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  • Title: A Question of Courage
  • Author: Jesseca Wheaton
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  • A man A decision A destiny Rafe Sullivan never imagined the war would come to his doorstep But when Pearl Harbor is attacked and America s focus suddenly shifts to the pacific, he finds he can t ignore the problem any Leaving the life he loves behind, he joins up to do what he does best Fly Yet, nothing could have prepared him for the horrors of war, and the strA man A decision A destiny Rafe Sullivan never imagined the war would come to his doorstep But when Pearl Harbor is attacked and America s focus suddenly shifts to the pacific, he finds he can t ignore the problem any Leaving the life he loves behind, he joins up to do what he does best Fly Yet, nothing could have prepared him for the horrors of war, and the struggle that is going on in his own heart As an outstanding navy pilot, he is stationed on one of the few Pacific carriers But could God be calling him to step out in faith, and go beyond the call of duty Lily Wilson gives her all to help the hurting community around her With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the war is brought home to many American families And as a nurse, she longs to be able to relive some of the suffering Yet, her own grief is still fresh in her heart, and though she s made the decision to get on with her life, she can t seem to leave the past behind When healing at last comes, the guard she placed around her heart slowly begins to crumble But when she receives the news she hoped she would never again hear, can she trust that God s plan is always right Arthur Warrington saw the Navy as an escape from the life he left behind And it seems good for him He is able to forge new friendships and distance himself from his past But when his best friend makes a decision that rocks his world, he is left grappling with the question what is true courage Three lives One War And a search for the Courage to go on.
    Jesseca Wheaton
    Jesseca is a daughter, sister, and a child of God Her days are spent reading, cooking, spending time with siblings, or playing piano And writing, of course At an early age words fascinated her, and her love for the printed page has only grown She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the sunny state of Kansas, and she s convinced there s no place like home.

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    // original I have no words. Absolutely beautiful. So simple and heartfelt, yet deep and powerful and *clutches heart* I loved it. <3 Review to come upon publication. // updated (First, can we pause to admire that gorgeous cover? Utterly stunning and one-hundred-and-ten-percent fitting. Second, can we pause to admire that epic synopsis? This girl is skilled.)To my knowledge, there has not been a thing Miss Wheaton has published that I have not read – whether that be available-for-purchase k [...]

    Victoria Lynn
    IJUSTCAN'tEVEN Review coming upon publication. . .

    Kellyn Roth
    Originally posted on Reveries Reviews.Title: A Question of CourageAuthor: Jesseca WheatonSeries: Questions of War, #2Genre: Christian Historical Adventure (with light romance)Era: World War TwoSetting: Kansas and the South PacificPublisher: Jesseca WheatonSource: from author (in exchange for honest review)Overall Rating: 5/5 starsIf you’ve read my review of A Question of Honor, you’re probably moaning and thinking, “This is gonna be such a long review.” Well, it ended up being pretty lon [...]

    Sarah Grace
    Just . . . how do I even write a review? Book two in the Questions of War series picks up shortly after book 1, this time set around David's brother, Rafe, and Lily Wilson. I. Just. Love. These. Characters. Rafe was such a fun character - serious, funny, sweet, brave. Lily was exceptionally well done. I really love her character arc. Art felt a little underdeveloped, but I imagine that's what book 3 is for. Also, Little Gil. THE CUTENESS! The theme of courage woven throughout the book was so bea [...]

    Jesseca Wheaton
    Coming a bit later this year! I decided to go ahead and add it here for my Alpha readers. ;)

    Abigayle Claire
    I enjoyed this book more than its predecessor! I think part of that is because of the improvements the author has made in her skill level and my attachment to the main characters of this book. Bearing their usual wit and sarcasm, Rafe, Arthur and the whole Oz crew made for an entertaining lot. Like true soldiers, they bonded through jesting and pranks, but had each others' backs when it mattered most. The theme of courage was definitely present all throughout the book and I liked what the author [...]

    Bridget Marshall
    It had a good ending. It also had a good middle and a good beginning. Come to think of it, it was all around a pretty good book!I found much to like about A Question of Courage. The writing style was enjoyable and the characters were likable.The research that went into this book is intense. There was one scene in particular that I was shaking my head over the hours of research that must have gone into it. It was a battle scene (go figure) and it was all the little details that may seem insignifi [...]

    Oh my! Ahhh, I loved it! No, it was amazing!The Characters:Rafe - yes, just yes. He was such a fun and great character! I liked him the whole way through! (view spoiler)[Sad about him losing his arm, but I'm glad he didn't die! (hide spoiler)] He and Lily's relationship is so sweet! <3Art - haha, him too! :D He and Rafe just cracked me up!Lily - loved her!!Gus and Darren - :D Great companions! The whole "Wizard of Oz" nicknaming was so funny!(I think everyone made me laugh, but that's okay!! [...]

    Warning: There may be spoilers in this review if you have not read A Question of Honor firstWhat I liked:1. I was drawn in quickly by Rafe being so very different from David. Rafe's chatty and witty, and really an all around fun guy. He has faith that keeps him out of a lot of trouble.2. Rafe's relationship with Lily was extremely sweet. I would have liked to know more about how they became close friends in the first place, but it was still well done.3. Jesseca Wheaton's style is getting better [...]

    I really enjoyed A Question of Courage by Jesseca Wheaton. While I prefer the Western Front of World War II over the Pacific, I still enjoyed the setting and the fact that it's WWII. The writing style is lovely, and the characters are interesting and lovable.The characters were what I loved the most. They're so sweet and endearing, and it's sad to see them going through the horrors of war. I loved Rafe and getting to know him from his point of view! He's so sweet and hilarious. Lily is wonderful [...]

    Kaitlyn K.
    *takes a deep breath* *blinks* *sighs* um. Um um um. Where do I even start?! I doubt that this'll be a half-coherent review, but I'll try. xDFirst off, I had this stupidly silly smirk pasted on my face for like, half (or more) of the book. Seriously Jesseca brought out more camaraderie in this book than I think she ever has before. It was so heartwarming, and hilarious. And I don't say this lightly; coming from a houseful of guys, I'm rather biased against others' humor, since well, since of cou [...]

    Libby May
    Yay! This was so much fun to read! The characters:Rafe. I liked him so much more. From the first book we only got a glimpse of who he was, here, he is much more developed and becomes a lovable courageous, grinning but wise man. David. Although David seemed to take somewhat of a back seat in this book, it was understandable that the POV required it. Lily, Elaine, Johanna, and baby Gil. So much fun. So good. Well done. The struggle that Lily faced, trust, is something we all go through. Well done. [...]

    Chloe (aka Crystal)
    Previously published on Purely by Faith Reviews.My Review:I thoroughly enjoyed A Question of Honor and expected the same for this book. Although it didn’t have the same feels as the last book, this book was so much better than it in other ways! I’ll admit it did take me a few chapters to get into it, but it was totally worth it!Rafe was a favorite character of mine throughout the whole book, and I don’t want to spoil anything… but I freaked out when something huge happened in the book. I [...]

    Suffice it to say everyone should go and get a copy the day it comes out. - actual review to come later -

    Angie Thompson
    Oh, boy. I had no idea how deeply these characters were working their way into my heart. Until "America the Beautiful" came across my playlist at work a few hours after starting this book, and I actually choked up because all I could see was a young pilot from Kansas heading for an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, ready to fight to keep his country and his family free.There is something amazingly poignant about these books--this one even more than the first--that slips under my guard and catches [...]

    Rebekah Morris
    Jesseca's writing style is a delight to read. Her characters are real and life is, life. I greatly enjoyed reading this book (second in the Questions of War series). Alternating between the life of those at home on the Kansas farm, to the boys on an aircraft carrier during WWII, the story painted the harsh realities of war without being too disturbing. The importance of faith, trust, and courage were issues that could be related to even now. Moments of lighthearted laughter were entwined with pa [...]

    Five beautiful stars for a beautiful story that deserves all of them and more. Oh, Jesseca, you've done it again. I've always been a fan of your writing, and I'm blessed to call someone so talented my friend. You have grown so much in your writing whether it's style, themes, or character building. Somehow, you manage to have me laughing until my sides ache one moment, then crying my eyes out the next moment, feeling like my heart will never recover. The characters were far and away my favorite p [...]

    Absolutely a great addition to the series! Full review upon publication.

    Lila Diller
    One of the rare instances where #2 is even better than #1!! I teared up several times, usually in a joyful way; it really got my emotions invested. I loved the ending!!!! The weaving in of several different characters' viewpoints was well done, also. I absolutely would read again!

    WWII Christian fiction--are there any better genres? Maybe, but that's definitely close to #1. Throughout the book, I was reminded of the Wings of Glory series by Sarah Sundin. I don't think that's a bad thing It was good getting to associate with the characters again. I still like David a lot, but since he wasn't so prevalent in this book, I like Rafe better. He made me smile more than a few times. I was also glad that Joyanna was around, too. And that little mention of Erich at the end oh, wh [...]

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! (Full review to come!!!)

    “A Question of Courage” is the second book in the Questions of War series. I loved book 1, so I was especially excited to read the next book. It was super good! There were some things that happened in book 1 though that never fully got wrapped up so I was really wanting to read more about some of those characters. They actually weren’t in book 2 though so I was a bit disappointed, but I believe the characters that I‘m wanting to read more about will reappear in the third book. I really d [...]

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