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  • Title: Grace for Gus
  • Author: Harry Bliss
  • ISBN: 9780062644107
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Bestselling cartoonist and master visual storyteller Harry Bliss has concocted a delightful, near wordless graphic picture book with nods to famous cartoons, cultural icons, and the secret lives that creative people make for themselves.Grace is the quiet girl in the class And Gus is the class guinea pig.Grace knows that Gus is lonely, and so she sets off one night to helpBestselling cartoonist and master visual storyteller Harry Bliss has concocted a delightful, near wordless graphic picture book with nods to famous cartoons, cultural icons, and the secret lives that creative people make for themselves.Grace is the quiet girl in the class And Gus is the class guinea pig.Grace knows that Gus is lonely, and so she sets off one night to help out her furry friend.Wherever she goes, Grace amazes and delights as she shares her many talents, showing how one person with a little pizzazz can make a difference.Praise for Grace for Gus Grace for Gus is so rich in smart sight gags, subtle cartoon homages, and clever visual references Alison Bechdel, cartoonist and author of the Eisner Award winning Fun Home He had me at Guinea Pig Jamie Lee Curtis, actress and New York Times bestselling author of Today I Feel Silly Other Moods That Make My Day In his usual brilliant way, Harry Bliss brings humor and detail details, details, details to every panel Linger on every panel as long as you can there s something for everyone Doreen Cronin, author of Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type
    Harry Bliss
    Harry Bliss grew up in upstate New York in a family of successful painters and illustrators, so it wasn t any surprise that he, too, went on to study painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and illustration at the University of the Arts and Syracuse University He has illustrated numerous book covers and is a cartoonist and cover artist for THE NEW YORKER magazine In the tradition of so many NEW YORKER cartoonists, Harry Bliss has illustrated several children s books, among them A FINE, FINE SCHOOL by Sharon Creech, WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER BE by William Steig, and COUNTDOWN TO KINDERGARTEN by Alison McGhee.


    What are the long term benefits of reviewing children’s books on the internet over an extended amount of time? The detriments? Of the benefits I can give only the standard “Maybe I get better” response. The detriments are much more interesting. It is possible that reviewing only children’s literature in a kind of overwrought long-form, the reviewer an elevated sense of importance and self worth. A kind of “I’ve been doing this so long so I must be doing it better than other people” [...]

    Busking for hamsters.

    Munro's Kids
    This one is entirely in the details.I admit I skimmed it the first time through, and it was a disservice to this very clever and detail-packed book. In order to really enjoy this book, you have to slow down and look for all the cameos and hidden bits within each scene.Tons of comic references are in here, including Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, Tintin, Mad Magazine, and plenty more. There are also a few famous people drawn in, like Woody Allen, Vincent Van Gogh, and a very orange Donald Trump, w [...]

    Michelle Lynn
    Reviewed for YA Books CentralA cute adventure through New York City.Grace is a spunky girl with many hidden talents. Gus is the class pet. The two of them decide to go out and explore the city, delighting everyone they meet. It's a fun trip for those of us old enough to catch the throwbacks to other comics and New York character cameos, but all of that is lost on a lot of kids. The story, while cute, leaves a bit much to the imagination for the lower range of it's 4-8 marketed for age. There are [...]

    Really really cute. I liked how Bliss threw in a lot of little things in the pictures, like a Charlie Brown and a nod to Jaws. The pictures are definitely fun to look at closely. I think it's cute what Grace did for Gus the guinea pig, but I thought the ending was abrupt. I know it's gotta be hard to do a 32 page format, but maybe taking out the breakdancing on the pole could have given a few more pages to an actual story about the money for Gus or if Grace gets to take him home for the weekend [...]

    This is a very short, mostly wordless, sequential art styled book you need to read more than once to fully appreciate. The first time you read it for Grace's story, a girl who is trying to raise money to help her class get a second guinea pig. The second time you need to inspect each panel for all of the little details. Amazing little details. I've caught so many but I'm sure there are many more that I'm not catching too. Many will go over the heads of children reading the book but the story its [...]

    Michele Knott
    In this almost wordless early graphic novel, we meet Grace - someone who looks to be quiet and has a special bond with the class pet, a guinea pig named Gus. Grace sneaks out at night and does a variety of street jobs to make money so the class can buy a buddy for Gus. There are so many cameos and other little touches within the scenery that adults will recognize. Young readers will be caught up in the story and will like seeing all that Grace does to earn money.

    I love Bliss' artwork. This is a very fun almost wordless picture book about Grace earning money for her class's fund to get a friend for Gus, the class guinea pig. The artwork alternates between comic style panels and one page or double page spreads. I think some of the pages might have messy gutters depending on the binding. Also Grace low key has two dads in the story which is a nice touch.

    I enjoyed all of the details in the pictures that only adults might get, but the story itself eh. One huge issue I had is if she snuck out after her bedtime, how was it possibly light out enough to be doing caricatures in the park, and why were there so many other kids out and about? Sometimes I just cannot suspend disbelief.

    Wordless picture book for kids and adultsCan be read on two levels. Adults will enjoy finding all the references to other comics and famous people placed throughout the book. Very clever. Take time read it slowly and find the hidden meanings.

    This almost wordless picture book is almost like a graphic novel in design. Very city-centric, which I enjoyed. Cute story and nice illustrations. It's about a girl who makes money by playing her violin, dancing on the subway, and drawing caricatures.

    I wish I enjoyed this picture book graphic novel more. I love all the call backs to other comics and the story of this shy but smart and super talented and creative girl. But a couple of New York character cameos annoyed me when I saw them.

    I love this book! The message of helping out a lonely guinea pig. The shy girl who goes out of her way to help in some pretty unexpected way. Comic for young readers. And so many hidden things to find! Even Waldo!

    Charming visual storytelling. Each scene is packed with delicious details. Most of us adults cringe a bit at the idea of Grace going out alone but I suspect kids will skip that, suspend disbelief and enjoy Grace's bold adventure.

    In this nearly wordless book, Grace uses her talents to raise money to buy a companion for the class guinea pig named Gus.

    This book just didn't do anything for me.

    Kate Alleman
    This warmed my heart this morning

    disclaimer - might have had a higher rating (4.5 or 5) but, I'm not a New Yorker and did not get some of the insider jokes depicted.

    I like this book in theory but it needs a caveat about not going out alone all night to make money on the street

    Katie Male-Riordan (Katiebiblio)
    AH! This is one of my new favorite picture books. That is all.

    Edward Sullivan
    Grace goes all out for Gus, her class's guinea pig. Love all the fabulous details in the illustrations.

    Molly Springer

    Wordless Picture Book. Excellent.

    Wordless. With great pop culture references.

    Mostly wordless.

    Adorable graphic novel-style wordless picture book featuring art, cartoon, and New York icons in the background illustrations. Certainly a delight for parents and their young readers.

    Kristina Jean Lareau
    Hilarious and fun to play the the "how many references can you find?" game.

    Absolutely fabulous! I love all the cameos by just about everyone in the world!

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