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  • Title: Hamster Princess: Whiskerella
  • Author: Ursula Vernon
  • ISBN: 9780399186554
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A funny, feminist twist on the Cinderella fairy tale for fans of fractured fairy talesPrincess Harriet Hamsterbone is not the kind of princess who enjoys fancy dresses or extravagant parties Cliff diving, fractions, and whacking people with swords are her thing So when she s forced to attend a boring ball in honor of a visiting ambassador, Harriet is less than thrilA funny, feminist twist on the Cinderella fairy tale for fans of fractured fairy talesPrincess Harriet Hamsterbone is not the kind of princess who enjoys fancy dresses or extravagant parties Cliff diving, fractions, and whacking people with swords are her thing So when she s forced to attend a boring ball in honor of a visiting ambassador, Harriet is less than thrilled until a bewitchingly beautiful stranger arrives Who is she And where did she come from The mystery leads to a not so wicked stepsister, an incontinent lizard, and a fairy s spell that s really of a curse Luckily, Harriet knows a thing or two about cursesSmart, funny, and filled with swashbuckling adventure, book five in the critically acclaimed Hamster Princess series is a hilariously re told fairy tale for the modern age.
    Ursula Vernon
    Ursula Vernon is a freelance writer, artist and illustrator She is best known for the webcomic Digger and the children s books Dragonbreath and Nurk The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a Somewhat Brave Shrew Ursula is also a prolific painter and the creator of the Biting Pear of Salamanca, a work which became an internet meme in the form of the LOL WUT pear.Ursula s cover for Best in Show won the 2003 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration She was nominated for the 2006 Eisner Awards in the category Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition for her work on Digger She was also a guest of honor at Midwest FurFest 2004 and 2009, and the Artist Guest of Honor at Further Confusion 2010.The daughter of an artist, she attempted to rebel and become a scientist, but in the end couldn t fight her destiny She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she writes, draws, and in her words, creates weird thingies She also writes under the name of T Kingfisher.


    In this retelling of Cinderella, Ella does not, in fact, need rescuing.Her fairy godmother put a spell on her without her permission. Now she has to go to ball after ball until a prince sweeps her off her feet.What an unfortunate situation. Luckily, Harriet and Wilbur are here to help. Harriet is especially ready to help, because she herself understands that balls can be exhausting. Not that Ella is complaining exactly, but she sure would like to be seen as she is without magic involved. I was v [...]

    Ms. Yingling
    Copy provided by the publisherHarriet's mother is throwing a ball for the bat ambassador, and Harriet and Wilbur are NOT thrilled. The food isn't great, and Harriet has to dance with all of the princes with whom her mother is trying to set her up. And she's twelve! Luckily, there is a bit of intrigue at the ball, with a mysterious princess fleeing at the stroke of midnight in a carriage driven by two quail. No one has heard of this princess, but Harriet talks to Ralph in the stables and finds ou [...]

    Mary Catelli
    Book 5. Minor spoilers for earlier books ahead.In which Harriet collides, full strength, with Cinderella. Her mother holds a costume ball, nominally in honor of the bat ambassador, actually to get Harriet to meet the princes without their past dislike coming into play. It doesn't work, but an astoundingly beautiful hamster shows up.The rest involves a pet lizard, disease quail are prone to, a stepsister who likes to claim to be wicked, the bat ambassador's sense of humor, and more.

    I'm so in love with the Hamster Princess books! Whiskerella marks book #5 in the series, and it doesn't disappoint! Harriet's castle is hosting a costume ball for the bat ambassador (much to Harriet's chagrin) and a stunning hamster named Ella makes an appearance. Who is this mystery rodent? She hadn't been sent an invitation A second party is hosted soon after, and Ella comes again. Harriet and the gang follow her home, & find out there's some magic behind all of this, in the form of a fair [...]

    This was a different sort of Harriet-natural-disaster with a satisfying and sweet ending. So much love for these books.

    I really enjoy this series. This book proves to be just as fun and quirky as it's companions. I love the sense of humor this fairy-tale retold has, but this book does rely a bit more on potty humor than the previous books. I wish it had been a bit wittier with the humor. Thankfully some of the adults were useful this time around, and her father got some much needed character development. Her friend Wilbur and several other male characters also got to be useful and shine a bit more in this book. [...]

    Ames Public Library Youth Services
    What can I say? I simply love Harriet the Hamster Princess. This book has it all-a fairy godmother, balls, and a hamster princess who wants to be anywhere else. Not to mention, an ambassador who just so happens to be a bat.In this Harriet has to solve the mystery of Whiskerella, a beautiful and mysterious maiden who keeps coming to the balls that her the Queen is hosting. She does this in her own special way with the help of her friend Wilbur. They even turn into quails at one point!I definitely [...]

    Danielle Hammelef
    I have read every Hamster Princess book and still enjoy the unconventional princess. Harriet is fun, brave, and would rather cliff dive than go to a ball. These books are quick reads with fun illustrations throughout that also break up the text for even the most reluctant readers. I recommend these books, which don't have to be read in order of publication to get to know Harriet and her friends, family, and beloved quail.

    Another great adventure with Princess Harriet Hamsterbone! In this, she must help undo a fairy's gift to Ella, who doesn't actually want to go to the ball and meet a prince. Full of the same clever writing and witty commentary, this is a must read for fans of the series. Highly recommended for grades 1 & up.

    I still love Harriet Hamsterbone. I love how she suffers through her role as Princess, but understands that isn't a something for everyone. Happily ever afters cannot be mandated or manufactured for you. You have to make that happen on your own. No one should wish for a Fairy Godmother to save them. Follow Harriet's lead, and save yourself.

    Jessie Bond
    Nonconformist, butt-kicking princess genre meets cute animal graphic hybrids. Princess Harriet is a charming, assertive, cliff-diving hamster princess who sets out to free Whiskerella from the unwanted spell of her fairy godmouse in an upending of the traditional story. Good humor in places. Great for fans of Babymouse, Princess in Black, and the like.

    Sarah Sammis
    Like previous stories in the series, this retelling examines the price of a fairy gift. Ella, who didn't need rescuing despite having a step mother and step sister, is now forced to attend every single ball and dance in uncomfortable shoes until a prince sweeps her off her feet. The problem is: the local selection of princes (beyond Wilbur) is dire. They're all dumb and self absorbed. Harriet, though, with some help, comes up with a clever way to reinterpret the situation so that curse can play [...]

    4.5 Stars. So fun! The last one didn’t click for me but this one was terrific. Everything I first loved about this series is evident - the clever twist on a classic fairy tale, the humor, the great characters.

    My six year old daughter loves this series! I work in a local bookstore so as soon as this installment hit the shelves (today), she snapped it up and read it. She thought this one was “the best yet”!

    I'm such a sucker for this series. I love fractured fairy tale takes, and this one does a brilliant job keeping up the goofy fun while sneaking in quite a bit about choices and agency. (Plus it has an adorable bat ambassador-Harriet in Batavia please! And great father-daughter bonding)

    GreatThis is another adventure for Princess Harriet and her friends. It is a funny take on Cinderella. It is my favorite story in the series so far.


    This is one of the only series I will read every book of!

    I literally laughed out loud more than once!

    a really enjoyable variation of the classic Cinderella story.

    Maria Waltner

    Another in the Harriet the Hamster Princess series. Enjoyed it but not as much as the others.

    I hope Hamster Princess goes on forever. Quark.

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