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  • Title: Miracle on Chance Avenue
  • Author: Jane Porter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Rory Douglas is the oldest Douglas and McKenna s adored big brother, but this big, quiet cowboy rarely returns to Marietta, choosing to exorcise his demons by a life on the road, riding bulls every night on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour Thirty eight year old Rory needs a miracle, and he gets one when Sadie Mann, one of his sister s childhood friends, appears on hiRory Douglas is the oldest Douglas and McKenna s adored big brother, but this big, quiet cowboy rarely returns to Marietta, choosing to exorcise his demons by a life on the road, riding bulls every night on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour Thirty eight year old Rory needs a miracle, and he gets one when Sadie Mann, one of his sister s childhood friends, appears on his motel doorstep, asking for a favor Shocked by Sadie s request, Rory brusquely refuses, but when an accident in the arena sidelines him, he begins to wonder if granting Sadie s Christmas wish, might just turn his life around.
    Jane Porter
    Born in Visalia, California, I m a small town girl at heart I love central California s golden foothills, oak trees, and the miles of farmland In my mind, there s nothing sweeter in the world than the heady fragrance of orange blossoms on a sultry summer night.As a little girl I spent hours on my bed, staring out the window, dreaming of far off places, fearless knights, and happy ever after endings In my imagination I was never the geeky bookworm with the thick coke bottle glasses, but a princess, a magical fairy, a Joan of Arc crusader.My parents fed my imagination by taking our family to Europe for a year when I was thirteen The year away changed me I wasn t a geek for once and overseas I discovered a huge and wonderful world with different cultures and customs I loved everything about Europe, but felt especially passionate about Italy and those gorgeous Italian men no wonder my first very Presents hero was Italian.I confess, after that incredible year in Europe, the travel bug bit, and bit hard I spent much of my high school and college years abroad, studying in South Africa, Japan and Ireland South Africa remains a country of my heart, the people, the land and politics complex and heart wrenching.After my years of traveling and studying I had to settle down and earn a living With my Bachelors degree from UCLA in American Studies, a program that combines American literature and American history, I ve worked in sales and marketing, as well as a director of a non profit foundation Later I earned my Masters in Writing from the University of San Francisco and taught jr high and high school English.I now live in Seattle and Hawaii with my three sons I never mind a rainy day, either, because that s when I sit at my desk and write stories about far away places, fascinating people, and most importantly of all, love I like a story with a happy ending We all do.


    Miracle on Chance Avenue by Jane Porter is the second book in the romantic Love on Chance Avenue series. Each book in the series feature a different couple and can be read as a standalone romance if choosing to do so. The books are set in the charming town of Marietta, MT though and there may be characters or events that have been featured in other books set in this small town.This was a rather interesting idea behind a couple coming together in a story. Rory and Sadie share a past in their smal [...]

    4.5 Two Finally Find Each Other Stars* * * * 1/2 Spoiler FreeThis is a story which had many layers of want, pain and finally a coming together for a wonderful payoff. Jane Porter took so much and made it work on so many levels. Rory Douglas is at the end of his career with the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour. He has lived his life testing the odds every time he climbed on a bull. He hadn't asked for it, but before he started riding the circuit, he had beaten odds and felt he shouldn'tSo every [...]

    Bette Hansen
    Loved this story! It's a fantastic story of going home, facing the past as hard as it is, and finding that one person who has always known and loved you no matter what. Rory and Sadie are great characters and seeing them get their HEA was awesome. Definitely put this one on the must read list. I highly recommend it.

    Storytelling at its finest. Sadie Mann wants to have a baby. And for years, she wanted that baby's father to be her lifelong crush, bull rider, Rory Douglas. She would even travel around the country to different events just to see him. But she never had the courage to talk to him. When Rory finally returned to Marietta, Sadie had already moved on from him and was planning on using a donor for her baby. Rory first spotted Sadie in the stands two and a half years ago. He didn't know anything about [...]

    Rosemary K
    The tragedy at the Douglas Ranch devastated Rory and his surviving siblings. It also left Sadie Mann, a friend of McKenna, feeling guilty. After all her birthday sleep over was why they weren't home when the murderer struck. Now Rory is back in Marietta, he wants to come to terms with the past. Can he and Sadie have a future? She is determined to live her life to the fullest even if she can't have Rory. She wants to have a baby. I admire her for her courage to be a single mother. Rory calls her [...]

    Denise Stout
    Sadie and Rory have both been drawn together like magnets for years. Sadie has loved him from afar and Rory knows she's his muse. One Christmas, their paths cross by chance or fate. Sadie tries to resist him, but it's hard to fight a love that just grows stronger. He offers to help her fulfill her dream, but she says no. She knows there's a part of their mutual past he's unaware of and it haunts her. Till he finds out and his anger combined with her guilt drives a wedge between them. The love is [...]

    Becky Burciaga
    An emotional rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. Rory's pain was so palpable that I found myself in tears numerous times. Ms Porter's exemplary writing created in him a troubled sole who had finally stopped running from his painhe recognized in Sadie a woman who could actually help him heal. Her feistiness and strength capture first his attention then his heart. How they had longed for each, in vastly different ways, was both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. You could actua [...]

    Full review to follow.

    "Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review"4.5 stars.This book was way better than I was expecting and not at all the standard romance novel I thought it would be. The premise of the story, Sadie’s obsession or “impractical dream” about Rory, our lovely tortured hero, was a hard one to tackle, but the author, Jane Porter, constructed a beautiful tale about two mature people with great chemistry.I loved the characters’ voices, both hardened by grief and tragedies (Rory [...]

    Marsha Spohn
    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfWhen I opened up my Kindle to begin Miracle On Chance Avenuethe first thing that caught my eye was the dedication page. Caught my eye and maybe choked up my throat a bit as well“For all the wonderful, amazing readers who have taken Marietta, Montana into your hearts – This one is for you!” Jane Porter, dedication page of Miracle on Chance Avenue” Now, having completed this simply amazing story I need to say right from the start, Thank you for a wonderful story [...]

    Miracle on Chance Avenue was a very sweet and entertaining holiday romance. This is the story of Rory, a bull rider who never got over a terrible tragedy that took most of his family, and Sadie who has had a crush on him forever. Sadie is ready to be a mom and always thought Rory would be the perfect father but could never even work up the nerve to talk to him. Rory hadn't noticed Sadie in the town they both grew up in, but in the past few years he's noticed her in the stands at several of his b [...]

    Sandi Ramirez
    Let me begin my saying if you have never read any his of the books based in this wonderful fictional town, what are you waiting on? Now on to this book that I personally have been waiting on for quite a while now. I just was not sure which of the authors was going to tell me his story and I sure did not realize that Rory's story would be so much full of life and even pain that is in there. It explain so much that I had wondered. (Yes I am what many would call a Tuligan) and I have adopted Mariet [...]

    Rating: 4.5/5This is a story of going home to face the past and look to the future. The couple concerned have friends in common but hadn’t previously spoken. Despite this, Sadie Mann has loved him since she was thirteen years old and he brought his sister, McKenna, to her birthday party. That was also the night his parents and other siblings were murdered . . . . Rory Douglas tried to escape Marietta by competing on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour. Sadie used to go watch him ride, but ne [...]

    Miracle on Chance AvenuebyJane PorterRory Douglas rarely returns to his home town of Marietta, choosing instead to unleash his demons competing on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour. But after a particularly bruising season, Rory visits Marietta with the idea of buying an investment property and planning for a future he never imagined or wanted.After ten years as a flight attendant, Sadie Mann has turned in her wings to focus on her shabby chic business and becoming a single mom. Adjusting to [...]

    This is a predictable romance between two people who are both lost in their memories and the emotions that come with them. Sadie Mann wants children badly, and has now finally moved to a place in her life where that is possible. For years, Sadie has wanted the father to be her lifelong crush, Rory Douglas. She even followed him as he went through the rodeo circuit as a bull rider, though she never once stopped to speak with him. Since they both grew up in Marietta, MT, Sadie knew Rory’s family [...]

    Julie Barrett
    Miracle on Chance Avenue by Jane Porter #MiracleOnChanceAvenue #NetGalleyBook starts out with Rory Douglas and he's on the bull when he sees her as they open the gates.He recalls seeing her at every rodeo stop along the circuit but she's never approached him. He knows she's there for him.Sadie has followed her impossible dreams and she has followed him throughout the rides and even went in to see him at the hospital when he told her to get out. She just wants his baby but she can never tell him. [...]

    4.5 Stars!I never pass up an opportunity to read a book by Jane Porter. Her stories are replete with emotion, three-dimensional characters, and an engaging plot. Miracle on Chance Avenue is the second book from her Love on Chance series, and it can be totally enjoyed as a standalone. In addition, the cover is quite captivating.Former flight attendant Sadie Mann has been in love with rodeo star Rory Douglas since she was thirteen. Due to her flight schedule, she was able to follow him on the circ [...]

    WOW!!! Just wow!! Words fail to describe how much I truly enjoyed Miracle on Chance Avenue by Jane Porter, the second book in her Love on Chance Avenue series. Rory Douglas did not like returning home to Marietta because of all the awful memories it stirred up from his past. He releases his demons while competing on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour. After a bad fall he visits Marietta to buy an investment property and encounters a future he never imagined he would want or have. Sadie Mann g [...]

    Full of memories he’d rather forget, Rory Douglas prefers keeping his distance from his hometown of Marietta. Traveling from city to city on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour, Rory would dispel his demons atop a bucking bull. When a bad fall puts a halt to his riding days, he finds himself back in his hometown of Marietta.Sadie Mann has crushed on Rory for much of her life. Going as far as traveling around the country to secretly watch him compete on the rodeo scene. Her heart’s desire i [...]

    This is book #2 in the Love on Chance Avenue series.It is the story of Rory Douglas and Sadie Mann.Rory is a bull rider on the American Bull Riding Tour. He loves riding bulls and being able to unleash his demons while competing.Sadie spent 10 years as an airline flight attendant. She has turned in her wings and wants to focus on having a baby. She has a re-furbishing company which she has started on her own to make ends meet.Rory rarely comes back to his home town. Marietta is not where he expe [...]

    Miracle On Chance Avenue reminded me why I love Jane Porter’s stories so much. This is a small town contemporary Christmas story set in gorgeous Marietta, Montana. Second in the Love On Chance Avenue series (Take Me Cowboy, the first in the series, won a RITA), this story works fine as a stand-alone.I’ve come to know the Douglas family over the years as one lovely story after another has taken me to Marietta. This is Rory’s story. Oldest of the Douglas children, he was the one to discover [...]

    Kerry Croucier
    If you are looking for a Holiday story that will make you laughd crylook no further. This is a wonderful story of two people who have been connected for so long finally finding each other. It is a story of one, whose life is so full of tragedy, he didn't care about his life and took chances so he didn't have to feel or remember the past. It's about the woman who has loved him for more than 20 years, whose heart ached for the tragedy he and his family faced, and her connection to it. The woman wh [...]

    Miracle on Chance Avenue by Jane Porter is a unique story with a complex plot tat seemed simple when I first started reading it. I remember thinking what a unique way for two people to meet but is it realistic. In view of the events happening over 20 years earlier which come to light as the story progresses, it is realistic even if it is improbable. Rory and Sadie are likable, good together. However, there are contradictions in their thoughts and actions that work themselves out quickly.While it [...]

    Welcome back to Marietta, Montana. More than twenty years ago, the Douglas family was the victim of unspeakable tragedy, leaving three children without their parents and other siblings. Rory is the oldest and that tragedy shaped him and his choices. It also tied him to Sadie, only he doesn't know it. Or does he? The mystery woman who was at all his rodeos for more than two years, suddenly is right in front of him when he goes home to Marietta. Miracle on Chance Avenue is about how Rory and Sadie [...]

    Paula Pugh
    This is a charming and, for me, a magnetic offering from the very talented Ms. Porter. The characters are complex in the levels of emotions they each experience and the haunting the male character feels from his family’s horror is powerful to the plot.Sadie is yearning for a child of her own with no husband prospects and is determined to use a donor until Rory shows up. She has been in far away love with him since she was thirteen and has dreamed of him becoming hers.Rory is finally finding hi [...]

    The Miracle on Chance Avenue is a fun, enjoyable and fast read. Rory and Sadie are both well written and extremely likable characters. Their relationship was a little bit insta-love on Rory's part, but not to the extent that it made their romance seem unbelievable or even unlikely. I think Rory just recognized a good thing when he found it. Sadie did seem a little borderline fruit loops in the beginning but that impression got quickly left behind once I got into the story a little bit. Overall, [...]

    Melinda Garza
    Sadie Mann has had a crush on Rory Douglas almost her whole life. She has even traveled the country to secretly watch him compete on the rodeo scene. Rory has always wanted to be a mom and who better to be the father than Rory. When that is not likely to happen, Rory considers a donor. Rory Douglas is a competitor on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour but one day he has a bad fall and he finds himself back in his hometown of Marietta. Marietta is not his favorite place. His family was involve [...]

    Rory reluctantly returns to his hometown of Marietta following a tough season on the Bull Rider Circuit. He has always been generous with his support in Marietta but has rarely visited it following the tragedy that happened to his family many years ago. He realizes he needs to face his past and start planning his future as he is on the tail end of his career. On his return he runs into the mysterious red haired angel who he has seen at many of his competitions over the last few years.Sadie has s [...]

    This was a wonderful and emotional story to read.Rory doesn't come back to Marietta often because of the tragedy that happened to his family there. Sadie has been following Rory on the rodeo tour, but never got up the nerve to talk to him. Then after an injury Rory comes back to Marietta and finally comes face to face with the red-head he used to see in the stands watching him.I loved this story and loved the characters. There is still so much pain in Rory's life because of what happened to his [...]

    Margaret Sholders
    Jane is at the top of my favorite authors! I read every book I can get from her. This story line will get to you. It is a very deep plot in this book. Rory is a bull rider and looks for a lady who follows him. Sadie follows Rory but leaves before he can find her. Rory had been stomped by a bull and has come home. They meet finally in Marietta. He wants to stay with Sadie. She has lost her mother and wants to be a single mother. There are a lot of tough pieces between both of them. Rory had lost [...]

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