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  • Title: South Sea Tales
  • Author: Jack London Tony Horwitz
  • ISBN: 9780375759291
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback

  • Like the celebrated Klondike Tales, the stories that comprise South Sea Tales derive their intensity from the author s own far flung adventures, conveying an impassioned, unsparing vision borne only of experience The powerful tales gathered here vividly evoke the turn of the century colonial Pacific and its capricious tropical landscape, while also trenchantly observing tLike the celebrated Klondike Tales, the stories that comprise South Sea Tales derive their intensity from the author s own far flung adventures, conveying an impassioned, unsparing vision borne only of experience The powerful tales gathered here vividly evoke the turn of the century colonial Pacific and its capricious tropical landscape, while also trenchantly observing the delicate interplay between imperialism and the exotic And as Tony Horwitz asserts in his Introduction, When London s stories click, we are utterly there, at the edge of the world and the limit of human endurance.
    Jack London Tony Horwitz
    Jack London was an American novelist, journalist, social activist and short story writer whose works deal romantically with elemental struggles for survival At his peak, he was the highest paid and the most popular of all living writers Because of early financial difficulties, he was largely self educated past grammar school.London drew heavily on his life experiences in his writing He spent time in the Klondike during the Gold Rush and at various times was an oyster pirate, a seaman, a sealer, and a hobo His first work was published in 1898 From there he went on to write such American classics as Call of the Wild, Sea Wolf, and White Fang.


    Most readers or casual observers of Jack London recognize his masterpiece The Call of the Wild and the adjoining tales about the Klondike. Others may also recognize The Sea Wolf or White Fang. South Sea Tales is a collection of eight stories thematically set in and around the South Pacific. As brutal and stark as his cold north stories, these short stories evoke the same primitive lusts and hungers but in a warmer setting. Also evident is London’s casual racism. This may have been simply a pro [...]

    Joe Valdez
    My introduction to the fiction of Jack London is South Sea Tales, an immersive collection of short stories that rustled palm trees in my imagination and at times seemed to blow the aroma of banana leaves from the page. Originally published in South Sea Tales (1911), House of Pride and Other Tales of Hawaii (1912), A Son of the Sun (1912) and posthumously, On the Makaloa Mat (1919), these picturesque stories came after the Klondike Tales which London is so renowned and were the culmination of an [...]

    Joel Neff
    The House of MapuhiA great typhoon sweeps over a small atoll, leaving the inhabitants shaken and tossed about, only to realize that nothing, really, has changed. 4/5The Whale ToothIt's always a good idea to listen to the advice of those who are wiser than you, even when you have the hand of God on your side. 3/5MaukiThe tale of the son of a chief who is taken away to be a slave and then a plantation worker, Mauki, is full of the kind of detail that makes the South Sea Tales come alive and a plea [...]

    I had forgotten what a great pleasure good Jack London can be. This is a light hearted clutch of adventure in the South Pacific. The Stevenson was more naturalist, more anthropologist. London throws in the occasional Melanesian word, dwells for a few sentences on canibal lire and then is off to an extended drinking story. Like Conrad he is horrified by the treatment of the natives; the physical abuse, the exploitation of their labor, the cheating they receive on the true value of their products [...]

    This isn't the correct edition, but I'm using it for Libervox recordings of London's stories."A Thousand Deaths" is a SF story with some magical science & horror elements. I'd give it 3 stars. Reminiscent of The Island of Dr. Moreau in some ways."Terrible Solomons" gets 2 stars, barely. It's supposed to be humorous, but largely missed the mark due to the old Colonial prejudices & the stilted style. "Niggers" & "pickaninnies" are subhumans used to scare a fop the way one might use a m [...]

    Tom Cole
    No one should go through life without this. Just read "THE HEATHEN" if you don't believe me.

    I don’t know much what to say about this book. Jack London has sort of become my favorite writer. This book is a collection of short stories inspired by a trip he took with his wife to the South Pacific.“The House of Mapuhi” is about a native who wants to sell a pearl to buy a house, and then a typhoon or hurricane comes and wipes out the area. I didn’t like this story so much, I’d probably give it a two stars.“The Whale Tooth” is about a Christian missionary. Another two-star stor [...]

    I found these stories by Jack London very compelling and interesting. My favorite is about an older woman washed up on a deserted island during a hurricane. She feeds on the few coconut trees on the island and is horrified at all the dead bodies that have washed up. Her home island is 15 miles away and after realizing there is no rescue she devises a boat out of a leaky canoe she discovers. Before she leaves, she notices the red hair of a white man who had conned her son out a pearl for a check. [...]

    pretty uneven. If you're going to read a lot of wetern oceania literature, add this one. If a little, skip it and go to Stevenson, Hall (personal experiences), Frisbie (earlier works), Grimble, Gessler, and John Russell

    ¿Alguien que haya leído el libro entero me podrá decir si hay aunque sea un relato que no hable de asesinar y esclavizar negros? En general me gusta este autor y disfruto de su detallismo, pero esto es muy desagradable, la paso mal leyendo, abandono acá.

    These stories really ranged from 1-3 stars. Most of the first ones were pretty good. A lot of them were way too long and incredibly dull.

    That last story was brutal.

    Karen GoatKeeper
    There are eight short stories in this book. All are set at a time when cannibals were common in the South Seas and white men were moving in to take pearls, copra, oyster shell and fish. There were plantations being established on various islands and the cannibals were recruited to work on them.These stories are not for the faint of heart. Men are killed and eaten, massacred, killed in storms, eaten by sharks and more.None of the main characters are particularly likable. They are coarse, mean, wi [...]

    I picked this up for it's very cool cover (not shown), and decided to give it a whirl as my book to read down on a boat (Key West instead of the Indian Ocean, but hey). Very impressed. I've tried to read Call of the Wild a few times, and could never stick with it, but these stories engaged me. The liberal use of the N-word is a bit hard to handle, but London is no Kipling. He goes to great lengths to show how a handful of whites can seemingly dominate whole islands (spoiler: from their--the whit [...]

    Partimos de que las obras maestras de Jack London son Colmillo Blanco y La llamada de lo salvaje.Bien, dicho esto, encontramos una serie de relatos cortos en una ambientación totalmente opuesta a las dos obras anteriores. Leyendas y mitos cobran fuerza alternándose con historias muy cotidianas.La narrativa y la descripción siguen siendo impecables, aunque es cierto que algunas historias no me han terminado de enganchar. Este autor gana mucho más en el género de la novela.

    Robert Scott
    --Tales of sailing the south Pacific Ocean. Most of the stories involved the brutality of the white man to the natives. Enslaving them was a career path although it was called recruitment. The natives of many different and varied tribes were considered stupid but these stories indicate otherwise.--

    Some of the stories are great. The Seed of McCoy and The House of Mapuhi.Other are blatantly racist and a little hard to read.

    Albert Pickwick
    Diversos relatos apasionantes nos adentran en el universo aventurero de London. Es ta vez no son las montañas inhóspitas de Alaska, sino las remotas islas polinesias, repletas de caníbales, de blancos inevitables, y sobretodo, plasmadas a través de los recuerdos de los viajes de London, historias transformadas en relatos inolvidables.

    Interesting collection of stories about life in the South Seas.

    I had never read Jack London before, so I decided to start with a book of short stories. Short story compilations are, almost by definition, a mixed bag and this was no different. Some of the stories are better than others, and some of them just grabbed me more than others. So I could easily give at least one of the stories 5 stars and a couple of them I would give no stars, if possible.At the low end, there's a story called "Yah Yah Yah!" The title gives away way too much of the story. It could [...]

    This set of stories spans an extensive range of islands of the South Pacific, and is told from multiple perspecitves, be it island natives, common seafarers or colonial administratives.A central element of many tales certainly is the unequal struggle between autochtounos and foreign colonisators about freedom/power and conflicting lifestyles. Quite a few earlier reviews here have been critisizing the extreme racism portrayed in most of the stories, not only for the plot but also for the language [...]

    Nelson Minar
    Entertaining and lively prose, but fraught with inaccuracies and troubling historical attitudes.From start to finish the trouble here is London's portrayal of whites enslaving Melanesians. His stories lend his sympathies evenly to all men, with the islanders having dignity and some of the whites being horrible brutes. But he still falls into the trap of portraying the islanders as Noble Savages. Or good servants, particularly troubling in the story The Heathen. I should be generous and say Londo [...]

    I read White Fang and Call of the Wild when I was a kid and hated them. But now as an adult I find myself wanting to revisit authors and books I didn't like as a child and seeing if I can enjoy them now. And I don't know about White Fang or Call of the Wild but I absolutely loved this book. Which is strange because I'm not really one for realistic fiction nor do I really have any interest in the South Seas. But I am a sucker for olden day adventure stories and I think I may have liked this one s [...]

    Jan Strnad
    Murderous savages! Yes, nearly everyone in these tales of the South Seas is a murderous savage! White, brown, blackrderous savages all! These often lurid tales read like men's magazine "true adventures" and that's a compliment. They have the ring of authenticity. Whether that ring is hollow or true, I have no idea.I have not yet seen a cover for this book that captures the intensity and brutality of these tales. Languid ladies, palm trees, tranquil pools of bright blue waters, I've seen those sc [...]

    ENTERTAINING SHORT STORIES.“…but to see it as I saw it, down to 29.62, was sufficient to sober the most drunken pearl buyer that ever incinerated smallpox microbes in Scotch whiskey.”—page 60This collection of eight short stories, ‘South Sea Tales’, by Jack London, starts off a bit slow and hard to follow, but just keeps getting better and better with each tale. Either the stories improved, or I became better acclimated to London’s storytelling rhythm. Probably both.Recommendation: [...]

    Justin Tonna
    Another one read on my smartphone, this is a collection of short stories which actually made phone reading quite comfortable (as I read on the phone in odd moments here and there). The characters are well drawn and London paints a vivid picture of the savagery of the Solomon Isles (both in terms of the natives and the weather). Almost all the stories are written from the perspective of white traders looking for pearls, but there are some interesting ones written from a native viewpoint too. Bear [...]

    Boy Blue
    For those who grew up in the Pacific and particularly those who have had large exposure to Polynesian communities this book will beguile and bewitch you. The tales are all gripping and seem to offer access to the inner world of cultures so rarely spoken about. Jack London's empathy is seen so clearly through these stories. This novel goes a long way in staking a claim for pacific narratives as worthy of mainstream consciousness. Reading this along with a book like Typee or Omoo also shows the pr [...]

    Lisa C
    My interest in reading this work was an unaccountable new/returned fascination with the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras. To be honest, I can't really say if this work falls into that time period. I'd seen a few episodes of a show that was supposedly based on the stories, but really had nothing to do with them at all. Still, I learned a little more about the history of the Polynesian/South Sea islands. Enough to know that there are a heck of a lot of them, and that I'd really known nothin [...]

    Justin Heath
    It's incredible the level of detail London is able to provide about the history and culture of Hawaii and other South Sea islands. Each story gives insight into the views and beliefs of the people and most are action-packed adventures told in a beautifully descriptive language so characteristic of the author. My favorite story was the final story, "The Red One". It was unlike any of the others and a nice way to cap off the book. In my opinion, the collection of short stories is not his best offe [...]

    I've been reading a lot of Jack London's work this year: Call of the Wild, White Fang, Sea Wolf, and three collections of short stories from the Klondike period. I like the strong male perspective that pervades all of his work.South Sea Tales provides some interesting insight to the life and culture of the South Pacific islands during the 1900s. Racist themes are prevalent - but probably accurate in the historical context, which was during the time of when western colonial powers were exerting t [...]

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