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  • Title: Accept My Surrender
  • Author: Jane Davitt Alexa Snow
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  • Moving on after his wife leaves him, middle aged John explores a side of himself he d pushed aside since college, and dates men It s not working out too well when Logan, a local professor looking to rent the apartment over John s garage, enters his life John doesn t expect Logan younger, pierced, tattooed to be anything than a monthly rent check, but he accidentalMoving on after his wife leaves him, middle aged John explores a side of himself he d pushed aside since college, and dates men It s not working out too well when Logan, a local professor looking to rent the apartment over John s garage, enters his life John doesn t expect Logan younger, pierced, tattooed to be anything than a monthly rent check, but he accidentally overhears Logan s steamy BDSM session with a casual partner and he s turned on like never before He can t stop thinking about what it would be like to be the one on his knees.It doesn t take much to persuade Logan to teach John how to be a sub, but the experiment in submission quickly turns into much than John ever dreamed of The sex is sizzling but it s the sense of fulfillment John feels when he yields control to Logan that he craves Despite Logan s struggle to adjust to being in a relationship and John s inexperience, they re moving toward something good when John s faced with a choice Two paths lie before him, both offering happiness, but only one calls for his surrender, body and heart, to the one he loves.
    Jane Davitt Alexa Snow
    I m English by birth, but I moved to Canada twenty years ago, so I have two places I call home I started writing in my thirties, hammering out millions of words of fanfic with a growing sense that yes, this was something I could do, wanted to do, needed to do.A decade ago, I became a professional writer of m m romance and I ve never regretted my choice of career Back then, telling people what I wrote got me raised eyebrows or puzzled looks Times have changed Now m m romance is thriving and I m happy to be one of the many writers contributing to this always evolving and expanding genre Free reads and my fanfic are here Jane Davitt at AO3

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    I hate to be hard on this one because I am such a great fan of Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow, but this was a lackluster attempt. The BDSM sex was mild and few and far between and I don't feel the characters were as fleshed out as much as they could have been.I love stories where a D/s relationship has the younger man playing the Dom role, as this one does, but I was left underwhelmed by their chemistry. I don't think Ms. Dewitt and Ms. Snow knew if they were writing a story of a man in a midlife [...]

    Originally reviewed at Sinfully.John is 39, bisexual and lonely. His wife walked away from their marriage one year ago and he has had some dates, but there are a few things lacking. One he is aware of and the other comes as a big surprise when he hears his new tenant’s D/s scene through the wall. John is ready to explore sex with men, but submission is a big surprise to him.Logan is 27 and seems to be somewhat new to Domination. He’s had scenes with men and in a prior relationship, but that [...]

    ***3.5 rounded up, because if GR insists on no 1/2 stars I'd go up with this instead of down***So conflicted about this rating. I really, really liked it, but I felt like I should’ve loved it. It’s made up of many of the things that warm my heart: someone discovering their true nature/desires later in life, a Dom/sub-older/younger relationship with the Dom being younger, BDSM without the dungeons, specialized gear, or overly talked about rules, scenes, safe words etc. and yet sigh.We meet Lo [...]

    Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow are auto buys direct from the publisher for me but this book wasn't up to their usual standard. The relationship between John and Logan seemed very rushed. The way this book started, with Logan coming to the conclusion that John was submissive and John, with no idea, just falling into it in a matter of days of meeting Logan was simply rushed. I think this book could have been amazing, it the authors had taken the time to groom John to the idea of submission slower and [...]

    Joyfully Jay
    A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsI am a big fan of authors Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow so I was really excited to give this book a try. And on paper, it was totally my taste, with a newbie sub learning all about BDSM, combined with an age gap that has the younger Dom training the older sub. And I think there were some elements here that worked well. John is engaging as a man who has been stagnating sexually and is still recovering emotionally from his wife’s departure. I enjoyed seeing him find [...]

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    This contemporary romance blooms into a satisfying tale of self-discovery. John is a middle age man who questions if he should have been married to a woman. With strained relations, John's wife leaves him. Isolated, John appears to be in suspended animation, just waiting for his wild wife to return to him. To his surprise, a tattooed tough guy applying to be his tenant jolts John back into the land of the living.Full disclosure, I did not read the blurb of this book. I picked it up solely becaus [...]

    3.5 rounded up to 4 stars for this story. This was a BDSM journey between a slightly younger Dom Logan, and an older, inexperienced sub John. Two men who found their way into a very erotic relationship and began to explore their passions and desires. There were moments that I really enjoyed and others that didn't quite work for me and I started to lose my focus. In saying that, I really enjoyed their adventurous spirit and the determination of John to move forward and ensure Logan trusted that.

    **3.5 Stars rounded up to 4**Light read with very minimal angst between the two MC's.

    The Novel Approach Reviews
    I am a big fan of the May/December dynamic, especially when it is flipped in a D/s way and the Dom is the younger man. One of my favorite books is Dom of Ages by KC Wells, so when I discovered that one of my favorite writing duos, and auto-buy authors, Davitt and Snow, were writing a story with the same May/December dynamic, I was ecstatic! I will say, for the most part, they pulled it off. I liked this book. I didn’t love this book; there was a disconnect emotionally for me in the way it was [...]

    3 HeartsWell, this one wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. I’ve always been drawn the the BDSM stories where there’s a bit of an age gap, involving two people who couldn’t be more opposite. Reading the blurb for this one I was really looking forward to seeing how this interesting storyline would play out. Almost immediately I could tell something wasn’t working for me. The characters were off almost like their personalities were forced. Outside of a scene I didn’t really beli [...]

    L. Layale
    John and Logan are really hot together. Logan is a younger Dom and John is an older sub. I love May-December stories, particularly with the younger partner tending to be the more dominant of the relationship. However. This is a very kink heavy story and I'm disappointed that there wasn't more substance to the characters and their story. They was barely any internal or external conflict. It had the kind of insta-love you should only see in like YA books. I love the Square Peg series from these tw [...]

    Hill *Romance Newbie*
    I love John as a novice sub, finding new identity kneeling at Logan's feet. But Logan, I never connect with. Might be because I don't have a single sadistic bone in me, but I do think I never find any problem reading other S/M books before. (view spoiler)[Let's make a list of my reason not giving it more than 3 stars: 1.) A flawed character is better than a too-perfect, but Logan raising his hackles after being reprimanded for not throwing the trash out for 3 weeks is bizzare (and John has right [...]

    I didn't think I would end up liking this book. The initial meeting between the two MCs felt awkward and forced, and their first encounter had that BDSM 101 feel. However, as it went on it got better. It delved into the D/s relationship and not excessive focus on the sex. For me, this really made the dynamic plausible. Too often I see too much focus on scenes and the sex aspects of D/s which is fine, but the focus on relationship dynamics is what makes a deeper connection believable to me. The a [...]

    I've only read a handful of books where the sub is older than the Dom, so it was a pleasant surprise here. Not only is John older than Logan (by twelve years), he's also new to the scene. John feels like something's missing and after he hears Logan in a scene, he thinks this is it. He's confused and unsure about what he feels and I liked following John's thoughts as he struggled to figure it out. I loved the pace of the story in the beginning, but more and more time elapsed as the story continue [...]

    Straight Girl Goes Gay
    My Video Review on VimeoMy written and video reviews contain spoilers!4.5 stars(view spoiler)[Cover⬡ Generic but attractiveGrammar⬡ Very few/no typosEngagement⬡ Read all at once (riveted)Likes⬡ The D/s and S&M dynamics were very realistic⬡ There was no 'big misunderstanding'Dislikes⬡ Although John was separated from his wife, it still felt like cheating at times⬡ John came to grips with his kink a bit too quickly⬡ The dynamic change after the incident faded faster than expect [...]

    I was simply caught up in this story, from beginning to end. John and Logan's commitment to each other at every step of their relationship was heartwarming. They affirmed it often; that and their communication made it, them, work. This story is not without difficulties, but they add to it rather than detract. Once again these authors have shown why, for me, anything of theirs is an automatic purchase.

    3/5I feel like I should I like this book. It has all the element I'd ever asked for, especially one of my personal favorite: older & bigger sub. Yet, the book felt lacking, even more so as the story progress. The sexes were lukewarm and the relationship was stale. Added in a few pet peeves of mine, and it was a meal ruined. While the book was well written, as expect from Jane Davitt, the missing parts are loosely pierced together - or maybe it's just not a book for me.

    Ed Davis
    Another wonderful book by Jane Davitt andAlexa Snow. I try and read anything they’ve written in the bdsm category. I loved how quickly John recognized his submissive tendencies. These things can certainly remain hidden most of your life and suddenly come to the surface.

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