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  • Title: Crescent City
  • Author: Belva Plain
  • ISBN: 9780440115496
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • She was the exquisite daughter of a wealthy Jewish merchant From a charmed girlhood in opulent New Orleans, she would be swept into the cataclysm of the Civil War Forced to choose between her duties as a Southern wife and mother and her love for a forbidden man, a forbidden cause, Miriam Raphael is at the center of the whirlwind in a spellbinding novel of divided loyaltiShe was the exquisite daughter of a wealthy Jewish merchant From a charmed girlhood in opulent New Orleans, she would be swept into the cataclysm of the Civil War Forced to choose between her duties as a Southern wife and mother and her love for a forbidden man, a forbidden cause, Miriam Raphael is at the center of the whirlwind in a spellbinding novel of divided loyalties and divided hearts.
    Belva Plain
    Belva Plain was a best selling American author of mainstream women s fiction Her first novel, Evergreen 1978 topped the New York Times bestseller list for 41 weeks and was made into a TV miniseries At her death, there were over 30 million copies of her twenty plus novels in print in 22 languages.


    Silvio Curtis
    Historical novel about the youth and middle age of the fictional Miriam, a Jew who is born in central Europe and is brought by her rich father to New Orleans as a girl in the last decades before the civil war. I always enjoy the theme of people trying to work out how to act on their ethical convictions in an unfriendly environment, and this book definitely falls into that type. Not only are Miriam and her brother David are pretty serious about their religion in a place where even their fellow Je [...]

    More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.I picked up this book in hopes that it would fulfill the "Civil War romance" category in the Unapologetic Romance Readers 2017 challenge. When it quickly became evident that it would not, I should have just let it go. But I didn't. I was also reading another of those family-centered sagas, The Tea Rose, and quite enjoying it, so I kept hoping I'd hit a point in Crescent City where it would have the same impact. Unfortunately, it never di [...]

    I enjoy historical fiction and this was 1860'S America, in which a long absent father, widowed since his daughter's birth, comes to take his children back from Europe to New Orleans, where he has built up a prosperous business and beautiful home. He's also remarried. The story follows the lives of the family through good times and then the war years, The loss of family members and fortunes as well as human emotions of jealousy, love and hate, and sacrifice all play out in this roughly 400 page n [...]

    Anne Vandenbrink
    Southern family saga. Follows Miriam Raphael, daughter of a wealthy Jewish merchant in New Orleans, before, during, and after the civil war.

    Gregg Brickman
    Crescent City by Belva Plain is a historical family saga set in nineteenth century New Orleans.The story begins in 1835 when Ferdinand Raphael returns to Europe to get his children from the grandfather's home in a depressed Jewish ghetto. He takes the children David and Miriam—who is the primary point-of-view character—to New Orleans, where he has become a rich and successful businessman.As the story follows the family through the Civil War, with it's destruction of the South and the lives o [...]

    In the early 1800's, after a Jewish widower made his fortune in the United States, he returns to his homeland in Europe to get his children, who had been living with relatives. He takes them away from the hardship and prejudice of their homeland to live in the vibrant city of New Orleans. This cosmopolitan town is totally different from the existence the children had in Europe. Their father had remarried and the home where the couple lived was opulent. The stepmother and one of her daughters wel [...]

    3.5 stars. Ended up liking this book more than I thought I would. I've enjoyed a bunch of Gwen Bristow and this falls in the same genre. Initially, the main character drove me a bit nuts but I had to remember she was a product of her time. I was really fascinated by the history of the time, the ostentatious wealth of the Southern plantation owners, the slave system that was so crucial to supporting that economy, the danger of being an abolitionist in the South. The love triangle was well done--a [...]

    The story takes place mostly in New Orleans before, during and after the Civil War. Families were divided because of their attitudes and often went for long periods of time not knowing where their loved ones were or even whether they were still alive. This was a terrible period in our country's history and so many lives were lost or changed forever because of injuries suffered in the war. There were many reversals of fortune as well. I found it interesting that there were some hints of what was [...]

    She was the stunning daughter of a wealthy Jewish merchant. From an idyllic childhood in opulent New Orleans, Miriam Raphael would be swept up into the turmoil of the Civil War. Forced to choose between her duties as a Southern wife and mother and her love for a forbidden man and a forbidden cause, Miriam is at the center of a whirlwind of divided loyalties and divided hearts.I really enjoyed this book. This was the first time that I have read this book, even though I love Belva Plain as an auth [...]

    Jamie Casey
    This story begins just before the civil war. A father, Ferdinand brings his son and daughter to America after his wife is killed in Poland. He and his family are Jewish and in America, it doesn't matter. There it only matters if your black or white. Miriam and David, brother and sister are before the times in that they don't understand why prejudice exists.David spends his life standing up for what he believes in. Miriam doesn't acknowledge her beliefs, or herself until middle age, even though s [...]

    This is a fun and good read for relaxing in the land of bathtubs at least for a woman. It has a lot of romance and some war. Sorry boys more romance and womanly thoughts than gory war scenes. The book makes you appreciate how far as a society we have come as far as human rights. It is set in the South before, during and after the Civil War. It gives you a great insight into the attitudes of good people who are sometimes clue less as to the human needs of slaves and women. I found it a fun and en [...]

    Intriquing plot, depressing book. A brother and sister go from a German Jewish ghetto in the mid-1800s to the upper-crust society of New Orleans just before the Civil War. It's an interesting spin on the politics and customs of the era, especially being from a Jewish vantage point. There is a great deal of time spent on the inner conflicts of the characters, creating a depressing atmosphere for the story--on top of the hardships they have to endure anyway. Very reminiscent of Gone With The Wind. [...]

    Miriam is moved to New Orleans early in her life. The proper Jewish wife, she learns that she really didn't know enough and is learning along the way. Her brother, David and her father, Ferdinand, are central to the beginning of the book, yet her character should have been better developed earlier. It skipped around and was not as in depth as I would have liked. The historical perspective of the Civil War in New Orleans was the best draw.

    Very "Gone With the Wind" similar, but I enjoyed reading something that didn't take much brain power! Guess I needed a good break. The beginning was different, since the main characters actually came from another country, but as the Civil war came upon New Orleans, the same divisions of loyalty come up within family - South/North; slavery/freedom. Of course, there is a love story woven within. Belva Plain is easy to read and adds much description to her setting and characters.

    Michelle Dunlap
    Just ok. Kinda like a Gone with the Wind wannabe novel.

    Sandy Clark
    Recommended by my mom who enjoyed Belva Plain books. Fascinating storyline through several generations of a Jewish family who migrated to New Orleans.

    I enjoyed the insight into the Civil War, from the perspective of an immigrant minority who was yet in a position of privilege.

    Kim Draughn
    Love the creole blending

    Titulo en España: Nueva Orleáns

    A sort of Jewish Gone With the Wind. Good storytelling and a focus on the horrors and futile nature of war.


    #6 I chose it because it was about New Orleans, but I really did enjoy the story

    It was just ok. A different perspective on the intricacies of the war!

    F Pla

    Mitzi Adkinson
    Loved this book about the Civil War and New Orleans!

    This is the story of New Orleans during the Civil War. It is the story of families and the culture and customs of New Orleans at that time.

    Lots of descriptionsry drawn outcent story.

    Diane Wachter
    RDC-M V 1, 1985, 7/87. Set in New Orleans during the Civil War, a married woman is torn between her duties as a wife and mother, and the love of a forbidden man. Okay.

    I absolutely loved this book. If you liked Gone With the Wind, you will also enjoy this book. Hard to put down.

    This was ok about the Civil War and I do enjoy historical novels but didn't really care for the story line or ending.

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