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  • Title: Growing Wings
  • Author: Kellie McAllen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • When her fate rests on an impossible choice, is she brave enough to make one As if lousy parents, a plethora of social inhibitions, and a complicated love triangle weren t enough problems, Lexus Wren just discovered she s a powerful Catalyst capable of commanding Conduits to do her bidding Pretty heady stuff for a 15 year old who can t control her own urge to bite h When her fate rests on an impossible choice, is she brave enough to make one As if lousy parents, a plethora of social inhibitions, and a complicated love triangle weren t enough problems, Lexus Wren just discovered she s a powerful Catalyst capable of commanding Conduits to do her bidding Pretty heady stuff for a 15 year old who can t control her own urge to bite her nails When another Catalyst invites Lexus and her twin would be boyfriends to leave behind their new family and enroll in a school for gifted students or risk permanent separation, Lexus is forced to make a choice, and she s never been very good at that, either Suddenly surrounded by others of her kind, Lexus quickly learns that her abilities are greater than she ever imagined, and the twins are not the only people who crave her touch When she s caught in the middle of a battle for power, can the boys set aside the competition between them in time to protect her from herself If you like paranormal romance stories with supernatural magic, a love triangle hotter than Twilight, and John Green style teenage angst, you ll be captivated by Growing Wings FREE BOOK OFFER details inside Scroll up and grab your copy now For fans of Teenage Paranormal Romance Series Teen Science Fiction and Fantasy Teen Contemporary Romance Teen Mystery and Suspense Magical Realism Coming of Age Dating Relationships Reverse Harem Love Triangle
    Kellie McAllen
    Hi I m Kellie and I m a bibliophile I ve had a lifelong love affair with books I love the fantasy and romance of immersing myself in a great story, so it was inevitable that I take the next step and become a writer When I m not reading or writing I m usually baking cupcakes, obsessively decorating and redecorating my home, and watching dancing shows on TV I live in North Carolina with my wonderful hubby, teenage daughter, and two sweet kitties.


    Montzalee Wittmann
    Growing Wings: The Caged Series, Book 2Written by: Kellie McAllenNarrated by: Heather TaylorThis is an audible book I requested and the review is voluntary.I read/listened to book one and this book is so much better! This has fantasy right away and continues to the end. It has more suspense, intrigue, and you learn more about both the kids families. This is a great book and an easy 5 star book. This is a fun book too. The only thing I didn't like about it is the main girl of the story is a wimp. [...]

    Lexus really really annoyed me in this book. I know its a growing processing but I'm not sure if I see any actual growth in her. She displayed some in the first book but its like she took a step back in this one. In the first book she was independent and could do things for herself. In this book she couldn't make a decision without someone else's input, she didn't stand up for herself, and she just did what everyone else told her to do.

    I really liked the first book of the Caged series. That was a great introduction into this world, with an interesting story and the writing was pretty easy. But the second book left me slightly disappointed. Lexus and the boys are given the opportunity to attend a special school for their kind - Conduits and Catalysis. But now that there are a lot of 'special' kids around, Lex, Griffin and Phoenix all start to worry about the fate of their relationship. There was a lot of jealousy, drama, misund [...]

    Surprisingly good series for a YA. I'll be following along

    Kathryn Packingham
    Great story! What an inventive idea for a novel! I have never read anything like this and I loved it! I was hooked from page one!

    3.5 stars

    Melissa Hickman
    Really enjoyable read!This book picked up right where the first book left off. I really enjoyed getting to know each guy a little more and finding more out about their powers. I will definitely be reading the next book.

    I'm not sure on this series, it's a good book but I'm not sure of the characters intentions like Jackson/Jason I forgot his name and Anders

    ❀ Crystal ✿ -
    This review is literally going to be a random blurt of thoughts, no organization or thought, kind of like the story itself. I'm reading this book in a set but trying to review each separately. At the moment I am on #3 but I just have to come back and vent about how mad I still am at book two. The first book felt very childish and added with all the grammar errors, it was a struggle to get through. Every chapter had me a hairsbreadth away from moving on. I think my biggest problem with this book [...]

    Shades of AnnieA little of both Annies, actually. The orphan without family and the competitive shooter. Lexus is, in some ways, flourishing. Regular meals, lack of pawing perverts, no more bar rescues of mom and the fact that she has a power of her own to develop and rely on helps her spread her wings. But in many ways she's is still the fragile bird trying to stay under radar. Her evolving and fracturing relationship with the twins leaves her open to manipulation, though, by a very strong cata [...]

    Judith Cohen
    I rushed right into this book after finishing Flightless Bird. I'm happy I did. Lexus, Griffin, and Phoenix are wonderful characters and it's fun to watch them mature and develop themselves, and really learn what it means to be s powerful Catalyst and Conduits (which are pretty neat and original paranormal powers, by the way). The gang had now left Lexus's crappy home, and her poor excuse of a mom with creepy boyfriend, to go to the Magna Virtus Academy. It's an elite school full of kids with pa [...]

    Missy Brown
    Ms. McAllen has done a good job of creating a paranormal world for YA readers that is addicting. Growing Wings kicks off right after the event in Flighless Bird. Lexus is given the chance to learn all about what her and the twins are. Which are Conduits and Catalysts. They are offered to go to Magna Virtus Academy, a school for those gifted. What Lexus is expecting is what things were like in her old school, to be the outcast with the drunk mother, looks, sneers and just being bullied. What she [...]

    Fiona Leung
    Growing Wings is the second book from The Caged Series by Kellie McAllen. I was fortunate enough to be able to get onto this straight after reading book one!Lexus discovers that she's a powerful Catalyst while both Griffin and Phoenix are Conduits. What do these mean? They are now off to a boarding school for the "gifted" to find out and work on their special gifts.This school is where they meet fellow students who are all either Catalysts or Conduits. They get to train on their special powers w [...]

    Interesting Plot with Intriguing CharactersAnother great YA paranormal romance book by Kellie! Lexus and the twins, Phoenix & Griffin, agree to attend Magna Virtus Academy for gifted children with interesting paranormal powers. Kellie does a great job with her character development as the three friends learn what their powers are called, awkwardly begin to learn how to use them, and try to keep their relationship on a platonic level so Lexus doesn’t have to choose between the twins! The ot [...]

    Growing wings by Kellie McAllen continues the story of Lexus, Phoenix, and Griffin begun in Flightless Bird. It is well written and the characters are well developed. The storyline is interesting, and there are some surprising twists.As the story begins, the three main characters are debating whether or not to go to a special school for conduits, which the boys are, and catalysts like Lexus. In order to develop their skills, they decide to give the school a try. However, as they work with other [...]

    Beverly Laude
    The story of Lexus, Griffin & Phoenix continues in this second book of the series. When a Guardian ad Litem names Anders learns of the connection between the three, he suggests that they attend a special school for "Specials". The trio finally decides to give the school a try & the adventure begins.Since none of the three knows anything about being special, they have to learn on their feet. All the while, Lexus continues to try to decide what to do about her growing love for the twins. T [...]

    Growing Wings continues the story of Lexus, Griffin, and Phoenix as they learn more about their powers and meet other Catalysts and Conduits. The characters are well-developed and the story kept me turning pages. I was surprised by the dark turn of events. I knew something was wrong and someone was lying but it was still a surprise.I'm sick of Lexus acting like the world revolves around her. IMO, she is stringing the boys along. She's selfish. She won't choose but she gets upset if one of the bo [...]

    This series is shaping up to be a great addition to Kellie McAllen's growing collection of really good teen romance stories. Lexus continues to struggle with all that being a Catalyst brings, inclusion social popularity which in itself is a struggle for such a shy and awkward young teenage girl, let alone a girl who 'attracts' people to her. Griffin and Phoenix continue to fight over Lexus and the triangle between them makes it very hard to decide which brother you should be rooting for!This ser [...]

    OkayI only had a couple of issues with this book. The first issue most likely went unnoticed by all other readers. However, it needs to be pointed out so that the author is aware that she may have a diverse audience. So, Keo, I assume, is an African American guy at the school. There was a part about him in the book with very RACIST undertones. His kinky hair and sagging pants are mentioned, as well as being treated as a doormat/slave for others to practice their powers on. I also noticed that th [...]

    This is a great continuation from book 1 Flightless Bird. The story seamlessly flows from the end of book 1, into book 2. It continues with the development of innocence, into a world that expands around the main characters and one that is not all fluffy and light. They get to experience jealousy, betrayal, greed, trust, love, deceit, acceptance and disbelief amongst other emotions bought forth from a new school of supernatural talents and the students within. Some new characters are introduced i [...]

    Wendi Wilson
    This follow up to Flightless Bird is amazing! The storyline kept me hooked from the very beginning to the very end and Lexus's complicated relationship with Pheonix and Griffin kept me in a perpetual swoon. I've fallen hard for these characters and can't wait till the third book comes out (which I immediately pre-ordered). The whole concept of Catalysts and Conduits is fresh and intriguing. I loved reading about the powers they have, what they can do, and how Lexus is somehow superior to them al [...]

    Kasia Burlakoff
    I enjoyed this continuations of Flightless Bird. There was a lot of drama, a love triangle, strong emotions and difficult decisions to make. Lexus was learning about her power, and discovered that she was a Catalyst who was able to control Conduits to do her bidding. Some of her dilemmas were connected to her learning about her true nature, some to her being a teenager. She was not able to make her choice between two boys, but I believe she would put emotional turmoil behind her as she matures. [...]

    Juliana Ignácio
    One more interesting story in The Caged series. The reading is fast and the storyline kept my attention from the beginning.The whole approach to the Catalysts and Conduits concept is very interesting, especially when more characters appear in the story to reveal the different powers they possess.Lexus remains uncertain about the decisions she must make, as well as her feelings about the twins, Griffin and Phoenix. And when a new character, Jaxson, takes an interest in her and her powers, things [...]

    My second read/listen from author Kellie McAllen the follow-up to Flightless Bird (The Caged Series, #1) WOW! I love it! So much that Taking Flight (The Caged #3) will be my next read. High school sucks, the age the stuff that some kids have to go through. This book touches on all that and more. No spoilers here this is a must read, buy the book, get into the book/series as I have. You too will enjoy it!I have to say the book was better than the narration, there was an audible "tinny" sound thro [...]

    I really enjoyed reading this book. It has romance, suspense, supernatural powers, and lots of other stuff. Lexus is an insecure girl who does not know the power and things that she is capable of doing. She has two great friends, who happen to be twins and she loves them both. This is the second book of this series and I cannot wait to read the next book. This is a great clean read that can be enjoyed on the beach or by the pool or anywhere else. I highly recommend this book and this author.

    Janet L. Hage
    XYA Gryffindor type schoolSchool for exceptional children that are conductors and catalyst. Lyxis is very talented and she is living with twin boys that are in love with her but are just as talented. The three are in foster care but are talked into going to a school to develop this talent. Going to a new boarding school can be difficult but will Griffin and Phoenix be able to protect Lyxis and work out their love life. Well developed plot and characterization. YA readers who like Harry Potter wi [...]

    Michelle VanDaley
    You definitely want to read Book 1 Flightless Bird to get the full story. I like the Catalysts and Conduits idea - its new and something I have not seen done before. That being said I am totally over the love triangle and Lexus is a weak and whiney lead. I do not think some of the sexual parts were necessary in this book. This could be a really great series with more focus on their special abilities and powers and less on the love triangle. I am hoping Lexus will get some confidence and a backbo [...]

    Jennifer Riddell
    LexusPoor Lexus. In this book I have seen how she is trying to be a better person. She just wants to be accepted by people but has no clue how to be that person. The Easton boys have helped her with her self esteem but jealousy has an ugly head. It can make you say and do things you normally wouldn't do. The new school Lexus and the boys are at is good for them as they learn more about themselves. But uncertainty makes Lexus being taken advantage of by another student. All in all, I enjoyed the [...]

    Stephanie Villere
    This book is Growing Wings, book two of The Caged Series, written by Kellie McAllen. I am enjoying this story! I can't wait to read the next book! This story will pull you in and hold you tight until the end. My only issue is that we haven't reached the end yet. Lol. I know. I know. I should be more patient. Oh well. Ready for the next one Ms McAllen!!I received a complimentary advance reader's copy and chose voluntarily to leave this review.

    Matilde Damkier
    I liked the first book a lot. But this one was such a let-down.I don't like going into book three of a reverse harem where neither the plot nor the actual reverse harem has actually really been established yet. Also, it doesn't look like there will be more than the twins added.All in all, the writing is alright. I just don't like the pacing of the story. A bit too much angst for me - and I usually don't think my threshold for that is very low.

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