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  • Title: Warrior
  • Author: Jennifer Fallon
  • ISBN: 9780765309907
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover

  • It is eight years since Marla Wolfblade buried her second husband In that time, she has become the power behind Hythria s throne as much from a desire to control her own destiny in any way she can, as to protect her son, young Damin.But while Marla plays the games of politics and diplomacy, the High Arrion of the Sorcerers Collective is plotting to destroy her andIt is eight years since Marla Wolfblade buried her second husband In that time, she has become the power behind Hythria s throne as much from a desire to control her own destiny in any way she can, as to protect her son, young Damin.But while Marla plays the games of politics and diplomacy, the High Arrion of the Sorcerers Collective is plotting to destroy her and the entire Wolfblade line.And while Marla s power and fortune are great, they may yet not be enough to protect herself and her family from the High Arrion s wrath and her only ally and confidant, Elezaar the Fool, is toying with the idea of betrayal For he has discovered that the infamous Rules of Gaining and Wielding Power are not so useful when his own family is involved
    Jennifer Fallon
    Fallon is the author of 17 full length bestselling novels and a number of published short stories in genres ranging from horror to science fiction In addition to 4 complete fantasy series The Demon Child trilogy, The Hythrun Chronicles, the Second Sons Trilogy,The Tide Lords Quadrilogy and the Rift Runners series Fallon has written both a tie novel and short fiction for the TV series, Stargate SG1, an official Zorro story, a novella for the Legends of Australian Fantasy Anthology and has a superhero The Violet Valet CHICKS IN CAPES.Fallon has a Masters Degree from the Creative Arts faculty of QUT A computer trainer and application specialist, Fallon currently works in the IT industry and spends at least a month each year working at Scott Base in Antarctica.


    Originally posted at Fantasy Literature. We review SFF, horror, and comics for adults and kids, in print and audio daily. fantasyliterature/reviWarrior is the second installment in Jennifer Fallon’s WOLFBLADE trilogy, a prequel to her DEMON CHILD trilogy. Both trilogies make up the HYTHRUN CHRONICLES. In the first book, Wolfblade, which you’ll definitely want to read before picking up Warrior, we were introduced to Marla Wolfblade, sister to Lernen Wolfblade, the High Prince of Hythria. When [...]

    Zo maar een boek uit de kast pakken en ontdekken dat het een erg leuke serie is. Dat is wel een mooie verrassing. Heerlijk om te lezen en ik was er ook binnen een paar dagen doorheen. Gelijk door in het derde deel.

    Dylan Madeley
    I'm trying to pin down why I enjoyed this one more whole star than its predecessor, other than having immersed myself in that world already for a 600+ page book. It's still got some of the similar things about it that made me uneasy reading the last one, the casual treatment of slavery that's probably historically accurate to various empires and time periods (it's a created world, but like created worlds often do, it looks at our physical one and shares many of the same warts), the dark material [...]

    I would give this book six stars if I could. I found it even more difficult than the first book in the series to put down, and it wasn't far from my thoughts when I wasn't reading it. There was a gap of many years between the books, which was a little surprising, but the events were covered well enough. And when the action finally erupted into a delicious and protracted climax, I was shocked, at both the content and the possible repercussions. The resolution, while not solving everything did ans [...]

    Great second book, without spoiling alot, I have to say I just loved the feelings felt and descriptions of them it was almost palpable it was so intense, great series a must read.

    A.R. Hellbender
    I love the world of the Hythrun chronicles, and Jennifer Fallon creates such great political intrigue, and this book was no exception. The villains I have seen in her books so far have been so well written. In this book, we get a villain who is as bad as he is because he believes so strongly that he's doing the right thing, to the point that he actually convinces himself of what really happened, or what the circumstances are, with the certainty of an actual crazy person. One weak point of this b [...]

    I've mentally taken to calling this series 'unsubtle Game of Thrones'. Somehow it manages to be pretty enjoyable (even if there are the odd hamfisted moments here or there) and has the added bonus of being a bit more morally black and white than similar series. This second book is largely superior to 'Wolfblade' due to considerably fewer bratty teenager viewpoint chapters.

    A very good book!Slow, yet still intriguing so I had no difficulty in reading it. Fallon knows how to write characters and she knows how to make the reader either love them or hate them. This book was very well written and it pulled out of me emotions I haven't felt for a book and its characters in a long time. Highly recommend!Onto #3 and finale!

    Enjoyable read. The last 1/4 was nuts.

    Heather Rohrer
    A fast paced novel with adventure and political maneuvering. A great read!

    If you haven't already guessed, Warrior is the second book in the Wolflade Trilogy by Jennifer Fallon. And I let you in on something else you probably already know about me, I not only suck at reviewing high fantasy, I hate reviewing it about as much. It's not that I don't love reading it, because I really, really do. After Golden Age mysteries, high fantasy is my favorite thing to read. Okay, maybe m/m romance is tied with it, but I've been reading fantasy longer than romance, and that should c [...]

    This is the second book in the Wolfblade Trilogy.In the first book, Marla Wolfblade went from a naive young girl madly in love to a young (twice widowed) mother who learned the hard way to protect the life of her young son, Damin. Damin is the heir to the High Princedom. The current High Prince is a feckless, pleasure seeking imbecile. Marla is the one who truly runs the country for her brother and she is keeping it in trust for her child. To do so, she must keep her brother alive her son alive [...]

    Warrior was such a sad & tragic book & definitely my favorite among the Wolfblade/Hythrun series. Marla, who was a 2x widow by the end of Wolfblade is now a 3x widow & working on her 4th marriage. However Warrior does not focus solely on Marla but also her many many children. The deadly game of cat and mouse between Marla & Alija builds to an explosive head, with Elezaar finally forcing Marla to move against the High Arrion after many years of silent war. (view spoiler)[My heart [...]

    This is the sequel to Wolfblade. I basically gave this book three stars because the first book in the series was so awesome, that some of its momentum carries its way into this book. I had a lot invested in the characters and was intrigued by the fantasy world Jennifer Fallon created. On the whole though I found this book disappointing.---- Spoilers follow ----Most of the book consists of the main character in the first book Marla Wolfblade cultivating a network of alliances and building a dynas [...]

    Janine Southard
    Warrior is book 5 of the Hythrun chronicles series (all magic, all politics, all the time), which makes it book 2 of the Wolfblade series. ("Wolfblade", btw, is the family name, not a sentient sword.) Her Wolfblade series is by far the best of her work to date. (You can skip Hythrun 1-3.)The politics are of wide scale and crazy proportions. (Sometimes, jumping ahead 6 years or 20 years into the future doesn't change things; wait 40.) The characters are easy to empathize with (from the oldest sla [...]

    I don't understand Jennifer Fallon. The first half of the book is mostly terrible, full of cringe-worthy passages. The second half is mostly amazing and it is difficult to stop reading. In any case (as I know already from previous books), the worldbuilding absolutely sucks (names haphazardly thrown together with no logic whatsoever, demigods with even more ridiculous names such as Shananara, "oriental" enemy kingdom with all the "oriental" stereotypes, also the stereotypical handling of women as [...]

    Easily the best of the trilogy, despite some weak points In the fledgling characters. The emotional weight of this book overrides any detractors. This is, in fact, the only book that has ever made me cry, and it gets me Every. Single. Time. Don't want to spoil it, but there is a scene with Elezaar and Marla that is just too good for its own good. Plus all sorts of other things happening. The main character Marla, de facto ruler of Hythria, has completely fulfilled her potential set up in the fir [...]

    As with most good character driven fantasy, this book will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride of grand proportions. There is tragedy that is painful beyond imagining, there is love and loyalty that knows no boundaries and there are triumphs both heartwarming and bittersweet. That just covers the good guys. The other side of the coin covers every degree of evil from morally disgusting to blatantly cruel with a bit of true insanity and misguided loyalty thrown in to even things out. Talk [...]

    Fantasy Literature
    Warrior is the second installment in Jennifer Fallon’s WOLFBLADE trilogy, a prequel to her DEMON CHILD trilogy. Both trilogies make up the HYTHRUN CHRONICLES. In the first book, Wolfblade, which you’ll definitely want to read before picking up Warrior, we were introduced to Marla Wolfblade, sister to Lernen Wolfblade, the High Prince of Hythria. When we first met Marla, she was a bubble-headed blonde teenager dreaming of marrying a handsome warlord. At the end of the very long (600 pages, 25 [...]

    While I liked "Warrior", I found its uneven pacing infuriating. The book crawls at a snails pace, then leaps forward a decade, only to crawl again. It also kept switching character viewpoints, a trend carried over from "WolfBlade."Another issue I had, which I find in a lot of middle books in trilogies, is that there was no single overarching plot. The story was going in a lot of different directions, and it feels like the whole 600+ pages of this book were just a way to set everything up for the [...]

    This was definitely a page turner and one of my new favorite series.I really have fallen in love with almost all the characters. I was devastated that Leila and Starros are discovered and Leila decides to take her life. Such a sad way for those characters whom you instantly fall in love with. I can't wait to read the next book. Finally Alija will pay for all the evil she has done!The one thing I do not care much for about this series is that the time elapses so quickly. One part the prince is a [...]

    I tentatively dove into this second book as the first book created a world which I felt to be 2D without enough depth to make me feel there were lives beyond those of the on screen characters. However this book created a world with more depth and, though it is not as 3D as I would argue Tolkien's world or Flewelling's The Tamir Trilogy possess, she creates a world more complex and interactive than in the first of this series.(Note: I chose not to read the first three of the Hythrun Chronicles bu [...]

    This was better than the first book. The main reason I think I liked it better is that the author stayed away form the politics of the Gods, which I found to be predictable. It is easy to say that that if there is a God of War, then War will always be the motivator of that character. What I don't like about this novel is that there doesn't seem to be fluidity to the story telling. This is because the author keeps changing perspective from character to character depending on what chapter you are [...]

    Christopher Bashforth
    This is a typical middle book of a fantasy trilogy. A reasonable read but not nearly as good as the first one. The story meandered, not going anywhere for about 2/3 of the book but picked up for the usual cliff hanger ending which aims to hook you in reading the last part. However, I did enjoy the book and something, I do not know what, kept me reading so I will read the last part even though I’m not looking forward to it as much as I did after reading the first book.

    This second part of the Wolfblade Trilogy is thankfully better than the first, with a smoother storyline, but still with a bit too much of jumps between points of view.The story evolves around the Wolfblade gang, a close-knit enlarged family, with Marla pulling the strings from afar, doing everything she can to protect her family.

    I liked this book much better than the first in the series, Wolfblade. I thought the plot and writing style were more cohesive and the characters more accessible. I wish the author would include a few family charts - that would help with all the new names. I end up writing them myself to keep track of everyone. Can't wait to read Warlord!

    Hmm, apparently reading several Fallon books in rapid succession makes their weaknesses more apparent. Here, the characterisation is fairly slim, and the narrative is frequently repetitive and wandering. Having said that, she's a writer who knows how to draw you into her world and keep you reading, and I definitely want to continue on to the next book.

    Marla seeks to gain control of her own destiny. Being forced to marry a man she did not love - though he was a good man - his death allows her to marry the one she had loved for some time. He is, however, a double crossing cheater, and she has no choice but to have him killed. The conspiracy that has plauged her all her life is coming to a head and she needs some power behind her - but how?

    Katharine (Ventureadlaxre)
    I think I read this in about a day. I really can't put into words why I adore Fallon so much. Maybe because she was so lovely when we had lunch together. WHO KNOWS. Fallon does characters so well. The development, the dialogue, the interaction. The best part is how you get an insight into all the different characters. It's what makes it all so good.Need moooore.

    ok this was even better than the first book. I have not read the hythrun chronicles so I still don't know what is going to happen. talk about a great story you know it when you start trying to tell the charters what to do. I have to wait for the third book it wasn't in the library.

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