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  • Title: Fear Agent, Vol. 1: Re-Ignition
  • Author: Rick Remender Tony Moore
  • ISBN: 9781593077648
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback

  • When down and out alien exterminator, Heath Huston stumbles upon an extraterrestrial legion of amoebas preparing to annihilate the Earth, he s forced to choose between the bottle and resuming his roll as a peace keeper, as The Last Fear Agent Heath s former band of soldiers, the Fear Agents was comprised of a group of the last remaining humans on Earth, whose sworn duty wWhen down and out alien exterminator, Heath Huston stumbles upon an extraterrestrial legion of amoebas preparing to annihilate the Earth, he s forced to choose between the bottle and resuming his roll as a peace keeper, as The Last Fear Agent Heath s former band of soldiers, the Fear Agents was comprised of a group of the last remaining humans on Earth, whose sworn duty was the protection of their home world against alien invaders A number of years after preventing a large scale invasion of Earth, the Fear Agents were all slaughtered in a mysterious incident.
    Rick Remender Tony Moore
    Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Los Angeles, California He is the writer co creator of many independent comic books like Black Science, Deadly Class, LOW, Fear Agent and Seven to Eternity Previously, he wrote The Punisher, Uncanny X Force, Captain America and Uncanny Avengers for Marvel Comics.


    Rompy, rip-roaring, 50’s style, throwback SF “pulpishness” that starts out ABSOLUTELY PERFECT….but ultimately settles down to a solid 3 stars with some occasional gusts up to 4. Overall, a terrific beginning to a new “old time” series. Rick Remender created Fear Agent because he said, “Science Fiction has lost its stones” and wanted to bring back the alien-packed, action and adventure of golden age SF without bowing to the modern trend for scientific detail and realism. He wanted [...]

    Jan Philipzig
    Chock-full of genre-bending humour and drunken swagger, Rick Remender's pulpy, noirish sci-fi adventure Fear Agent gets off to a great start. Tony Moore's crisp artwork captures the story's retro feel well and practically pops off the page, thanks in no small part to Lee Loughridge's suitably neon-drenched coloring. Unfortunately, the story's tone gradually shifts from character-based humor to cosmic action - a trend that plays neither to the writer's nor to the artist's strengths but will conti [...]

    A rip-roaring, throwback to pulp science fiction. I could easily see this appearing in Heavy Metal. Heath Huston is an intergalactic exterminator. Got an alien infestation that needs to be removed? Heath is your man, the last of the legendary Fear Agents. Heath bumbles his way through the galaxy, drunkenly finishing off jobs while saving buxom ladies. This was a lot of fun.

    Sam Quixote
    Set in the pulpy future, Heath Huston is an alien exterminator, the last member of a group calling themselves the “Fear Agents”, who gets paid to carry out genocide on “pests” - even though these pests are usually humanoid-like life-forms and makes Heath look like a one-man Nazi brigade! He discovers some evil aliens are planning on blowing up Earth and promptly sets off on a side-quest to fight some robot with a brain in a jar. Fear Agent came out in 2006, about the peak time for cool r [...]

    Prepare for some serious space action!Brief Introduction:To be honest, I had never heard of “Fear Agent” until I had heard so many good things about Rick Remender’s run on “Uncanny X-Force” (which I have not read as of now). After hearing the praise that Rick Remender got on his work with “Uncanny X-Force,” I had decided to pick up a comic book by him and lo and behold, I came across his work called “Fear Agent Volume One: Re-Ignition” which also had artwork by Tony Moore. “F [...]

    James DeSantis
    Probably one of Rick's weaker works, but hell, it's still pretty fun. So there used to be exterminators. People who would go around the universe and take out species that are considered bad, or that could hurt others, but they're all gone now. There's one left, or least shown, in this series. Heath Huston starts off as a comedy-sci-fi adventure. However the last two issues seem to take a darker tone, a time bending change, and by the end some shit goes down that sets up the future of this series [...]

    Fear Agent 1 reviewHeard Remender on War Rocket Ajax podcast a few weeks ago, which finally gave me the nerve to try out Fear Agent. Until now, Remender's Marvel work (that I've read) has kept me thinking that he's a second-rate comics writer, so this book has sat on the shelf for too long.I'm so glad WRA finally clued me in that Remender has such an hilarious streak and his creator-owned books are so much better. Fear Agent is solidly in my "must read" category, up there with Atomic Robo, The G [...]

    Fun: I had missed this, and it's lighthearted sf adventure. Great bright color art by Lee Loughridge makes the fine pencil and ink art more appealing.

    Fear Agent is Rick Remender's love letter to sci-fi in the 1950s, back before, as Remender puts it - sci-fi lost its stones. By that he bemoans how sci-fi forgot to be fun and adventurous in favour of getting all technical with the science and the intricacies of alien cultures. Even though I like modern sci-fi I can understand what he means. So this book is trying to recapture the post war pulpy comic book fun that the folks at EC and Wallace Wood in particular used to deliver. He does a good jo [...]

    Don't hate me, but I expected to like this more than I did. I really enjoy most of Remender's books, but for me this was a little rough around the edges. Mainly though I was not too impressed with the art.I know, I know, it's the dude from WALKING DEAD and so I should worship it or whatever, but I just felt it was lacking. It was almost interesting, almost exciting, and almost humorous at times, but for me it was also almost boring.

    Zan G
    I love pulpy crap, especially this 50's idea of what space travel would be combined with a constantly boozing/raygunfighting cowboy astronaut. The artist, Tony Moore, is someone I'm a big fan of. He did the first volume of Walking Dead which I feel is the strongest of the whole run. Fear Agent has a great writer too, he keeps it funny and action packed and doesn't waste the whole first book on exposition. Great cheesy fun. Pick it up.

    Mississippi Library Commission
    This fun and adventurous graphic novel follows Heath Huston, the last Fear Agent, as he discovers an alien’s plot to wipe out the human species. Heath must now use his skills as an alien exterminator to save the day. This was a great graphic novel with a retro feel. We recommend Fear Agent to those who enjoy pulp science fiction.

    William Thomas
    The first book By Philip K Dick that I read was A Scanner Darkly. I'd been told by my uncle that Dick was a lunatic, just a gibbering imbecile writing with his own feces. After reading Darkly, I thought he couldn't have been more wrong.But then I started digging deeper into Dick's library and found that sometimes he isn't a genius but an insane, gibbering paranoid schizophrenic. But still, an entertaining one. And prophetic all the same. In Fear Agent, we get the same kind of genius that we see [...]

    Shannon Appelcline
    Mostly a fast-paced pulp adventure, so there’s not a lot of depth here. But what there is is well-written and fun, with a shocking finale.

    Todd Landrum
    This is some trite, sexist storytelling. Our hero: big, dumb, condescending brute - but somehow we're supposed to find him charming. Our heroine: smart, sexy - but ultimately clueless snowflake in constant need of repeated rescuing. Yuck, gave up on book 2 at the "that's great buttermilk but we gotta get outta here" line. Artwork decent, some intriguing aliens and plot, buried under heaping piles of dreck.

    This series made me cry. What I thought was going to be a fun pulpy sci-fi book ended up being one of the only books to ever make me cry. This series is a MUST READ. Just stick with it all the way to the end. Trust me, it's worth it.

    Matt Barker
    Remender and Moore are two of my favorites working today and I've recently become a fan of the old "pulp" sci-fi aesthetic, so I decided to give this a shot. It was good. A little depressing but I liked it enough to pick up the second trade. Not a whole lot else to say about it.

    One of my all time favorite comics. Tony Moore's art is phenomenal and Rick Remender's story is action packed and engaging. This stands next to Grendel, Hellboy, and The Goon as one of my favorite comic series ever.

    Ashley Andersen
    Not a fan of the main character but intrigued by how he got where he is. Love the world building, I am a softy and more a fan of the star trek do not interfere and intervene peaceably first, which maybe he will with nonhostiles. Will see where this goes.

    Jeremy Raines
    Interesting premise. Intergalactic alien exterminator has to save earth from jerkass smart aliens. Interested in reading more volumes.

    Another book I should have read years ago and yet I do wonder if I would have enjoyed it as much then?

    I wasn't aware of Fear Agent until well into its run, so I missed out. But in a way I'm glad I waited. From Space monsters to robots to time travel, this is an action-packed romp descending directly from the old SF pulps. Fantastic!

    Mr. Twinkie
    Action-packed but fun. The only issue I had was that some of the action-sequences were a bit confusing to look at.

    Jonathan Roberts
    Fun over the top book. I like the sci-fi and I love the humor. Pretty clean and lots of fun.

    La Revistería Comics
    Primeras desventuras de Heath Huston contra sí mismo, entre muchos otros enemigos. Edición argentina con introducción exclusiva actualizada para la ocasión por el mismo Remender.

    Not super deep but a lot of fun!

    J.G. Keely
    When I first saw the cover of this book, it reminded me of the thing I like most in sci fi comics: Wallace Wood, and apparently for good reason. Series author Remender tells us in his introduction that it was his intention to evoke Wallace and the rest of the EC sci fi comics crew.Remender wants to take back sci fi from the religious ecstasy of Star Wars or the political allegory of Trek, and return to the nuts and bolt: the strange, the adventurous, the RIPPED FROM THE PAGES OF 'INCREDIBLE SCIE [...]

    For a retro/action/scifi/B movie comic , I liked it , Tony 's art is awesome , I wish I had the second volume right now .The story is solid ,the. main character remind me of Roger Wilco (from the space quest videogames,he was a space janitor that became captain of a ship then back to janitor)is book as a planet of the apes vs robots kinda feel to it as well.I really enjoyed it ,more than I was expecting.

    Feather Mista
    La historia es una graaan introducción a lo que sería -parafraseando al autor- una buena muestra de retro-futurismo, una historieta de ciencia ficción a la vieja usanza con dosis de mala leche y cinismo bastante actuales. Y aunque también cae en muchos de los errores de lo que era esta ci-fi para machos cabríos cincuentosa, la ambientación general, acidez habitual y el genial dibujo de Moore me hicieron sentir un enorme placer culposo (más placentero que culposeroso) y, sobre todo, muchas [...]

    I've had my eye on this book for years and with the advent of ComiXology Unlimited, I was finally able to easily read it.Heath Huston is the last of what are called Fear Agents. He is basically a bounty hunter of threatening alien life forms. This book is pulp/noir/western wrapped in a science fiction wrapper. I have to say I'm intrigued by the end, but intrigued enough to wait and see if ComiXology Unlimited gets more volumes, not enough to run out and buy it. A middle-of-the-road-leaning-towar [...]

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