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  • Title: Diary of a Seducer
  • Author: Søren Kierkegaard Gerd Gillhoff Michael Dirda
  • ISBN: 9780826418470
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback

  • Diary of a Seducer records Johannes s discovery of a girl with the Shakespearean name Cordelia, whom he sets out to control Intricately, meticulously, cunningly, the seduction proceeds No detail is too small to escape Johannes quot She sits on the sofa by the tea table and I sit on a chair at her side This position has an intimate quality and at the same time a deDiary of a Seducer records Johannes s discovery of a girl with the Shakespearean name Cordelia, whom he sets out to control Intricately, meticulously, cunningly, the seduction proceeds No detail is too small to escape Johannes quot She sits on the sofa by the tea table and I sit on a chair at her side This position has an intimate quality and at the same time a detaching dignity.quot Less erotic than an intellectual depiction of seduction, Diary of a Seducer shows the casuist Kierkegaard in what he characterized as the aesthetic mode A new introduction by Michael Dirda puts this influential novella into high relief.
    Søren Kierkegaard Gerd Gillhoff Michael Dirda
    S ren Aabye Kierkegaard was a prolific 19th century Danish philosopher and theologian Kierkegaard strongly criticised both the Hegelianism of his time and what he saw as the empty formalities of the Church of Denmark Much of his work deals with religious themes such as faith in God, the institution of the Christian Church, Christian ethics and theology, and the emotions and feelings of individuals when faced with life choices His early work was written under various pseudonyms who present their own distinctive viewpoints in a complex dialogue.Kierkegaard left the task of discovering the meaning of his works to the reader, because the task must be made difficult, for only the difficult inspires the noble hearted.Scholars have interpreted Kierkegaard variously as an existentialist, neo orthodoxist, postmodernist, humanist, and individualist.Crossing the boundaries of philosophy, theology, psychology, and literature, he is an influential figure in contemporary thought.


    Riku Sayuj
    A Wound Masked As a BoastOK, was thrown into an inverted Faust here, but with Faust helping Mephistopheles in his conquests! What then? Should the morality change in any way?Mephistopheles is a seducer, the poor devil. The eternal seducer, but the one who bores of his victims at the cusp. Or is that just what he tells himself? (yeah, the "wills evil, does good" bit.)"In the vast literature of love, The Seducer's Diary is an intricate curiosity--a feverishly intellectual attempt to reconstruct an [...]

    Khashayar Mohammadi
    I first read this book right after "Fear and Trembling"; and having just finished such a complex and dense philosophical book, I did not comprehend the point of "The Seducer's Diary", and how it fitted in Kierkegaard's philosophical world.Now however, after re-reading the book in the context of "Either/Or" I finally understand why it was written this way. Johannes, the seducer, is Kierkegaard's key Aesthete in the Ethic/aesthetic dichotomy of "Either/Or", and the seducer's words find meaning onl [...]

    I read Kierkegaard's THE SEDUCER'S DIARY in one sitting. This short work is obviously easy to read because Kierkegaard's style, although a bit antiquated, is very enticing. But this work is also difficult to read without outrage. Quel type tordu, ce Kierkegaard!What I find especially interesting is that this short piece is essential to his work since eventually Regine (the fictional Cordelia)became his muse. . . . Which is to say that he (the fictional Johannes)was afraid of life since he could [...]

    In the vast literature of love, The Seducer's Diary is an intricate curiosity--a feverishly intellectual attempt to reconstruct an erotic failure as a pedagogic success, a wound masked as a boast. – John Updike in his introduction to The Seducer's DiaryRegine Olsen occupies a central role in Kierkegaard's thought and writings, and indeed a unique position in the history of all of Western philosophy. It can be argued that no other single woman has been so instrumental in a major philosopher's d [...]

    Tim Cole
    Reason for reading:Soren Kierkegaard is regarded as one of the first, if not the very first, existentialist philosophers. The Seducer’s Diary is one part of a greater work Either / Or. It is also one of the 20 books in the Penguin Great Loves collection. Given its reputation I was sure I couldn’t go wrong.About the book:This is a book made up of diary entries and letters. Johannes, the writer, boasts of his skills in the art of seducing women. He talks of his abilities to keep a distance whi [...]

    I was reminded of this book when I got to the big seduction scene in Cohen's Belle du Seigneur. Solal spends about 30 pages describing in great detail to Ariane all the psychological tricks he uses when he goes about performing a seduction, complaining that women are dumb enough to fall for it, and indeed require this kind of treatment. He is ostensibly doing it to repulse her, but in fact his explanation is very seductive, and indeed works brilliantly. I get the impression that Kierkegaard was [...]

    The seducer is Johannes. He sees the girl, and he is determined to make her his. He writes a diary in which his plan is outlined to make her fall for him. He stalks her. He learns her name is Cordelia. He makes her acquaintance. He becomes engaged to her. The final stage: He drives her to break off the engagement. Hunting is his game. The killed game does not interest him. He already has another girl in mind. He's an arsehole.How much of the seducer Johannes is in Kierkegaard? says this about h [...]

    Kierkegaard's The Seducer's Diary describes a man (Johannes)'s calculated scheme to seduce a young girl (Cordelia) into falling in love with him. Described by Updike as "a wound disguised as a boast" this novel/essay/diary is elegiac in its cold lack of apology. It is a book of opposites, of painful ironies.I feel ashamed to say that I have been a seducer. It has felt normal to me, and I wondered (and still wonder) if it is not singularly a paradigm of romantic normalcy - is love a myth? Is ever [...]

    Katerina Mezhekova
    This was deadly boring and seems rather naive as a part of a philosophical work. As for the main character seducing girls had been an esthetically tempting exercise and his only occupation throughout the book. But the author (showing us all the imaginable aspects of the character's challenge) is merely endlessly polishing up his graphomania and recuperating from the guilt trips we can barely share or understand.It's a shame this book is much less than it could be, even considering the ages passe [...]

    I picked this up in a little hole-in-the-wall shop three months ago, purely for aesthetic reasons-- the gorgeous, pressed cover. And I guess the lesson was, sometimes you can tell the book by it after all. It was exquisite and haunting, and it's Kierkegaard that does the true seducing in the end; so wrapped up was I in the story that, much like Johann's innocent young muse, it was as if suddenly waking up, tangled in a web.

    من پاییز و زمستان سال قبل رو با این کتاب سر کردم، و حدود نصفش رو ترجمه کردم و قصدم این بود که به صورت رایگان روی اینترنت منتشرش کنم. امسال توسط یکی از دوستان گودریدز متوجه شدم که کسی این کتاب رو (که بخشی از کتاب بلند کیرکگور به نام "یا این یا آن" هستش) ترجمه کرده و قراره امسال منتشر [...]

    Minh Nhật
    Người ta sẽ chỉ đọc những cuốn sách mà họ hiểu hoặc cảm thấy hay, lần này mình cố đọc cho xong một cuốn sách để tìm kiếm trải nghiệm về cái sự không-hiểu. Nói không hiểu cũng không đúng, nhưng mình chỉ lờ mờ cảm nhận được cái dòng ý thức của tác giả, có vài đoạn mình ngỡ là tìm được điểm để nhập thể vào cái dòng ý thức đó nhưng rồi cũng bị trôi tuột đi. Cuối cù [...]

    Seducer's Diary is primarily a philosophical work from Soren Kierkegaard: a 19th century Danish philosopher, and one of the earlier enthusiasts of Existentialism. It is part of one of his most illustrative works Either/Or, which I hope to read sometime. In Either/Or, with a few fictional pseudonyms, Kierkegaard argues for both the aesthetic (Either) and ethical (Or) aspects of life. It is in the Either or the aesthetic part that Seducer's Diary finds its place.In itself, the Seducer's Diary is a [...]

    I rarely get so excited to read a book. How could it not be brilliant? It's a philosopher I thoroughly enjoy (Fear and Trembling, for example, is brilliant), writing about a subject that's always intriguing (young love gone wrong), with an approach that is sure to be complicated and thoughtful (trying to make himself look like the bad guy). Honestly, I've been fascinated by Kierkegaard and Olsen's relationship since I first heard a summary of their lives.So I can't begin to describe the disappoi [...]

    For the first time in my life I am afraid of not being able to finish a book because that it's drag me into huge melancholy. But I guess I can not bear not to read such a good bookIt's not the first Soren book i read, but this one is a great surprise for me. It's a story beyond such arguments like God, hope, sins etc. Certainly not like the author's styleReading it gives me pain , like every woman that read this book would; but I guess I can not sleep tonight without finishing it

    A book I love to hate, and hate to love. It stirred so much anger at the injustice. He went through so much for the simple aesthetic of the seduction, at some point almost making you believe that it was genuine. Then it's over, you never get time to process the end. All you can do is ask "why"?

    The book was boring imo but I loved the writing style.

    Notable descripción de los pensamientos de un seductor compulsivo, que cree que "adueñarse del alma de una jovencita es un arte, pero quedar libre es una obra maestra".

    Ana Rînceanu
    I liked this book, but I feel the need to re-read it in the context of "Either/Or". I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one long chapter, except that the author is trying to take pride in a romantic failure. Oddly enough he succeeds.

    "Unhappy mirror, which assuredly can grasp her image but not her, who indeed dares to capture her but not to hold her; unhappy mirror, which cannot secretly hide her image in itself, hide it from the whole world, but can only disclose it to others as it now does to me. What torture if a human being were fashioned that way."John Updike called Kierkegaard's writing "feverishly intellectual" - which almost begins to describe the quality of the writing. The prose of The Seducers Diary (Volume I of E [...]

    Escribo esto afectado tal vez por el descubrimiento de un rubro nuevo que acabo de anadir a mi lista de activades estupidas: montar bicicleta a 9 grados (bajo cero). Despues de la carrera tuve que comprobar, al tacto, si mis orejas estaban todavia ahi, pero es probable que parte de mi cerebro no, y por eso le doy una estrella al clasico de Kierkegaard. O tal vez este sea un tema de expectativas, donde, enganado (peor que Cordelia, la damita de la novela) por el titulo quise ingenuamente encontra [...]

    "Дневник на прелъстителя" е философски поглед на Сьорен Киркегор върху любовта, съблазняването, младите момичета и красотата на всяка една емоция. Поради факта, че не съм чела други негови трудове не мога да коментирам цялостната му философия, а единствено написаното в тоз [...]

    Non sono presuntuosa e questa non è una vera e propria recensione. Dunque, se è vero che l'esteta persegue il pieno godimento della vita egli vive nel presente, tuttavia il livello di godimento raggiungibile dipende dal livello di spiritualità raggiunto. Ne conseguono una ricerca attenta e ponderata, di quelli che sono i "piaceri", una scelta ragionata tra quelli possibili e che producono godimento intenso. Tuttavia l'espressione di questo "godimento" è determinata dal talento individuale, d [...]

    Este libro puede parecer superficial al inicio pero conforme avanza te das cuenta como va penetrando en ti la personalidad del personaje y logras entender cada pasa que va dando para cumplir con su cometido. Debo admitir que el tema no es de mis favoritos pero el desarrollo y las explicaciones detalladas del Don Juan en turno ganaron mi corazón. Sin duda alguna Kierkegaard penetra de manera profunda en las entrañas de un seductor que mide fríamente cada uno de los pasos que dará para tener a [...]

    Jose Gaona
    Éste es uno de esos libros, hijos de su época, que poco tienen que decir a las venideras excepto como dudoso corolario sociológico del tiempo en que nacieron. "Diario de un seductor" nos muestra al Kierkegaard más estético, aquel que no se arremolina frente a los dictados de la ética para lograr sus propósitos. Sin embargo, no me parece un mal libro por motivos morales. Más bien creo que como relato adolece de tensión narrativa, como documento psicológico de vida en sus personajes y co [...]

    I abandoned this book. I probably would not be compelled to try again. Quite simply, I found it antiquated and trite. The fact that the main character spends all of his time and energy stalking this young woman, attempting to get her to fall for him, but him keeping emotionally distant so that he can eventually put her down, as some sort of aesthetic exercise was, to me, ridiculous and a waste of time reading about. He seems the victim of his own intent. No thanks. Beautiful cover, though.

    Eldenoa asil
    On aime ou on aime pas le séducteur qui rode et qui semble toujours désespéré de désir pour sa cible. Je l'aime parce qu'il aime plus qu'une femme, il aime LA femme. On peut se demander si Kierkegaard est un romantique, c'est ce qui m'a attirer vers ce livre, mais finalement il te laisse ce goût amer qui vient supprimer toute poésie. Johannes correspond bien à la première figure de l'homme, le don Juan qui expert dans l'art de satisfaire ses désirs, n'en devient que plus addicte.

    Ellen Hayhurst

    Alfred Bates
    Am I the only person who found this book to be epically hilarious?

    Не мога да обобщя тази книга. Схванах се, обърках се, отново не се разбрах, после пак се разбрахИзрод. В хубавия смисъл.

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