Best Read [Robert Emmet Meagher Euripides] ↠ Herakles Gone Mad: Rethinking Heroism in a Age of Endless War || [Music Book] PDF ☆

  • Title: Herakles Gone Mad: Rethinking Heroism in a Age of Endless War
  • Author: Robert Emmet Meagher Euripides
  • ISBN: 9781566566353
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback

  • Robert Meagher presents a new translation of Herakles , Euripides powerful drama about the trauma of war A decorated veteran, Herakles must face a final enemy, but in his battle rage he murders his own family, unable to tell them apart This ancient text retains a direct relevance in the modern world.
    Robert Emmet Meagher Euripides
    Robert Emmet Meagher Euripides Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Herakles Gone Mad: Rethinking Heroism in a Age of Endless War book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Emmet Meagher Euripides author readers around the world.

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    David Sarkies
    Euripides teaches us about war28 April 2012 In August 2010 Matthew Magdzas, a national guard veteran of one tour of duty in Iraq, returned home, and without warning, murdered his pregnant wife and his daughter before turning the gun on himself. Later, in England, David Bradley, a long serving member of the British Armed forces who had served in numerous combat zones during his life, walked into the house where he was staying with a silenced pistol and killed the occupants and then waited for the [...]

    Meagher, a renowned classical scholar, offers up a new translation of Herakles by Euripides, together with a substantial introduction and commentary. In the introduction and commentary, Meagher develops the argument that much of Greek drama functioned as communal therapy by and for combat veterans.The author builds on the work of Jonathan Shay (Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character; Odysseus in America: Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming), a neuroscientist turne [...]

    Discussed at SF Gospel:"In a fascinating introductory essay, Meagher discusses Herakles in the context of Greek warfare, pointing out that Euripides served in the Peloponnesian War. The bulk of his audience were veterans who would likely recognize the origins of Herakles' madness from their own experiences. Herakles is a work about the impact of war upon the warrior, written by someone with firsthand experience of the madness of combat."Full review here:sfgospel.typepad/sf_gospel

    Jack Cheng
    Read for work -- meeting the author to discuss how the humanities can help veterans reestablish relationships when they return from war. Deeply felt, fascinating introduction to the play, then a translation of Euripedes' Herakles and finally commentary on the text. Meagher gives us the context of the play: Euripedes would have been a veteran of the Peloponnisian War, as would his audience. And theater would have been a place to confront their demons, communally and try to find catharsis.

    ok, you think Ajax had it bad, just wait until you read about Hercules. His family is waiting to be slaughtered by the local tyrant & then like "mighty mouse" here he comes to save the day & things go really poorly. Again the concern of the bookclub is how to assimilate combat vets back into society, & what costs do the vets & families pay.

    PTSD is old and so are its curse and its cure.

    • Best Read [Robert Emmet Meagher Euripides] ↠ Herakles Gone Mad: Rethinking Heroism in a Age of Endless War || [Music Book] PDF ☆
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