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  • Title: Meet Me in the Strange
  • Author: Leander Watts
  • ISBN: 9781946154156
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Davi tries to help a new friend, Anna Z, escape a cruel and controlling brother, and the teens end up running away to follow the tour of their rock idol, the otherworldly Django Conn The story is set in a weird and wonderful retro futuristic city of glam girls and glister boys and a strange phenomenon that Anna Z calls the Alien Drift.
    Leander Watts
    Leander Watts is the author of five young adult novels He lives in the Genesee Valley of western New York State, where he teaches writing and literature special areas of interest science fiction, crime novels and YA He owns hundreds of vinyl albums many still in the original cellophane , twelve fezzes, a ninety year old tenor sax, and the biggest collection of Big Hand Books known to exist.


    Brittany Lamb
    You can read this review at bookwormbrittanyy.wordpress.c Disclaimer: I received a free advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Rating: 1 starI. I don't even know what I just read you guys. Let me just go ahead and say that this book is rated pretty decently. I am about to be the first person to give this book one star. And I'm really not trying to say that the book would be totally awful for everyone, because that's clearly not the case. But I think you have [...]

    I might be young for the glam generation, but I came of age watching Velvet Goldmine, so when I read the description of this book I was instantly hooked. Loved-loved-loved this space-age, glittery music-backed adventure that takes place in a slightly alternate version of (Italy, I thought, but I'm not sure). Compelling, dreamy Anna Z. and androgynous (or at least, gender-ambiguous), earnest Davi navigate life and drama in the shadow of their idol, superstar Django Conn. Personally, I actually co [...]

    Anna Z is a girl who can talk-talk-talk and make you fall in love with her. Her soul is bright and crazy.Davi is a someone who sees. The most weird thing is, I don't think it is mentioned anywhere that Davi is a boy, and even if it is, Davi's gender fluidity is brilliant. This book definitely does justice to the word strange. There's music, magical-realism, plans and an actual bonding over music. It's fast paced and thrilling in the way that it swirls around. The sentence structure and the way t [...]

    This book reminded me very much of my own personal fascination with David Bowie and his almost God-like/out-of-this-world-like personality which many of his fans ascribe him. The story follows the daily adventures of Davi and their (Davi's gender is unknown to the reader) longing for a pixie dream girl Anna Z who helps them both find and simultaneously lose their place in this world and another, 'beyond', alien-type world, all thanks to their bonding love for musician Django Conn. I very much en [...]

    If you want to get lost in a narrative and lose 3-4 hours of your day, get this book. I seriously can't believe I just did that. I sat down around 4 and didn't get up until it was well past dinner time.The atmosphere of this book is absolutely amazing--it's like going to a concert of your favorite band and just losing yourself in the music and show and wondering how that time really passed because it couldn't possibly have been everything. That is what this book is and I loved it. The plot was a [...]

    This was a really fun read. If you enjoy music, sci-fi, love and “the Strange” then this book is for you. The writing was delightful and I especially liked how each chapter ranged from two to four pages. It keeps the pace of the book moving quickly and helps compartmentalize the different parts of the story by literally breaking them down for the reader. Plus, the story was magical and cool and out there (in a good way). The characters had an almost biblical innocence to them which was enhan [...]

    J.D. Dehart
    Meet Me in the Strange by Leander Watts is a crazy cool science fiction adventure. File it under young adult or adult fiction, if you wish. This distinction is almost always fuzzy to me and I find myself enjoying titles from both streams. This book in particular works as a kind of William Gibson-like approach to a science fiction celebrity culture that mirrors our own. Leander Watts brings a nice touch to describing this world, and I found the ride quite enjoyable.

    I got a copy of this novel from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.4 ⭐️The summary of this novel doesn't do it justice. While Davi does help Anna Z escape from her brother, it is SO MUCH MORE than that. The main character is not Davi, it's the atmosphere. Set in a sort of alternate universe 1970s Italia, the story is all about dreaming and discovering life through crazy theories. Anna Z is a kind of angel that shows Davi how more there is to life than what he kn [...]

    Alison C
    Django Conn is a rock god with a massive teenage following, including Davi, a young man who has lived all his life in a high-end hotel, and Anna Z, a young woman who is on the run from…meone. Davi first sees Anna Z at a Django concert and he sees how she is utterly transformed by the music; obviously, she is someone he must get to know! When he does meet her, however, he is drawn into her mysterious world - and it becomes his mission in life to help her continue life in the Strange…. I recei [...]

    I felt so at home in the other-worldliness of Meet Me In The Strange, as I so often do in novels by Leander Watts. This book is for fans of Bowie, Velvet Goldmine, and for anyone who has ever longed or lived for the transcendent and out-of-body experiences music can offer. It’s a quick and satisfying read that makes you wish you were there too, and one you’ll be thinking about long after you’re done reading. Dig your glitter platforms put of the closet (or head to your nearest goodwill ASA [...]

    T. Kent
    What a dreamy, magical setting in this cool book! A huge music fan, it sure took me back to those days when a concert was an out of body experience. Loved it.

    Synopsis:Davi tries to help a new friend, Anna Z, escape a cruel and controlling brother, and the teens end up running away to follow the tour of their rock idol, the otherworldly Django Conn. The story is set in a weird and wonderful retro-futuristic city of glam-girls and glister-boys and a strange phenomenon that Anna Z calls the “Alien Drift.”My Review:I received a copy of Meet Me In The Strange from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.First off, I love the cover for this. Usually [...]

    This is one of the weirdest books I've ever read. It is bizarre.If you've ever obsessed over a band, lost yourself at a live show, considered yourself an "other" growing up, and maybe found another odd person to share a bit of crazy with - this book is for you. It's a quick, fun, trippy ride. If I still smoked weed I'd have read this high. Aloud, with other high friends. Chapter by chapter. Taking turns.Plus - solid, clear ending. Like a movie. A very weird movie.

    Ms. Nguyen
    I was able to read this ebook through NetGalley!DNF at 30%I just couldn't get into it but I do think there are people who would appreciate it a lot more than I did. It's just really different

    I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Meet me in the Strange, ah, what a fitting title. If this book was anything, it was strange. And I mean strange.The plot of this book was so simple, and there wasn’t much expansion on it. No plot twists, no surprising development.The characters also weren’t very interesting or relatable.Anna Z was an eccentric character whose long weird speeches made up half the book.Davi was a character who just followed [...]

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