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  • Title: School for Scandal
  • Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  • ISBN: 9780812001556
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Richly exploited comic situations, effervescent wit, and intricate plots combine to make Richard Sheridan s work among the best of all English comedy This edition includes his most famous plays, THE RIVALS, THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, and THE CRITIC, as well as two lesser known musical plays Detailed introduction and notes make this an invaluable edition for study and perforRichly exploited comic situations, effervescent wit, and intricate plots combine to make Richard Sheridan s work among the best of all English comedy This edition includes his most famous plays, THE RIVALS, THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, and THE CRITIC, as well as two lesser known musical plays Detailed introduction and notes make this an invaluable edition for study and performance alike.
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan was an Irish born playwright and poet and long term owner of the London Theatre Royal, Drury Lane For thirty two years he was also a Whig Member of the British House of Commons for Stafford 1780 1806 , Westminster 1806 1807 and Ilchester 1807 1812 Such was the esteem he was held in by his contemporaries when he died that he was buried at Poets Corner in Westminster Abbey He is known for his plays such as The Rivals, The School for Scandal and A Trip to Scarborough.


    David Sarkies
    It's About the Money16 September 2017 I have to admit that I hate it when I go to all the trouble to write a review and then proceed to lose it. One of the main reasons is that I write it in a word processor, and then read through it before posting it up on . Anyway, I went to all the trouble of writing it while I was on the train heading down for an exploration of Kew, and when I get home I suddenly discover that it has disappeared, which means that everything that I had written had suddenly go [...]

    I often find myself idealizing 18th century Britain as a place where every single person was erudite, witty, and genteel all the time. That'll happen to you if you sit around languishing over Pope, Swift, Gay, Johnson, and others of their ilk all day, as I do (As Horace said, "Oh, if only the earth in its earlier years had given me birth to live among those heroes!" or something like that). I need books like this to remind me that the majority of people, particularly in high society, have always [...]

    This fun play parodies the social lives of 18th century lords and ladies, poking fun at their interactions and adding a moral lesson or two about spreading gossip. All the stereotypes are at play: the aging man and his much-younger bride; the two brothers both beset in dramas of their own; the young ward promised to one brother but in love with the other; the vengeful older woman with a mind for destroying others' matches; the gossip unaware of her own sharp tongue; as well as a bevy of others. [...]

    I found Wycherley's Country Wife to be better, and also more teachable for my mostly femaletwo-year college students. Perhaps the earlier, Moliere-influenced Restoration plays reflect betterthe initial dynamics of country Whig versus Court Tory, which lasted over a century.Fascinating that Sheridan was performed during the American Revolution, around the time Johnsonwas completing his first English Dictionary in his house still there near the 17C Cheshire Cheese puboff Fleet Street.

    Husain BuSafwan
    هذه المسرحية مليئة بالثرثرة، والحديث اليومي، والسير الثابت نحو النهاية السعيدة المثلى، والأحداث والشخوص الذي أريد لها تزجية الوقت والمتعة قبل طرح أو نقد سلوكيات المجتمع وعواطفه وقتئذ. ولعل بعد عهد كتابة أهمّ أعمال ريتشارد شيريدان - قرابة 240 عامًا - كفيلة بتغيّر الذّوق من ذل [...]

    This was surprisingly funny. Quick to read and quite witty.Now I have to prepare for a test on it tomorrow. :'^)

    Muhammad Galal
    مسرحية تحكي عن حياة النميمة، تغلغلها في الوسط الأرستقراطي الإنجليزي، ويحكي بشكل ساخر ما كان يجري على ألسنة الناس، هي فترة في عموم أدب الإنجليز لها أسلوبها المتفرد، عمل جيد، ثلاث نجوم من أصل خمسة.

    What a droll and clever play! Sheridan plays with high society and its hypocrisy, its love of gossip and rumor. Combine this with mixed and feinted identities, crossed love tangles, and the combination of old husband and young wife, and the ingredients are in place for a delightful stew of confusion and sharp repartee. Fun as such is to read, it would be doubly delightful seen in a skillful stage production. This is one of those comedies of manners, like Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest [...]

    Malin (JustMalin's)

    Relectura febrero 2016 [] tan malos son los que transmiten historias como los que las inventan. Algo así comoGossip Girlen 1777, pero con personajes más adultos y sin tanto drama adolescente. La obra es muy entretenida y se lee rápido, porque no presenta dificultades en el argumento ni nada parecido. Creo que la intención de Sheridan fue que se entendiera el mensaje, precisamente. A grandes rasgos, se trata de un grupo de gente bien posicionada socialmente que disfruta de inventar rumores (l [...]

    Adam Floridia
    Although written 100 years later, this is a very typical Restoration drama: mistaken identities, love triangles, characters hiding behind screens, etc Devoid of wit, though, this can best be compared to a modern day soap opera.

    Ioan Prydderch
    I saw no academic advantage in studying this play whatsoever.

    Nurhan El-Badawy
    "" Never believe what is said "Every person we meet has two faces Reality and Appearance . Unfortunately we can't discover that we are deceived until fate reveals every thing .Throughout the relations between members of the scandal's school , we mock at some behavior of 18th English communities . Actually and Arabic communities also .""Let's start with analyzing the main characters :- Joseph surface : He seems to be a model of moral man , or as sir Peter Teazel said " a model for the young men o [...]

    Marty Reeder
    Perhaps I was far too predisposed towards this play before I even set eyes on it. Of course, often high expectations can jade an experience when they aren’t matched. So, School for Scandal, in spite of or because of my blatant pre-reading favoritism, managed to earn itself my high regard.But how did I happen upon this obscure, eighteenth century, no-longer-in-print play in the first place? This won’t surprise those who know me well, but while reading Ron Chernow’s extensive biography on Ge [...]

    Esraa Diab
    I read this drama for the sake of my collage ^^ and surprisingly i loved ithool of scandal represents the comedy of manners in the 18th century In England. Sheridan criticizes a lot of bad habits in the English community in a very fun, smart and intelligent way.The plot, to be honest, is complicated; there are two main plots in the play. The first plot is between the two brothers and the second is about the school of scandal and lady Sneerwell plans, in addition to the plot between Lady Teazel a [...]

    I cheated. I put the audiobook on and went about my chores. This is compulsory reading for my course and I understood nothing.The one bit that absolutely slayed me was when Mr. Teazle says to his wife that he has made her a woman of fashion, fortune and rank and she says, there's one more thing you can make me. He's like what, pray tell and she goes, "Your widow." Oh boy. Decimated.In conclusion, I had heard more of Sheridan's wit than this work displays.

    I tend to think of the era between the end of the Restoration period proper (roughly 1695) and the beginnings of Wilde's and Shaw's theatrical careers (late 19th century) as a kind of dead zone for the English stage, and if Sheridan is the best comedian between Congreve and Wilde, this play has done little to substantive change that opinion. The play is okay. My caveat is that it is probably better in performance. But I don't think the humor in the play is really there. It mostly just seems like [...]

    Nick Black
    The earliest literature I can think of that's actually funny (as in: Chaucer does not count, no matter what you people say, and neither does Shakespeare). Hrmm, actually, this was 1777 and not the seventeenth century as I'd thought, so it's beat out by Rabelais, Cervantes, and Swift at a minimum. Pope had a few witty lines as well, if I recall. And a case can be made for Catullus, Juvenal, certainly Aristophanes, Lucilius. I don't know shit, and oughtn't say shit :/.

    Suhasini Srihari
    Beautiful read and Sheridan's use of dialogues are an amazing piece of art work. It is indeed rightly placed in the category of "comedy of manners". And Sheridan uses a phrase through Sir Peter's lines, " a character's dead at every word"; which is so true in the play and by extension an effective mockery at us humans. I personally found these lines interesting and true;"Thus at our friends we laugh, who feel the dart;To reach our feelings, we ourselves must smart."

    This was on my book list for English Lit in college. It was one of the few texts I kept through the years. I was already heavily into reading Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, and so Richard Sheridan's comedy of manners fit right in.

    Consectetur aut aliquid et unde laboriosam ut voluptate. Natus aliquid est eum labore placeat. Asperiores dolorum harum ea voluptas ullam repudiandae veritatis. Optio nam sit voluptas.

    Yara Eisa
    مملة وكآنى أقرأ رواية لفيلم ابيض واسود قديمفقط نجمة واحدة لآنى استمعت لها كتاب صوتى وكان اداء الممثلين جميل

    John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson-1963.

    I really need to give this one another try. I do recall that it's NOT the best selection to see after a large meal in an over-warm theater while still slightly jet-lagged.

    Trite. It's a comedy of manners, so that wouldn't be surprising. However, the witticisms are irrelevant or perhaps too subtle to notice in our time. 2.5 stars does it justice.

    Rehab Saad
    الكتاب لطيف - خفيف ينفع بين كتابين تقال الكتاب بيحكي عن الطبقة الارستقراطيةبتسخر الرواية من عادات وسلوك الطبقات العليا من خلال حبكة كوميدية لطيفة

    N.T. Embe
    What a read this turned out to be! Surely the title and genre of plays will give someone a thought as to what it'll be about, but surprise, surprise! It was not only not what I expected, but it was BETTER! Better beyond what I long expected out of this time, having been privy to some of the humorous, scandalous plays and poetic works of the earlier half of the 18th Century. But nay! This play outdoes them all by a score of fields! It is not mere humor at the situation, but it is the total immers [...]

    Written in the 1700's yet very contemporary. I guess somethings don't change. Kept me laughing. This was an audio book played by a stage company so very entertaining

    rubina brar
    Okay first of all, let me take this opportunity to apologize for having been so selfish lately. I’ve been busy, but I’ve been reading and not posting any reviews ! So thanks if you’re still here and reading this, I promise to be more regular now. I won’t be posting as often as before for a while but i do hope to post atleast once a month.Anyway getting back to the review, The School For Scandal was such an enjoyable and hilarious read that I had to ignore everything else and post a revie [...]

    I am unsure whether this is better than the Rivals or not. I certainly enjoyed it, and perhaps made more sense of it than the Rivals on first reading as it seemed to have a more vivid society with a greater impact on the reader. My favourite scene was the classic character hidden behind the screen, which, though improbably, hardly ever fails to work comically, and by stretching it to its extremes with Lady Teazle almost discovered behind the screen, and then her husband in the cupboard, followed [...]

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