Best Download [Manly P. Hall] ☆ Words to the Wise: A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences || [Classics Book] PDF ✓

  • Title: Words to the Wise: A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences
  • Author: Manly P. Hall
  • ISBN: 9780893148140
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

  • Subtitled A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences, this volume examines the teachings of the Mystery Schools, the five steps of self unfoldment, and how the practice of ancient disciplines can lead to a purposeful life.
    Manly P. Hall
    Canadian born, Manly Palmer Hall is the author of over 150 published works, the best known of which are Initiates of the Flame, The Story of Healing, The Divine Art,Aliens Magick and Sorcery The Secret Teachings of All Ages, and An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy.He was also the author of a masonic curiosity, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry in 1923, than thirty years before he joined a lodge The preface of later editions states At the time I wrote this slender volume, I had just passed my twenty first birthday, and my only contact with Freemasonry was through a few books commonly available to the public Later, in 1944, he wrote The Secret Destiny of America which popularized the myth of a masonic purpose for the founding of the USA In 1950 he weighed in again on the meaning of Freemasonry with his booklet Masonic Orders of Fraternity Initiated June 28, 1954Passed September 20, 1954Raised November 22, 1954Jewel Lodge No 374Source Grand Lodge of California records William R Denslow, 10,000 Famous Freemasons, vol ii Trenton, MO Missouri Lodge of Research Educational Bureau, Royal Arch Mason Magazine, 1958 p 165.

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    Zy Marquiez
    “Wherever a man desires to know, that is the place proper for his education; whenever he desires to know, that is the time proper for his instruction.”– SocratesIn Words To The Wise, A Practical Guide To The Esoteric Sciences, Manly P. Hall gives a detailed examination of knowledge descending from the ancient mystery schools.Hall delves into the finer strands of all that is metaphysics, religion and spirituality in a way that’s easy to comprehend for a novice, and yet sophisticated in de [...]

    Jose Villalobos
    This is a must and one of the first books you need to read if you are interested into exploring other faiths. The book is fairly objective and doesn't quite try to sell you the idea to join a special cult or group.Added is the fact that during the first chapters, it gives a guide to future reads in the topics of spiritual growth.You feel that MPH has a special aversion against sects and similar, which he briefly explains in several parts. Keep your mind opened, be critic. Not because the guy is [...]

    Of all the books I have read by Manly P. Hall I'd say all of them are great reads, some have a little more difficulty than others but some have such a profound and beautiful sequence of thought/thinking/meditating that they seem almost to easy to read. He has a wonderful way of building concepts which help me understand many puzzling ideas now and from long ago as in the Ancient Philosophers'. I really enjoy MPH, style too. :) gregCurrently, on my second reading of this and "Adventures in Unders [...]

    From a legend.A basic outline of golden information give to us by the great man.

    • Best Download [Manly P. Hall] ☆ Words to the Wise: A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences || [Classics Book] PDF ✓
      177 Manly P. Hall
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