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  • Title: Mirror Image
  • Author: Jeffrey J. Mariotte Jeff Mariotte Constance M. Burge
  • ISBN: 9780743462501
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback

  • When a handsome man presents himself to Paige as a fellow witch, she is excited to have someone new to share her love of magic with But as innocents begin to go missing, she is forced to wonder whether their strange disappearances are somehow connected to her new friend.
    Jeffrey J. Mariotte Jeff Mariotte Constance M. Burge
    Also writes as Jeff MariotteJeffrey J Mariotte is the bestselling, award winning author of than fifty novels, including thrillers Empty Rooms and The Devil s Bait, supernatural thrillers Season of the Wolf, Missing White Girl, River Runs Red, and Cold Black Hearts, horror epic The Slab, tand the Dark Vengeance teen horror quartet His newest novel written with wife and writing partner Marsheila Marcy Rockwell, is the sf horror thriller 7 SYKOS He also writes occasional nonfiction, short fiction some of which is collected in Nine Frights , and comic books, including the long running horror Western comic book series Desperadoes and graphic novels Fade to Black and Zombie Cop With Marsheila Rockwell, he has published several short stories and is working on He has worked in virtually every aspect of the book business, as a writer, editor, marketing executive, and bookseller Learn at jeffmariotte, and follow him at facebook JeffreyJMari and JeffMariotte on Twitter.Also writes as Jeff Mariotte


    Bobby Underwood
    This particular Charmed entry has a lot going for it that makes it a very nice read for fans of the show. It begins rather darkly, almost atypically, with an atmospheric murder in the San Francisco fog which is very well written. Others are described just as atmospherically as the narrative goes along, adding a touch of depth to a series mostly read as a light and nostalgic book for entertainment purposes.San Francisco gets more page time as the backdrop to the magical adventures of our favorite [...]

    First this book annoyed me, why another book again where Page is desperate for a man? There's so much more to Paige! But the plot was surprisingly good. I especially liked that it gave more attention than any other book to Darryl Morris and his police work as well as to San Francisco, my favourite city in the world. Good use of details made me forgive some character errors.

    Rose Heartfilia
    The doubts Phoebe had about Paige made this book quite stupid and unheard. Especially because I try to compare that what I remember of the series with these books. The series is better.

    Tanto éste libro como "Entre dos mundos" los leí hace tiempo y me gustaron mucho a pesar de que no son la gran cosa y no están muy bien escritos, pero Charmed es una de mis series favoritas de todos los tiempos asi que fue genial leer estos libros.

    Stephanie ((Strazzybooks))
    I didn't realize Charmed had a book series like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Be still my late 90s/early 00s heart. My library only has a few, so I started with this one. It was just like reading an episode of the show, and had a pretty good supernatural mystery. 3.5/5

    I personally find Mirror Image one of the less original Charmed books I’ve read. The premise is the following. Some crazy mist arrives in town, and with it comes a force most terrifying. It evades the Charmed Ones in their dreams, leading Phoebe to having a vision while in a dream-like state. Said vision involves an old armoire stationed on the attic, and something evil pouring from it. Upon awakening, Phoebe and Cole head to the attic, find the armoire and discover an old, hidden letter behin [...]

    On the flat side. Didn't have the resonance/connection I expected.A warlock infiltrates the manor one night and causes the sisters to suspect and distrust each other, especially Paige. While tensions brew, Paige meets a handsome, charming male witch named Timothy. And women are being killed all over the city. Turns out the murders are connected to a newly discovered murder scene that's almost 100 years old. The sisters' ancestor, Agnes Halliwell, died on the outs with the family for protecting a [...]

    I love the charmed TV series so when i saw this novel in the school library, i decided to give it a read. The characters were written the same way as they appear on TV, which was good and it had good themes behind the plot, like how doubt can tear apart relationships but i didn't find the idea of the plot very original as it reminded me of a movie i once saw. Charmed, Mirror Image was ok but not great, therefore, i give it 4 stars.

    I found this one of the most frustrating Charmed books that I have read so far. The story was good, good enough to frustrate me that Paige and Phoebe are sometimes just oh so blind. Maybe that is why Piper (after Prue) is my favorite, she keeps her cool. Anyway, story was great especially since you as a reader already know who the bad guy is but they don't. It was exiting until the last page and this might turn out to be one of my favorite Charmed book.

    Like all the other Charmed novels, a great book, and just as good as the actual show.

    The Third Place A Teen Library
    F CHAFantasy

    GReat book shows how doubt and how relationships can be minded and what doubt and what taken sides can do to pull apart close relationships

    ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡

    Diamond Jones
    Read this book a few years ago since I was a fan of the show. Great book!

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      437 Jeffrey J. Mariotte Jeff Mariotte Constance M. Burge
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