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  • Title: The Show That Smells
  • Author: Derek McCormack
  • ISBN: 9781550228557
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Show That Smells is the most SHOCKING story ever shown on the silver screen It s also the tale of Jimmie, a country music singer dying of tuberculosis, and Carrie, his wife, who tries to save him by selling her soul to a devil who designs haute couture clothing Elsa is a powerful Parisian dress designer, and a vampire She wants to make Carrie look beautiful, smell bThe Show That Smells is the most SHOCKING story ever shown on the silver screen It s also the tale of Jimmie, a country music singer dying of tuberculosis, and Carrie, his wife, who tries to save him by selling her soul to a devil who designs haute couture clothing Elsa is a powerful Parisian dress designer, and a vampire She wants to make Carrie look beautiful, smell beautiful and then she wants to eat her Will Carrie survive as her slave Will Jimmie be cured Starring a host of Hollywood s brightest stars, including Coco Chanel, Lon Chaney and the Carter Family, The Show That Smells is a thrilling tale of hillbillies, high fashion, and horror
    Derek McCormack
    Derek McCormack Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Show That Smells book, this is one of the most wanted Derek McCormack author readers around the world.


    This book was a delicious, delicious surprise. I picked it up after reading the plot summary on Dennis Cooper’s blog (the book is published by Cooper’s “Little House on the Bowery” series). I expected a delightful, quirky and enjoyably subversive summer read. I was completely unprepared for what “The Show That Smells” really is: startling, funny, full of unexpected twists and morsels of horrific glee. It is almost a novel in verse, and reading it is more like the experience of watchi [...]

    Joey Comeau
    The Show that Smells is a book for when you start feeling like you'll never read anything that surprises youThis book is insane. I didn't know books could be like this. It is a mirror maze of a book. It is a string of dead baby jokes and high fashion references. it is a vampire love story, loaded with gay sex and the monster hunting, gospel singing Carter Family. I have never read anything like it.I think Derek McCormack is easily the best writer in Canada.

    Derek McCormack's The Show that Smells assaults the senses like an opium-induced train-wreck into absurdity.That is to say, it is a wild ride that is all but impossible to turn away from.Staccato sentences collide with gruesome grotesquerie, with a collusion of familiar faces - Lon Chaney, The Carter Family, Coco fucking Chanel, a myriad host of others - interacting as if infested with hornets inside their living brains. Narrative? None to be seen. Or at least, nothing so overwrought as to be co [...]

    Blake Fraina
    It’s fitting that filmmaker Guy Maddin’s review is so prominently featured on the cover of Derek McCormack’s latest. These two have much more in common than their shared Canadian roots.Like Maddin’s films, McCormack’s wicked little novels are a style unto themselves; unlike anything else on the literary landscape. The Show That Smells manages to evoke the atmosphere of a grainy, sepia-tinted early talkie, while at the same time being nearly impossible to place in any particular time pe [...]

    Jeff Jackson
    Endorsed by both John Waters and Guy Maddin -- which should give you some idea of Derek McCormack's immaculately freewheeling short novel that explores the intersection of iconic hillbilly singers, vampires, carnival freaks, haute couture, and perfume in the midst of a mirror maze. There's a good review of it here.

    Brian Henry
    I don't know how to feel about this book.Freaks. Fashion. Vampires. Country music.All in a whirlwind of a Mirror Maze at a carnival.I half loved this book, and half almost didn't make it through.Chanel N°5. The Carter Family. Jimmie Rodgers. Sequins.The blood of little girls, the blood of little boys.Insanity in book form. It got a little wearisome at pointsbut it was still enjoyable.

    Peter Darbyshire
    McCormack is the love child of Dracula and Houdini.

    I got this at the Strand for a dollar, read it in one sitting and it rocked my world.

    This year I've come to depend on chance for brilliant books. I walk the aisles of the library and pluck what appeals to my fancy, based on the title, the cover, the first few pages, whatever criteria appeals to me at the moment.This slender volume of The Show That Smells had a severed monkey head in a state of decomposition on a white background. The text on the back was something from the roaring 20's. I was hooked.What a treat! McCormack is a genius. Punny, insane, and hilarious, the story tak [...]

    Charles Dee Mitchell
    In carney talk, a "show that smells" is an animal act. In McCormack's nifty stinker of a novella, the only animals are the hordes of bats summoned by the vampiric Elsa Schiaparelli -- and maybe a werewolf. Brief as this book is, things take place at so dizzying a pace that even having just now set it down, I can't say for sure if there was a werewolf in it or not. But there might as well have been.McCormack loves carnivals, and he sets this story in a house of mirrors. Proposed as a film directe [...]

    I was given this as a completely unexpected Christmas present from my sister, who knows well my affinity for strange books. Though it took me a bit to get into the rhythm of the writing, I got hooked on the outrageous cast of characters, typographical visuals, and the overall ridiculousness of the premise. The splashes of humor come unexpectedly, and are juxtaposed with the overall darkness of the story so that the reader is left with a perpetual sense of bewilderment. This is not a bad thing--I [...]

    Woah. Reading this book was an absolute delight; I highly recommend it. It's unlike anything you've ever read before -- surreal, hypnotic, lyrical, and VERY funny, just like the carnival funhouse that is its setting. Totally blew me away, and blew away all conceptions I had of what writers, gay fiction, horror fiction, and Canadians are capable of. I love Akashic Books and all they stand for, but they're really pushing it to call this a novel (or even novella) and charge $16 for it. This is defi [...]

    Russell Hubley
    Not for everyone (thankfully), but a great, nasty, bloody fusion of classic horror and twisted creativity. It is unlikely you will read anything like it. It flows poetically and visually like a great, forgotten Tod Browning movie from 1930. But it's more twisted than that. Highly original and highly entertaining. A great companion to The Haunted Hillbilly, which I also recommend (if you like this one).

    Gary Lee
    As always, I loved McCormack's incredibly minimalist style, and his frequent word play and repetition was fun -- but, I thought the plot was a bit lacking.But, at the same time, I also got the impression that I was missing out on a few things by not knowing more than broad, passing tidbits about his various references.

    This may be an unfair review as I only read half the mini-novel and could not continue. Perhaps its just not a style for everyone. I was not invested with the characters and really could not make sense of the purposeful non-sensical plot.

    Patrick Wensink
    Combining McCormak's usual minimalist muscle with a slapsticky homo-erotic Scooby Doo ghost story featuring country legends Jimmie Rogers and the Carter family into one of the funniest books I've read all year.

    Struggling with this one being SO similar to HAUNTED HILLBILLY, although McCormack seems much more playful and experimental with word geography here, ie the way words can evoke tangible spaces AND the way words are placed on a page. Beyond that, though, this verges on inane.

    I loved this book. It's another one that I would love to quote, but I'd probably end up quoting the whole thing. Everything about it is relevant to my interests. Such an inventive, amazing story.

    Sue Whelan
    i guess this was too experimental for me. only 108 pages but i couldnt finish it.

    Glen McCann
    I have no idea what I just read but I know I loved it.

    This one is a bitter disappointment after the superb double whammy of Grab Bag and The Haunted Hillbilly. I just couldn't get that interested in this weird vampire drama.


    Vestal McIntyre
    Another weird delight from McCormack that spans the hilarious and horrible, fabulous and freakish, sublime and sick. Is this prose? Poetry? A nightmare? Who cares, it's brilliant.

    Review forthcoming

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