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  • Title: Animals in Winter
  • Author: Henrietta Bancroft Richard G. Van Gelder Helen K. Davie
  • ISBN: 9780060271572
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover

  • While watching winter s snows blanket the Earth, what child hasn t wondered, What will the rabbits do Or the birds This wonderfully simple Let s Read and Find Out Science book explains the many ways animals have of coping with harsh weather Helen K Davie s elegant illustrations perfectly evoke the season.
    Henrietta Bancroft Richard G. Van Gelder Helen K. Davie
    Henrietta Bancroft Richard G. Van Gelder Helen K. Davie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Animals in Winter book, this is one of the most wanted Henrietta Bancroft Richard G. Van Gelder Helen K. Davie author readers around the world.


    This was a good, simple book that explained what happens to animals during the science months.

    I do an Animals in Winter unit with my students based around this book. It's a perfect way to start the unit and start my students off being interested in what the animals around us are doing all winter long.

    Some things never change and although this book was copyrighted in 1963, it is still a terrific book. I love the black, white and brown pictures that are inside this book describing animals in winter. The book starts off talking about what happens during fall: the leaves fall, grass is dead, insects are gone and now the animals/birds have to get ready for winter or what they do during the cold winter months. The rest of the book goes into detail about how they go about doing that. It talks about [...]

    Nicola Mansfield
    This review is for the original 1963 edition. The version currently available for sale has a completely revised text and new illustrations by a different artist. I haven't seen the new edition but honestly can see why this was changed as it doesn't do anything for me. The text is quite boring, simply telling what different forest animals do in the winter. Each page moving onto another animal. The illustration is quite ugly done in two colours brown and black. The animals are sketched in pencil/i [...]

    Eva Kelly
    O.K well, MIMI got me this one, and so you KNEW that it'd be a good one! And it has a fox on the front, so it's got THAT going for it already! But you know what's best about it? Is two things: it's INTERESTING, with lots of real good animal facts about all different sorts of animals and what they do in winter. And then it's got great drawings! I like seeing these guys underground. And plus then at the end they give you advice about what to do to make sure these guys have food in the winter, beca [...]

    Melanie, Aaron, Annie, and Mary Project
    Read by: MelanieGenre: InformationalAuthor: Henrietta Bancroft & Richard G. Van Gelder Illustrator: Helen K. DavieInterest Level: K-2Grade Level Equivalent: 2.1DRA: N/ALexile: 380 L From migration to hibernation this book describes what some animals do in the winter time to survive. Illustrations show the changing of the leaves to the cold winter and provide photos for different animals and their movements. It explains why certain animals do what they do whether it is to fly to warmer weathe [...]

    Andrea Retana
    This book is an amazing book; it describes and allows students to understand how animals cope cold during winter. It gives examples how animals migrate, hibernate, store food, etc. This book is well written, and it has a variety of pictures that would catch student’s attention. Animals in Winter, Henrrietta Bancroft, Grade k-2, Introduction to what Animals do when seasons change(migrate,hibernate,etc.)

    Christina Camp
    This book is good to use in a lesson introducing what animals do when the seasons change. It tells about animals that migrate, hibernate, and it also tells what the animals who stay awake do to prepare for winter. It has good pictures and introduces some animals that students may not be familiar with. The end of the book also has ways and examples of how to help and feed animals who need to find food during the winter.

    Great book about animals migrating, hibernating, stocking up for winter, and hunting in cold weather. Nice illustrations. There's a number of good suggestions at the end for supplementing animal diets in wintertime.Just right for my almost-three-year-old, in that the concepts are not too easy, but not too challenging, either.____________2017 reread included the now-six-year-old and the four-year-old. Good book.

    Megan Kelly
    This book was great for learning about what different types of animals do in the winter. They take a few different animals and explain if they hibernate during the winter or not and how they provide food for themselves. This book would be great in classrooms to help students learn more about how animals survive. It is also great for learning about what we can contribute to animals during the winter months to help them survive.

    A beautiful book that helps children learn what varied animals such as butterflies, squirrels, foxes, deer, mice, bats, and even pikas do when winter comes. The text and pictures are excellent and very informative--I especially loved the pictures that showed diagrams of dens and length of hibernation. Great for children of all ages, and great resource for our home preschool unit on winter.

    Gaby Roman
    This book would be a great book to read when My students are learning about Winter or seasons. I enjoyed the illustration in this short story. If my children were learning about the terms migrate and hibernate, I would use this book. It explains these terms with the different animals. I may read this book to introduce these topics.

    This is a great book to teach students how animals do different things to prepare for winter. My placement teacher used it while discussing a writing piece about winter animals. She also used it to explain topic sentences.

    I read this to the littles in my house. We enjoyed the text and the delightful illustrations depicting how various animals survive in the winter. New vocabulary words were introduced such as migration and hibernation.

    Yesenia MR
    This book tells about different animals do during winter. It also tells about how different get ready for winter. Facts are given in this story in a way to engage young readers. This is a great book to share with a class at the end of fall.

    Brigid Keely
    Clearly written with charming illustrations. Talks about animals and what they do in the cold winter months: migrate, hibernate, store food, scavenge, etc. Slightly above my 3 1/2 year old's comprehension/interest. Will try again in half a year.

    Jenn Clauss
    Animals in Winter doesn't really have a plot, so I wouldn't really call it a story, but it's a nice tool for teaching children about what certain animals do to survive the harsh winter months. I especially enjoyed the illustrations with maps of burrows.

    Hope L. Justice
    Very boring but informative.

    Animals in Winter is a great book for explaining the different things that forest animals do in the winter.

    A favorite here, it tells about various animal adaptation to cold weather, and what humans can do for local wildlife.


    21 months - we enjoyed learning about Animals and how they deal with winter survival. Great illustrations and basic information. We will borrow this one again next year when we talk about winter.

    Beyond the Pages
    Excellent level 1 reader!

    This book reads like fiction, describing various animals and how they pass the winter months. Nice diagrams for the woodchuck section. Will use it for a read aloud in a hibernation lesson for PK-2.

    This book is good for talking about how different animals make it through the Winter and the things they have to do differently than others to make that happen.

    This is a good book to read for a science lesson about hibernation and winter months.

    Good introduction to animals that migrate, hibernate, store food, and survival methods in winter. Well written.

    I liked it. Great pictures and factual without being overwhelming. Good Youth Nonfiction.

    Used for K/1 Book Club - 11/11

    Dana Snyder
    - Use when teaching a weather unit- Talks about various animals and how they prepare for Winter- Hibernation, Migration- Seasons

    • Best Read [Henrietta Bancroft Richard G. Van Gelder Helen K. Davie] ↠ Animals in Winter || [Thriller Book] PDF ☆
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