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  • Title: Through Violet Eyes
  • Author: Stephen Woodworth
  • ISBN: 9780553803372
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • In a world where the dead can testify against the living, someone is getting away with murder Because to every generation are born a select few souls with violet colored eyes, and the ability to channel the dead Both rare and precious and rigidly controlled by a society that craves their services these Violets perform a number of different duties The most fortunate incrIn a world where the dead can testify against the living, someone is getting away with murder Because to every generation are born a select few souls with violet colored eyes, and the ability to channel the dead Both rare and precious and rigidly controlled by a society that craves their services these Violets perform a number of different duties The most fortunate increase the world s cultural heritage by channeling the still creative spirits of famous dead artists and musicians The least fortunate aid the police and the law courts, catching criminals by interviewing the deceased victims of violent crime.But now the Violets themselves have become the target of a brutal serial murderer a murderer who had learned how to mask his or her identity even from the victims Can the FBI, aided by a Violet so scared of death that she is afraid to live, uncover the criminal in time Or must of her race be dispatched to the realm that has haunted them all since childhood
    Stephen Woodworth
    Stephen Woodworth is an American speculative fiction author, and a native of Fullerton, California.


    Linda Strong
    I read this book several years ago and thought it was time for a re-read. I remembered most of the story, mainly because it's such a change of pace from what I normally read.Natalie Lindstrom is a Violet. She's one of a group of select investigators who have the 'gift' of being able to interview victims of violent crime. This allows the victims to testify against their killers through the Violet. But now someone is targeting all the Violets. Special Agent Dan Atwater is Natalie's bodyguard until [...]

    Mixed feelings on this one. I like the premise, being able to talk to the dead through the "Violets", but I had trouble accepting that these poeple would be forced into service and be bound to continue working through intimidation. I also never really understood what the motivation was for the killer and how his accomplice met her end. Since this is a first novel, I am inclined to give the second one a chance. While the first one wasn't horrible, the second one might be better and I did feel a c [...]

    Majo's Library.
    Fué como un disparo.Toda la fuerza y la potencia en las primeras páginas, para dejar luego un largo tramo de "dolor" aburrido.Los Violetas, son personas (con ojos color violeta valga la redundancia) que tienen la capacidad de ver el momento de su muerte y reconocer al asesino, uno de ellos, la violeta Natalie Lindstrom junto con Dan Atwaker agente del FBI trabajarán juntos para perseguir y atrapar a un asesino en serie.

    Yolanda Sfetsos
    I have to admit that the concept of this book totally grabbed me. After reading the blurb, I knew I wanted to read this book. And I loved it!In this alternate universe, the Violets are people who can channel the dead. They are born with the skill and all have violet eyes. They also have some fascinating jobs within society and are actively expected to help out whenever the authorities need them. They are also closely monitored and controlled by the NAACC, and often testify in court by serving as [...]

    Becky Churchman
    Ugh, I don't even know where to start with this. Cliché story about a fallen FBI agent who tries to redeem himself. Has to protect a woman, they end up falling in love (of course), and he dies. She ends up being pregnant with his child at the end. Gag me with a spoon. A suspense story should not be so obvious. I like the whole premise of the Violets, but every law enforcement officer in this story (cop, FBI, CIA) seems completely inept. The main character (FBI guy) seems so naïve. Furthermore, [...]

    Lucille P Robinson
    This isn't exactly a review. I hate to tell the story of any novel. Rather, I prefer to try and entice the readers to pick up certain books. If you like the psychic talents that many people believe are used by the more fortunate ones of the human race, then you'll like Stephen Woodworth's series on Violet Eyes.I really liked Through Violet Eyes mainly because the criminals could not escape their victims as easily as we thought. The idea of a person being able to talk with the dead is not a new o [...]

    When I started reading this book I had the next three in the series on my TBR, immediately after finishing this book all of them went onto my posted books shelf. The story had such an interesting concept and plot and in the hands of a better writer it would have had the potential to be amazing, but this writer has more creativity than skill. It also seemed somewhat like torture porn in the descriptions of the deaths, it was somewhat like the writer, or the narrator at least, was enjoying what th [...]

    Pretty neat idea. In many ways, this book is structured like your standard catch-the-killer story, but with the twist of having the Violets, who can channel the spirits of the dead. For me, I would have liked to have more POV chapters from the Violet character, but that's just me. I'm a sucker for the, "oh, that's neat" part. The world seemed to be structured such that having the phenomenon of the Violets was well thought-out and resonant in the culture. Fast pace, and I didn't find myself think [...]

    I debated about how to classify this book because it doesn't fit the fantasy genre (no magic exactly, current day setting), nor the science fiction genre (only sort of science, current day - not future), so I settled on urban fantasy by default because it does fit the current day setting, but I think it might be better to think of it as an alternate reality mystery/thriller. (I probably need to just add a speculative fiction category and be done with it.)Premise for the alternate reality: There [...]

    Òphiere editoriale
    L'ho trovato di una cupezza incredibile, finisce male ed è pure scritto coi piedi. Ha dalla sua una notevolissima intelligenza nelle trovate che si ispirano alla tradizione esoterica rielaborandola. Ecco che la preghiera per allontanare la posseissione da parte degli spiriti diviene il mantram personale che riconnette l'individuo alla sua vera personalità. Ecco che la conoscenza del nome segreto dell'individuo , da parte dello spirito gli da la possibilità di prendere possesso del soggetto. E [...]

    There exist a small number of people - "violets" - with an unusual power: the ability to see through the eyes of the deceased. The justice system uses them to help catch and convict murderers. So it was probably only a matter of time before someone decided to take them out. But their identities are - or should be - a tightly held secret. How is the murderer tracking them down in the first place? And once the violets know they are targets, will they help with the investigation or simply do their [...]

    Reading through some of the reviews I was much less impressed than most of the other reviewers. I give him credit on two things - The concept was original and quite good and there is a twist near the end that surprised me completely, most authors would be too scared to do something like kill the hero. The only problem was the writing was not terribly good, average at best. I am a crime drama fan and I didn't get the nervousness or sense of dread for the victim as I usually do. It wasn't bad exac [...]

    The BookWhisperer
    This is my first book by Stephen Woodworth. I was very impressed by this story, it was unlike anything else that I have read recently. This is definetly a recommendable book. It held quite a realistic view of societies view of the unknown. Dan's hestiatance with Natalie due to his fear of her ability was one that anyone could relate. I was pleased that he found a way to over come his stereotypes to really care for Natalie. It also interested me the effects of their ability was enough to make som [...]

    This book is an absolute delight. My friend, Leslie, and I picked it up at random, and it just goes to show that diamonds are out there in the offline world that deserve more love than all the hyped books combined. I began a little reluctantly, I will admit, but it took no time at all for me to sink into the world and bathe in the narrative. The writing was tight without being dull, and it read very easily, very quickly. Straightforward yet stylish. Perfectly paced. So good, even from the get-go [...]

    Katarina Pisarova
    Nice twist on a ghost story.Nathalie "BOO" Lindstrom is a Violet. A "conduit" for the dead. A government "employee" who helps put criminals where they belong.Only what is going to happen when someone starts picking off Violets one by one? Who is this mysterious killer? Will Boo and her FBI shadow Dan Atwater be able to stop him before its too late?Realy liked the twist in the plot in this book.If you like a good mystery and are a fan of fantasy try reading this. I was not disappointed by this bo [...]

    Nina Bradley
    Fast-paced alternate-reality thriller. There are people with violet eyes who can channel the dead. The "violets" can be used for anything from channeling long-dead composers and artists (presumably to continue their work) to bringing back the murdered to point out their killers. Natalie, one of our main protagonists is one of the latter. Except now it is the "violets" who are being targeted and she has to figure out who wants them dead. It was an enjoyable read. This series will probably become [...]

    Scary -- in this future time, 'Violet Eyes' have special powers to contact the dead. They use this power to become 'expert witnesses' at trials for violent crimesey can connect with the victims and speak through them, reliving their deaths. But now, someone is killing off the Violet Eyes.An FBI agent attempts to protect Natalie, a Violet-Eyeey will both go to the very limits of human effort -- and beyond -- to stay save and togetherThis is faster moving that King or Koontz, with the same punch o [...]

    Elle Drue
    I read this book after a friend suggested it. It definitely wasn't my usual cup of tea. There were some vaguely interesting parts, but overall I found the whole novel boring. There was nothing special about it. The underlining romance wasn't very believable, and I found the characters to be deeply underdeveloped. The "twist" ending was very unexciting. I'd recommend this only if it gets made into a movie.

    I love this concept! Violets are conduits to souls or dead people that haven't moved on. But what a life! Souls constantantly "knocking" in your head & trying to inhabit YOU to finish business on earth. And worse yet a govt entity using them & forcing them into servitude using their gift. Paranormal meets good mystery writing!

    Sarita Hammond
    LOVED this book. Just my kind of fantasy. Completely different from anything i've read and that made it all the more exciting. I love a good murder mystery and this was that plus strange fantasycely wrapped together. The ending was a little sad for me, but still good. I'm excited to read the next book.

    A fascinating premise and a completely realistic portrayal of the bureaucracy that would surround the government control of the power to be conduits between the dead and the living. And the twist ending really threw me. It took me a little while to get into the story but once I sat down and actually read it, I got caught up in the story and finished it in a few hours. I loved it.

    The first half of the book is a tight, well-written thriller. There is a sense of mystery and dread and I was really hooked.The second half is disappointing. It is rushed and the ending is abrupt. It is such a shame, especially considering the excellent first half. Perhaps Woodworth could have spent more time or pages to flesh out the second half.

    Ben Loory
    a well-written and fast-moving paranormal thriller, reminiscent of one of my favorite (mostly unknown) SF classics, philip jose farmer's Traitor to the Living. interesting concepts stacked like bricks and then thrown really hard at the main character.

    One of those books that's not the best, but I keep on my shelf for when I don't want to have to really think, I just want something entertaining. Classic Sci-fi, well-written, good twists at the very least.

    Oh my gosh! This is a must read. It's gross, funny, scary, perfectly written, and I literally couldn't put it down for two days. I read it every moment I could squeeze in. Just amazing. I'm going to have to read the next one in a few days or I will go insane!

    Tattered Cover Book Store
    This is the first book in a kick-butt sci-fi/mystery series. I picked it up years ago as an advanced readers copy and nearly went nuts when I found out that the next book wasn't coming out for another six months. Good, good stuff!!!Jackie

    This was sort of your typical “catch the serial killer” thriller with a nice original twist. The Violets make things interesting. I wasn’t expecting one of the twists at the end. The next three books in the series will be immediately added to my wish list!

    Scott Magill
    Woodworth creates a great story by only adding one thing to the reality of the world. I thought it was great how one thing can make a whole new world. This book does a great job of maintaining the reality effect.

    This series has a lot of potential and I am hoping that the next two books will be more intense and intricate. Yet, I like the idea of the Violet Eyes and the hardships they go through. Interesting Concept.

    I rather enjoyed this mystery/sci-fi/thriller tale. The characters were intriguing, the writing kept me turning pages, and I was pleased to note there are two more books in Woodworth's "Violet Eyes" series that I will be sure to look for

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