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  • Title: النمر المخملي
  • Author: Emma Darcy ايما دارسي
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  • Page: 399
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  • Lissa Gil had given Kane Marriot a year of her life than enough time to determine they were going nowhere.Three weeks without a word from Kane was the last straw Each day that passed steeled Lissa s resolve to end the relationship.Then Kane breezed back and proposed Marriage was exactly what Lissa wanted But what exactly did Kane expect by exchanging vows
    Emma Darcy ايما دارسي
    Emma Darcy s life journey has taken as many twists and turns as the characters in her stories, whose international popularity has resulted in over sixty million book sales Born in Australia and currently living in a beachside property on the central coast of New South Wales, she travels extensively to research settings and increase her experience of places and people.Initially a French English teacher, she changed careers to computer programming before marriage and motherhood settled her into a community life A voracious reader, the step to writing her own books seemed a natural progression and the challenge of creating exciting stories was soon highly addictive.Over the past twenty five years she has written ninety five books for Harlequin Presents, appearing regularly on the Waldenbooks bestseller lists in the U.S.A and in the Nielson BookScan Top 100 chart in the U.K AKA Japanese Greek Emma Darcyov Czech Arabic


    Re The Velvet Tiger - the overriding theme for October 1992 in HPlandia is one that HP editors kinda HAD to answer. In recent years HP-wise we have seen more frequent, more detailed and more rapid moves to get the H and h into bed, sometimes in the first few pages, based on nothing more than that old HP lurve mojo magic.This from a line that for twenty-odd years had nothing more than kissing on the page, anything else was inferred and no matter what - That h was MARRIED before any conjugal right [...]

    After reading lots of stories by LG and CM I decided I was tired of bitchy mean heroines and cruel heroes. Instead I wanted a simple realistic sweet love story for a change. I knew ED would deliver and she definitely did. Both H/h were adorable, very likeable people and the only problem they had to face was heroine's insecurity and desire to be truly loved and hero's inability to express his feelings. Heroine married hero despite her doubts but when her pregnancy goes wrong he is there for her a [...]

    This wasn't a bad read, after all it's Emma Darcy, so of course it is well written. I just didn't enjoy it mostly because I didn't understand where the author wanted to take me. There seemed very little point to the story other than Love conquers all. But I already know that. That's why I read category romances. The storyline just felt worn and tired with no new news. Very atypical of ED.

    This was a bit of a mixed bag, It really started off intense right in the middle of relationship angst and then tailed off some in the second half as the relationship progressed. The standoff H, who had major baggage vs the 'is it love or not' h really pulled you in but there were moments where the h just came off as fractious. Those could be forgiven, if you remembered the bigger picture, but it got harder to do as the relationship progressed. Still more interesting than a lot of HP's.

    Agak timpang, karena bercerita dari sudut pandang Lissa

    Decent story of a couple working to make a marriage succeed. Not a lot of OTT conflict.

    bacaan lama yang dibaca ulang en mengubah bintang yg sebelumnya kukasih 3 jadi bintang 5 ^.^ Cerita dibuka ketika Lissa, tokoh heroine benar2 dalam puncak keraguan atas hubungannya dengan Kane Marriot ( hmmm kita pasti pernah juga berada dalam situasi ini ya >.< )> Setelah menjalin hubungan selama 1 tahun, Lissa sama sekali tidak mendapatkan kehangatan apalagi kata cinta dari Kane. Kane yang tampan, dingin, penyendiri dan sangat maskulin lebih mementingkan bisnisnya dibanding Lissa. Sam [...]

    Lissa selalu merasa dinomor duakan oleh Kane. Bisnisnya adalah yg pertama dan utama. Setelah setahun menjadi kekasih Kane, Kane hanya datang padanya ketika membutuhkan dirinya. Hal itu membuat Lissa bertanya-tanya apakah Kane mencintainya. Ketika Lissa mengklarifikasi hal tersebut pada Kane, yg ada mereka bertengkar, tetapi berujung pada lamaran pernikahan yg diajukan oleh Kane.Lissa menerimanya, karena dirinya memang mencintai Kane. Meski dengan banyak keraguan, Lissa memberanikan diri mengambi [...]

    Mirella Grace
    Bagus, I like it. Jadi buku pertama yang selesai dibaca taun 2012 ini. 1 down, still 124 books to go.Masa lalu si Kane dalem banget yaaa. Buntutnya doi jadi gak percaya orang lain gitu. Berasa apa apa kudu dirinya sendiri yang urus. Yah, ini sih pengamatan saya sepanjang baca ni buku. Sementara Lissa yah, mana ada juga cewek yang mau disepelein kek gitu. Apalagi karena emang Lissa punya perasaan khusus ke KaneIntinya, nice ending story. Keluar juga tu kata kata cinta dari mulut si Kane.

    April Brookshire
    The hero was insensitive and mean in the beginning, but by the end he was adorable. He was so cute and funny in the hospital with his attitude toward his wife and baby. Especially the way he described what the baby looked like.

    Yulia Anggraini
    Hanya ad pikiran/sudut pandangx lisa ajJd kurang puas bacax cz g tw pikiranx c kaneAp lagi waktu lisa bilang putusThe endx maniiis sangat :)ap lg wktu c kane bilang anakx "c penjahat kecil"He3h

    Star Rating: ★★½☆☆

    النمر المخملي - إيما دارسي

    1992--not that long ago, but women's lives have changed in many ways for the better. this book shows how one woman fights to be loved and respected

    Asrina Maharani
    Ceritanya bagus dan ngalirrekomen buat dibaca kalo suka cerita roman yang menyentuh

    Rating 3.25 stars

    Titre vf : Les silences du coeur

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