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  • Title: A Small Death In Lisbon
  • Author: Robert Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780006512028
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback

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    Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson has written thirteen novels including the Bruce Medway noir series set in West Africa and two Lisbon books with WW2 settings the first of which, A Small Death in Lisbon, won the CWA Gold Dagger in 1999 and the International Deutsche Krimi prize in 2003 He has written four psychological crime novels set in Seville, with his Spanish detective, Javier Falc n Two of these books The Blind Man of Seville and The Silent and the Damned were filmed and broadcast on Sky Atlantic as Falc n in 2012 A film of the fourth Falc n book was released in Spain in 2014 under the title La Ignorancia de la Sangre Capital Punishment, the first novel in his latest series of pure thrillers set in London and featuring kidnap consultant, Charles Boxer, was published in 2013 and was nominated for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger This was followed by You Will Never Find Me in 2014 The third book in the series, Stealing People, will be published in 2015 Robert Wilson loves to cook food from all over the world but especially Spanish, Portuguese, Indian and Thai He also loves to walk with dogs and people, too.


    The synopsis for this novel sounded interesting and I was intrigued by the premise novel, a mystery/thriller/ police procedural set in Portugal. The novel spans two time periods and the plot is convoluted and there are many, many twists and turns. Sometimes you have an inkling which direction a plot will go, but with this one I didn't and that was a big plus.However I couldn't empathize with any of the characters, there was no connection with them. Also there is a lot of violence towards women i [...]

    Nuno Chaves
    Quando se começa a ler o Último Acto em Lisboa, a primeira impressão ás primeiras páginas é de fechar o livro… mas após a leitura de mais algumas linhas a opinião deixa de ser a mesma, mas reside a pergunta, o que é que 2 histórias tão diferentes passadas em épocas tão diferentes têm a ver uma com a outra?… Tudo. A acção começa com um assassinio no final dos anos 90. e regressa logo a seguir para trás até 1941, onde Klaus é enviado pelo Reich até ao nosso país. 6 decada [...]

    I'm not going to finish this. This book is artificial. The writing has the stench of the studio to it. It reads well, in fact, too well goes down as smooth as a Jamaca malt (whatever the f&k that means) - there are manufactured sex scenes, novelistic descriptions of Nazi generals the author, obviously, has never met and who therefore feel somewhat formulaic. In other words, this book/writer is a pro - he's very proficient -- you can actually see him at work, laying down the boards of his sen [...]

    Toni Osborne
    The story begins in the 1990's in Portugal when the body of a teenaged girl is found on a beach brutally murdered. Inspector Ze Coelho and his colleague are first on the scene and begin the investigation by tracking the final days of Catalina's life where they discover her innocence was destroyed by sex, drugs and emotional abuse.The story then backtracks to 1941 when Klaus Felsen is forced out of his Berlin factory and into the ranks of the SS. He is sent to Lisbon where his mandate is to procu [...]

    Ed O'farrell
    I like a solid plot. And if the plot is complex, so much the better. Usually a complex plot will depend on a co-incidence or two, but still hang plausibly together. This book fails that test. There are more twists and turns and surprises than in any three novels I've read. And they don't hang together. By the end of the book I was laughing out loud as some of the more arcane bits of the plot were revealed at last. Somebodies cousins uncles ex-wife's lover shot Schools of red herrings well you [...]

    Althea Ann
    This book was recommended to me as a high-quality thriller something that's a bit hard to find, sometimes. When it came in the mail, I have to say, my first thought was, "why does it have to have swastikas all over it?" OK, fine, Nazis, villains, but you still don't always want to be carrying swastikas around with you on the subway It put me off from reading it for a while.But - I got around to it. It's a very well-written book. I haven't visited Portugal, but I was convinced that the author eff [...]

    Tom Vater
    A while back I reviewed Robert Wilson‘s Blood is Dirt on thedevilsroad. I didn’t really like the African set thriller, the Graham Greene construct was strained, but I decided to go back to Wilson and give him another try with A Small Death in Lisbon.Great book. Ambitious in scope, this novel set in Portugal has two narratives, one set in the 1940s when the Nazis exported Wolfram for the war effort. We follow Klaus Felsen, a German industrialist through the war years. Felsen is a fascinating [...]

    This book tells the story of a Portuguese police detective investigating the murder of a promiscuous teenage girl in Lisbon. The investigation is interrupted by frequent flashbacks to World War II, when a Nazi SS officer named Felsen comes to Portugal to acquire wolfram for Germany and hide Nazi gold via a banking venture.I found the history of Portugal in World War II to be very interesting. Beyond that, I didn't love this book. The police detective, Coehlo, is a likable protagonist, but the mu [...]

    Maria João Fernandes
    Portugal é o palco central de ambas as histórias contadas por Robert Wilson: a investigação de um homicídio com contornos sexuais de uma rapariga de 15 anos em 1998 e uma saga sangrenta e complexa que começa durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial em 1941.Ambas as narrativas se apresentam, ora uma ora outra, inicialmente, sem qualquer relação, mas os caminhos das suas fascinantes personagens estão destinados a cruzar-se. Duas histórias, três narradores principais. Klaus Felsen é um homem de [...]

    Real real spoilers here, namely a plot detail over which I *must* rant. First thing: the author gets exactly right some details about Portugal, namely food and geography. He is totally right about menus and what people eat in restaurants, or the noise the bridge does, or what the neighborhoods look like. I could see it, he was there, that is what Portugal looks like. But he does not get what Portugal thinks or how it works. The way he presents motivations and relations (nevermind how the portugu [...]

    I feel this book started off a little slowly, but I ended up really enjoying the ride. The fact that it stitched together two periods in time is what first called my attention to it (mostly the WWII-era story), and I have to say that I think the challenge was well-handled by the author. There was a lot more character depth and backstory than I expected from a "crime novel" (a genre largely out of my area of interest), but then, maybe that's not really what it was.

    Denise Hartman
    This is more gritty than what I normally read with a lot more sex than I prefer but to the author's credit it was all part of the plot and not simply gratuitous. The span of Portugal from World War II and the modern murder and the integration of the two timelines was masterful and kept me reading fascinated to see how it would come together.

    One of the main factors in my buying this book was my Portugalphilia. I've forgotten what it was all about and I can't find my book, but I remembered it was an enjoyable (albeit a tad too long?) read.

    A Small Death in Lisbon by Robert Wilson won the 1999 Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel. It is a complex parallel story set in WWII and in 1999, in Berlin and Lisbon. It begins with Nazis coercing Swabian businessman Klaus Felsen into leaving Berlin to procure wolfram for them (by any means) in Portugal.“At dawn the heavy black curtains were crushing the iron-grey light back outside. The white linen bedclothes were stiff with cold. Felsen's head came off the pillow at the second crash, wh [...]

    I enjoy complex plots, which this had, and intermingled histories, which this also had. Unlike some other reviewers, I didn't find all the overlapping relationships to be unbelievable- that seems to happen in the tiny worlds of the 1%. I wish there had been more Portugal in this book. The author clearly meant for the country to be another character in it, but he didn't describe it well enough for those of us who haven't been there. That might be an asset if you're from there, but I felt like I'd [...]

    O início da leitura deste livro foi uma luta. Aquilo que parecia, nos primeiros capítulos, uma história chata transformou-se e acabou por me agarrar literalmente ao livro.O trabalho de pesquisa que o autor apresenta é surpreendente. Lisboa / Portugal – Anos 40 - Verificamos ao longo do livro que não se limitou a pesquisar sobre Lisboa, mas também sobre o Portugal profundo, seus costumes, tradições e produtos tradicionais. Descreve bem a sociedade e a classe política da época. Mostra- [...]

    Nina Milton
    I knew nothing about Portuguese history in the 2nd half of the 20th century before I began this book, and I learnt a lot. I also learnt what wolfram is! However, if as a reade, you're a little nervous of lots of 'foreign' names, then beware, this book is bursting with characters, mostly of German and Porguguese originn with names that frightenbut the names are not half as frightening as the personalities, which are brutal, grasping, ammoral and egocentric. Above this, shines Ze (joe in English) [...]

    I had a hard time pushing through to the end of this book, but I just could not give up on it because I had to see how the two story lines tied together in the end. How were the lives of 2 Nazi Germans going to tie into the murder of a young girl in Lisbon in the 1990's? One of the highlights of the book was the modern day detective character. I struggled somewhat with the political activities that were referred to since I have a very limited knowledge of Portugal's history. This book definitely [...]

    The plot of this crime novel is complex and ingenious and I admired the way the strands connected. There is a level of sex and violence which is a little uncomfortable for a reader without a strong stomach, but it is not gratuitous. The unfamiliarity of the Portuguese political setting was a bonus as I had little idea of the details of Nazi collaboration.

    En förstklassig deckare och en mycket bra bok! Jag är helt såld på berättarstilen, de fantastiska personskildringarna, själva handlingen, de mysiga lisbonmiljöerna, ja, nästan på allt. Men boken faller lite på slutet och därför en fyra.

    A well structured plot. It has enough events going on, without making it dull. It's an interesting book, well written. The perfect summer book.

    Rita Costa (Lusitania Geek)
    Due to amount of uni study, it took time to finish, also the number the pages did contribute to take awhile reading. I really loved it reading, easy to read and isvalways good the author choose major part of the story in my country. yay ! I recommend it, its a classic in my opinion. :-)

    4 stars for story (no, it's nothing new but I'm a sucker for murder mysteries with roots in historical events) but 3 stars for execution. The language felt awkward at times - as if a non-native English speaker (not quite fluent) wrote it. Or as if the manuscript was written in a foreign language first and then translated to English by a non-author.Sigh. I don't mean to sound harsh because I actually ended up mostly enjoying the story. Perhaps the syntax was chosen deliberately by the author beca [...]

    I can't say I liked this book, exactly. I hovered over three stars for a while near the end, tiring of the 400-page immersion in the world of despicable people and their overly-described full range of bodily functions. Nevertheless, I had to bump the rating back up to four stars when I sat down to glance at the first lines of a chapter before making dinner, and, hours later, having been unable to set it back down, closed the completed book.Wilson's writing is undeniably skillful. All the loose e [...]

    Well, this is one of the few I haven't finished. Goodness knows I tried. I just couldn't get through it. I was forcing myself to read it the way one forces one's self to eat a few bites of a food one doesn't like.The story wasn't bad. I didn't like any of the characters. I found them all crass and frankly I got tired of the sex. Tedious or disturbing is how it came off. I was uncomfortable with the amount of rape and treating women as objects in this book, not people. Come to think of it the men [...]

    This crime thriller is primarily set in Portugal and features two separate stories that eventually intertwine. The first starts in 1940's Nazi Germany, whilst the second is set in 1990's Portugal and involves the police investigation of the brutal murder of a teenager. The two tales are kept separate for much of the novel and part of the joy as the tale went back and forth from one to the other was trying to work out how they would mesh. Both stories are engrossing and I thought that the author [...]

    Robert Wilson is a superb author and has travelled and lived in the places he sets his novels. I believe this really adds to the feeling and detail he seems to be able to bring alive in the pages he writes. This novel won the CWA gold dagger and quite rightly so. The novel spans the WW2 to the late 90's in Lisbon and was published at a time when Nazi gold/funds hadn't been done to death. The characters are absorbing and believable and the historical context is interesting.As a result of reading [...]

    Abril G. Karera
    Hace menos de una hora que terminé de leerlo y no se me ha borrado la sonrisa por haber sentido todos los cabos atados. Novela negra histórica, desarrollo de personajes, violencia, crimen, hombres en decadencia. Creo que es uno de esos libros que comienzan a adquirir más forma días después de su lectura. Probablemente vuelva por aquí de nuevo para ser más certera con mi comentario. Pero sí léanlo.

    Judi Niermann
    Berlin 1941 and Lisbon 1990's are intertwined in this engrossing murder mystery. A teenagers death in later dater Lisbon is tied to events in Berlin 1941. That's all I'm telling. Very good read. Author Robert Wilson kept me on the edge of seat all the way through.

    Kim Cornelson
    Excellent mystery set in Portugal spanning period of WWII to the 1990's. The historical pieces concerning Portugal's role in WWII are extremely interesting. The author's develops his characters with a touch of humor.

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