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  • Title: Adrenaline Secrets
  • Author: Carolyn Reilly
  • ISBN: 9783981894523
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

  • He s a trained, genetically engineered mercenary She s a spy on a quest to avenge her family Falling for each other was never part of the plan.Freelancing as a soldier for hire, Jake Hanson is ready to take down GovCorp, the ruthless corporation that created the mercenary that he is But when he gets teamed up in the jungles of Africa with the fiery and determined KendraHe s a trained, genetically engineered mercenary She s a spy on a quest to avenge her family Falling for each other was never part of the plan.Freelancing as a soldier for hire, Jake Hanson is ready to take down GovCorp, the ruthless corporation that created the mercenary that he is But when he gets teamed up in the jungles of Africa with the fiery and determined Kendra Reed, Jake struggles with his mission After all, he s not programmed to feel but he s beginning to feel a hell of a lot for the feisty ex soldier.Kendra Reed works for GovCorp as a translator But she has a hidden agenda She s after the truth and she ll stop at nothing to get it Working with a genetically engineered bad boy sparks intrigue in her But the last thing Kendra needs is to be falling for someone like Jake As they face a deadly enemy, Jake and Kendra are forced to trust one another, while confronting the heated attraction that burns between them With time running out and their adrenaline in overdrive, can they find a way to save themselves before it s too late Don t miss this steamy and suspenseful action romance with a dash of sci fi thriller Contains strong language, violence, and sexual situations No cliffhanger.
    Carolyn Reilly
    Carolyn Reilly has been working for the German Federal Foreign Office aka Department of State for than 20 years A good part of that time she was assigned to German Embassies in civil war Lagos Nigeria and Khartoum Sudan, with the German Consulate General in New York and with German Embassies in Central Asian countries Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan She still works part time for the Foreign Office, but has meanwhile exchanged those restless and not exactly hazard free postings abroad with a quieter life in the Bavarian countryside.When she isn t reading, writing or daydreaming, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her two Icelandic horses Carolyn advocates animal welfare and a percentage of the proceeds of her books goes to Farmed Animal Sanctuary Hof Butenland in Northern Germany She is and always will be a sucker for high stakes romances with happy endings Her favorite themes are forbidden impossible love, enemies to lovers, and second chances.


    Mindy Lou's Book Reviews
    Jake Hanson is a genetically engineered ex-soldier. He was part of the GovCorp program that tried and failed to create the ultimate soldier in by way of Genetic Invitro borns. These GV's, as they are called, started a rebellion 4 years ago and now live openly with natural borns.Jake is now a freelance soldier. When he gets recruited to go to Nigeria as part of a protection detail, he meets Kendra once again. Their first meeting didn't go very well. Jake doesn't want to get involved with a natura [...]

    Stacey is Sassy
    My Adrenaline spiked near the end.***3.5 Stars***First up, I don’t read these types of books very often, so I’m not sure I am the best judge. By these, I’m referring to action/suspense/romance types of reads. Add in that we’re talking about genetically modified…created…birthed peoples, I’m really experiencing something new to me.So, surprisingly enough, this book delves into science. Now, I didn’t do too well at science back in the day and I was a wee bit worried that it would al [...]

    JG ~Jezabell Girl & Friends
    She’d always been drawn to bad boys and, later, dangerous men. But this? This unbidden attraction to a GV was a whole new kind of crazy.A really enjoyable and well-written story from a very talented debut author.I love a good romantic suspense, especially where there is a strong female lead and this book gave me exactly that. Set in a time where cold-blooded killers are genetically engineered, readers are treated to a tense battle between the organisation who created them, GovCorp, and the con [...]

    Lydia W.
    This one blew me away! An unexpectedly enjoyable read! Definitely one of my new favorites! Perfect mix of romantic suspense, science fiction, thriller and mystery. Jake is superhot and so much more than I expected and Kendra is my hero in more than one ways. But all the other characters were just as intriguing and interesting. I so hope there’ll soon be another book in this series.

    This book was recommended to me and I took a chance and really liked it. Though I primarily read science and action thrillers, I really enjoyed this more romancy read. The romance between Jake and Kendra was the main part of the story and it was hot and emotional, but never sappy, angsty or otherwise eyeroll-inducing. It was quite realistic given the differences of the main characters. The whole story was quite believable. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a scenario like this come true somet [...]

    Right up my alley! Pulse-pounding suspense, hot supersoldiers, and lots of twists and turns that kept me turning the pages until the wee hours. And I loved the diverse settings: African jungle, futuristic GovCorp City and the horse rescue ranch was a definite plus. Can’t wait for book two!*I received an advance reader copy and reviewed voluntarily.

    Fantastic romance novelReilly's book, Adrenaline Secrets, was one of the best romance novels I've ever read!Given the subject matter, I wasn't really sure what to expect out of this novel, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The story is set in a futuristic world with 2 types of people roaming the world - "naturals" and "GV's."  GVs are these laboratory created people that have been genetically altered to be soldiers with excess adrenaline and physical strength and a lack of emotions. This book i [...]

    Emily Dickson
    This was a great book from beginning till end! Jake was a great character that was likeable and it was fun to read about him overcoming what he saw as flaws as he was genetically altered. Kendra was also likeable and a strong woman that stood for whatever she believed in. They had great chemistry and lots of sexy time. The book itself had lots of mystery and suspense and action. The secondary characters were well written and I hope to see more of them in the future. All in all a fantastic start [...]

    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.After reading Carolyn Reilly's biography I am more than a little intrigued about this book. I'm not sure what to call this book, paranormal, fantasy, science-fiction or just plain old romantic-suspense. What it is, is out of the norm for what I usually read. Thought provoking, entertaining and in parts, edge of your seat suspenseful. A very good first book by a new author.Jake [...]

    Coffee Chat
    This is an amazing science fiction romance. I'm not really a fan of Sci-Fi so I wasn't sure if I would like this book. I was happily surprised! I really enjoyed reading this story! The plot is intriguing and action packed, with suspense, mystery, romance and drama. The characters are well developed and likable. It's a nice blend of the sci-fi, suspense and romance genre. I highly recommend to everyone. I received this book as a gift and am very happy I did. I voluntarily give this review.

    Erin Kelch Zerby
    Gripping Page Turner!I received this book as an ARC and I'm so glad I did as I might not have come across this amazing read otherwise! Jake and Kendra were perfect in their flaws and strengths. The portrayal of military personnel and the way they interact was spot on! Although at times more graphic than expected, this author was not at all gratuitous. I can not wait to see what else she writes. I hope this author has more incredible stories to tell!

    Jennifer Soppe
    I am voluntarily reviewing an Advanced Reader Copy of this book that I received for free. 5 starsA gripping romantic suspense set in an alternate universe where genetically modified humans exist. Adrenaline Secrets is about Kendra, a natural born human, and Jake, a genetically modified human, finding a way to work together while dealing with multiple physical, emotional, and life issues. Carolyn Reilly has set an action packed road for the reader to travel. I am looking forward to other books se [...]

    This book was ridiculously excellent. From the superior writing to the character details and plot twists, I was utterly hooked. Did not expect to enjoy this as much as I did - there are lot of books that follow this trope that are total rubbish. This one is not, and I am really keen to read the next one to see where the story goes! Could not put it down.

    Honestly, I was really impressed with this debut novel. I didn't expect it to be so good and well written. Not that I thought it would be anything less but it's always different when you have no indication on how the author constructs a story and where it will lead you. The writing style is very important for me as a reader to be able to get into the story and connect with its characters. Although it took a while to get all the details together in my head of this rather complex world this story [...]

    Action, adventure, mystery and romance Adrenaline Secrets is exactly what it promised to be. Action packed and filled with some mysteries that unravel throughout the novel. Jake and Kendra are fated to play a part in each other's lives, but there are disastrous consequences. They are trying to overcome sinister scientists with murderous intentions. Their feelings develop over time, while they struggle with the secrets they keep from each other.Jake Hanson is a genetically engineered soldier, who [...]

    K.J. Simmill
    Carolyn Reilly presents an amazing read in her Adrenaline Secrets: A Deadly DNA Novel There are naturals and there are Genetic InVitros or GVs. But lately, in Reardon, there are other concerns, people are turning into rabid killers, and whilst there were many theories, disease, drugs, etc, the truth remained there was no evidence of either, simply because these rogues somehow seemed to evade capture. The attacks were getting worse and tension across the city is at an all time high. Meanwhile, a [...]

    Mona Silver
    This book had me from the first page and never lost me before its end. Jake and Kendra's story isn't only about love and trust, but also about loss and overcoming fears. An incredibly enthralling and sizzling hot novel about genetically engineered supersoldiers, the secret schemes of a power-hungry corporation, prejudice and political intrigue.Kendra lost everything Jake never had: a family and a place where she belongs. What they have in common is their single goal to put an end to the inhuman [...]

    Very good read! Interesting characters, no stereotypes, great pacing, fast action but also enough downtime to give Kendra and Jake a chance to act on their attraction. Very well-written. Would recommend this! I received a free review copy and this is my honest review.

    Debbie Scott
    VERY GOODWhat scientists and governments won't do to "enhance" our lives. Thank you for a very interesting and intriguing story, Danny and Debbie Scott.

    Grant Leishman
    Reviewed For Readers' Favorite by Grant LeishmanSerious Chick-Lit meets G.I. Joe, is what you get in Adrenaline Secrets by Carolyn Reilly. GovCorp has for years been creating genetically modified humans, in an effort to create the perfect soldier, but when it all went wrong, they had to free the genetically modified soldiers into the world and allow them to live with the “naturals”. The tension between these modified humans and the naturals, is high, especially when it appears some of the [...]

    Awesome! I love books with complex storylines, many of those books unfortunately get too complicated, but not this one. Great worldbuilding, no stupid moves, but a smart, caring heroine, a flawed, but likeable alpha hero, both with interesting and unexpected backstories that lead to some fascinating revelations. Warning: Don’t start reading this novel when you go to bed, you’ll considerably decimate your sleeptime😉 Seriously, I loved it and couldn’t stop reading.

    3.5*There will be no outlining of the book, this is a review, not a blurb.This is my first sci-fi/suspense romance and although I did feel that there was a lot of information being dumped on the reader at the beginning of the book, the science parts were very well explained thus made it easy to follow.This novel certainly is well-paced and action-packed and despite the conversations, that felt a bit forced and juvenile at times, it was well-written.I am intrigued enough to continue with the seri [...]

    Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
    Title: Adrenaline Secrets    Series: A Deadly DNA Novel. #1Release Date: #AlreadyReleasedAuthor: Carolyn ReillyReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Serial: Standalone, No Cliffhanger  #SciFi #DNATechnology #MadScientists #5Stars🌟⭐🌟🌟🌟••••••••••••••The Award Winning alarm is going off? This lady captivated me from the first page, to the last page filled with Passion and my Dream Boyfriend. In this book I had Adventure, Survival, Fear, Jealousy, Betr [...]

    The start of ‘Adrenaline Secrets’ plunges us straight into Carolyn Reilly’s intriguing world of the genetically-modified and the ‘natural’ borns, the schism deepened only by the physicality of the former, the ‘weakness’ of the latter and the prejudices that grew out of that widening divide. There is a fair bit to take in as well with a huge number of characters gracing the pages while Reilly sets up opposing factions: GovCorp vs. the Committee, GVs vs. naturals, Kendra vs. Jake, th [...]

    Margaret Watkins
    A few decades ago a novel such as this one would have stretched the imagination. Unfortunately, with the advances in technology and the advent of Dolly the sheep, born with a genetic age of six years in 1996, makes this book all the more probable. Jake, the laboratory born mercenary, engineered to fight to the death without questioning orders, is dealing with an overload of adrenaline. When he meets Kendra, he makes assumptions, even though she is calling to him at a subliminal level. His treatm [...]

    4.5 starsOkay, now this is not the right book if you want an easy read where it doesn’t matter if you skip a few pages. You’d be missing out because there are so many great twists, turns and pulse-pounding moments. H/h have great chemistry, are relatable and multi-faceted, and the secondary cast is also very intriguing. I hope for some of them to get their own stories. A very original, hot and fascinating sci-fi romance thriller. Looking forward to the next book.

    Karen Voitik
    >Book Review – Adrenaline Secrets>I am an independent reviewer. This is the 1st book in the Deadly DNA series and ends with an HEA. This reality takes place after a government group called GovCorp created test-tube genetically manipulated humans for the purpose of creating the perfect soldiers. Any females that were created were adopted out as infants. Only the males were kept and birthed at 14. A lot about this process was kept from the actual government and the public. Once everyone fo [...]

    Lisa books
    What an exciting book with human and DNA modified soilder. Twist in turns on every page this book will keep you reading to see what will happen next. I hope we see more books in this series - since I would like to know what happens next.

    Amazing story! I loved Jake and Kendra! There’s nothing I didn’t love about this book. Can’t wait for the next by this author!

    Irene S
    Wow! A great exciting start to a new series…This was a very exciting, suspenseful, sometimes steamy romance. Since so many reviewers have already described the plot, I will give only my impressions of this book. I loved it and look forward to reading more in this series. The two main characters are Jack, a genetically created mercenary and Kendra, a translator. They are both very strong individuals who save each others' lives during this book. They also have a very strong attraction and connec [...]

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