Unlimited [Horror Book] ☆ Critical Failures V - by Robert Bevan Joan Reginaldo ✓

  • Title: Critical Failures V
  • Author: Robert Bevan Joan Reginaldo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Many view hitting rock bottom as foundation on which to rebuild one s life, a place from which one can only ascend Gamers know to search for a secret door leading down to the sewer.
    Robert Bevan Joan Reginaldo
    Robert Bevan Joan Reginaldo Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Critical Failures V book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Bevan Joan Reginaldo author readers around the world.


    Amy N.
    Why do I like these?!?Five books in and I'm still perplexed and a bit disgusted that I like them so much!!The burp and fart jokes still run rampant, but the story itself is still pretty darn good! Original, well-written, and engaging. The characters are believable and well-developed. There are questions left unanswered that leave me wanting more. And that cliffhanger ending! Can't wait for the next!

    Walter Pavlik
    #4 was hard to follow (It was AMAZING) This is good thoughThis is like Empire Strikes Back. The party is not all together for the story. Bevan's humor is on point, but he is having to build up the boiling point for all of us (again). If you are a fan of the series, you will enjoy this, but might feel the ending arrives too soon.ButSpoilers aheadCooper's character growth, especially his new Companion is fun and hopefully will help and not just be Mordred effing with him.Tim's not figured out yet [...]

    This may be the only series of books I've read that has gotten better as it's progressed. I remember thinking that the first book was funny enough and I'd probably get around to reading the second book at some point. Book 5 was hilarious. I laughed out loud several times. I was so eager to read book 5 that, unlike with the previous books, I didn't even wait for the audiobook version to be released. I actually read the Kindle version.(view spoiler)[The ending. if I didn't think Robert Bevan was g [...]

    Give him your money Robert Bevan's glorious series continues. Find out what happens next to Tim, Julian, Katherine and the rest of the gang. Buy it, read it, and laugh your ass off.

    James P Bishop
    WowThe book was great. Was a good time reading it. Definitely some twists and turns, I am definitely wanting more.

    Vincent Wood
    When reading a book, have you ever wondered when the characters might have an opportunity to answer a call to nature. In this book, and often in this series, you do not need to wonder. The author tells you, often in great detail.Typically in a book, key moments of a plot are what fills the pages. So we might experience a meal situation since meals tend to be social situations full of dramatic tension or the lack of food can create even more tension. In a travel, the characters might come across [...]

    As a big fan of this series, I have to say that this book was a disappointment. Book #4 left things very serious and grim, with a lot of issues that need resolving. So it was disheartening that this book failed to seriously address any of them. Seriously, a 9 hour audio book and nothing has improved for our characters. If you're a fan of the characters in these books, I warn you not to get excited. The classic party of four never regroup once throughout the story. Some characters are written out [...]

    At this point in the series, if you've made it to book 5, you probably already enjoy the characters, the writing style, and the type of humor in Bevan's Critical Failures books. So let me say that on that level, it's just as good as always.The reason I'm not giving this one a five star review is pacing. This book is slow and unhurried in the beginning, but by the end, it rushes, skips steps, and ends abruptly. (And I expected a cliff hanger, that's not what I'm talking about.) For example, in th [...]

    This book does not match the humor of the first three books in this series. I had to force myself to finish book five. The quality of the writing and humor has declined dramatically since book 3. I consider Critical Failures 1-3 the funniest fantasy novels ever published. However, Critical Failures V is painfully bad. There is too much character creep. Bevan seems so focused on prolonging the series that irrelevant details/characters now dominant. In this book there is little mention of Tim and [...]

    This book I feel, is significantly darker and more disturbing than the previous four. Without spoiling the ending too much, I can say that unlike the others, this book ends without a lot of subplots being tied up and resolved in a satisfying fashion. Book five feels a lot like book five, part one. This dark episode in the series, seems to almost step the Critical Failures series outside of the comedy genre. Sure there is still plenty of grotesque and disgusting gags and wholesale perversion, but [...]

    If you've read books 1-4 in the series (and you need to in order to have any idea of what's going on) you know what you're in for. It's probably better written than most of the others, with some real character development and stakes involved. Where it fails a little in comparison to the others is that the party is split up, so it's a lot of separate plot threads instead of a single narrative. This does give us the opportunity to spend some time with some secondary characters, and that's a lot of [...]

    Summary for my Memory:Another shit stained adventure!I must admit that this book was ok, but not as great as the first 2. I did laugh out loud and grined quite alot, but then again, I'm immature.The party has split up, Tim is a hunted man by the whore's head in. He is supported by his sister and a shady Drow that manage to steal the magic dice.Cooper, Julian and Dave all search for Tim to get the Dice back and thus get a way to return to Earth.But as usual, shit hits the fan.Dave's part in this [...]

    William Siracuse
    Piss grapes!I wonder if my pee is magicaled the fertile desert! Piss grapes, poop pineapples and much much more awaitr need to be dodged. Rolled a 1rewed. Really love this series, makes me wanna play CnC err DND again! At times I was laughing my ass off and other parts I was like wtf?!? Read this series, give it some love for some light hearted raunchiness and belly laughs a plenty!

    Luiz Fabricio
    It didn't quite work for me. I could barely remember why the characters were the way they were in the beginning of the story and there were so many of them. Whenever I was engaging in the story, The plot went to another character. I really enjoy this series, but this one felt like some of these comedy shows with a lot of independent sketch scenes with unrelated jokes. Like a bunch of really short stories that eventually, somehow and quite forcefully, connect. When book 6 comes around, I'll proba [...]

    Goth Gone Grey
    More creatures! More fart jokes! More characters! More dick jokes! More modern references! More urine jokes! More D&D references! More poop jokes! And a cliffhanger! By the 5th book in the series, there's an emotional investment in the characters. Some character issues I had with book 4 seem better here. I'm now looking forward to book 6, and wondering if the series will go to 20, because the cover design is already ready for that possibility.

    Clark Jackson
    I agree with other posters that this was hard to get in to due to not recalling where our protagonists where in the last book. It was still an enjoyable read but I would have appreciated it more had there been a "what has gone before" section at the start of the book to remind me where we were at.Its still 5 stars in spite of that in my opinion as the humor puts it over the top.

    Jessica Macri
    This is going the way of Howard Stern. Less creative vulgarity, and vulgarity for vulgarity sake. The last few books we more creative. I feel as though Robert Bevan is stuck in a rut with Denise. She is very one dimensional, and is played like that odd pervert in dnd groups plays. I don't care for it. The other books had way more creativity.

    Rudely, crudely hilarious as usualThis Installment finds the gang still in the fantasy round. But , this adventure takes them to outlying parts of the world that we've never seen before. Crazy mix ups, double swap, and hijinks all over the place. What are you waiting for, go get this shit!

    Hal Neat
    Another fun and funny adventure from Robert Bevan. I just recently discovered the C&C books and just love them. As a long timr D&D player I can totally relate to all the characters and the messes they get into. Please keep them coming!

    Brandt Anderson
    This book was hilarious and cringey. The characters are absolutely fucking ridiculous and I'm surprised they are still alive with all the shit they pull. This books series is Murphy's Law at its finest.

    James Noyes
    Love these books. I think Robert Bevan does a great job with characterization and he is slowly adding characters to the story. I think this has the best ending yet. I wish he cranked these out quicker. I really can't wait to see what happens and I forget some details between books

    Jack Vinson
    More craziness from BevanJuxtaposing this with the D&D I play with my kids is comparing apples and lobsters - swearing, body function humor . But plenty of killing monsters and accidentally offing friends. And a surprisingly fun storyline that makes me want book 6.

    The inept adventures of our merry band of misfits continue. The humor is a little less over the top in this book and they do some actual adventuring. The group splits up into several different parties, plus the other adventurers from the Whore's Head Inn. The writing is tighter and it reads like the characters are settling down into their new reality even as they try to track down Mordred.

    Some story development I wondered where the story was going at first, but it made progress in time. Fewer vulgar comments just to be vulgar and a little more story telling in this one.

    Elizabeth Jane
    Aaahhhhh! Cliffhanger!I could read this series every single day and never tire of it. Absolutely love the witty repartee, the sly references, and even the constant poo/fart/urine/vomit jokes. Can't wait to see what happens next!

    geoffrey c glowacki
    The hits just keep on cominMr. Bevan keeps the funny while dark times are upon our protagonists. This guy knows what his readers want and delivers in spades consistently. Thanks again, Mr. B.

    Dan Pritchett
    Book 5 Continues the story only to end with unresolved issues and Mordred still at large. Fun to read, embarrassing if any find out you've read it.

    Great series. Can't wait for book 6

    A fantastic addition to the Caverns & Creatures main saga. There is soul searching, expression of meaningful emotion, and Cooper explosively shits. Can't wait for the nest episode, Mr. Bevan!

    Bruce Leslie
    Awesome I love this series. I am eagerly awaiting the next entry. Hilarious, it's always sunny meets dungeons and dragons! Highly recommend.

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