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  • Title: The Ransome Women; The Things The Left Behind
  • Author: Ed McBain Stephen King John Farris
  • ISBN: 9780765347510
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback

  • New York Times bestsellers and thriller legends John Farris and Stephen King each provided a brand new, never before published tale for this unique collection of stories edited by New York Times bestselling author and mystery legend Ed McBain.The Ransome Women by John Farris A psychological thriller that questions the role beauty plays in society and the cult of celebrityNew York Times bestsellers and thriller legends John Farris and Stephen King each provided a brand new, never before published tale for this unique collection of stories edited by New York Times bestselling author and mystery legend Ed McBain.The Ransome Women by John Farris A psychological thriller that questions the role beauty plays in society and the cult of celebrity A young and beautiful, starving artist catches a break when her idol, the reclusive portraitist John Ransome offers her a lucrative modeling contract But how long will her excitement last when she discovers the fate shared by all Ransome s past subjects The Things They Left Behind by Stephen King A hauntingly moving tale of survival guilt in New York City after 9 11 Scott Staley called in sick for his job at the World Trade Center that Tuesday morning Now in the aftermath of 9 11, he must face his guilty conscience as he begins to find the things his deceased coworkers left behind.
    Ed McBain Stephen King John Farris
    Ed McBain is one of the pen names of American author and screenwriter Salvatore Albert Lombino 1926 2005 , who legally adopted the name Evan Hunter in 1952 While successful and well known as Evan Hunter, he was even better known as Ed McBain, a name he used for most of his crime fiction, beginning in 1956.He also used the pen names John Abbott, Curt Cannon, Hunt Collins, Ezra Hannon, Dean Hudson, Evan Hunter, and Richard Marsten.

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    Benjamin Stahl
    The Things They Left Behind was about someone who, by fate, never went to the Pentagon on the infamous and tragic September 11th bombing. He suffers what they call ‘Survivor’s Guilt’, which is fair enough, and believes that either he’s losing his mind, or that he is actually seeing particular objects that belonged to his dead colleagues mysteriously turn up in his apartment. After coming to terms with this, he realizes that these objects – memorabilia, if you will – are for him to re [...]

    I picked Transgressions up as it featured a Stephen King story. The scoop on this series is as follows: the late Ed McBain asked a bunch of famous scribes to write novellas (longer than a short story, shorter than a novel) and he placed no restrictions on the authors regarding subject matter. The result was a multi part book series with tales from people such as Walter Mosley and Sharyn McCrumb. The volume I found featured two stories-one from King (which I have never seen anywhere else) and ano [...]

    Susan Kelley
    I picked up this book from one of my online reading groups because of Stephen King. However, I enjoyed this book because of John Farris. Go figure.Transgressions is a concept created by author Ed McBain. He invited several of his favorite thriller and horror authors to write novellas for this series. There are a total of four Transgressions books, with the Farris/King effort being the second. None of the stories have anything to do with each other, so you can read one or read them all and be a h [...]

    This collection comprises two novellas: The Things They Left Behind by Stephen King, and The Ransome Women by John Farris. The Things They Left Behind combines the idea of survivor's guilt with King's signature sense of creepiness. Scott Staley is a rural accountant who decided to play hooky work one day, something that would be an otherwise unremarkable event. Except that one day was September 11, 2001, and Scott works at Light and Bell Insurance on the 110th floor of the World Trade Centre. Th [...]

    A ghost story of sorts, inspired by the tragic events of 9/11.

    Armada Volya
    I was reading this book on my way to work and it was often hard to put it dawn when I would reach my stop. For the most part I enjoyed The Ransom Women, by John Farris. It was a very intriguing tale that appealed to me as an artist as well as a lover of good stories. The Things They Left Behind is the reason I'm giving this book four instead of five stars. I love Stephen Kings novels, but I haven't found a lot of his short stories that I'd actually like. It's just not his writing style. He ends [...]

    I bought this book solely for the Stephen King story and was deeply disappointed. The story was a bit odd and disjointed to me The second story was by John Harris and was a page turner. I expected it to be horror since it was paired with Stephen King, but it was more of a mystery. The story was about a beautiful woman who is approached by an artist to who wants to paint her under the condition that she live with him for a year and have no contact with the outside world. Her boyfriend is a cop an [...]

    Jonathan Funk
    Each of the books in this collection are well suited to the short story genre. Short stories are a marvelous medium to explore an idea without needing to belabor any particular point.'The Ransome Women' takes a story that could have been told in more detail over several hundred pages and condenses it down to a wonderfully short and sweet story that is 'just the good stuff'. 'The things they left behind' explores 9/11 survivors guilt and the metaphysical ramifications in one particular individual [...]

    Laura Buechler
    I had read King's "The Things They Left Behind" previously and quite enjoyed it, so my decidedly "meh" review is for Farris' "The Ransome Women". Maybe it's partly my own fault for expecting something more supernatural/suspenseful, but the feeling I am left with after reading this story is "There's three days I'll never get back." Predictable, pointless, and populated with characters that we don't get to know well enough to give a crap about meh. Meh, I say.

    Stephanie Jachymek
    I'm basing this on the Farris novella The Ransome Women, because I have previously read the King one.To put it simply, the writing was bland, the story was predictable and the characters fell flat. I didn't care about any of them, but being the type of person that can't not finish a book, I trudged my way through.I would be hard pressed to reccomend this to anyone. I am unaware if any of his other works are decent, but I'm most assuredly not going to find out soon.

    Two short stories. The first, by Stephen King, is about a survivor from 9-11 who starts to find tokens from the office he should have been in had he not been playing hooky. In the second story, a famous artist uses beautiful women as models, and then awful things start happening to them. A thrilling story.

    For me, the jewel here is Stephen King's "The Things They Left Behind". It's a poignant tale of a man and his post 9/11 experiences. Of course, as it is Mr. King, it's a tad creepy, but it really pulled at my own heart strings. For all of the characters. Even Mr. Yow, Git Down.

    Edward Davies
    A sad and slightly supernatural tale of what happens when a man starts finding souvenirs of his colleagues who died in the terror attacks of 9-11. One of the more thought provoking stories in ‘Just After Sunset’.

    Tanvir Muntasim
    I have read the King novella in one of his short story collections, and it is quite touching. The Farris novella was pulpy trash, and inflated to fill up the pages. I doubt I will check his fiction any further.

    Marilyn Belsham
    Not his best, not his worstading this reminded me how much I used to LOVE King's writing and how long it's been since I sunk my teeth into one of his novelsI should really do that again some day

    wasn't thrilled with either story. Farris's was OK - formulaic & predictable.S King's was written because they asked him, quite obviously. Wouldn't have missed a thing not reading from one of his "Constant Readers".

    The Ransome Women was as suspenseful as it was creepy, but The Things They Left Behind by King was hauntingly heartbreaking, especially if you were either close to NYC after 9/11, knew anyone that was near there, or knew anyone directly affected by the horrific terrorist attack.

    Jared Tipton
    Two really great stories!

    The kind of (short) stories I love the most. Both were brilliant! Am eager to read more books in the series.

    Craig Rettig
    Certainly not bad, but nothing special for either tale.

    Mary Follis
    SK's is short--58 pages. Makes me want to read more by Farris.

    it was alright, i think the stephen king one could have been longer and John Farris could have been shorter, i wasn't overly impressed but it was an alright read.

    I liked both these stories

    I enjoyed the Stephen King story more, it was very touching. The John Farris story was disturbing & not in a good way.

    the king story was really goode farris story wasn't.

    Decent Novella by King, but definitely not his best work. The Farris Novella is totally pulpy trash, but not very enjoyable. Kind of a core to get through.


    Stephen King's story was one of the worst I've ever read. Farris on the other hand, was pretty good - could have had a better ending though.

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