good, well mannered little boy but he had one failing, he was a daydreamer! Whenever he was supposed to be thinking about something, he found himself thinking about something else (sounds familiar!) he was daydreaming.At school one fine, warm day he was sitting at the back of the classroom next to an open window. Suddenly he spotted something blue outside the window on the grass. It was a small cloud-shaped figure. He couldn't believe his eyes, especially when the figure smiled and w [...]

    miracle Amuni
    This book is AMAZINGLY EXITING

    Ah, Mr Men and Little Miss, how wonderful you are!These books made up so much of my childhood. No matter what I would go ahead and pick one up. I worked my way through them all a couple of times. Each one has a wonderful story for the child to engage with, each character being fun to read. Everyone has a bias for their favourite character, yet every book is delightful.

    Danielle Palmer
    This is the first Mr Men book I have read that does not feature an illustration of a house Where is the drawing of Mr Daydream's crib?! I assume it is so fantastic it would put all the others to shame, so Mr Hargreaves wisely decided not to include it.

    Pipa Guest
    I loved this book as a child and now I'm enjoying it again with my son.

    Kate B
    I think I borrowed this from a friend at school. I remember wishing he would appear when I was bored at school. I spent years staring out the window rather than doing my work, but no luck.

    I did not like this book because I do not like crocodiles. I also did not like this book because this book had a crocodile in it.

    John Wilson
    Dream architect Dominick "Dom" Cobb must discover the business secrets of Jack Smith so he engineers a dream wherein Jack is a little boy falling asleep in his boring history class. Cobb appears as Jack's imaginary friend - a walking, talking cloud - and after a series of dreams within dreams (the African Serengeti, the Wild West, etc) he is finally able to unlock the secrets inside Jack's head.At one point, Arthur (Cobb's partner) nearly ruins everything, when - as an alligator -he actually sho [...]

    Tara Calaby
    I don't remember a lot about this one, beyond the fact that I definitely read it as a kid.

    Wayne Farmer
    This really didn't have a very good message at the end lol - "Daydreaming is more fun than History" - being really into history i totally disagree!

    Andy Hickman
    “Mr Daydream” - Jack meets Mr Daydream and together they leave school to explore Africa, Australia and the Wild West. Until the teacher interrupts!

    You should go and Read This

    Fun read-aloud series - with a moral.

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