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  • Title: An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews
  • Author: Henry Fielding
  • ISBN: 9781419146930
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback

  • Full Title An Apology for the Life of Mrs Shamela Andrews In which, the many notorious Falshoods and Misrepresentations of a Book called Pamela, Are exposed and refuted and all the matchless Arts of that young Politician, set in a true and just Light Together with A full Account of all that passed between her and Parson Arthur Williams whose Character is representedFull Title An Apology for the Life of Mrs Shamela Andrews In which, the many notorious Falshoods and Misrepresentations of a Book called Pamela, Are exposed and refuted and all the matchless Arts of that young Politician, set in a true and just Light Together with A full Account of all that passed between her and Parson Arthur Williams whose Character is represented in a manner something different from that which he bears in Pamela The whole being exact Copies of authentick Papers delivered to the Editor Necessary to be had in all Families.
    Henry Fielding
    Henry Fielding was born in Somerset in 1707 The son of an army lieutenant and a judge s daughter, he was educated at Eton School and the University of Leiden before returning to England where he wrote a series of farces, operas and light comedies.Fielding formed his own company and was running the Little Theatre, Haymarket, when one of his satirical plays began to upset the government The passing of the Theatrical Licensing Act in 1737 effectively ended Fielding s career as a playwright.In 1739 Fielding turned to journalism and became editor of The Champion He also began writing novels, including The Adventures of Joseph Andrews 1742 , Abraham Adams 1742 and Jonathan Wild 1743.Fielding was made a justice of the peace for Westminster and Middlesex in 1748 He campaigned against legal corruption and helped his half brother, Sir John Fielding, establish the Bow Street Runners.In 1749 Fielding s novel, The History of Tom Jones was published to public acclaim Critics agree that it is one of the greatest comic novels in the English language Fielding followed this success with another well received novel, Amelia 1751.Fielding continued as a journalist and his satirical journal, Covent Garden, continued to upset those in power Throughout his life, Fielding suffered from poor health and by 1752 he could not move without the help of crutches In an attempt to overcome his health problems, Henry Fielding went to live in Portugal but this was not successful and he died in Lisbon in 1754.

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    If you have ever had the misfortune of suffering through Pamela: or Virtue Rewarded (most likely in a college English course), then An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews may be what is needed to wash the lasting bad taste from your mouth. If Samuel Richardson’s Pamela was one of the first examples of the English fiction novel, then Henry Fielding’s Shamela is one of literature’s first spoofs or parodies, having been released only five months after that earlier work. When Pamela w [...]

    Jonathan Plaats
    This "novel" is far more meaningful in the context of its parodic namesake, Pamela. Straddling cynicism and satire, Fielding delivers an anti-plot with a lot of laughs, but does not have much of his own story. Shamela still manages to be a good read.

    This is hilarious. It totally makes reading all of Pamela worthwhile.

    Jackson Cyril
    A very funny spoof of Richardson's "Pamela".

    Well, it's certainly better than Pamela was. I laughed a few times. If you've slogged through all of Pamela, you might as well blitz through this too; it's only 50 pages or so.

    Very funny! Fielding manages to parody Pamela in fifty pages (bless) very well. Not a stand-alone though, and would only recommend reading it after reading Pamela.

    Kristen Lemaster
    I can't even find the proper words to describe how silly this book is - admittedly clever and thorough, but nonetheless very dependent on bawdy and low humor. I think it is partially because in its parodying of Pamela, this version of the story seems a bit hypocritical rather than simply exaggerated. Part of my distaste for this novel may be derived from its skepticism and warning of being too absorbed in reading, because I love that books have the power to take us out of this world and into ano [...]

    Penny Landon
    I had to read this text for one of my college classes and suprisingly Pamela was not assigned with it. Right from the start I strongly recommend that you read Pamela first or else the purpose of this book (to make fun of Pamela) will be lost on you. I personally decided to find a comprehensive summary of Pamela and once I read that, this book made a lot more sense. While I was not really a fan of the content of this book I really appreciate the lengths that Fielding went to in order to point out [...]

    Thom Swennes
    I can only say that writing this review is about reviews. This short story is a collection of letters either supporting or criticizing the story Pamela. I was under the (false) impression that parodies were relatively modern phenomena. Shamela was first published in 1741making my assumption not only false but very far from the mark. This literary farce does, however, have its merits but they can only be fully appreciated with an intimate knowledge of Pamela. This is an easily forgettable piece o [...]

    Katy Noyes
    I really think this is best read with a knowledge of Samuel Richardson's Pamela. Having not read the book on which this is based/mocks, I know I miss the point.Saying that, I did find it funny and was reminded of Dangerous Liaisons, by the letter-writing content. The section I found hilarious was Parson William's religious instruction to Shamela, wickedly outrageous. Pamela sounds like a tough prospect. But I'm sure it will put Shamela into better context.

    Sylvester Kuo
    A parody/criticism of Pamela; or Virtue Rewarded. It follows the same plot as the original but with a very different viewpoint to show the hypocrisy of Pamela (whose real name is Shamela in this case), who professes innocence but in really is a gold digging former prostitute trying to climb the social ladder. It was a little bit funny but rather crude and vulgar.

    Hannah Givens
    I didn't really want to read this because I'm kind of attached to the original after studying it for months. However, the satire is actually sharp and skillful. The book has no meaning outside of the original, though, so only read it if you care about Pamela.

    I thought this was really silly. OK, it might have been mildly amusing at the time, when Pamela was such a roaring success, but only as a bit of magazine type fluff, read today and forgotten tomorrow. It's not even particularly well done.

    Jennifer Johnson
    A couple of parts made me giggle, but it wasn't anything life altering. I love the implication that Pamela was after B for his money the entire time, and that she really wanted to be with Williams. The soulmate and the material mate.

    Before I read Fielding's Shamela, I had of course read Richardson's Pamela and because of this I really, really enjoyed reading Shamela! Don't you just love it when Fielding starts out by saying on the title page: 'Necessary to be had in all families' :-)

    Hilarious! If you have read Pamela, you will definitely appreciate this book. One of the best parodies I have ever read.

    Clever, rather funny, biting take on Pamela. At least here Pamela - or Shamela - felt more like a person. Great name of a character: Thomas Tickletext.

    Much more fun than Pamela.

    I read this version: gutenberg/ebooks/30962 in the Kindle format

    Very funny, for anyone who has read Pamela.

    Dawn Prokop
    A very entertaining parody of the novel Pamela.

    Janey Allen
    One of the funniest books I read in college!

    Satire on sPamela, it's a hoot.

    18th century version of a Mel Brooks film.

    Ew, as if boyfriend!!You tell em. What a fucking awesome retort. Wow, I am floored right now.

    Una magnífica parodia del libro Pamela. Si con Tom Jones uno no puede evitar reírse, con este libro es obligatorio. Sobre todo, si ha caído en tus manos la Pamela original.

    Hannah Taylor
    This almost makes reading Pamela worthwhile!

    J. Alfred
    This novella is hysterical if and only if one has read Richardson's Pamela. Fielding is a winner.

    Julia Florek Turcan
    A silly little spoof of Richardson's tedious novel. It made me giggle.

    Nick Bond
    Only worth reading if you've already read Pamela. Pretty funny if you have.

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