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  • Title: Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam
  • Author: Zainab Salbi Laurie Becklund
  • ISBN: 9781592402441
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback

  • Zainab Salbi was eleven years old when her father was chosen to be Saddam Hussein s personal pilot and her family s life was grafted onto his Her mother, the beautiful Alia, taught her daughter the skills she needed to survive A plastic smile Saying yes Burying in boxes in her mind the horrors she glimpsed around her Learn to erase your memories, she instructed HeZainab Salbi was eleven years old when her father was chosen to be Saddam Hussein s personal pilot and her family s life was grafted onto his Her mother, the beautiful Alia, taught her daughter the skills she needed to survive A plastic smile Saying yes Burying in boxes in her mind the horrors she glimpsed around her Learn to erase your memories, she instructed He can read eyes In this richly visual memoir, Salbi describes tyranny as she saw it through the eyes of a privileged child, a rebellious teenager, a violated wife, and ultimately a public figure fighting to overcome the skill that once kept her alive silence Between Two Worlds is a riveting quest for truth that deepens our understanding of the universal themes of power, fear, sexual subjugation, and the question one generation asks the one before it How could you have let this happen to us
    Zainab Salbi Laurie Becklund
    Zainab Salbi is an Iraqi American writer, activist and social entrepreneur who is co founder and president for Women for Women International.


    Zainab Salbi is an amazing woman. I first came to know of her when she appeared on 'Oprah', talking about an organization she founded called Women for Women International . In this program, women in the worst circumstances in the world - Rwanda, Sudan, Bosnia, Congo, the survivors of civil war, poverty, rape, and violence - are linked directly with their "sisters", sponsors who send a small amount of money every month directly to the women who need it. The women are educated in such issues as hu [...]

    This was a hard book to read. First of all, I hate reading sad books full of suffering - particularly if it is true. Second, throughout the entire book until Salbi's journey to the US, I felt a constant dread as I read about her life. I trust that is just a small taste of her constant fear while growing up in the shadow of Saddam Hussein. Third, I read far too much about rape and war and horrendous suffering. I do not know why I am still astonished at the evil that goes on in this world and how [...]

    Saw the author (Zainab Salbi) interviews in a documentary "Faces of Evil", the Saddam Hussein episode. Was intrigued.The book doesn't disappoint. I can't imagine growing up in that type of oppressed and terrifying environment. The book is well written and keeps the reader captivated and wanting to know more. Unless you lived under Saddam's rule and evilness you can only speculate what took place and on day to day. Nobody was safe from him, nobody. There are some unwritten events that the reader [...]

    Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship
    I would not have read this memoir but for my world books challenge, and that would have been a loss, because it is a fascinating book.Zainab Salbi grew up in a prosperous and well-connected Iraqi family in the 1970s and 1980s – as it turned out, they were too well-connected, because Saddam Hussein was determined to keep her parents and, by extension, the whole family, in his orbit. I initially assumed that the title, “Between Two Worlds,” referenced the author’s immigration from Iraq to [...]

    D.J. Murphy
    Between Two Worlds by Zainab Salbi was the first account I have read by someone who personally knew and socialized with Saddam. Her book is a wrenching description of the horrors she and her family experienced in their "privileged" position as friends of Saddam. It's a very worthwhile account.I'm struck by the parallels between Zainab Salbi and Fatima Shihabi, the heroine of my novel A Thousand Veils. Almost identical in age, both women were only daughters in loving Shiite families. Both bonded [...]

    Zachary White
    Salbi’s story of growing up in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was tough to read, but also tough to put down. She shares her life story of growing up in his shadow, as the book’s title explains. It wasn’t a story of growing up around Hussein, but a story about Salbi and her time both in and outside Iraq. Hussein was able to completely manipulate an entire country through the use of terror. His power came from fear. More than half of the book is the story of adults being so scared that they forget [...]

    This is one of the most inspiring books I've ever read, and I loved it even though I don't usually get super jazzed about inspiring stuff. Zainab Salbi grew up in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and her parents were reluctantly drawn into his inner circle. The dictator tore her country and family apart, but Salbi showed him who's really boss by growing up to found a successful non-profit called Women for Women International. There are so many interesting details about Iraqi culture in this book, and [...]

    Sheida Nobakht
    The narrative language of the book is very sympathetic; In a way that sometimes I forgot that I was reading a book and rather felt like hearing a close friend sharing her memories of life with me. Even though I had already heard a lot from Saddam, rumors and mostly real horror stories, but the facts about him narrated by Zainab Salbi was still in many cases shocking. Being raised in between the two cultures of these two countries, which have much more in common than what their people think, I en [...]

    Amirtha Shri
    Multiple facets of a terrible circumstance unrevealed with utmost emotion! The book is filled with rapes and manipulations, that leads me to question the status quo - have we become better? have we lost motivation to improve because we are just a bit better? are we really better now and here?

    Some part of this book was from the perspective opposite of me during Iran-Iraq warSo similar and yet so different experience for Zainab and me.She is a very brave woman to share her personal experience in this book

    Zainab Salbi, and her family grew up as part of Saddam Hussein's (Amo) inner circle and lived in a Hussein's compound. pg 24: Today, the principal theological difference between the two sects is that Shia theologians tend to accept the necessity of continuously applying independent reasoning to contemporary life while Sunni Theologians are more comfortable relying on doctrines established centuries ago by religious scholars who established 4 different schools of Sunni thought 207: Amjad's advise [...]

    zainab salbi is one of my heroes. she founded the non-profit women for women international, an organization through which you can sponsor a woman for a year in a war torn country. women tend to be the the fields upon which war is waged, their bodies become the battlefield and use of rape as a systemic weapon of war not only tears apart women, both physically and emotionally, but also entire communities. salbi's program offers woman a chance to put their lives back together and empowers them to s [...]

    About a year ago I met a former LA Times reporter and got to know her briefly as she gallantly fought the battle for her life with advanced breast cancer. Laurie Becklund came to me to help her research information about the over all fight against advanced breast cancer, and why so much effort went into prevention, and catching the disease early, but not much went into turning back the advancing disease.Our encounters were brief, but detailed enough to expose kindred spirits. Having just lost a [...]

    Ella Burakowski
    Zainab Salbi was the daughter of Saddam Hussein's pilot. By being his pilot he was now part of Saddam's "inner circle" and because of that his family has to follow suit. Zainab was just a young girl when she was made to call Saddam "Amo", which meant uncle. Through his tyranny, he expected people to show their affection for him by forcing them to give him gifts of gold, kiss him, call him endearing names and be at his beck and call, which included rape if he so desired. Zainab's parents were ver [...]

    This book progresses much like the author's life does: it starts out mild--the danger of Saddam's Iraq lurks beneath the surface, coloring the background--and gets harder and harder to endure as the despicable cleverness of his manipulation and the cruelty and violence and psychopathic behavior is unveiled. I thought I knew a lot about Iraq, but I only knew post-Saddam Iraq. This was an introduction to a whole other horrific world: the world of being a "friend" of Saddam. The horror was no less [...]

    Extraordinary. What I particularly like is that the age of the author almost syncs with my own and I can reflect on where I was, in cushy misguided USA, when her country was at war. And despite the different techniques and styles, Salbi's story coincides with Persipolis, which also follows a young coming-of-age girl with progressive parents dealing with a war--the same war--but on the opposite side. For someone who grew up completely confused by the Gulf and their leaders, this book provided me [...]

    I learned so much from this book. I really have never understood what is going on over in Iraq/Iran, but haven't really known how to find out. This book, while entertaining me, helped me understand so much about the middle east and the conflicts there. What an eye opener. People there are just like you and me! (should of already known that). I changed my rating to two stars, because towards the end of the book there is a part in which very foul language is used. I'm disappointed and not sure wha [...]

    Very few books have affected me like this one has. I finished it with a sad, sick feeling in my stomach. My father was in Vietnam and I heard about some of the horrors that happened there. So I thought I knew of some of the awful things going on in the world. I quickly realized that I don't have a clue. And this made me ashamed and sooo very thankful that I was born in the USA. No things are not perfect here, but close to it compared to what some have to endure and live through.This book was an [...]

    A true story written by the Saddam's airplane pilot's daughter. Saddam before he came into power, what life was like up in the early days up to the aftermath. This was a suggested bookank you. I agree "a must read!"Very well written for a first booklf note: knitting mentioned briefly

    This woman is the daughter of the man who was Saddam Hussein's pilot, so she grew up in close contact with this sociopathic dictator. Later, she started an organization called womenforwomen that gives job training to women who have lost everything in war. She is AMAZING, a personal hero. You will not be able to put this book down!

    This is one of the best, most beautifully written, memoirs that I have ever read. I couldn't put the book down. This is not the typical testosterone filled war story. If you really want to understand the sadness of war and the inhumanity of humans, you must read the books written by women. It is the only way, if there is any hope for the world, to see the insanity of it all.

    Great book! An easy read. I wouldn't typically pick up a book like this. My job assigned it as a summer reading book and I reluctantly started it in July. I didn't think it would pull me in as it did.

    A truly captivating story of a woman growing up immediately under the thumb of Saddam Hussein and her family's attempts to first shield her, then help her escape. You will never feel the same about your life again after reading her incredible story.

    I loved this book. You get a first hand look at what it is to be in the control of Saddam.

    Jill Pfuetze Schmidt
    Bravo. Important book. Splendid woman.

    Justin Tapp
    I recently reviewed a host of books on the history and development of Islam and Middle Eastern history (list at bottom of this post). I also read several which included some critiques along with views to the future and reform. I then worked through a list of books by Muslim women, most of which bring light to and critique inhumane practices found in their home countries. Included in this list was Nick Kristof's Half the Sky which looks at women's rights globally, and I'm also including another b [...]

    Between Two Worlds is an autobiography. In part, it is also Salbi's tribute to her mother, a beautiful bird in an invisible cage. One thing learned in this book is that you can't leave the torments of your past behind. Healing takes time. The subtitle is Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam. Saddam was more than a shadow in her life. He was literally the house guest on her living room sofa, the hand on her shoulder, the audience at her informal piano recital, and her attentive guide to a pavilion [...]

    Justin Domnitz
    This memoir by the daughter of Saddam Hussain’s personal pilot was an enlightening and disturbing read. The stories and details from the author’s privileged childhood in the Iraqi elite were fascinating. Her tales about growing up with Saddam Hussain as a family friend were especially interesting. I learned a lot about Iraq’s history that I didn’t know or only kind of knew about on the periphery. Growing up in 80s and 90s America, Iraq was always the enemy. This book is a beautiful remin [...]

    Bill Glover
    "Why did they stay? That question haunts whole generations of people from around the world whose parents tolerated the rise of dictatorship. The most rational answer I can think of in our case was that our parents were trapped in an abusive relationship."Guess how closely Saddam Hussein's personality type, and the things he did socially, or on his own state media match up to our current "leader".Setting up a social situation for the sole purpose of shaming a 14 year-old who he thought disrespect [...]

    Sherry Isaac
    Zainab Salbi grew up between two worlds--both of which are a universe apart from mine. Beautiful prose, candid storytelling, and some very difficult truths that are hard to imagine, harder to read about, and nearly impossible to survive, and yet, many women have and do. A story of courage, womankind, and the love between a mother and daughter--two worlds in and of themselves.

    • Free Download [History Book] Á Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam - by Zainab Salbi Laurie Becklund ✓
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