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  • Title: Jesus Christ, Son of Man: The Early Years
  • Author: Susan Easton Black Liz Lemon Swindle
  • ISBN: 9780867130676
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A fresh approach to the early life of Jesus Christ as a child in Nazareth Now in its third printing.
    Susan Easton Black Liz Lemon Swindle
    Susan Easton Black is a retired professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University BYU in Provo, Utah She is also an author of several books related to Joseph Smith, Jr and the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints from

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    I have grown up hearing about Christ and His life from infancy to adulthood to the time he was crucified. This book put His life into a new light for me. The text is not for children. It is a lot of text and very long so older ages such as middle school and up should read it. It is a picture book though. The pictures are what stood out to me the most. It shows Christ as a baby, toddler, teen, and adult. I loved seeing Mary hold her son and kiss him just like any mother would with their child. It [...]

    Carolyn A.
    Informative and tenderly written read. My only qualm is there are no references to sources given. I enjoy being able to retrace the steps of scholars. However I can let this matter go as the book is more meant to be read as a coffee table book than a research report. I love the beautiful illlustrations included as well. I also praticularly enjoyed how the author focuses the book on Christ's childhood and then ends the book by telling about how He blessed the lives of children and reminded us to [...]

    Sapphire Moosman
    Rarely do I have picture books touch me so deeply. This is not a regular children's picture book. This has drawings and paintings of Jesus on almost every other page. Each picture is so beautiful and detailed you spend the majority of the time simply looking at them. Yes the pictures are beautiful, but the story is as well. Everyone knows of Jesus's birth, his ministry and his death and then resurrection, but this story tells what happens between his birth and ministry, a time period I feel we o [...]

    Beautiful pictures. Not a children's book as the text is lengthy.

    The book includes paintings and sketches from one of my favorite artists whom I was fortunate to hear speak about her work.

    Brielle Bogenschutz
    illustrations were beautiful!

    I received this book because I love the art work. The words are written by Susan Easton Black. It is really short and beautiful. You can't go wrong with the story of our savior.

    • ↠ Jesus Christ, Son of Man: The Early Years || º PDF Read by ☆ Susan Easton Black Liz Lemon Swindle
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