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  • Title: Undead and Unpopular
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780425215999
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • As Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor approaches the big 3 1 in human years, that is , she has a lot on her plate There are wedding plans to finalize, with no help from her fiance Eric And Betsy s decided to stop drinking blood, something Eric, the vampire king, may not understandSo when some guests show up uninvited, and they happen to be the powerful European vampires whoAs Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor approaches the big 3 1 in human years, that is , she has a lot on her plate There are wedding plans to finalize, with no help from her fiance Eric And Betsy s decided to stop drinking blood, something Eric, the vampire king, may not understandSo when some guests show up uninvited, and they happen to be the powerful European vampires who have finally come to pay their respects the week before her birthday, Betsy gets really cranky
    MaryJanice Davidson
    MaryJanice Davidson is an American author and motivational speaker who writes mostly paranormal romance, but also young adult and non fiction She is the creator of the popular Undead series and is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author She writes a bi weekly column for USA Today A Writer s Life and lives in St Paul with her family You can reach her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter MaryJanice s Facebook page facebook maryjanicedavcmillan author maryja


    Meh Is it just me or is Betsy the Vampire Queen getting dumber? She was a lot more sarcastic and fun in the first books. Now she's whiny and stupid. Bleh

    “This place drives me nuts sometimes: nutty vampires, a bitchy werewolf, a zombie, a grumpy billionaire, and a vampire on a hunger strike.”Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, sadly, the book isn’t that thunderous and comical as you may think from the quote above. Yes, all of the aforementioned creatures are in the story, and more. Let’s see what we have:The zombie. Totally pointless. As if he just accidentally took the wrong attic. The “bitchy werewolf”. That’s Antonia, who doesn’t [...]

    Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    4 Stars: And the errors and typo hit just keep coming. The first few chapters have you confused because of what happened between books four and five. The author introduces new characters with no explanation what so ever as how they joined the plot line. However, this books is fun mindless read like the rest of the series.Among some of my favorites. Outstanding literary work. The characters are well developed, interesting. The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable. The writing [...]

    Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    I'm not sure how I feel about this book. It didn't feel too short. It did have an element of ridiculousness. It felt silly. The world building felt like "let me pull something out of my hat." The Ant thing, they were useless anyway, so And why did she feel the need to name another duo of characters with the same name, Laura? It was Antonia. It's not necessary, doesn't add in anyway to plot or character development.I'm getting to the point where I don't care. I may or may not continue.

    Betsy has a lot of things on her mind in this book! A birthday, an upcoming marriage, Jessica's secret, a new delegation of super-old vampires from Europe, and well, a lot more!Yep, Betsy is going to have a busy schedule in this one, she won't have a moment of rest. When one thing happens the next is already waiting for her. I loved how Betsy was making a guest list for a birthday party she didn't want. :P Because she knew that she would get a surprise one and wanted to make sure she gets all th [...]

    Maybe it's because I'm not ready yet to read another Betsy story.Maybe it's because there is not enough Betsy-Sinclair romance in this book.Maybe it's because there are too many characters dropping in and out of chapters even Betsy herself is confused.Maybe it's because Betsy can't stop whining throughout the book without solving anything until the end.Hell, maybe it's because the book is too thin (more value for money, please!). I don't know.All I know is, I don't enjoy this book as much as Und [...]

    Yet one more Betsy adventure & I'm afraid it is getting old. There wasn't anything particularly memorable about this book either. The world didn't grow much & the most interesting conundrum pretty much flopped, IMO. While I might pick up with book 6 as an audio again some time in the future, I'm pretty much burned out for now. The humor is getting stale & that's really about all the series has to recommend it.

    Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor is back with a bang and on the verge of a ginormous breakdown!!! Her fast-approaching thirty-first birthday and her impending nuptials have got her knickers in a twist!d to that a few other pesky details: best friend Jessica seems more cranky than usual, one of her loyal subjects seeks permission to “turn” her mortal lover over to the dark side, a delegation of smarmy European vampires have finally come to pay their respects to the new monarchs AND there’s a rott [...]

    At first this book confused me as I thought I'd missed something in book before as there seemed to be another Antonia who was going out with Garrett yet who just suddenly appeared. It seems I wasn't aware (neither where others it seems) that there is a short novella between Undead and Unreturnable and this book. This book seemed completely rushed and I didn't really see the whole point of the European vampires, they didn't really offer much in ways of a story, apart from they where meant to be t [...]

    I have finally been cured of any lingering desire to read Mary Janice Davidson's books ever again. The Undead series has been getting worse with each book and they seem to have hit rock bottom with #5. (What frightens me is that there's more of them after this have they reached the outer circles of hell yet, I wonder?)The characters have magically seemed to lose any depth they may have gained in previous books, there's no plot, and yeah, that's about it. No characters, no plot. But there is a zo [...]

    As with all books in this series the tongue remains firmly in check. This particular installment was desperately light in plot with a few lose ends left waving. It was more "aday in the life." I am willing to forgive the all over the place plot though because it is a series and this could simply be a book setting up a larger plot down the road.

    The next book in the series and it is just okay. The story is really short, even though quite eventful. But it just didn't fully grab my attention. Also I didn't like the way that the things about Alonzo ended. The day of Betsy's birthday is coming and so is the her surprise party. In the meantime Betsy decides to give up drinking blood and Jesse has some really terrifying news for her. The delegation of very old and powerful vampires from Europe is coming to meet with the new queen. And everybo [...]

    This series isn’t as funny as it used to be. Betsy is just plain annoying now.

    Review for fangsorfuroks.officeliveBook 5, Undead and Unpopular in MaryJanice Davidson's Queen Betsy series will not be a disappointment. Book 5 takes place just a short time after book four. Betsy Taylor (Queen of the vampires) is about to celebrate her 31st birthday, her birthday also just happens to be the date of her death, thus she's been a vampire for one year. Betsy is juggling wedding plans, a living human tradition she wants to participate in with her sexy consort/king and husband Eric [...]

    C.T. Phipps
    Undead and Unpopular continues the wonderful adventures of Betsy, Queen of the Vampires. I absolutely this series and won't deny it's been a strong influence on my own writing. The nonstop jokes and oddball characters make it one of the best deconstructions of vampire literature ever made. Well, maybe not, but it's certainly damned funny. Sinclair, Marc, Jessica, Tina, Betsy, Garrett, and Antonia are all wonderful characters. It's rare I like every single member of the cast but that's certainly [...]

    Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor is busy planning her wedding to Eric Sinclair, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want people to fuss over her upcoming 31st birthday. She also has other things on her mind – she’s decided to stop drinking blood (which is making her really really cranky), she has both a ghost and a zombie living in the house, unexpected vampire guests keep dropping by, one vampire seeks revenge against another, and worst of all – one of her friends is acting oddly.“Undead an [...]

    This book was much better than the previous book in the series. I read it in one sitting and didn't want to put it down until I was done. My only complaint was the surprise in the attic. Betsy makes a big deal of how she should have listened to the warnings about it and when she finally had to deal with her "surprise" it only lasted a few pages and had no real impact on the book. I did wonder if the "surprise" would turn out to be Betsy's father since he hasn't been seen for a while, but that wa [...]

    Bronwyn Rykiert
    This is the 5th book in the Undead series about the vampire queen Betsy Taylor and her vampire followers and her human friends.This one is not as good as the previous books, there was not that much of story to it. It is more just day to day life which in itself is okay. I would like to see more interaction between her and her king Eric Sinclair. She is still planning her wedding that Eric seems to be reluctant about and she is getting ready to celebrate her 30th birthday. I have to admit that so [...]

    Uzuri Wilkerson
    I think I'm about done with this series. It was fun while it lasted. I have one more in my possession I may pick up between books, I don't know. The dialogue is funny but I didn't get--or worse, didn't care about--Jessica's illness. I didn't appreciate finding out I should've found a companion book between three and four. That was annoying. The zombie was so random and I didn't understand the connection with Betsy acknowledging her royal role. And Jon or Delk or whatever his name was and his boo [...]

    This book was an easy read. It's comical and pretty light without being fluffy. What kept me invested wasn't the plot, although it wasn't bad, but the characters. Betsy is the vampire queen, who has a potty mouth and sounds like a teenager, but her edginess is actually kind of refreshing. Her fiance Sinclair is the vampire king, and he is endearing if a little high-handed at times. Add to this a cranky step-mother, a baby brother, a few well-intentioned human roomates, and some murderous vamps a [...]

    Robin K
    It seems to me that these books are getting weaker as I go. Almost like MaryJanice is running out of things to write for Betsy. Both this book and the last book were extremely uneventful. They just run on. I also want to know when Garrett (George the Fiend) became involved with Antonia. Who is she and where did she come from? I kept checking to make sure I had not missed something. The book was also lacking in conflict. There was no drama or excitement. I hope the next books ramps up a bit.

    Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy
    Insanity continuesAaah Betsy Betsy Betsy how does she keep getting into all this trouble. I felt a bit lost in the story line as some thing went unresolved *no spoilers* but I simply love the series and will continue. Hopefully the answers will come!

    Betsy's always good for a chuckle. She got on my nerves a little bit in this one (maybe it was her no-blood irritability). This one felt light, even for a Queen Betsy book. But it was a perfectly acceptable entertainment for a rainy, lazy Saturday.

    Fun, quick read.

    ✎Stacey "The One Night Biter"
    Zomies wedding birthday plans and revenge killing all in a days work for the QueenGreat job series

    This was more like it. Enjoyed this book better than others 4.5 stars for me. More action. More humor. Less romance kept me turned it and I just breezed thru book 5.

    Fun! Love Betsy. Love that their is a character that knits - in this series and that he is a vampire fiend that lives in the basement. I just love so many things about this series. YAY!

    This New York Times bestselling author's Undead series is more popular than ever! With her birthday coming up, Betsy isn't in the best frame of mind to face the powerful European vampires who have finally come to pay their respects. Playing politics is not her strong suit, especially when she finds out her best friend Jessica may have a life-threatening illness. Sure Betsy can save her life by taking it-isn't that what friends are for?-but the choice isn't in her hands. With her fiancé Eric dod [...]

    This is simply a filler if I compare it to a long running show. There is nothing in this book that moves the story forward or adds to the depth of Betsy's character. If anything her character is mentally stunted and often reverts to infantile states when she is asked to flex her mental prowess and make a decision, this may be due, in part to her restriction of blood ingestion. I would simply skip this and go on the next book in the series. For those that need a breakdown: -Sophie and Liam come b [...]

    I started this book incredibly confused. When the heck did George change his name to Garrett, start talking, and get a girlfriend? Apparently there was some short story in between books 4 and 5 where this happened, so I'm annoyed that it was just thrown into this book with no explanation. Same thing with Sophie and Liam - I had no idea who they were, and apparently they were introduced in some other short story. Oh, well.I do think this series is fun, but the plots of the books are getting slimm [...]

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