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  • Title: The Levanter
  • Author: Eric Ambler
  • ISBN: 9781842431498
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback

  • It is Syria in 1970, three years after the Six Days War Michael Howell was utterly apolitical and genetically programmed for survival, a Levantine of mixed origin who possessed profitable business enterprises throughout the Middle East and an Italian mistress as his office manager Life was sweet for Michael Howell until, one night in Damascus, he discovered that his factIt is Syria in 1970, three years after the Six Days War Michael Howell was utterly apolitical and genetically programmed for survival, a Levantine of mixed origin who possessed profitable business enterprises throughout the Middle East and an Italian mistress as his office manager Life was sweet for Michael Howell until, one night in Damascus, he discovered that his factories had become the clandestine operations base of the Palestine Action Force, a fanatical terrorist organization dead set on destroying Israel Suddenly, Howell is caught in the middle with nowhere to run Eric Ambler is the recipient of four Gold Dagger Awards and one Silver In 1975, he was named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America.
    Eric Ambler
    Eric Ambler began his writing career in the early 1930s, and quickly established a reputation as a thriller writer of extraordinary depth and originality He is often credited as the inventor of the modern political thriller and John Le Carre once described him as the source on which we all draw Ambler began his working life at an engineering firm, then as a copywriter at an advertising agency, while in his spare time he worked on his ambition to become a playwright His first novel was published in 1936 and as his reputation as a novelist grew he turned to writing full time During the war he was seconded to the Army Film Unit, where he wrote, among other projects, The Way Ahead with Peter Ustinov He moved to Hollywood in 1957 and during his eleven years there scripted some memorable films, including A Night to Remember and The Cruel Sea, which won him an Oscar nomination In a career spanning over sixty years, Eric Ambler wrote nineteen novels and was awarded the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger Award for Passage of Arms in 1960 He was married to Joan Harrison, who wrote or co wrote many of Alfred Hitchcock s screenplays in fact Hitchcock organized their wedding Eric Ambler died in London in October 1998.


    Bruce Beckham
    I read The Levanter hot on the heels of my disappointment with Judgment on Deltchev – and thankfully it has restored my confidence in Eric Ambler.Where the latter story falters in an imaginary Balkan state, a hazy world populated by faceless characters, The Levanter is set in the real Middle East – primarily Syria – and is crisp, bright and authentic.A businessman with a network of enterprises in the Eastern Mediterranean finds his factory facilities and shipping line hijacked for the purp [...]

    Available as a nine-hour, two-part unabridged audio book.The weekend after the sad US presidential election, I found myself confined in a van on a long road trip to mountainous northern Vietnam while suffering from the bronchial complaint which often accompanies residence in polluted environments. In other words, I was miserable. Listening to this audio book on the long van ride home drew me out of my misery and made the trip almost enjoyable.It seems likely that soon Ambler will have the opport [...]

    Max Caproni
    I found this book a bit slow going in the beginning, as it was too bogged down in details of the main character's business. But the story picked up considerably, with suspense and tension, and overall was a pleasure to read. Ambler's writing, and especially his turns of phrase, is excellent, as always.

    Jane Massy
    One of the best. Extremely clever.

    Mike Wigal
    Better than most "thriller" type stories. Not my usual genre.

    More "technical" than the other Eric Ambler stories.

    Procyon Lotor
    Antivirale Eccellente avventura meno cerebrale di LeCarr�, meno pirotecnica di Fleming ma col grandissimo mestiere misurato e temperato di Ambler. Parte a fatica, scegliendo la forma inusuale del doppio memoriale di un giornalista esperto in questioni mediorientali - il guazzabuglio etno-politico-socio-militare che viene evocato con realismo encomiabile fa capire definitivamente perch� c'� bisogno d'esperti, e di un armatore anglo-sirio-armen-cipriota, mescolanza non inusuale nelle famigli [...]

    David E.
    This was, what, my twelfth Amber mystery? After all these years, he's one of the first, and still one of the best. This is I believe his last novel, and it takes place not in the Balkans as so many others, but Syria. Reading it 40 +years after it was written, it's chilling to realize how little has changed, while so much has changed. A Palestinian terrorist group wants to wreak havoc in Israel, and a businessman -- Ambler's usual hero -- gets caught in the middle. He has no real understanding of [...]

    amo questo scrittore per un lungo elenco di motivi che proverò a riassumere.1) suspence, suspence, ma niente sangue e molta ironia2) stessa storia, ma sempre nuova (come i più grandi: come Simenon come Hitch)3) mai più di trecento pagine (ah! l'estate con un libro di Ambler).4) scrittura semplice per lettura veloce (ma curata e non elementare).5) dialoghi scacchistici (mosse e contromosse da manuale).6) l'eroe che non è mai un super-eroe, ma ha sempre qualche piccola defaillance etica (come [...]

    "The Levanter" is one of the original (copyright 1971) Terrorist novels that are very popular today.It is 1971 and the Middle east is changing (again), in response to the Israeli victory in the Six-day war and the pressures of the Palestinians refugees on neighboring countries. The main protagonist is a western businessman, the owner of a firm long established in the Middle east. A Palestinian group threatens the man, his family, and firm to use them to strike against Israel. The man threads a t [...]

    I'm a big fan of Ambler's early, and famous, espionage novels. I picked this book up at a sale, based on Ambler's name alone. It turns out to have been written late in his career, and is certainly not one of his best. The action takes place in the middle East in the 70s. A mixed-blood English entrepreneur, successful in the middle East, is coerced by a radical Islamist into supporting his plan for a major terror attack on Israel. It's an interesting premise, and the setup is similar to other Amb [...]

    1972 Gold Dagger Award. Michael Howell finds that there are Palestinian terrorists working in his Syrian factory and ordering inventory to use in the manufacture of detonators and rocket shells. When he attempts to fire them, armed guards dissuade him. The leader demonstrates that he has collaborators in the country's security service. Slow starting novel but the pace picks up and leads to a satisfactory conclusion.Non-series - Michael Howell is "the Levanter," an English businessman trying to k [...]

    Paul Jellinek
    Written some forty years go, this turns out to be a remarkably timely thriller about Middle East terrorism that takes place in Syria and is a stark reminder that the more things change, the more they stay essentially the same. Ambler is an exceptional writer--on a par with LeCarre at his best--who particularly likes to plunge seemingly ordinary people into nightmarish situations way beyond their depth and then chronicles their desperate efforts to extricate themselves. Not all of his books are e [...]

    Noted WW2 espionage writer Anton Furst listed this as his favorite Eric Ambler book. Furst's work shares a lot of Ambler's DNA in terms of setting and stakes but Furst is more dry and concerned with detail, while Ambler tends to lead towards excitement (at least in his popular works that I've read: Epitaph for a Spy and A Coffin for Dimitrios). Yet in reading it, I can see why Furst liked it so much as its more similar to Furst's use of bureaucracy and wealthy men. It's not as thrilling as other [...]

    A wonderful suspense thriller from the past. Because it is set in the Middle East, it doesn't seem as dated as its 1972 publication date would indicate. A middle-eastern businessman, Michael Howell discovers a militant Palestinian organization making detonators in his battery factory in Syria. He finds that the corrupt head of Syrian security will do nothing. How Howell threads the dangerous waters of this predicament is interesting and suspenseful. gives no indication that a movie has been mad [...]

    This is classic spy fiction, set in Syria of 1970. I think perhaps technical people would enjoy more the details of the factories which Michael Howell was forced to run, in service to the state. The interesting dance of maintaining existing businesses and appeasing the revolting bureaucrats made for a fine airplane book.

    Brilliant! Though it begins slowly, and you can't tell where it's leading stay with it because it becomes an exciting thriller as relevant today as it was when it was written, given the threat of Syrian-sponsored terrorism. The story is so well-told and detailed with such genuine facts, you believe it's true and that the two main narrators are real people writing actual memoirs.

    Petros Sarantakis
    Αν και δοσμενη με περιεργο τροπο, η ιστορια σε κρατα σε εγρηγορση ως το τελος. Μετρ του αστυνομικου ο συγγραφεας, δινει αναγλυφους χαρακτηρες που λογω της γεωγραφικης τους ταυτοτητας μας ειναι γνωστοι σαν φιγουρες.

    Jack Goodstein
    I read a different edition, but the cover comes up with a different title. (I have the one in the Vintage Black Lizard series. Palestinian terrorists involve a Cypriot business man in an elabotate plat.

    I was not disappointed. This is a good spy novel about the Middle East. I enjoyed it more than the first Ambler novel that I read- A Coffin for Dimitrios. Fun summer read but also a good insight into the "Palestinian Issue" and the personalities involved on the gut level.

    Paul Wilner
    Prescient. Preferable to the vaporous mutterings of the more recent work of Mr. LeCarre, at least in my opinion.Still relevant - more so than ever - after all these year, with some nicely comic touches to leaven the saga.

    Bo Stenberg
    The reason for the single star for this brilliant story? The pictured edition by something called "House of Status" is riddled with typos to the extent you are brought up short and have to stop reading an otherwise unstoppable read. Do yourself a big favor and acquire another publisher's edition.

    I got bogged down in the technical political details, but the section from Teresa the secretary's POV is worth the price of admission--funny and revealing about her boss, and she's a pleasure to read.

    Michael Milton
    Really fun spy novel.

    Richard Bradley
    Eric Ambler never wrote a single word that wasn't the highest order of a (spy story) (suspense) (thriller).

    The least interesting and worst performed Eric Ambler book I've listened to yet. The protagonist is a boor, the terrorist is insipid, and the story line is boring.

    Patrick Schultheis
    Loved this book. Wonderful plot, great characters, compelling prose.

    Found this in a used book store in Yachats. I've heard good things about Ambler. Early spy novel stuff.

    Pretty interesting thriller based in Syria.

    Not read in too long a time to give an accurate review. Will revisit soon.

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