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  • Title: Black Ice
  • Author: Pat Graversen RichardNewton
  • ISBN: 9780821740934
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback

  • The author of Sweet Blood offers a haunting tale of cold blooded murder and ghastly vindication The angry souls of three young girls, who were viciously murdered 70 years before, return from their watery graves to exact revenge on the town that betrayed them.
    Pat Graversen RichardNewton
    Born in West Virginia, Pat Graversen published her first novel, INVISIBLE FIRE, with Fawcett Books in 1981 THE FAGIN came out in hardcover from AW Publishers in 1982 After a hiatus during which she concentrated on raising her family, she published DOLLIES in 1990 and STONES in 1991, both through Zebra Books Graversen then signed a five book contract with Zebra Under its terms, the publisher brought out SWEET BLOOD and a paperback edition of THE FAGIN in 1992, and both BLACK ICE and PRECIOUS BLOOD in 1993 A short story by Graversen, Ups and Downs, appeared in DARK SEDUCTIONS, an anthology of erotic horror put out by Zebra in 1993 She collaborated with her son Paul Erik on two young adult novels, GHOST TRAIN published by Zebra, and YIN YANG Her final novel was GRAYTHINGS, the last under her five book contract Graversen grew up in West Virginia, which she recalled as a mystical, wonderful place, and traveled extensively before she married and settled in Toms River, New Jersey Two of her children had entered school before she first considered writing fiction When I took the kids to the park, I would bring along a notebook and write there, she recalled That first year, she turned out almost 40 short stories She sent them to small magazines, and most were rejected Finally, in 1979, Nuggett published Lenny Sent Me, a psycho story about an ex con who hunts down the sister of a man he befriended in prison She then completed her first book manuscript, INVISIBLE FIRE, and connected with an agent who sold it to Fawcett Although the novel had a few plot elements in common with Stephen King s FIRESTARTER, it was no imitation her book actually came out first Her next publication, THE FAGIN, featured a villain who kidnapped small boys for a Satanic cult Graversen began to develop a specialty child in peril plots, usually involving the supernatural DOLLIES drew upon her brief stint as a real estate agent I showed one house that scared me, she said When I took the people downstairs, there was a room in the basement with all these dolls in it There was also a light swinging from the ceiling, as if someone else had just been down there Sometimes it s only a small thing that gives you the idea When I get one, I write it down in my idea book It could be a name, or a sentence I hear STONES tells the story of a mother and her adolescent daughter who are menaced by the spirit of an ancient fertility goddess More than Graversen s previous books, it incorporated a large dose of offbeat sexuality, as the innocent young girl takes on the personality of the female demon The author stated that she got the idea from a dream I saw a small woman made of stone, with greenish skin I stayed scared by that all one summer She based BLACK ICE on the true story of a child who drowned in a lake near her home Many readers told her that book was their favorite, because it was a good, old fashioned ghost story Pat also authored a large volume of published poetry, and three romance novels One of her romance novels, HEART ON TRIAL NAL Rapture Romance, 1982 sold to several foreign markets Graversen founded the Garden State Horror Writers in 1989 to encourage others in New Jersey who aspire to work in her genre She also belonged to the Authors Guild, the Authors League and the Horror Writers Association Because she appeared to be such a typical middle class wife and mother, people assumed she wrote something conventional, such as romance She also sensed a condescending attitude from some men in her profession, but said, I don t believe in being held back because I m a woman I ve liked the women horror writers I ve read They ve been ignored in the past, but they re catching up Ten years ago, there were hardly any Now you can at least name a half dozen Women are getting good contracts now, too, she pointed out, using her own five book


    According to , I read this 256 page book in about 6 days. Felt like 6 months. It started out with good intentions: kids up to no good, occult worship, a legend about three ghost girls in a lake. Enticing ingredients that culminate into a stale mess of bad characterization and repetitiveness.

    I personally loved this book.It's great if you're in the mood for something dark, mysterious, and twisty.

    Despite this being a book ostensibly about three undead girls in a lake, the girls themselves get about half a page of screentime in 256 pages. The rest is given over to their niece, the incredibly annoying protagonist, Cassie. Cassie is a lot like Shelley Duvall in The Shining: easily startled, not very bright, slightly suspect on the parenting methods. Her son actually falls through the ice when he wanders away to be spared the sight of Cassie boning the roofer working on her house:She lay dow [...]

    Shawn Manning
    I can't remember the last time I so badly wanted to shake a main character. For someone who showed occasional flashes of gumption, she could really be a spineless idiot at times. Not the worst thing I've read, but far from the best.

    I liked this book.I remember it being really creepy, I read it a few years ago, and I think I'll read it again.

    Lord help me, how have this many people praised this book? this was one of the worst books I have read in a long time. : ( to start off, the main character is so detestable that it makes the book harder to stick with. A blatantly loose chick with a serious attitude problem, who should have her kid removed by CPS because of her rotten parenting. It's not even a situation where you "love to hate" the character. The writing style was irritating for me. The reasoning behind the kids "problems", and [...]

    first real slightly adult read and i couldn't put it down!!

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