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  • Title: State of Siege
  • Author: Eric Ambler
  • ISBN: 9780375726774
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback

  • All in all Steve Fraser had enjoyed his three year stint in the former Dutch Southeast Asian colony of Sunda, and he d been well compensated But now he was looking forward to a last weekend in the capital before heading home But Sunda was newly independent, and not entirely stable An opposition faction with fundamentalist Islamic leanings was set on overthrowing the proAll in all Steve Fraser had enjoyed his three year stint in the former Dutch Southeast Asian colony of Sunda, and he d been well compensated But now he was looking forward to a last weekend in the capital before heading home But Sunda was newly independent, and not entirely stable An opposition faction with fundamentalist Islamic leanings was set on overthrowing the provisonal government And instead of enjoying a sybaritic weekend with the Eurasian beauty Rosalie, Fraser finds himself trapped with her by a fanatical group who ve taken over the country s radio station and made their headquarters in his friend Jebb s apartment As the government launches a counterattack, the couple s survival depends on their ability to dodge bullets and the shifting loyalties of the coup s liuetenants.
    Eric Ambler
    Eric Ambler began his writing career in the early 1930s, and quickly established a reputation as a thriller writer of extraordinary depth and originality He is often credited as the inventor of the modern political thriller and John Le Carre once described him as the source on which we all draw Ambler began his working life at an engineering firm, then as a copywriter at an advertising agency, while in his spare time he worked on his ambition to become a playwright His first novel was published in 1936 and as his reputation as a novelist grew he turned to writing full time During the war he was seconded to the Army Film Unit, where he wrote, among other projects, The Way Ahead with Peter Ustinov He moved to Hollywood in 1957 and during his eleven years there scripted some memorable films, including A Night to Remember and The Cruel Sea, which won him an Oscar nomination In a career spanning over sixty years, Eric Ambler wrote nineteen novels and was awarded the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger Award for Passage of Arms in 1960 He was married to Joan Harrison, who wrote or co wrote many of Alfred Hitchcock s screenplays in fact Hitchcock organized their wedding Eric Ambler died in London in October 1998.


    Bruce Beckham
    Ah – I was sorry to reach the end of this one – the third of a trilogy that I borrowed through Prime.It’s the usual Ambler thing – “unwitting amateur gets tangled with dangerous professionals” – but a formula that I enjoy, boosted here by an elegantly woven plot.Set in post-colonial Southeast Asia, mechanical engineer Steven Fraser is comfortably ensconced in a borrowed penthouse suite with local girl Rosalie (let’s call her ‘a willing courtesan’) when a military coup explode [...]

    Sam Reaves
    I am a great admirer of Eric Ambler and thought I'd read all of his novels (most of them more than once); imagine my excitement when I came across this one, which had somehow escaped my notice. It concerns a British engineer in a fictionalized Indonesia in the 1950's who is about to fly out at the end of his contract when a coup attempt traps him in an apartment in a building being used as headquarters by the rebels. Most of the action takes place on that reduced stage, as he and his female comp [...]

    A light thriller with no ramifications for the main character who adds no insights despite telling the story in first person some time after it occurred. As it is a short book that is understandable, the focus is on crafting a tight thriller that keeps the pages turning and the reader engaged. This is a book for escapist reading, and doesn't ask for much from the reader and won't leave lingering questions about society and self.It is perfectly poised and polished for what it is, an unpretentious [...]

    Julian King
    A thriller worthy of the name, from the days shortly before Ian Fleming got his typewriter out and everything began to get a just a little bit silly.Steve Fraser is the reluctant hero of this short retelling in the first person of his horrific involvement in a coup (or counter-coup) in colonial SE Asia. He's a resourceful fellow, of perhaps better than average height, build, courage, intelligence, etc but no superman. Fraser's an engineer, so has practical knowledge and skills, and he speaks the [...]

    I'm borderline obsessed with Ambler's pre-WWII golden age, and The Night-Comers is the latest written, chronologically-speaking, Ambler novel I've read. Compared to his classics, this one starts slowly, but the last half is can't quite put it down riveting. Still, I rank it a notch below his best work.

    This one has lost my interest. Either I've burned out on Ambler for the week (3 books in 5-6 days) or it's simply not as good as the others. I think it's probably the latter.

    Not typical Ambler, but still worth the read.

    First Eric Ambler book for me and what a treat. Very laconic, naturalistic style. An engineer having a final night in a fictitious Indonesia look-a-like capital finds himself caught up in a coup. He isn't a spy but he is an ex-army chap who quietly knows what he has to do to stay safe. He is accompanied by a call-girl, with whom he has a business like relationship which develops into a more loving and poignant footing. I really liked this and will definitely look out for more Eric Ambler. He was [...]

    Very much enjoyed this story. Nice blend of 1950s Asian atmosphere, engineering and political intrigue. Locales and characters were effortlessly drawn, making for a very comfortable and pleasurable reading experience. Plot was logically and carefully crafted, with a believable and reasonable outcome.

    Excellent captivating read. I always enjoy Ambler for his easy to digest plots and everyday easy going protagonists. Didnt disappoint.

    Eric Ambler invented the modern political thriller, and his best novels hold up today, both as thrillers, and as explanations of various arenas of the cold war. A typical thriller goes like this: a young Englishman with some convenient profession, unsophisticated and politically naive, accidentally gets en-snarled in some dangerous situation along with a convenient beautiful young woman. They fall in love as they flee danger. You are supposed to identify with the young man and vicariously enjoy [...]

    Ambler, Eric. THE NIGHT-COMERS. (1957). ****. About a third of the way through this novel, I realized that I must have read it before, but could remember so little of it that I read on. That had to be about forty years ago. Doesn’t matter. This is still a fine novel in the inimitable Ambler style, that shows a skilled craftsman telling a story that is based on enough of a true background to be convincing. The scene is the capital of an island republic in Indonesia, some years after the withdra [...]

    The UK title The Night-Comers is the title to use if you are downloading as an entertaining 6.5-hour-long audiobook from Audible. Searching for information about this book, either under the UK title or the US title State of Siege, yields a spider's web of irrelevant connections. People or groups irrelevantly connected include but are not limited to: Marlon Brando, Henry James, Patti LuPone, Albert Camus, the US Agency for International Development, and Tom Clancy. Perhaps it is bad form to re-cy [...]

    An English engineer finishing his three-year assignment in a fictional Malaysian banana republic in the mid-50s is caught up in a civil war. This is a straightforward story, but it's elevated by its attention to problems facing politically unstable countries, as in the following:"The moment of greatest difficulty for all revolutionary leaders seems to be the moment of success; the moment when, from being rebels in conflict with authority, they themselves have suddenly become the authority, and t [...]

    Keith Currie
    The story is set in the early 1950s in an imaginary country in the Far East which has gained its independence from the Dutch - not Indonesia, but I suppose that's what we are meant to think. The country now undergoes an attempted coup by an Islamist faction and a British engineer becomes embroiled in the resultant chaos. This is an exciting thriller which tackles themes of colonialism, post-colonialism, corruption, military government, Islamism (long before it was everyday news) and racism. Our [...]

    I mis-took this book for another my book-club was reading and didn't realize until I showed up for the meeting! However, I found this to be a fairly enjoyable book. The characters are very realistic and, despite the fact that the book is set during a time of coup, the plot development revolves only around the characters' interactions. I found the book surprisingly slow at times but I did think the author managed to talk interestingly about racial identity, personality, and how both inform person [...]

    Nader Elhefnawy
    State of Siege is the story of an engineer winding up a job in the imaginary Sunda republic. Before he can fly out he gets trapped in the capital by a rebel attack, and forced to navigate the intrigues that follow.After the early chapters it is a bit short on the humor characteristic of Ambler's best work, but the book is engaging throughout, and in its treatment of the battle for the capital, anticipated the military techno-thriller.

    David Lowther
    The Night Comers is set in an unsettled Indonesian island where revolution is in the air. A British engineer gets caught up in it all, along with his newly acquired girlfriend.The book starts slowly but picks up when the action starts. Characterisation is good but this is really a minor Ambler and nowhere near as smart as his masterpiece The Mask of Dimitrios.David Lowther. Author of The Blue Pencil, Liberating Belsen and Two Families at War, all published by Sacristy Press.

    Alan Marchant
    Intrigue, romance, and combat adventure packed in a trim build that matches Ambler's spare prose. This 1956 novel offers insights into the post-war rise of Muslim militancy. But mostly State of Siege is as easy to pick up and put down as Steve Fraser's pretty little call girl.

    Paul Jellinek
    Eric Ambler at his best, which is very good indeed. This wonderfully convoluted but tightly structured tale of political intrigue plays out in a small island somewhere in the Indonesian or Malaysian archipelago. Jospeh Conrad would have loved it!

    Thomas Burchfield
    "But The Nightcomers, in addition to being didactic, is a trifle boring, especially for an author as charged up and engaged with the world as Eric Ambler."More at: tbdeluxe/2013/04/

    Cathy Houston
    a good thriller that is I think very timely in today's world situation

    Frank Kelly
    Everything by Eric Ambler is superb. Enough said. Just read him.

    An enjoyable read

    Also known originally as the night-comers - rereleased as the seige My copy from pan books under original name

    Ed Kohinke sr.
    Ho hum.

    Vivek Mathews
    A light read, suitable for reading while travelling.

    John Wilkerson
    Good summer reading Good summer reading. Was filled with hope and love. Liked the way the story flowed. 2 days filled with excitement.

    Another great Ambler he really was a master of character development and plot and created lots of characters along the way

    Gordon Howard
    A solid suspense, set in a far-off dangerous land (in this case, a proxy for 1950's Indonesia), which is an Eric Ambler specialty. Nothing special, but quite enjoyable.

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